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2018 Rossignol Soul 7 HD Ski Review: Now With Air Tip 2.0!

2018 Rossignol Soul 7 HD Ski Review: Now With Air Tip 2.0! // Ski Reviews

Last week we released a preview of the entire 2018 Rossignol collection right here on Chairlift Chat. As you may have noticed in that article the most significant change to the Rossignol lineup for 2018 is their completely redesigned 7 Series. These freeride skis have been exceptionally popular over the past few seasons for their ease-of-use, excellent performance in soft snow, and tremendous maneuverability. Although there are a range of skis in the 7 Series collection, most people can agree that the flagship model is the Soul 7 HD. Rossignol was one of the early innovators of rockered and early tapered (5 point sidecut) skis back when they introduced the S7. That ski has evolved over the years into the Soul 7, then into the Soul 7 HD for 2017 when Rossignol added their Carbon Tank Mesh. Now, for 2018, the ski is totally redesigned with a brand new mold, new tip construction, and a new vibe.

The Honey-Comb tip of the Soul 7 HD (and most all of Rossignol skis) has become one of its most defining characteristics. It's easy to spot them when you're out on the slopes with their yellow tips and tails contrasting with black top sheets. Rossignol has essentially retained the overall theme of the Soul 7 HD, but it's blacker and burlier now. How? Rossignol has developed a 2.0 version of their Air Tip to go along with a slightly tweaked ski shape. The ski still uses Carbon Alloy Matrix and their Powder Turn Rocker profile, but this new tip construction is more integrated into the core of the ski and uses visible internal reinforcements to strengthen the ski.

2018 Rossignol Soul 7 HD Ski Review: Now With Air Tip 2.0! : Ski Specs

Rossignol refers to this Air Tip 2.0 as using "3D construction." It's both lighter and stronger, comes further down the ski where it integrates into the skis chassis, and essentially eliminates tip deflection, instability, and drastically reduces chatter. The idea is to make the ski more balanced and powerful, give it a more even flex throughout and a quieter, calmer feel; all while reducing swing weight even more than the original Air Tip. Sometimes when a company tries to beef up a ski they ruin what made it great in the first place, but Rossignol most certainly does not fall into this category. We touched on it last season when they added Carbon Alloy Matrix to the ski. Does it make sense to make a lightweight, maneuverable ski "burlier"? As long as it's not sacrificing the positive attributes of the ski, yes, yes it does. We saw it going into 2017 and we're seeing it again for 2018.

We've always loved the playful, light, maneuverable feel of the Soul 7 HD. It's what has made the ski so popular, after all. It's an incredible accessible ski even for less aggressive intermediates. It gives skiers the right tool for skiing soft snow, tight terrain, and does it all with a light, fun, playful feel. If we go back a few seasons the downside of the Soul 7 was instability, tip chatter, and a lack of torsional stiffness for carving back to the lift on the groomers or cat tracks (after all it's pretty impossible to always be skiing powder). Rossignol did a great job improving upon these weaknesses by adding Carbon Alloy Matrix and this new shape and tip construction takes it a step further.

The new Soul 7 HD has a slightly longer turn radius than the previous version, but we really mean slightly. The 180 cm ski now uses an 18 m turn radius where in seasons past it has been 17 m. This doesn't sound like much of a difference, but it does help play into the fact that the new Soul 7 HD does feel smoother and gives it a little bit better performance when skiing at high speeds. The integration of the reinforced 3D structure of the Air Tip 2.0 into the chassis of the ski helps give it a more balanced, even flex from tip to tail. The tips and tails of the previous Soul 7 HD felt so different than the rest of the ski it gave it a bit of a mixed personality. While Carbon Alloy Matrix gave it much increased torsional stiffness and stability under foot, it still lacked it in the tips and tails. Now, however, the ski feels like a single entity from tip to tail and thusly loves to be skied in a very neutral, balanced position. It's not the type of ski where you want to be driving the tip at all times, rather rewards a slightly more relaxed skier position.

The Soul 7 HD still definitely prefers to be skied in soft snow and that's where I really thought it shined. It's still unbelievably quick and easy to pivot and still has excellent float with its 106 mm waist width (Rossi didn't change the width of the ski, they felt they had it perfect to begin with). The 5 point sidecut allows you to slash and smear turns effortlessly even in deep snow. It does make the Soul 7 HD ski a little bit short, so don't hesitate to size up if you think you're between sizes. Myself, for example, at 5'10" 150 lbs on paper should really ski either the 172 or 180 cm ski, but depending on the terrain I actually prefer 180 or 188 cm. If skiing in open terrain I would go 188 cm all day, but here on the east I do like the quickness and ability to work the ski through tight spots when on the 180 cm. It really does feel more balanced than the previous version and more powerful, although it's not a drastically different ski. The swing weight is even lighter than before, it's still incredibly maneuverable, but now it's just a little bit stronger.

The Soul 7 HD will continue to be a favorite among intermediate to advanced skiers who want an approachable powder ski that performs very, very well in soft snow. It's a great choice for less aggressive skiers who aren't charging, although the new version does stay quieter at speed over chopped up terrain. We think those aggressive skiers who shied away from the previous version may like the new Soul 7 HD a lot more. It would be a great addition to an expert's quiver that contains a whole bunch of skis with metal. It's refreshing to have something lighter and more playful. You can expect to continue to see a whole bunch of black and yellow Rossignols on your local hill, they're just… blacker now.

2018 Rossignol Soul 7 HD Ski Review: Now With Air Tip 2.0! : Available Soon Image

2018 Rossignol Soul 7 HD Ski Review: Now With Air Tip 2.0! : Ski Test Image

Written by Jeff Neagle on 5/16/17

79 thoughts on “2018 Rossignol Soul 7 HD Ski Review: Now With Air Tip 2.0!

  1. 2018 Soul 7 HD vs. 2018 Volkl 108
    Which is the better East coast snowy day ski (trees and bumps included)? I get the sense that the Volkl makes more sense on a bigger western hill, but the original soul 7 was the reference point for a snow day at VT hills from Mt Snow to Stowe.
    Which is a better travel ski?
    Thanks! (these have become my favorite review on the web, especially the hard core East coast aspect of your skiing!).

    1. Hi Liam!
      Great question! It's a hard one to answer. They both would be great options, although there are some differences for sure. The Soul 7 HD is more easily maneuverable. It requires a little less skier input to throw the ski side to side thanks to the abundant tip and tail rocker and early taper. It's exceptionally quick in terrain like moguls and trees, and quickness is pretty valuable here on the east coast. The 100Eight is a touch more stable at higher speeds in my opinion, but doesn't have the same quick pivoting feel. It will smear a turn nicely thanks to the reverse camber shape, but it's a bit slower than the Soul 7 HD if you're really trying to throw it side to side. So, you could kind of say the 100Eight would make more sense on a bigger, more open hill, but I think it comes down to ski style even here on the east.
      The same can be said about both skis in terms of travel. A high speed, aggressive skier would likely desire a touch more stability out of the Soul 7 HD, while a less aggressive, slower speed skier may find the 100Eight a little tiring in tighter terrain.
      To be honest, they are both fantastic skis and it's really impossible to say one is better than the other, they're just a little different.
      Hope that helps!

  2. They made it 2mm narrower the whole length of the ski in the 188cm, they reduced the tail rocker by quite a bit when I compare them side by side. Seems to me they are making it more hard snow oriented versus soft snow and isn't that the whole point of the Soul 7? I own a pair of Soul 7 HD's and love them. I see why they integrated the top and tail more into the ski to reduce the hinge point but narrowing it up and reducing the tail rocker seems like the wrong direction to me. I found the last years Soul 7 incredible all over the mountain for a 108mm ski. I even ski a ton of moguls with them and have a big quiver of skis. Never once wanted it to be narrower and wishing for a less rockered tail.
    Any opinions??
    Any opinions out there?
    Any opinions out there.

    1. Hi Tmac!
      Are you measuring the difference in width yourself?
      You're right in the sense that Rossignol was trying to make the ski perform a little better on firm snow, although they tried to retain the overall feel and characteristics of the previous version as well. Have you skied it yet? We think they did a great job with the 2018 Soul 7. As usual there will be some skiers who prefer the old version, but we think overall the 2018 is an improvement.

      1. Hi Jérôme!
        We find the Soul 7 skis great on the "0" line. We typically recommend mounting on the manufacturer recommended line so you can experience how the manufacturer intended the ski to feel and make your own decisions based off that. Unlike the 2017 and older versions of the Soul 7 Rossignol no longer marks the -2 "freeride" line, which I think is even further reason to mount on the recommended line.
        Hope that helps!

  3. SE, if you read the specs in the 188cm length they made it 2mm narrower the entire length of the ski compared to last years. 1m more turn radius, and pushed the start of the tail rocker back farther. To me that all equates to more groomed snow, high speed, not as quick and turny in the soft stuff. And hand flexing the ski feels stiffer in tail(not as much rocker). I mounted my last years soul on the -2 free ride line and loved it all over the place. I like how they integrated the air tip into the ski, reduced the swing weight, and the other modifications to the construction but really feel they should have left the rocker profiles and sidecut dimensions the same. I thought that part of the ski was PERFECT:)

    1. Hey again Tmac!
      We don't have a 188 cm 2017 Soul 7 HD in stock anymore, but I was curious what it would look like if you put the 2017 and 2018 base to base to visually compare waist widths. I think a lot of people were surprised to see the shape of the Soul 7 change, although the majority of the responses from all the people we've had on the ski have been positive.
      See you on the slopes!

  4. I ski Big White in Kelowna Bc and my Gotomas that are about 12 years old and I have about 475 days on them, safe to say it was time to upgrade.
    I am a expert skier and loves deep pow, trees, bumps, etc what ever the mountain offers.
    190 lbs and aggressive skier.
    So the Soul 7 review, yesterday was opening day for a lot of the hill so we had all kinds of conditions.
    This ski rocked the deep powder and smearing to slow down is new to me but I now get it, works great! Bumpes, very forgiving and good flexibility to move the skies around and turning is with ease. Steeps and trees I found the ski very quick, agile and easy to move around in tight spaces. The big surprise was the groomers, ski holds a edge incredibly well roll ankles and start carving.
    Very happy with the ski and I guess the Gotomas will be used as a rock ski !

  5. I bought a pair of the original Rossi Soul 7 skis based on all the hype and came away very unimpressed. 'Soft Snow' skis, I felt they were more like "Park Skis.' Soft, Lifeless ... what can I say "Wimpy!' And that is on both Eastern and Western snow. Sold them immediately and bought some Chams, which turned out great.
    That said, they are easy to turn, even if your technique is undeveloped. So, putting carbon in the 'HD' version can only be a welcome addition. But to me, the only virtue of this ski is that it makes weak skiers feel that they ski better than they actually do!

    1. Hi George!
      I think a fair amount of skiers shared the same reaction to the original Soul 7. The addition of carbon definitely gave the ski way more torsional stiffness and now this 2018 version has even further increased stability. It's worth giving it another shot if you have a chance to demo a pair.
      One of the reasons why the Soul 7 has been so popular is that it's pretty approachable. People talk about "hero snow" and the Soul 7 HD could arguably be called a "hero ski."

      1. Hi Peter!
        The construction of the Backland FR 109 and the Soul 7 HD is relatively similar: wood with some kind of carbon fiber application. They're both relatively lightweight and maneuverable. I would say one of the biggest differences is in overall shape. The Soul 7 HD has more pronounced tip rocker and more early taper. It makes turn initiation a little easier, but also sacrificing a bit of float and stability. The Backland FR 109 is almost more of a dedicated powder ski with its HRZN tech in the tip. The tips and tails have less early taper so you'll get a little more float. The Backland is also a little bit more freeski/freeride inspired. The Soul is a very directional ski, while the Backland FR 109 draws more influence from twin tip freeride skis, although it's not really a full on twin.

  6. Just spend a few hours on my new 2018 Soul 7 HD's back to back with my last year Soul 7 HD. Same 188 lengths, last years I have a very light Marker Griffin and this years a Look SPX12(I could easily feel heavier binding for sure). Mostly groomed with little fresh and small moguls. New one is about exactly what I thought it would be. Smoother, quieter, touch more stable, less tip and tail flap, even a touch better edge grip. I could tell it felt a little more directional which to me isn't a good thing. It's my powder Ski so why make it more directional? Why make it 1m more sidecut? Why take some of the tail rocket out of it? Yes it was still very playful and I could toss it around just as easy as my old one BUT there is just no way it will remain as surfy and smeary on the deep days, just can't. My personal opinion is Rossi took the WRONG course. They should have left the sidecut and rocker profile exactly the same and changed the guts like they did the new one. It is supposed to be targeted as a primarily soft snow Ski and if they meant to make it more directional, more GS like, more groomed targeted then they succeeded. If you have never been on the 2017 Soul 7 HD then no matter what you will probably love the new one. It is still very fun and well rounded!! FYI my old one is mounted -2 on the freeride line and new one is on their only factory recommended line(which is very far back).

    1. Hi Tmac!
      Thanks for sharing your experience on the new Soul 7 HD! I think this comment really accurately describes the ski:
      "Smoother, quieter, touch more stable, less tip and tail flap, even a touch better edge grip."
      You bring up an interesting point about directional skis and tail rocker. I think Rossi has found a niche with the Soul 7 HD and they want to keep that skier. It's a skier that when it comes down to it really isn't overly aggressive, isn't outrageously adventurous, but still wants to feel the benefit of a wider, rockered ski. They're likely not going to be buttering and slashing turns, rather will stick to relatively traditional technique regardless of the terrain. For that skier I think the Soul 7 HD is pretty much perfect. It's approachable and it has a great feel and performance for those with "traditional" skiing backgrounds.
      Would you agree?

      1. Yes I would agree. I don't ride switch, I'm not a park rat, I'm not a big Mountain cliff jumper. I'm a 46 year old expert that truly Skis ALL MOUNTAIN and all styles of skiing, but directional. I prefer a more loose feeling surfy tail in powder moguls and tight trees. I own older JJ's that I will never part with and last years soul 7 HD is the first Ski I've found that honestly replaced it. Be interesting to see if the new 2018 Soul 7 gives me the same feel in powder bumps and deep tight trees.

      2. In response to Campbell post about mounting. Did you pick up this years soul7 HD or Last years Soul 7 HD? If it's this seasons version don't even think about going further back than the recommended line!!!!! It's very far back as it is. I own this years mounted on the only line on the ski and sometimes think it could easily move forward a touch. I also own last years version and I elected to mount that on the further back freeride line and LOVE it. Last years version in my opinion needed to be mounted on the freeride line but this years version don't even think about mounting behind the recommended line. This years is a much more directional feeling ski. Both my skis are 188cm.

    1. Hi Vuk,
      I just measured the 180 cm Soul 7 for you. The ski actually measured to 177 cm. There is 36 cm of tip rocker, 122 cm of camber, and 19 cm of tail rocker. So, that's 20.34% tip rocker, 68.93% camber, and 10.34% tail rocker.
      Is that what you're looking for?

      1. Hi, is that mean new soul 7 have 30 percent of rocker, and 70 of camber this new model?
        Cuz previous models have 50% camber under foot, and 50 rocker on tip and tail.

  7. Hey - I think you've got great insights on a lot of skis I can't always try...
    Question: I'm an expert skier 5'7 150
    I ride 2017 172cm Volkswagen mantras which I love everywhere (Tahoe/Colorado/whistler) EXCEPT for deep powder (8"+) in steep tight trees - the tails get hung up on me when I'm trying to do quick turns in deep snow.
    I liked the 2017 soul 7 hd (from these reviews better than I expect the 2018 to be) for this specific use case - but do you have any other skis you'd recommend for this case to add to my mantras?

    1. Hey Jeff!
      It's tough to match the quick feel and ability to wash the tails around as the Soul 7 HD has. I think it would be a great compliment to your Mantra. It's basically the opposite end of the spectrum from the Mantra with its two sheets of metal and straighter turn radius. I wouldn't completely rule out the 2018 model, I found it to be just as quick and easy as the 17.
      There are some other similar skis to the Soul 7 HD out there, but there isn't really anything I can think of off the top of my head that will outperform it in the application you're looking for. In my opinion you've pretty much got it figured out and they'll give you a nice two ski quiver that will cover just about any kind of terrain. I guess there could be an argument to go wider, but I don't think that's really necessary.
      Hope that helps!

  8. Hi,
    Do you have a similar breakdown for the 188 model? Your breakdown of 180s: 36 cm of tip rocker, 122 cm of camber, and 19 cm of tail rocker. So, that's 20.34% tip rocker, 68.93% camber, and 10.34% tail rocker.
    I'm 155lbs, 6', and unsure whether to get 180 or 188s. I saw in a YouTube comment somewhere that the additional length is entirely in the tail rocker, so the 188s may ski much much shorter.

    1. Hi Zuk,
      Yeah, if you want to round to those numbers, then yes it's 70/30. Where are you getting your 50/50 measurement on the 2017 Soul 7? We only have a shorter length in stock, but I measured it and it measured out to:
      11.25% Tail Rocker
      70.625% Camber
      18.125% Tip Rocker
      So, about the same, although I was measuring different lengths.

      1. Hi Jake,
        I got really similar numbers measuring a 188 cm Soul 7 HD just now. Overall length measured to 186 cm and there was:
        11.29% Tail Rocker
        69.35% Camber
        19.35% Tip Rocker
        So really about the same as the 180 cm length. It would seem that the YouTube comment you read was completely wrong. I was surprised when I read your comment and did not expect that to be true. That would be a really weird way to use an extra 8 cm of length...
        Hope that answers your question!

  9. Hi guys,
    Currently on a Sin 7 for my (local) East Coast skiing. Mostly artificial snow, groomers, a bit park and such. It's been pretty good for that. If I want a bit more versatility, would the new Soul 7 HD get me there without giving up too much fun? I'm an experienced skier, and I ski fairly aggressive, but directional. When I go West, I'm on a Super 7 HD.

  10. PS. I generally don't mind "fatter" skis on the groomers and crud. I've previously skied a K2 Hellbent in all conditions.

    1. Hi Martin!
      I definitely think so. I don't really think you're going to give up any fun, you might actually be increasing fun! This newest construction we think is definitely the best yet for the Soul/Sky/Sin series. It holds an edge a little better, is a little smoother and quieter (doesn't chatter as much at higher speeds), but still retains that fun, playful, maneuverable feel of the Soul 7 HD.
      You're not alone. There's definitely a fair amount of skiers these days who prefer a wider ski (especially by traditional sense) as their every day ski.
      I say go for it! I don't think there's any way you'll be disappointed.

      1. Great recommendation, thanks!
        Awesome ski on the groomers here in the North East, can't wait to try them in more varied terrain.
        So much more stable than my old skis and still a ton of fun and bounce in jumps. Require a little more effort for the few times I end up skiing backwards,but totally worth it.
        I ended up with the 188cm. I'm 5'11", 215lb. Great fit.

  11. I love of peist but I also love downhill type riding on peists and was just wondering what the ski would act like in long downhill type turns, and in the smaller turns?

    1. Hi Seb!
      If you're talking about high speed, big sweeping turns like a alpine DH racer the Soul 7 HD probably isn't the best choice. It's on the wider side and uses quite a bit of rocker. This new version stays a lot more stable at high speed, but you'll still get some tip movement at really high speeds like that. It's a blast for smaller radius turns on groomers, but if you're really focusing on groomer, on-piste performance there are better options out there.

  12. Hi there,
    I am looking to add this ski in the quiver for the west coast. I am 5'5" 145 lbs advanced-intermediate pretty much would like to go everywhere on the mountain.
    I am kind of stuck in terms of sizing, i am not sure if i should go with a 164 or 172. I have been skiing on 168-170 skis for a bit now, just not sure if that 2cm will make it harder to ski. I usually like to get some short to medium turns and go somewhat fast. Any advise would be well appreciated.

    1. Hi Carlo!
      I would definitely go with the 172 cm Soul 7 HD. They ski a little bit short because of the abundant tip rocker and considering you're coming off skis pretty close to that long you should be able to handle it without any trouble at all. You'll also appreciate the extra stability when you're skiing fast.
      Hope that helps!

      1. Hey thanks for the advise!!!
        also in comparison to K2 pinnacle 105 which would be a better ski in terms of all mountain performance? eyeing the k2 pinnacle 105 not sure how they stack up against each other. Is the k2 more user friendly than the soul 7 and a tad bit more stiffer because of the metal? Also how much metal does the pinnacles actually have for the 2018? i know there is some metal at the top of the wood core but i saw somewhere that there is also a sheet under the base>?

  13. Hi,
    can you advise me on the correct length ski for me? I'm 175cm and about 180lbs. I haven't ever owned rocker skis, and I currently ski on 169cm camber skis (they are old Salomon X-Screams from 2003). I've demoed the 172cm Soul 7 HD 2018 and they were good. I live on the west coast, where variable conditions of heavy snow/ deep snow/ ice/ moguls are the norm. I'm not sure whether it's worth going the extra length to go for the 180cm. Thoughts?

    1. Hi again Carlo!
      The Soul and the Pinnacle 105 are relatively similar in terms of all mountain performance and how user-friendly they are. The Pinnacle 105 uses metal along the edges of the ski. You can actually see where the metal is in the top sheet graphic. The lighter color running down the center of the ski is where there is no metal, if that makes sense. Overall the Soul 7 is a little lighter, a little quicker, and a little easier to maneuver. The Pinnacle 105 has slightly better vibration damping from the metal, and it very smooth, but not quite as quick.
      Hope that helps,

      1. Hi Byron!
        You should be able to handle the 180 cm Soul 7 HD without much issue. It's definitely a ski that feels shorter than the length on paper. How did you feel on the 172 cm? Did it feel short? You'll get a little bit more stability out of the 180 cm, and it's still a very maneuverable ski.
        Hope that helps!

  14. Hi. I've just picked up a pair of second hand soul 7 HD. They have been drilled once before, so I am left with the option of mounting them with my bindings at the 'all mountain' position 0cm, or i can mount them at - 3cm. What would people recommend? These are going to be my back country touring skis.

    1. Hi Campbell!
      I personally would keep them on the 0 line. The mount point of the Soul 7 HD is already pretty far back from center, a true directional ski, and through our testing we've found it skis really well on that 0 line.

  15. Hey guys,
    Another variant on the theme of sizing... I'm 47 years old and an advanced but by no means expert skier. Can carve most anything groomed but get challenged in moguls, narrow chutes or trees and variable conditions. Soul 7 seems like super fun, playful freeride ski. My question is on sizing. I am super light at 132 lbs but 5'10". Based on my weight I would say 164, and I like the idea of quick maneuverable skis in trees and bumps. My only concern is having enough float in softer snow. I know you recommended sizing up if debating, but I'm still leaning towards the 164s. In my situation what do you think, 164 or 172? Thx so much!

    1. Hi Eric!
      I would bump that up to the 172 cm length. I am only about 10 pounds heavier than you and I think the 164 cm would feel really short. I've never, in fact, skied that length, but the Soul 7 already skis pretty short and I really think that 164 cm would be a little unstable, even at your light weight. I think you'll find the 172 cm length is still plenty maneuverable and it really will give you better float in deeper snow conditions. In my opinion, that's the way to go.
      Hope that helps!

      1. Hi SkiEssentials,
        I am looking at getting/mounting a pair of 180cm soul 7hd's with the Salomon shift binding. What are your thoughts on a mounting point? The factory recommended line looks a bit far back. I will be skiing/touring these in the Tahoe area predominantly, and I'm 5'9" 150lbs.

        1. Hi Eric!
          I would go with the factory recommended line. I know what you mean, but the Soul 7 uses really long tip rocker, which kind of changes the way you're perceiving the mount point. It's in the appropriate spot within the camber of the ski. In our testing, it skis really well on the factory line.

  16. I need some advice on size; I'm debating between the 180 and 188. I'm 6'1" and 200 lbs. I know based on my size you would probably recommend the 188; however, last year I demoed the 2017 Soul 7 HD and loved the 180 size and didn't like the 188 at all. I particularly enjoyed the playfulness and quickness of the 180 in tight terrain. Do you think the same will hold true for the 2018 version of the Soul 7?

    1. Hi Filip!
      Yup, I do think you'll have the same experience on the 2018 version. I think they actually gave the ski some better stability for 2018 too, so less reason to "size up," and it's still super maneuverable. Should have all the same performance characteristics you liked, but will be a touch more stable too.
      Hop that helps!

  17. Hey SE-- couple of questions here. Debating between 180 and 189 on the rossi Soul HD. At 68 yrs old , 5' 10", 210lbs , old expert skier(with many surgeries),
    would this ski also be good for powder up to 2-3 feet in trees, glades , etc. in the west ( Mt. Bachelor ) ??? Want to just use for my deep powder skis. Have
    a new pair of Nortica 100 Enforcer 180 for small amount of powder and frt side skiing. Or should I perhaps tackle the Atomic BL FR 109 or 107, when they come out.
    Certainly enjoy all your reviews, and then your sensible answers to others on this page to help them out. Look forward to your answers. Just getting back
    into skiing after fifteen years. What a new learning curve. Can one still ski powder with skis close together? Don't see many guys doing that with the new skis.
    Know this is a lot here.

  18. Hi,
    I need some advice on bindings. I have Soul 7 HD 180s and want to fit a quality binding. Priority is downhill performance but the ability to do the occasional climb in a standard boot would be a nice to have. Can you recommend any touring bindings bearing in mind the priority being the downhill performance on and off the piste.

    1. Hi Mike!
      The Soul 7 is a great powder ski! There are, of course, wider options out there, but I would expect you'll find the performance of the Soul 7 is just what you're looking for in powder. It's lighter and floats better than your Enforcer 100, so a nice compliment to that ski. Say you get a big storm you'll likely want to ski the Soul 7 on the first day or two, then switch to your Enforcer 100 as conditions get tracked out. I think you could probably ski the 188 cm length, but I also think that might just be overkill. The 180 cm should give you plenty of float and enough stability, unless you're really charging out there. Should be much more manageable in the 180 cm length. It's a really fun ski in the woods too, super maneuverable and a lot of fun. I don't think you need to wait for the Atomics, the Soul 7 really should be a great ski for you.
      Hope that helps!

      1. Hi Ian!
        I like both the Marker Baron and Atomic Tracker 13 (or Salomon Guardian 13) for what you're looking for. You don't need tech-fit boots and they both perform really well as alpine bindings. They're not as light as a tech AT binding, but they're not super heavy either, so work quite well for touring. If I were you I would go with one of those two models, although there are some lighter frame touring bindings, or on the other end of the spectrum the Duke and Tracker 16 are slightly heavier with higher DIN if you think you need a higher DIN range than 13 (most don't).
        Hope that helps!

  19. Ive been wanting the 2018 Soul 7 HD for some time and finally got a new pair. Now, what are best touring bindings for this set?

    1. Hi Billy!
      How much time do you think you'll be touring on it? 50% of your time? 20% of your time? If you're going to be touring on it a lot, like more than using it as a resort ski, I would put a lightweight tech-fit binding on it like a Dynafit Rotation or Marker Kingpin. If you're going to be using it as a resort ski a fair amount and riding lifts I personally prefer not being in tech-fit bindings. Are you familiar with the new Salomon Shift? That would be an excellent choice if you have tech-fit compatible boots. If you don't we're big fans of the Marker Baron and Atomic Tracker 13.
      Hope that helps!

  20. SE-- trying to decide on the Rossi S. 7 hd 106, or the Nordica Enfor. 110 for skiing strictly deep powder here in the west,Bachler, Tahoe, etc.
    Suggestions. Have Nordica 100, Great ski. But for the DEEP STUFF, a little tuff to float up high with them. I'm 5'10", 210lbs and old expert
    skier. Please help out here with these two beauties.What do you see more of in the deep white for the west ? Thanks and enjoy !!!!

    1. Hi Mike!
      Do you like the feel of your Enforcer 100? It sounds like you do, which makes me think you'd probably prefer the Enforcer 110 over the Soul 7. The Soul 7 lighter and uses more early taper in the tips and tails, so doesn't have the same level of stability as the Enforcer 110. It's a super fun, maneuverable ski, but I think at your weight and ability level you'd appreciate having the increased stability in the Enforcer 110. The Enforcer 110 has slightly better float too, a little wider underfoot, and less early taper through the tips and tails. What length are your 100s? I would think 185 cm would be the way to go with the Enforcer 110, just curious what you've been skiing in the 100 width.

  21. I need some advice on size. I am 5'6" and 142 lb. I looking at a soul 7 mostly for soft snow, trees skiing in the west coast. I am a advanced skier, first I am leaning toward 172cm length. But after reading some comment/advice in this column on the 70% camber length, I am asking should I go for 180cm length ?
    The 180 cm Soul7 has a camber length of 122 to 127 cm (based on several people). Currently I am skiing 170cm Volkl Mantra and 180cm Armada. I measured the Volkl camber length is 142cm even it is shorter and the Armada is 132cm of the same length. I feel the Mantra is a bit stiff for me in some conditions. Any advice on length is welcome.

  22. You must get sick of sizing questions!
    Looking at soul 7hd 180 vs 188, had a demo for a few runs on 180 loved them. Now looking to purchase but having second thoughts. I am 43 years old 6 1 and love the quickness of 180. Others saying trade up to 188. What would I gain? I'm worried they will be harder to handle and won't be as responsive. But perhaps more stable? Should I just go with 188's what am I worried about! I ski rossignol experience 88's at 180 now. I like tight runs and open. Ski all areas, but not back country. Have been skiing 30 years. Wouldn't class myself as top of the pack, but definitely an advanced skier. What should I do?!
    Oh yeah 176lb's,

    1. Hi Danny!
      The Soul 7 definitely uses a lot of rocker, both in the tips and tails. It's also quite lightweight, especially in terms of swing weight. It's a bit of a toss up for yourself, however. In my opinion it comes down to how fast you ski and how aggressive you are. The only benefit to sizing up to the 180 cm length would be the increased stability at speed, so the question is whether you need that stability or not. Do you often ski fast and aggressively through choppy terrain, or do you prefer maneuvering at slower speeds? In my opinion that should be the deciding factor.
      What do you think?

      1. Hi Adam!
        Haha, no, we don't get sick of sizing questions. There's a lot that goes into making a decision about ski length, I personally go back and forth all the time.
        This situation for yourself is very similar to Danny, who commented below. For him it's between the 172 and 180, for you it's the 180 and 188. What performance characteristic do you value more? Stability or quickness? That 180 cm is definitely, as you point out, super quick for someone your size, which is a whole lot of fun in tight and technical terrain. In my opinion if you're not opening it up and skiing at high speeds through un-groomed terrain, you might not need the 188 cm. Think about how fast you like to ski, whether you think you need more stability than the 180 cm, etc.
        Let me know if that helps, happy to answer more questions!

  23. What is the difference between the women's and men's version of the 2018 Soul 7 HD? The dimensions listed at 180cm are exactly the same from what I can see... The prices are certainly different!

    1. Hi David!
      There's actually no difference in shape and construction between the men's and women's Soul 7 HD! It's just a different graphic.
      Hope that helps!

  24. I primarily ski on piste (ex-racer), but am looking for a ski to take up on softer days that can handle the powder, but still carve decently on groomers. Right now I mostly ski on a pair of GS skis and am looking to replace an old pair of Line Sir Francis Bacon's. The Bacon's felt a bit too soft for me and I am looking for a little bit sturdier of a ski. Would the Soul 7 fit what I am looking for or should I look for something stiffer? If so, any recommendations? I am 6'3" and pretty skinny looking at the 188.

    1. Hi Joe!
      I think you might find the Soul 7 is a bit soft if you found the SIr Francis Bacon too soft. It's a fantastic ski, but in this waist width category it is one on the softer side of the flex spectrum. The Nordica Enforcer 110 comes to mind, plenty wide enough for powder, but retains some really solid carving performance too. The Blizzard Rustler (10 or 11) could also work really well for you, and the Fischer Ranger 108 Ti comes to mind too. All of those skis use some metal, which I think you might appreciate considering your background and the fact that you're still spending time on GS skis.
      Hope that helps!

  25. I have skied Soul 7's for a few years in Colorado. I am 6', but only weight about 155. I have skied the 180's and 188's. Difference to me is minimal. Though for the woods, I prefer the 180's and not because they are easier to manuever. In tight trees, the tails of the 188's can catch a tree, which can point you in a direction that is less favorable. It's not a deal breaker, but I just noticed it only occurred when riding the 188's. The 180's never felt unstable, even at 50+ mph. You just need to be on edge and not flat, or they will get a little squirrelly side to side. They held just fine on hard pack. I found them to carve on groomers with ease with a nice rebound if you load them properly. I think a heavier skier could overwhelm the ski at high speed carving, but I always felt I could compress the ski further, regardless of speed. For me, they floated like a dream in powder and a simple shift of weight initiated turning in the fluff. Excellent in corn/crud in my experience. While the tip would flutter a bit, you couldn't feel it under foot. The only downside, and it's not picking, is it doesn't grab great on bullet proof stuff, but no ski that performs as well in every other condition would. I actually feel like I am cheating to a degree when I ski on them. But getting into my mid 40's, I don't mind. They no doubt save tons of energy during the day. You can sit back and just ride them, or you can take charge of them and make them do what you want. A very forgiving ski. And if you hike, the light weight is a bonus. We ski about 70% off trail and they have never let me down. If you like tight trees, go 180. If you prefer ripping it up in open bowls and groomers, 188. They ski MUCH shorter. But for the light weight people, 180's should not have a stability issue.

  26. Hello! I ski mostly East Coast (Snowshoe and Upper MI)... Soul 7 has always intrigued me. I currently have some RTM 81's 163CM which I feel are a bit unstable for me at speed. I'm a advanced intermediate... I'm not screaming down blacks, but I do try and take a direct line and also enjoy carving wider turns. I want a ski that will allow me to get off trail a little bit and also carve without having to work too much. I'm getting older at 47 and I ski somewhat aggressive, but also need to hang back with my kids that are learning. I'm 5'7" and 180lbs and I'm thinking of getting some longer carvers and adding the Soul 7 or Exp 88 Ti. I know I sound a bit all over the place, but basically looking for a ski that I can relax on yet still play and get aggressive when I want. I'm not one for the bumps, but I'm 70piste/30 off trail.
    What do you think and what lengths would you recommend on the Soul 7 or Exp 88 Ti... I was thinking probably 180's.

    1. Hi Matt!
      I'd steer more toward the E88 if you're 70/30 on-trail. The Soul works a lot better in softer snow. Even at 88 mm underfoot, the skis are very stable and fun in the softer snow, but certainly won't perform as well in deep powder. Just make sure you are true to yourself in terms of the terrain and snow conditions that you ACTUALLY ski rather than those that you WANT to ski. The 180 in that ski would be perfect. Hope that helps!

  27. HI,
    For replacing my old ski's i am looking to this one and the enforcer 110. My nextr trip is Japan so i guess these would be a lot of fun in the tighter threeruns...
    Comming from quite a heavy ski (apo rocko 2014) i am just affraid that i would find this ski maybe to light and unstable when skied in choppud up harder crud and
    icy groomers.
    I just want to make sure that for the future (as i am not going to japan every year :p) i will still have the most versatile and fun ski that suites me as a skier (like to ski fast but also play around in the forest, side of the slopes, make jumps). It's just a pitty that i have to buy something without testing...Thanks allready for the good reviews.
    Any thoughts on this?

    1. Hi Thomas!
      If you consider yourself an aggressive skier and you like to ski fast sometimes, you'd probably prefer the Enforcer 110. The Soul 7 is a great ski, but its highlight is definitely is maneuverability and playfulness. It's not the most stable ski at speed. The Enforcer 110 is still a relatively playful ski, but it has better vibration damping and stability at speed. It's not quite as forgiving or as easy to ski, but I don't expect you'd have any trouble on it. Feels like a better option for you, mostly because you've already identified the concern of the Soul 7 maybe not being enough ski for you.
      Hope that helps!

  28. Hi, I've been on 174cm K2 Coomback's since 2010 with Diamir free ride pro bindings, I only occasionally skin so I mostly use my alpine boots. It's been a great setup bit getting tired and lacking in groomer stability which I know they were never intended for but are worse now with age. I ski powder mostly when I can in Colorado and particularly Steamboat in the trees.
    I'm considering the soul 7's as their replacement and regarding length I'm stymied ! I just can't see myself on 172's particularly with the rise lengths on them and while certainly considerably longer, the 180's seem to make more sense. I do have a pair of 179 Line Prophets that occasionally ski but not on a powder day. Any recommendations on length for me ? I'm a bit shy of 5'-8" @ 150lbs. Am going to get tangled up in the woods with 180's ?

    1. Hi Dana!
      They're pretty quick turners, so I'd imagine it'd be hard to get tangled up in the woods unless they're really really tight and the conditions are less than ideal. Based off your stats I'd recommend the size down, but if you like the longer skis, they do ski a bit short, so I think you'll like the 180. Hope that helps!

  29. Hi there. I've been interested in the Soul 7 but haven't skied it yet. Heading to Utah next week. I'm 6'2" 165lbs 50 yrs, advanced+ skier from the East Coast in NH. I've been skiing in Utah with buddies for last 15yrs, so have gotten to love powder days and more off piste skiing. I have a pair of Rossi E88s 178cm that I love to crank down the New England resorts, but when we have new snow days I would like to have something that is LIGHTER, more flexible, and easier to throw around in glades - as well as bring with me for Utah pow instead of renting when out there (my E88s are about 6 yrs old, very heavy ski). So a question is whether you think Soul 7 is best consideration for 2nd pair if skies for me, or is there another maybe better option? Another is assuming Soul 7 is a good choice, what length should be best? With my height and ability it seems 188 is no brainer per the Rossi sizing chart, especially considering my like for speed when on groomers. However I'm relatively light for me height and don't want take away from the playfulness and maneuverability by going 188 if the 180 would be stiff and stable enough for my weight when inevitably on groomers to get back to the lifts. 188 in trees seems like a bit of a negative, but i dont do tight trees these days. I have my E88s for the typical NE ski days, so not looking for Soul7s out here unless some decent fresh snow fell. I plan to try them in Utah, wondering what length you think is best for me. Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Tim!
      I think the Soul 7 in the 188 would be a great western/snow day complement for your 88's. I like to recommend at least a centimeter difference in the width between pairs of skis. They're very maneuverable and fantastic in fresh snow. I think you'd be looking for more stability if you skied the 180. Hope that helps!

  30. Hello! I am interested in purchasing these skis but am not sure which length I should get, between the 164 and 172 lengths. I am a 15 year old, advanced/intermediate skier, 5'8 and 145 lbs. I prefer a more forgiving, playful feel on a ski that can be moved easily. Which length would you suggest? Also, if you were me, would you use the Tyrolia Attack AT 13 bindings on these or the Tyrolia Defiance 12 Black, for my preferences?

    1. Hi Matin!
      I think you're talking yourself into the 164. The longer length will give you more stability at speed, but for your application and preferred turn style, I think the shorter ski is what you're looking for. We pair the skis with either the Attack 13 or the Marker Griffon 13, either will work fine for alpine use. Have fun!

  31. Hi there,
    I'm looking at purchasing the soul 7 HDs but am in between which size to get - the 156 vs 164cm. I'm nearly 5'4" and weigh 105lbs, and am an intermediate/advanced skier looking to use these skis mostly in the trees, on powder days, and occasionally backcountry. I'm currently skiing on 159cm 88 waist skis. I was leaning towards the 156cm because of my weight but it's sounding like I should go with the 164 based on other advice in this thread. Would appreciate your advice! Thanks.

    1. Hi Robyn!
      I've found that they do ski quite short. Yes, by your stats, I'd say the 156 is the right length, but given the ski and your application, I'd go with the 164. Have fun!

  32. I have read lots and LOTS of forums on which size I should go with...I’m 5’9” 145lb and I’ve always loved 172-174 because they’re shorter and I can really whip them around but on the occasional times I bomb down the groomers I don’t feel the stability as much...for primarily skiing in the backcountry and off the beaten trail am I going to find the 180 to be too long? I honestly am stuck at this point any feedback would be great!

    1. Hi Sam!
      I don't think the 180 will be too long, especially given the light tips and tails. You'll certainly appreciate the extra material in the skis at speed, but I don't think they'll be too cumbersome in trees or bumps. Hope that helps!

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