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The widest of the Black Pearls, the 97, is a strong and burly directional option that is about as stable and damp as women’s skis get these days. This 2024 version is a carryover model for this upcoming season, providing advanced and expert skiers with the perfect blend of power and versatility for true and pure all-mountain skiing. While this ski has been around for quite a while, and has had numerous positive outcomes over the course of its existence, it’s still incredibly unique, mainly because other companies have simply not attempted to duplicate it. We can’t say the same thing about many other skis in the industry, even just a model narrower with the Pearl 88—lots of copycats out there. The 97 has stood somewhat alone in its realm over the years, making that particular skier quite happy in the meantime. While the audience isn’t as broad or diverse as it is with some other skis, those that love the sturdiness of the Pearl 97 likely don’t want to ski anything else.

By incorporating their TrueBlend wood core to the construction of the Pearl 97, Blizzard is able to fine-tune the flex and grip pattern of the ski uniquely depending on length. As a result, the longer skis feel agile while the shorter skis feel smoother—traits that have gotten lost in the varying realms of the length to construction ratios over the years. TrueBlend gets to the core of that problem by basically building each length individually. They blend 7 dense beech stringers along with 3 lighter and more maneuverable poplar blocks of wood to create the intended effect of the Pearl 97. The central chord of the Pearl 97 is filled with that denser beech wood that allows for a stable and strong character while the lighter poplar fills in the larger gaps around those stringers to give the ski some added pop and agility. Underfoot, we get a full width titanal plate that dampens vibrations, increases edge grip, and promotes greater torsional stiffness for pure carving performance. In the 165, the ski is not light, tipping the scale at 1900 grams. With weight comes stability, though, so this one is ready to rip.

153, 159, 165, 171, 177 cm15 m at 165 cm136.5/97/118.5 mm

Preferred Terrain
Soft Snow
True Blend All-Mountain
Wide Titanal Plate

At 97 mm underfoot, these skis are versatile in the sense that they can handle both soft and firm snow. Really, where this shape excels is in the mix between. Groomers that have been cut up, or day-old powder are right in this ski’s wheelhouse when it comes to shape and profile. While there is certainly rocker in the tip and tail, the tail is decidedly flatter and more directional in nature. In the tip, the ski gets short but somewhat dramatic rocker in that creates a longer effective edge for a smoother overall turn. That said, it’s not a very long turn, topping out at 15-meters in the 165. This makes it want to go across the fall line, and it does so very well, with skiers enjoying the energetic and precise feel in this ski—it's nice to be brought somewhere by your skis.

Ladies who fall on the high end of the performance spectrum will love the sturdiness and the overall quality of the 2024 Blizzard Black Pearl 97. These skis have the ideal combination of shape, profile, and construction to make them an expert’s all-mountain dream come true. With a more traditional shape and a sophisticated build, these skis will power over, under, or through any type of snow condition or terrain that the mountains have to offer.