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Each time we get on the Dynastar M-Pro 99, we view it as a treat. When we first got on this ski a few years ago, it was apparent that Dynastar had something different and unique on their hands. The main takeaway, and it still exists today, is that this ski is a skier’s ski. By combining a strong build with a straighter cut, we’re getting a more traditional shape and feel that allows the skier to have more input as to the direction and magnitude of the turns and ski style. As a wider-bodied all-mountain ski that has some freeride tendencies, this ski has a wonderful mix of attributes, allowing the M-Pro 99 to be equally at home ripping high-speed turns on groomers as it is smearing turns around trees in the softer snow and powder. The ski is basically a tale of two halves, with the front part of the ski containing floaty capabilities with the back half being all business. For one reason or another, the popularity and success of this ski hasn’t quite matched up to the performance, and we think that’s a shame. It may be graphics or a lull in Dynastar’s overall image in the market, but rest assured, there’s nothing wrong with the way these skis perform and operate.

Dynastar uses a pretty high-tech construction in this ski and it pays dividends when it comes to on-trail performance. They start with a poplar wood core, but only through the central spine of the ski. On the sides, they use Polyurethane to make the ski silent and smooth. This blends the energy and pop of the wood with the quiet nature of the PU. The blend works great, and makes Dynastar’s M-Pro 99 stand out in terms of construction versus almost anything else out there. On top of the core, Dynastar uses a Titanal Rocket Frame laminate to add power and stiffness. The big story here, and we’ll get to it in shape as well, is that the metal is full width underfoot, tapering to a narrow point in the forebody of the ski. In the tail, the metal remains mostly all there, with just a bit of taper along the sides and in the very end of the ski. All told, though, the M-Pro 99 has a very business-like tail and mid zone while the shovel and tip remain more playful and floatier. In the 178, the ski sits on the scale at about 1900 grams, making it heavy enough to be stable and strong while the lighter and more rockered tips make it a great option for softer snow and greater mobility.

162, 170, 178, 186 cm20 m at 178 cm127/99/117 mm

Preferred Terrain
Hybrid Core Poplar
Ti Rocket Frame

It’s tough with this ski to separate the conversation from build to shape, because they’re very much intertwined. The lack of metal in the shovel coincides with the taper and rocker, creating that smoother entry into the turn, a greater sense of flotation, and a more playful overall character. The same can be said, but in an opposite manner, for the tail. In the back of the ski, the flatter profile and squared shape align with the wider and longer metal, combining to create more of a front side feel, even in a wider width. The 178 produces a 20-meter turn radius, and that’s on the longer side for skis like this. That creates a more traditional feel with a longer effective edge and a smoother overall feel. When the longer arc is combined with the stiffer flex in the tail, it makes the ski feel very responsive and involved with whatever terrain or snow conditions you may be a part of.

As a result, this ski operates best when on the feet of skilled skiers who know how to access the power and energy out of the ski’s tail. At the same time, skiers who value a more maneuverable shovel that has some decent float will also gravitate to the well-rounded and sophisticated nature of the M-Pro 99. While it’s been around for a while, remaining structurally unchanged, the M-Pro 99 still feels like a modern construction and shape for true all-mountain skiing. For here in Vermont, we’ve found that this shape and build works quite well for an everyday ski, and while there’s some purists who will think it’s too wide, the stiffness of the tail and underfoot zone make it behave like a more front-side ski for sure.