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This is one of the coolest new skis to come out for 2024. The Rossignol Forza 70 V-Ti is an amazing choice for advanced and expert skiers who are placing carving as a priority, but more in a sporty and fun-loving fashion. While not quite the race ski that we see from the Hero line, the Forza is bringing on-piste skiing to the forefront. With a wider overall shape and an oversized sidecut, skiers will be able to achieve high edge angles and deep turns while keeping a bit of versatility fully intact. The 70 indicates the intended edge angle and level of aggressiveness rather than a waist width, and this is a fun play on numbers that Rossignol is engaging in, and we’re all about it. These skis are super-fun and totally relevant for skiers who spend most or all of their time on groomed terrain. For most skiers, that percentage of time is actually quite high, and it’s imperative that accomplished skiers get the right skis for the conditions that they actually ski, rather than those that they want to ski. In this light, the Rossignol Forza 70 V-Ti is a shining example of a front side ski done right.

There’s a lot going on in this ski, as it has one of the more technological builds out there. It starts with a poplar wood core, and this one is made from more sustainable wood, so it makes good ecological and performance sense. This wood is boosted by their V-Titanal design. This full layer tapers a bit in the shovel to allow for better swing weight but is overall a strong and grippy laminate to keep the ski engaged in the turn. Their Titanal Reinforced Torsion Tip makes up for the width—if the shovel is too wide, without reinforcement, it won’t have the proper torsional stiffness to engage properly. With this technology, the entry point to the turn is smooth and powerful, with minimal lag time. To further stiffen the ski, we also get Rossignol’s Carbon Alloy Matrix that uses carbon and basalt stringers to produce more pop and energy without adding too much weight.It’s not too heavy for an on-piste ski with metal, hitting about 1900 grams per ski in the 173. These materials all add up to an advanced and sophisticated ski that allows for high-performance carving and smooth overall character.

163, 173, 181 cm14 m at 173 cm138/78/112 mm

Poplar Wood Core
Carbon Alloy Matrix
Full V-Ti Layer
Preferred Terrain

The oversized shovel is where this ski really stands out from the rest. Since it’s pretty wide at 136 mm in the 173 cm length. There’s basically no taper in the tips or tails—this ski is very square from a profile perspective, and this creates a crisp entry and a strong finish to the turn. Skiers should be of the advanced and expert levels in order to glean the best performance out of the ski. It makes a lot of sense when you look at it—this thing is built and shaped for carving performance. At 78 mm underfoot, it’s on the wider side for such a carver, and this opens up some all-mountain performance and versatility. Our initial impression was that it actually does quite well in softer snow, and we view that as a huge bonus, especially given the firm snow acumen. In the 173, we’re getting a 14-meter turn radius, and that leads to a whole lot of fun out there on the groomers.

We’re stoked to see this new emphasis on the fun aspects of carving. The new 2024 Rossignol Forza 70 V-Ti is a fantastic choice for skiers who are looking to push their limits when it comes to on-trail performance. For most of us, most of our day is spent on the groomers, so it makes good sense to have a ski that excels in that application. Rossignol is looking to push the on-piste narrative into the North American market with some force, and this ski is definitely going to help them in their quest.