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One of the most unique and discussed skis returns unchanged for 2024, the Black Crows Mirus Cor. In our second review we said that it took every ounce of restraint to not call the Mirus Cor our favorite ski of the year. But we are strict on our policy to not attach superlatives to skis. That policy is something we firmly stand by as the best ski for one person is almost certainly not going to be the best ski for someone else. However, the Mirus Cor does hold a special place in our hearts not only because of its performance, but because of its individuality and eccentricity. Because of its nonconformity, this ski is not for anyone, it has a very specificway that it likes to be skied but once in that zone it is hard to beat. The best way to look at it would be to start thinking of a slalom ski with an extremely short turning radius, now add significant tip and tail rocker, and then an almost symmetrical sidecut...Voila! The Mirus Core.

How does this ski achieve such as interesting skiing experience? It all starts with the nuts and bolts of its construction. A poplar wood core is reinforced with two, full length, fiberglass laminates and a sheet of titnal that extends from under the bindings to about midway through the tips and tails. Poplar is a dense wood that supplies incredible energy to the ski. That energy translates to unbelievable edge to edge quickness and acceleration out of the turns. Fiberglass laminates and the titanal laminate add torsional stiffness and dampening properties which assist with edge grip and stability over variable snow. Combined the Mirus Cor, at the 178cm length, weighs a light 3600 grams. The light swing weight surely comes into play with these skis as they are incredibly agile both on edge and in carving turns. Whether you are generating crazy g-forces on trail or wiggling your way through tight trees, the Mirus Cor is quick to respond at a moment’s notice.

168.3, 173.2, 178, 184.2 cm13 m at 178 cm134/87/123 mm

Preferred Terrain
Single Titanal Plate

Now the shape of the Mirus Cor is where things get interesting. A 13 meter turn radius on a twin tip? Quite an interesting statement that we like the sound of. A sidecut of 134mm in the tip, 87mm at the waist, and 123mm in the tails is what generates this turning radius. With exaggerated sidecut dimensions like this, some exaggerated turn shapes and features are most definitely the result. When put on edge, there is no lack of grip and rip. The best results are found at moderate speeds on moderate slopes which make the Mirus Cor a ski that likes to cruise instead of finding the sound barrier. Its profile rounds out this line of thinking with a classic, virtually symmetrical, twin-tip shape. The significant tip rocker makes for quick and smooth turn initiation both on and off trail. Accompanying tail rocker makes for effortless turn release and maneuverability. Altogether, the Mirus Cor pivots is fast as lightning from edge to edge making it a great choice for creative skiers that want to dance all over the slopes.

The Black Crows Mirus Cor is certainly not for everyone. But nonetheless, it is an incredible ski that challenges the norm of what a short turn radius ski can be. So, who is this ski for? There are a few different ways to approach that question. If you are someone with an extensive quiver, you likely don’t have anything like this and would most definitely enjoy the feelings that come from having a pair. On the other hand, these skis could function as a one-ski-quiver for some. They are insanely versatile in terms of being able to handle groomers, trees, moguls, and the park. Not many other skis can say the same, but there are some starting to come onto the scene. Ultimately, the Mirus Cor is for someone who is looking for a ski to have fun on, with no dedicated intention in mind besides the end goal of having a blast.