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2024 Elan Ripstick 94 Women's Black Edition Skis



Ladies looking to conquer the whole mountain and look pretty darn sharp while doing so will love these skis. If you’ve loved the Ripstick series of skis in the past but want a bit more power, this ski is the way to go. The 2024 Elan Ripstick 94W Black Edition gets a bit of a graphics update but remains the same structurally amazing all-mountain ski that we’ve loved since inception. The 94W Black continues to take advanced and expert skiers into the next realm of pure all-mountain performance. The width of the ski, combined with its proper set of on-trail acumen, offers an amazing blend of versatility at a high level. Sure, there are some skis that are better floaters at this width, and others have a more rigid build for on-pisteedge grip and energy, but there aren’t many skis out there that can do all of it at this level. When we first got on these skis, what seems like an eon ago, we marveled at the fact that they were so stable and damp without having metal. Those feelings prevail into 2024, allowing more skiers to have the opportunity to feel what a carbon-powered ski is capable of when it is done the right way.

With all of the technological aspects of the ski taking the lead, it’s easy to forget that this ski all starts with a tubelite wood core consisting of lightweight wood. This contributes to the overall character of the ski because it relies on the sophisticated use of carbon to make it behave like a much heavier ski. Along the edges of the core, Elan installs two carbon rods that do the bulk of the heavy lifting when it comes to performance. In the Black Edition, the 94 gets two extra rods in the middle of the forebody and in the tail. These two rods act more like a central spine when it comes to keeping the ski sturdy and chatter-free. In addition to these two extra rods, when compared to the non-Black Edition, this one also gets a larger carbon line laminate. Since the skis are asymmetrical, Elan puts more carbon over the inside edges while the outside edge is more playful and flexible. This creates a smooth feeling in the ski as you’re able to roll from edge to edge with less hooking and grabbing. In the 170, the ski sits on the scale at 1590 grams, which is pretty darn light feeling given the overall damp and stable performance of the ski.

146, 154, 162, 170, 178 cm15 m at 162 cm136/94/110 mm

Preferred Terrain
Tubelite Wood Core
Carbon Line Technology
Quad Rod Technology

We talk a lot about the mid-90's and how that’s a great place to be for pure and versatile all-mountain skiing. This shape blends the frontside and the freeride quite effectively and when the footprint is paired with the build, this 94 Black is at the top of its class when it comes to usefulness and fun. While narrower skis certainly carve better and wider skis have a flotation edge, this one combines those attributes very efficiently as it does it at a lighter weight without falling off too much when it comes to stability. In the 170, this ski produces a 16.2-meter turn radius which is right in the middle—again emphasizing the well-rounded nature of the ski. We get amphibio rocker profile here—not just normal rocker—as the ski basically has a longer rocker in the outside edge and more camber on the inside edge. Just like how the build allows for more smoothness between turns, this profile boosts that character. There’s some decent taper in the shovel, but the tail is relatively flat and normal. This accentuates the flotation in the 94, putting it in a good place within this category when it comes to staying on top of deeper snow. 

Great in the trees, awesome in the bumps, and amazingly fun on the groomers, the 2024 Elan Ripstick 94W Black continues its march towards all-mountain dominance. While it has a high-performance ceiling that’s suitable for advanced and expert skiers, it’s also light enough and manageable enough for intermediates who don’t mind a bit of demand and who want something wider and more sophisticated than other mid-90's skis.