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The 2024 Line Chronic 101 is an awesome new ski from the company that basically keeps fun at the forefront of their business philosophy. We’re all about that, and the new 101 is an amazing extension of the outgoing Chronic 95, taking all-mountain freeride versatility to the next level. Line makes great twin tips, and this 101 is a perfect example of a new ski done right. By taking the qualities that made the older Chronic so amazing and popular and moving the technology forward, the new 101 takes modern freeride skiing into a new year. We loved this ski ever since we got on it back in January of 2023, and that feeling did not waver through the year. With the addition of a number of ~101 mm twin tips coming out this year, the Chronic 101 was a standout model for sure. It’s always great when reps of both Line and other brands are able to ask us what sticks out, and we can definitively answer that the Chronic 101 is one of the smoothest and most playful skis of the bunch.

The build of the ski is quite interesting, mainly because they use the materials in a blend of thick and thin manners. While the wood core is a fairly simple aspen veneer core, the way that they mill it and place it in the ski makes a whole lot of difference. It’s pretty darn thick underfoot but tapers thinner to the tips and tails. In the very ends of the ski, it disappears, leaving only the base material, the topsheet, and the bio resin that holds it together. By lightening the swing weight, they’ve made a more maneuverable and playful ski without taking anything away from the underfoot zone’s power and grip. They also use thicker edges for durability and hard snow performance, as this was one of the better carvers of its peers. Because of the thicker core and edges, the weight does creep up to 2030 grams in the 178, but we never felt like it was too cumbersome or bulky.

164, 171, 178, 185 cm16.6 m at 178 cm130/101/124 mm

Aspen Veneer
Thin Tip
Thick Cut Sidewall
Preferred Terrain
Natural Features
Soft Snow

At 101 mm underfoot, the ski has that nice blend of flotation and precision for today’s freeride and freestyle skier. While it’s a bit wide to be a dedicated park ski, it’s certainly got the ability to handle the park laps from time to time. It’s really well-suited for all-mountain freestyle skiing, and in that sense, the shape makes a whole lot of sense. It’s got a short and playful 16.6-meter turn radius that serves up some mean and clean carved turns on the groomers, while the rather dramatic rocker profile allows for smeary and drifty turns when the snow gets deep and soft. They’re great for today’s style of straight/slash, straight/slash turns, mainly because of the thinner profile in the tips and tails, and also because of the taper that creates smoothness that blends with the flex.

Overall, we’ve loved every minute we’ve spent on the all-new 2024 Line Chronic 101. This ski has it all when it comes to fun-loving applications on the mountain. For those that are in the advanced and expert range, the limits of this ski are within reach, while progressing intermediates looking for a wider-bodied ski that can be maneuverable, playful, and fun will also find a home here. The addition of this ski to the Chronic line makes a lot of sense, and Line does a fantastic job with the execution of this new build.