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Built for true and pure all-mountain performance, the 2024 Line Pandora 94 is an awesome option for progressing intermediates all the way through seasoned experts. This ski has a huge range and is one of the more versatile and energetic skis out there in general. Line does an awesome job in making skis feel and behave differently than most anything else out there and the Pandora 94 has followed script over the past few years and has done so with impeccable style. Year after year, the Pandora 94 is one of the best-dressed skis on the market and that does not change with 2024’s graphic refresh. From a structural perspective, the ski stays the same, providing continuing support and performance on the lighter side of the spectrum. By remaining agile, energetic, and versatile, the Line Pandora 94 continues to be one of the most sought-after and well-rounded skis on the planet.

Built with an aspenlite wood core, the Pandora 94 gets a quick start. Since aspen already has a good blend of light weight and energy, the lighter and thinner version of this wood makes it even more so. It also helps the pop of the ski when Line adds energy to it through the camber, but more on that later. In addition to the aspenlite wood core, Line also uses a Capwall construction to boost the agility and durability without sacrificing on edge grip. The upper portion of the ski is capped and that allows for a quicker and more maneuverable feel while the sidewall in the lower portion holds tight to firm snow and ice. While Line uses thicker bases and edges on a lot of their more high-end skis, the Pandora 94 is thinner in these realms, and that takes the lightness to the next level. In the 158, the ski sits on the scale at 1491 grams per ski, so that’s on the light side for sure. This ensures agility in any terrain, while keeping it stable enough for strong performance in an on-piste setting.

151, 158, 165, 172 cm14.5 m at 165 cm131/94/117 mm

Carbon Stringers
Preferred Terrain
Soft Snow
Bumps and Trees

When it comes to the shape and profile, this 94 has it all. The camber is high, and this dramatic energy built into the ski aligns with the sidewall and wood to make it pop in and out of the turns with ease. You’ll get a ton of snap out of the Pandora 94, and it does so with a quiet overall noise level that’s pretty darn satisfying. In the tip, the ski gets a lot more rocker than the 84, allowing the 94 to be a better floater with both increased rocker and elongated taper. The shovel is spoony and round, equating to stronger powder performance. It’s a pretty crisp turner as well, with the 158 reaching a 14.5-meter turn radius. By setting an edge and letting it run across the fall line, the Pandora 94 is more than capable of strong and smooth on-trail performance especially when on the feet of more advanced skiers.

In all, the 2024 Line Pandora 94 is a very well-rounded ski with a high-performance ceiling. While it’s a great choice for intermediate and advanced skiers who are looking for an accessible and friendly ski with a wider overall footprint, it also makes a fantastic daily driver for advanced and expert skiers who value lightness, agility, maneuverability, and energy. The pop out of the turn is second to none in this realm, and the fact that it floats great makes it all the better.