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For years, we feel the Volkl Revolt 104 has been the unsung hero of the group. It just seems to get overshadowed by other skis in the Revolt line, as well as other competitive ~104’s out there in the world. This does not mean that the 104 doesn’t have a home, rather, there are tons of skiers out there that have either found that it works great for them or haven’t quite gotten around to getting on it and experiencing the incredible fun levels that this ski is capable of achieving. As a mid-fat twin, it kind of fell through the cracks, with skiers either leaning more to the versatile all-mountain mid-90's shapes or going super-wide to accommodate for the deepest snows on the planet. The 104, as a result, got kicked to the middle and missed out on some opportunities to shine. This is not for a lack of design or engineering, though, as the Revolt 104 has been well thought out, especially when it comes to the shape and profile.

The construction of the ski isn’t entirely unique or special, especially when compared to other skis in Volkl’s line that rely a whole lot on innovation and technology. Revolt 104, like the other skis in the Revolt family, relies on a Multilayer Woodcore consisting of poplar and beech. There’s some heft to this ski, mostly due to the overall footprint, but it’s also got a thicker core profile than others, and that adds stability and confidence to the mix. The profile also grants the ski a mix of full sidewall and minicap construction, allowing the engineers at Volkl to fine-tune the flex and the sturdiness of the ski depending on where they want it more or less. In the 180 cm length, this ski sits on the scale at 2030 grams, so while it’s no feather, it’s still got good maneuverability, allowing for relatively easy turning and high-end agility. While the build is somewhat simplistic, it’s rugged and durable, and there’s certainly beauty in that simplicity.

172, 180, 188 cm21.5/19/22 m at 180 cm132/104/122 mm

Full Sidewall/Mini Cap
Preferred Terrain
Soft Snow
Natural Features
Playful Jumps

The shape is where this ski starts to stand out from other skis in the realm. There’s quite a bit of taper in both the shovel and the tail, and in the shovel, that taper is paired with fairly gratuitous splay. This hints that the ski is primed and ready for some seriously deep snow. While the shovel stays out of the snow, the tail is even more tapered and relatively narrow. This creates the playful personality of the ski, making it incredibly easy to shift around on it and make all sorts of different turn styles and shapes. While the ski does contain Volkl’s 3D Radius Sidecut, it’s not as dramatic when it comes to the differences of turn shapes—the ski is mainly a 19-meter radius ski in the 180 cm length. This is a nod to the smoothness of the ski in softer snow, and its ability to hold freestyle attributes squarely in its heart. While the tail taper and rocker are on the more dramatic side, the splay is still somewhat down to earth. It’s not like this is a huge twin tip with park character that’s equally at home forwards or backwards—for a ski in a twin tip line, the Revolt 104 falls on the more directional side of the spectrum.

Best suited for advanced and expert skiers who are looking for a playful and floaty freeride ski, the Volkl Revolt 104 continues its march towards changing minds and boosting creative skiing. It’s all about having fun out there, and skis like this make it more than possible for a vast variety of skiers. Whether you’re looking for a snow day ski or just a more fun and relaxing way to pick your way through the snowy glades, the Volkl Revolt 104 has both the freestyle background and the all-mountain flotation to get you there.