686 Stretch Hook Tool Belt

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686 Stretch Hook Tool Belt

Why just wear a standard sport belt, when you can wear one with superpowers? The cleverly designed 686 Stretch Hook Tool Belt uses a stamped CRV frame construction to turn the buckle into a usable tool set, with a JIS #3 screwdriver for #2 and #3 Philips head screws, and a working bottle opener... because yes, smashing a bottle open on the edge of something does look sexy, but it can also send beer foaming everywhere (what a tragic waste!). Waste no more.. you're wearing the solution around your waist! The strap is a polyester/rubber combo with a 4" stretch, and no, you do not have to fumble your belt off to use the buckle, the buckle tool slips off the strap with a 90 degree twisting motion. Stays on securely.. comes off easily.. including when you're going through a security check. Don't struggle to pull your belt out, just pop off your buckle, throw it in the bin, and keep on going. A trim to fit belt strap you can customize to meet your needs with a handy tool you'll be glad to have if your bindings need adjustment half way down the mountain... if you're going to wear a belt, wear one that gives you hidden powers!


  • Belt Stretches up to 4"
  • Stamped CRV Steel Frame Construction
  • Steel Buckle with JIS #3 Screwdriver for #2 and #3 Philips
  • Steel Buckle Bottle Opener
  • Patent Pending Toolbelt™ Design
  • 80% Polyester / 20% Rubber Belt Strap
  • Cut Strap to Desired Length
  • TSA Compliant
  • Lifetime Warranty on Tools
  • Sizes: Small (26-30in), Medium (30-34in), Large (34-38in)
686 Stretch Hook Tool Belt
VERY sturdy belt, but how do you “SHRINK” the size? My waist is 36”, but the L/XL belt is WAY too big. Suggestions appreciated.
Question by: John Markle on Nov 22, 2022, 10:41 AM
Hey John

I think that would require some cutting and sewing the way that the buckle and belt are designed. I wish I had an easier alternative!
Answer by: Michael Queally (Admin) on Nov 22, 2022, 2:15 PM

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