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Supreme versatility for today’s advanced ladies, Elan’s Ripstick 94W has been one of the strongest and most popular skis in this category for quite some time now. By blending a mix of lightweight construction and an energetic performance, the 2024 Elan Ripstick 94W achieves a rare blend of maneuverability and power. As a versatile ski in the mid-90's the Ripstick 94W has a lot of attributes that allow it to operate at a very high level. Skiers in the intermediate range looking for something for softer snow days will love the combination of flotation and maneuverability. Skiers who fall to the expert side of the spectrum will enjoy the high edge angle capacity of this ski, allowing it to carve clean and round turns across the fall line with purpose and speed. Those in the advanced realm who want an easy and intuitive ski that they don’t have to think too hard about will love the Ripstick 94W’s well-rounded and friendly nature at a variety of speeds and in a multitude of conditions and terrain.

Like most skis, it all starts with the build. In the Ripstick 94W, we get a tubelite wood core that is poppy and energetic. The main part here is that sections along the side are milled out to make room for the carbon rods that go along the edges. By placing these three-dimensional rods in under pressure due to the bend, the properties of the carbon are boosted. Any time materials like this are used in a different shape, it accentuates the performance. Since they’re aligned with the curve of the sidecut, there’s also kinetic energy built in. On top of the ski, we get Elan’s Carbon Line Technology, which is a horizontal carbon laminate that is more prevalent on the inside edge and underfoot rather than the outside portion. This allows the ski, which is constructed asymmetrically, to have stronger grip and power on the downhill ski’s inside edge with less stiffness over the driftier outside edge of the uphill ski. From a performance perspective, this creates a smooth and predictable feel with no hooking or catching. In the 170, this carbon-powered build creates a weight of 1570 grams, keeping it on the light side of high performance.

146, 154, 162, 170, 178 cm15 m at 162 cm136/94/110 mm

Preferred Terrain
Tubelite Wood Core
Carbon Line Technology
Vapor Tips

When it comes to shape, the Ripstick 94W is about as well-rounded as they come. Sure, it can be argued that it’s on the wide side for an all-mountain ski, especially when it comes to groomed terrain, but for its width and weight, it’s a surprisingly engaging carver. The firmest snow will set this thing off in the wrong direction, but overall, it’s pretty darn good, especially when you get it up on higher edge angles—that's when the carbon tubes seem to come alive. We get Elan’s Amphibio Rocker Profile in this ski, and like the build phase, the rocker puts more emphasis on the outside edge while the inside portions are more cambered. The twisting aspect of this ski allows it to roll from edge to edge with an insane amount of ease and smoothness. The tip shape is on the spoony side, and floats really well, while the tail is somewhat normal and is quick to release when asked.Not a lot of demand here on account of the shape or profile. The 170 creates a 16.2-meter turn radius, which is right on the money for a versatile ski in the mid-90's. Very traditional in terms of radius.

There’s a whole lot to like about the 2024 Elan Ripstick 94W. By using an asymmetrical build and shape, and implementing carbon tubes into the core, Elan has some real sophistication going on here. Skiers of a variety of levels, with a diverse set of requirements, will all find something to like about the Ripstick 94W. While it’s not a cure-all like some other more dense and sturdy skis out there, it does doe a whole lot of things quite well at a high level of performance.