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A light and fun ski built for the ladies, this is one of the fun ones. As one of the quicker and more agile skis on the planet, the 2024 Faction Dancer 1X is a prime example of a useful ski for those who value maneuverability and energy above all else. Faction, while typically better known for more freestyle and freeride skis, does a great job with this all-mountain ski that has a wonderful mix of pop and dampness while keeping the playful aspect of skiing firmly in touch. Skiers who are typically in the Faction world of wider and more surfy skis will certainly see this Dancer 1 as a front side option, while those outside the normal realm of Faction, will see a narrow freeride ski with endless versatility. Both are correct, giving skiers the ability to transition from on-trail to off-piste in the blink of an eye.

Built with a light poplar wood core, the ski gets a snappy and energetic start. By bookending the core with two sheets of metal, Faction brings the performance of the Dancer 1X to the next level. The metal adds a bunch of stability and grip to the mix, providing high-performance attributes to intermediate through advanced skiers looking to make it to the next level. For some, this ski will be a steppingstone, while for others, it will be a landing pad. The fact that the Dancer 1X provides a strong performance at a lighter weight makes this ski cross a lot of different boundaries in the ski world, and that is a good thing. In the 162, we’re looking at a relatively light weight of 1550 grams—good enough for quickness while the metal still brings it to another plane of performance.

154, 162, 170 cm14 m at 162 cm120/86/110 mm

Preferred Terrain
Poplar Core
Dual Titanal Span
XL Full Strength Sidewall

As a somewhat narrow ski, especially in Faction world, the Dancer 1X’s 86 mm waist is about as quick as it gets for a freeride/all-mountain option. The waist is surrounded by 120 mm tips and 110 mm tails to provide smooth and precise grip and pop from short turns to long. The stated radius of 14meters in the 162 can be easily broken, allowing for shorter turns and more poppy and lively skiing. This is great for bumps and trees as the ski is very easy to get from one edge to the next with minimal complaints. There’s not a lot of tail rocker here, mainly sticking to the fully cambered side of the spectrum. For those that spend most of their time on-trail, this is a good thing as it provides a longer effective edge for a smoother overall feel.

While there’s a range of skiers that will certainly benefit from the snappy agility of the Dancer 1X, the intermediates who spend most of their time on-trail will likely see the biggest boost. The off-trail mentality will eventually filter in, and since the ski is more than capable of exploration and adventure, those skiers will easily hear the call of the woods and bumps, finding it harder and harder to resist the lure of the off-trail realm. That skier will be more than happy that they have the Faction Dancer 1X on their feet.