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The 2024 Salomon Stance 102 has been a standout ski for a lot of skiers over the past few years, and for good reason. This long-turning, long-rockered ski is one of the stronger and sturdier 102’s on the market, and it’s also one of the smoothest and sweetest turning. It’s got a different shape than most other skis out there in this range, as it falls way more on the directional side of the spectrum rather than a smeary and drifty option, mainly because of the metal. Shape-wise, the flatter profile allows for creative skiing, but when it’s up on edge, it cuts a clean line down any and all snow conditions and terrain. Re-imagined and re-designed for 2024, the Stance 102 gets a lighter wood core and a refined titanal laminate, making the ski a bit lighter and more manageable. While some skiers may scoff at this move to a “lower” build, it actually aligns more appropriately with what most skiers seem to be looking for these days. There’s still a Mantra 102 out there for the die-hard chargers, and while this ski gets a bit of a bump to the easier side of the spectrum, it’s certainly still a high-end ski for advanced and expert skiers looking to mix soft and firm snow and variable terrain.

Salomon’s Twin Frame technology that they’ve used for Stance 102 skis in the past carries forward to 2024, but with some changes that make it more approachable. It’s always interesting when we see a company like Salomon take design hints from other brands within the parent sports group. In this case, Amer sports, which also hosts Armada and Atomic, seemed more than happy to lend a hint of Armada’s Articulated Titanal Banding technology to Salomon for the Stance. While they’d never say that they do these things, it’s tough for us not to notice that there are a lot of similarities in methodology here from a construction perspective. The upper laminate, in addition to having the pre-existing “window” where their carbon and basalt fibers replace metal, also features two slits on either side of the windows, and this is where the articulation of the metal comes in to play. By allowing for greater torsional flex in the forebody of the ski, we’re seeing an easier engagement and a smoother, less-jarring character. The other way Salomon makes the ski more approachable is by moving to a blend of karuba and poplar in the wood core rather than full poplar. In the 183, the new build falls just shy of 2000 grams. The karuba makes the ski a bit lighter and a bit snappier, but if you haven’t skied the older version, it’s hard to imagine anyone would ever think this ski is anything less than top-level.

176, 183, 190 cm23 m at 183 cm134/102/121 mm

Karuba/Poplar Core
Twin Frame 2
Carbon/Basalt Fibers
Preferred Terrain
Soft Groomers
Technical Zones

The shape, profile, and footprint of the ski has remained the same, and that’s fantastic news for skiers who love the straight cut and smooth tip to tail edge contact. In the 183, this ski produces a 23-meter turn radius and its 102 mm waist is bolstered by 134 mm tips and 121 mm tails. There’s not a lot of splay in either tips or tails, as this ski remains relatively low-profile from end to end. This causes smoothness and silkiness through the turns. Interestingly, the tail rocker is more of a bend than a gentle curve, and this style also is found on the QST 106 in Salomon’s line. It allows the ski to be strong and stable underfoot—longer into the tail—and then the drifty part at the end. Salomon calls it 21% tip rocker and 15% tail rocker, leaving the rest of the ski cambered.

As with many other Salomon skis, this Stance 102 has one of the best base graphics in the game. It’s not a lot to hold on to, but it’s something. The pinkish-orange under glow is a sight to behold, and while it doesn’t affect performance at all, it’s still really fun to have. By opening up the Stance 102 to a wider range of skiers, we’ll see a broader group getting on this ski and enjoying the unique shaping and turn style of the ski. While it still is quite a bit to handle for intermediates, the advanced and expert realm will certainly get to experience the smoothness and energy of this new build while sticking to an existing and successful shape.