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Likely one of the more playful skis in the ~101 mm range, the Origin 101 is a clean and smooth ski with endless limitations. As the newest of the Origin line, the 101 splits the difference between the 96 and the 106. While some skiers may find this to be too much of an overlap, we can assure you that it’s actually a much-needed width in this line. Liberty has been making skis that are all about having fun and playing on the mountain. Twin tips, especially wider ones like this, have a wide variety of applications, making them some of the most useful skis on the planet. They’re tons of fun at a reasonable weight, so they make it easier for more skiers to enjoy. The range of skier is quite large given the mix of shape, build, and profile, making the 101 accessible for intermediates and still suitable for aggressive experts. Those experts may be looking for something that they don’t have to be on it 100% of the time, as the Origin 101 is stable enough, but not too demanding for pure rugged skiing.

Liberty has been working on its vertical metal technology for a few years now. While it was previously mainly highlighted in the V-Series or Evolv, it has now filtered into the Origin line. This is a good thing for skiers looking for a damp and smooth character in the ski, as the use of a single vertical metal strut goes a long way in ensuring the ski’s silent and stable personality. That central strut is surrounded by a mix of poplar, bamboo, and poplar that mix up energy, light weight, and responsiveness. On top of the wood core are two strips of carbon that add more pop to the mix. These skis are pretty darn energetic, and we’re all about that in a 101. We also get two layers of fiberglass and poured polyurethane sidewalls. the PU material is a bit softer than what we see in most ABS sidewalls, so while it may not lead to as strong of an edge grip, it’s also quieter, leading to a smooth and silent ride. Most skiers, it would seem, that are looking at skis like Liberty, will take this trade.

171, 176, 182, 187 cm19 m at 182 cm135/101/123 mm

Single Vertical Titanal Strut
Carbon Strips
Preferred Terrain
Natural Terrain
Soft Snow

At 101 mm underfoot, the ski mixes the all-mountain with the freeride. The twin-tipped shape offers more in terms of freestyle performance, and while most park skiers won’t see this as a dedicated freestyle ski, there’s no denying that park influence is thick here. The 19-meter turn radius in the 182 provides versatility in turn shape and style, allowing the skier to dictate the duration and intensity of a given carve, skid, smear, or slarve. If you want, you can stand on the edge of the ski and carve a long and clean arc across the fall line. Additionally, it makes quicker turns for the bumps and trees, making it highly useful in off-piste situations. The wiggle fact or is getting pretty high on these skis now that they’re getting close to 100 mm, and we found a lot of fun and success when it comes to soft snow and tricky spots.

Overall, it’s a great addition to the Origin line and the Liberty brand. While it returns with only a graphic change for 2024, it’s still an amazing option for skiers who spend a lot of time seeking out playful and fun zones on the hill. If there happens to be softer snow and powder, so much the better. If there happens to be a jump in the way on your path, then even better still!