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Brand new for 2024, the Blizzard Rustler 10 underwent a top to bottom overhaul with changes made to both its construction and shape. Changes that have made a significant improvement to the skis’ overall performance across multiple disciplines. Acquiring the TrueBlend Freeride Core from the Hustle Series, the Rustler 10 also gets two revised titanal laminates that are reminiscent of Volkl’s Tailored Titanal Frame technology and K2’s H-Shape Titanal Laminates. The combination of the TrueBlend Freeride Core and tuning fork-like, FluxForm, metal laminates produce a powerful and stable freeride ski that likes to be pushed hard and fast. The Rustler 10 is the epitome of what an all-mountain freeride ski should be: Stable, responsive, nimble, versatile, and most! All these attributes have been improved as a result of the new revisions to the construction and shape of the previous model. What comes with that is a ski that can function extremely well as a daily driver, one-ski-quiver, or dedicated freeride ski.

By using the TrueBlend Core from the closely related Hustle Series and Blizzard’s FluxForm Technology, the Rustler 10’s construction produces a ski with true Freeride capabilities and performance. The freeride TrueBlend Core consists of a multi-stringer lay-up with several different types of wood. In the Rustler 10, there are 8 stringers of Beech, 3 of Poplar, and 5 of Paulownia which make for a progressive and intuitive flex pattern that is well suited for freeride applications. FluxForm and titanal laminates reinforce the core to provide additional edge grip, stability, and vibration dampening. These important components add to the overall versatility of the Rustler 10 as they contribute to the on-trail carving performance as well as stability when off trail. Combined the changes made to the construction make for a freeride ski that loves to carve on trail just as much as it likes to track through the trees or fresh snow on the steeps. The new titanal frame shape provides excellent edge grip while allowing the ski to have some torsional flex in a refined manner. What does this feel like on snow? Well, it feels balanced and refined. No matter where you find yourself on the mountain, the Rustler 10 will feel right at home and do exactly what you want it to do.

162, 168, 174, 180, 186 cm17.5 m at 180 cm134/102/123 mm

Preferred Terrain
True Blend Freeride
Flux Form Titanal

Along with the changes made to the Rustler 10’s construction, changes were made to its shape in terms of profile and sidecut. Changes in its twin-tip, rocker/camber/rocker, profile include longer tip and tail rocker as well as increased tip and tail splay. These exaggerated features contribute to its overall maneuverability and versatility. By having more tip and tail rocker, turn initiation and release is a bit smoother and intuitive in comparison to the previous version. One of the features of the Rustler 10 that has not be changed drastically is its sidecut. The new ski has a sidecut (at the 180cm length) has a tip forebody width of 134mm, 102mm waist width, and 123mm tail width which generates a turning radius of 17.5meters. There is a lot of floatation to be found in the tip of the ski which makes it great as a soft snow ski even though it has only 102mm of width in the waist. There is a good amount of tip to tail taper, which assists with the ease of turn initiation and release that was previously discussed. Overall, the sidecut and construction of the new Rustler 10 seamlessly complement one another to produce an incredibly versatile all-mountain ski that many skiers would benefit from having.

Are you looking for a versatile freeride ski that can take you into fresh snow but also carve on groomers to get you back to the lift for another lap? Are you looking for a burly ski to push your comfort zone and abilities? What about a ski to function as your next daily driver? The brand new 2024 Blizzard Rustler 10 ticks all of those boxes and more. An updated construction and shape results in an extremely versatile all-mountain freeride ski that simply cannot be overlooked.