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Making its mark in the all-mountain ski discipline, the 2024 Nordica Santa Ana 93 takes versatility and performance to a whole new level. What makes an all-mountain ski reliable and capable is its ability to ski a variety of terrain and conditions with confidence. Some days you start off in several inches of fresh snow and by the end of the end, you’re plowing through crud or limited to firmer hardpack. The ski for the job is the Santa Ana 93, delivering exceptional edge grip and torsional stiffness while at the same time, staying light and highly maneuverable. Enough width underfoot and all mountain rocker profile makes for effortless flotation and freeride performance. With a fine-tuned construction designed specifically for each model in the Santa Ana lineup, terrain specific metal in addition to wood and carbon chassis makes for a smooth and stable experience without adding on too much weight.

Nordica’s goal with the Santa Ana line was to create an all-mountain series that offered female skiers powerful, versatile performance with an ideally balanced construction. Adding metal is typically a sure way to enhance strength and stability, however; it can come with a price. Too heavy and the ski requires a demanding amount of work, but too light and you lose out on dampening qualities and power. Through the use of terrain specific metal, Nordica fine-tunes the placement and width of metal according to each model in the lineup. As the middle of the road option as far as width goes, the 93 is wide enough for soft snow conditions but will spend most of its time on-piste. As a result, the amount of metal takes that into account, focusing more on edge grip and stability underfoot with more metal than its wider-bodied sister. In addition to the metal, we have a full performance wood core with carbon chassis, which combines stability with torsional stiffness and a progressive flex.

151, 158, 165, 172, 179 cm15.5 m at 165 cm125.5/93/112.5 mm

Lite Performance Wood
Terrain Specific Metal
Carbon Stringers
Preferred Terrain
Trees and Bumps

When it comes to the shape and profile, the all-mountain rocker profile uses 20% rocker in the tail and 30% rocker in the tips with 50% camber underfoot. This shape truly amplifies the versatility in that it features less rocker than its Santa Ana free’s and 98 but enough to make room for soft snow conditions. If you are the type of skier that wants exceptional carving capabilities with the option of off-piste exploration, this is the ski for you. At 93 mm underfoot, it is wide enough for glades and trees but narrow enough to excel on hardpack. In the 165 cm length, it produces a 15.5-meter turn radius, which is quick and maneuverable for tight terrain and short to medium sized turns. Easy to control and precise, it is capable of exploring the entire mountain regardless of snow conditions. 

The Santa Ana 93 is a strong performing ski with a well-balanced construction and plentiful versatility for tackling the entire mountain. Geared towards advanced to expert skiers who want confidence and strength on all conditions and terrain, it is designed to provide stability and energetic maneuverability, giving you the best of both worlds in one package.