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2020 K2 Mindbender 90Ti Ski Review

2020 K2 Mindbender 90 Ti Ski Review: // Ski Reviews

Another week, another 2020 Ski Review here on! This week we're looking at the new K2 Mindbender 90 Ti. Back in January we released a full review of the Mindbender 108 Ti. This ski follows a similar trend, using the same overall design and construction concepts, but in a much narrower waist. According to K2, it was "born off-piste and raised on hard snow" and is "every bit as capable railing groomers as it is blasting crud and day old powder." That sounded pretty darn good to us when we first learned about this ski, and since then we've had it on the feet of a lot of different skiers in varying terrain and snow conditions. Our overall opinion of K2's claims? They're certainly not lying, that's for sure.

Let's start by recapping some of the design elements of the Mindbender 90 Ti. The series, as a whole, ranges from 85 mm underfoot all the way up to 116. That's a huge range in waist width, but pretty similar to what we saw in the Pinnacle collection. There are two key construction styles, all falling under the umbrella of Torsion Control Design. The "Ti" skis get Titanal Y-Beam construction, while the "C" skis use a Carbon Spectral Braid. We're going to look at some of the carbon-focused skis later this year, but for now we're focusing on Titanal Y-Beam. The concept here is that you can really dial in the torsional stiffness in different parts of a single ski. By using metal along the edges in the forebody of the ski you get powerful turn initiation and a strong feeling ski when you're driving a turn. In the tail of the ski the metal is focused in the center, giving the ski less torsional stiffness, which allows you to release the tail edge more easily. It's a really cool concept and kind of feels like it's blending construction that we've seen in skis from K2 and other manufacturers. K2 also uses their Power Wall construction technique in which they mill out about a ½ cm of wood underfoot and replace it with ABS material. It increases stability and gives the ski a stout, smooth feel underfoot.

2020 K2 Mindbender 90 Ti Ski Review: Ski Spec Image

The shape of the Mindbender 90 Ti is also designed to give the ski a lot of versatility. Camber underfoot is combined with tip and tail rocker. The tip rocker is quite long, but doesn't rise high off the snow. In fact, it almost takes up half of the forebody of the ski when you de-camber the Mindbender 90 Ti. This long, low rise rocker retains long edge contact on any type of snow surface, even really firm groomers, but also allows for easier turn initiation and better performance off-piste and in softer snow. There's less rocker in the tail, and it actually rises more abruptly too. It almost looks like a mini twin-tip in the tail, so much so that I couldn't resist skiing it switch here and there. The taper profile of the Mindbender series is key to performance. It's not drastic early taper like we saw in the Pinnacle collection, rather smooth, subtle early taper. The ski straightens out near the tips and tails, which helps give it a smooth, catch-free feel. The shape and construction of these skis, when you consider it as a single entity, is quite an engineering feat. Everything works together really, really well.

2020 K2 Mindbender 90 Ti Ski Review: Full Camber Image

If you ask K2, they'll tell you these Mindbender skis are all about having fun. Ripping carving turns is fun, smashing through moguls is fun, maneuvering through the trees is fun, everything you can do on skis is fun. I really like their idea that the ski was "born off-piste and raised on hard snow." That's a really good way of thinking about this ski and is a nod to its versatility. Its shape has obvious off-piste, freeride influence. There are a ton of skis in this ~90 mm underfoot category, and the Mindbender definitely has one of the most versatile shapes. That long tip rocker combined with the smooth, subtle early taper give it a more playful feel than a lot of skis in this width range. They're a blast in moguls, and are a hoot in deeper snow too. In fact, there aren't really any skis in this width that I'd rather ski in deep snow. The shape gives it such a smooth, catch-free feel. It kind of reminds you what skiing used to be like before we had the opportunity to ski giant, powder-specific skis. Skiing powder is fun on narrower skis too, and the Mindbender 90 is a perfect example of that.

2020 K2 Mindbender 90 Ti Ski Review: Wide Action Image 12020 K2 Mindbender 90 Ti Ski Review: Wide Action Image 2

The ability to release your tail edge combined with a pretty quick edge to edge feel makes these skis a whole lot of fun in moguls and trees. I am not the world's best mogul skier, but felt like I was doing pretty darn well on the Mindbender 90 Ti. It's beneficial having something at least this narrow in moguls. A wider ski can be a bit of a handful as they like to smash into each other a little too much. The narrower width combined with that smooth tip shape really helped me in moguls. It's also a stiff enough ski that you can drive it into and down the backside of a mogul without feeling like you're stuffing a tip or over-flexing the ski. It gave me the confidence to ski a slightly more direct line than I would on a lot of other skis. I knew I could release the tail edge if I needed to bail out of a mogul line quickly, and also knew the ski would stay stable and allow me to open up the speed a little bit at the bottom of a run and just go. The same performance translates to tree skiing, and I think a lot of east coast skiers will be psyched with the performance of the Mindbender 90 Ti in the trees and on natural snow trails. Western skiers can benefit too, but with deeper snow, the wider Mindbender 99 Ti may be more appropriate. Depends on how and what you like to ski.

Now, on groomers, there are definitely skis out there that feel more responsive, there are definitely skis that pull you into a turn more quickly, but those skis don't even really compare to the Mindbender 90 Ti in all the applications we just talked about. It's still pretty darn powerful, especially when you're driving the tip. It feels like it wants some skier input if you want to achieve energetic linked carving turns, but it also doesn't feel like it needs skier input at all times like some skis in this category. You can relax on the Mindbender 90 Ti, which is nice. You can even ski with your weight a little more centered and you'll benefit from the decreased torsional stiffness in the tail that allows you to pivot and smear turns. It's going to work with a lot of different skiing styles. Do you keep your feet pretty close together and have more of an upright stance? No problem. Do you ski with a wider stance and a lower center of gravity like a modern GS racer? Also no problem. The Titanal Y-Beam design does a really good job allowing for and complimenting different skiing styles.

So, what's the takeaway here? In our opinion, it's versatility and fun. I think this ski arguably has a more even mix of performance characteristics than just about anything in the same width range. As mentioned before, there are skis that will carve a little better, and there are also skis that feel lighter and more maneuverable, but the Mindbender 90 Ti has a refreshing blend of performance. It also distinctly feels like a K2, and in my opinion more so than the Pinnacle collection did. It reminds me of how I felt skiing the original K2 Enemy back in 2001. They're just a lot of fun in just about every application. It feels like a K2 in performance, attitude, design, the amount of fun you can have on it… I don't know how else to say it, it just feels like a K2, and I'm really happy about that. My old Enemies are still in my possession because, in my opinion, that's a historic ski. Maybe in 20 years there will be a 33 year old somewhere that feels the same way about these Mindbenders.

2020 K2 Mindbender 90 Ti Ski Review: Buy Now Image


Written by Jeff Neagle on 03/07/19

78 thoughts on “2020 K2 Mindbender 90Ti Ski Review

  1. Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for the review and great video! I ski in NZ where there is not a lot of powder, and my local field is best with hard groomed pack, and off piste gets icy more often than not. We don't get massive overnight dumps like you lucky lads in the Northern hemisphere!

    I'm advanced on piste and intermediate off piste/slushy snow. I'd like to do more off piste,and get better at it (when the snow conditions allow) so I'm tossing up between the 90Ti's and the 99Ti's

    Im 40+ and don't want to have to work all the time on the ski's so the comment about 'relaxing' in the 90s was interesting.

    Would that be any different on the 99s?

    Any thoughts on which one would be most practical and/or help me improve off piste/all mountain? I'm leaning towards the 90s at this stage. (practicality as opposed to improvement)

    Cheers for your time. N

    1. Hi Nigel, try saving up and ski overseas. Costs are similar bar the airfares. You'll do more skiing in a fortnight than a season in NZ. I went in 2013 to Canada and won't ski in NZ again, groomers and powder plus ski amongst trees, no comparison.
      The Mindbender 90 might be a good choice in Canada and USA.
      Cheers J

  2. Could you comment on the differences between the new kendo 88, enforcer 88, and the mindbender 90. I live in the Midwest (Minnesota) and am looking for an all around ski. I'm 6'2" and 210 pounds and like to push my skis hard. I use the Head kore 99 at 189 length (101 underfoot) and love these for my trips out West and later in the day while enjoying our "amazing" 500 vertical feet, but they are not as playful or quick when not at higher speeds or when skiing the cold am corduroy. Thanks for all of your excellent reviews.

  3. I am considering this ski, the new Enforcer 88, the Brahma, and the Sego Cleaver 88 as a replacement for my Nordica Enforcer 100 (177), which has been my every day ski for the last few years in the West. I have been skiing a pair of Fischer Pro MTN 86s most days for the last few weeks, and have found that I like a bit narrower ski in everything up to about 6 inches. While the Enforcer can be a bit much for me in tight bumps and trees at 5'5", 165lbs, I do miss the stability and dampness it provides over the Pro MTN, especially in chopped up powder and crud. Would you recommend this ski or one of the others I mentioned for someone who skis primarily off-piste and likes bumps, trees, steeps, and chutes and is hoping to find something quicker underfoot than the Enforcer but still retains some of its dampness and stability? I don't really care about groomer performance and can make anything work to get back to the lift, though I do find myself skiing off-trail a lot when it hasn't snowed in a few days or more, so some level of hard snow performance matters.

    1. Hi Nigel!
      They both have the same construction, just a bit different in terms of rocker profile and overall mass. It's not a "higher performance" ski, just differently shaped for different conditions. Where you are sounds like a 90 Ti, not a 99. They have a huge performance range, so while you can relax, you can also jam out. I loved the overall feel and versatility of the skis. Hope that helps!

      1. Hi Matt!
        That's a great comparison that I think we'll be seeing a lot more of this coming year. I'm a huge fan of how skis sound when you either knock them with your knuckle or clack them together, and by this un-scientific method, I can discern a lot of differences between the skis. I've now skied all three, and the Kendo has the most metallic sound, the K2 has the most wooden, and the Enforcer is somewhere in the middle. I'm not a huge Kendo fan in terms of it being a high-speed wider GS ski, but I did really enjoy it in the moguls and at slower speeds. The K2 was off-the-charts versatile, and was something that I could ski everyday here at Stowe. Same can be said for the Enforcer 88, just with more of an on-trail and carving personality. I liked the Enforcer the most at speed while the K2 was more accessible and fun-loving. I'm the same size as you and also enjoy skiing fast. I think the Enforcer 88 would be a fantastic complement to your Kore 99. Hope that helps!

  4. I ski the Bonafide and I demo'd the 99ti. While a good ski ... I liked my Bonafide more. Bonafide was more precise, more stable and felt more solid. The MB was more playful - but at speeds the Bonafide was better. I am curious on how the Brahma 88 compares to the MB 90.


  5. HI, I'm considering a new set of skis that are easier in the moguls and tress but still solid on the groomers. Ski mainly in the northeast but head out west or Europe also, but not generally into really deep pow. I'm considering something along the lines of the Rustler 9, Mindbender 90TI or the J Skis Masterblaster that I've heard good things about. Can you advise if there is a big difference in their performance? I'm 6', 200 (getting older also) and advanced skier but struggle with my stiffer 2012 K2 Chargers (181 cm, 74 cm waist) in the tighter trees, harder moguls and any significant powder. I do like to cruise fast on the groomers so still want some decent stability.

    Thanks for your help,


  6. Hey gang! Thanks for another great review! The Mindbender series looks sick! Question, when will the shorter lengths be available for demo? Specifically the 99 and 90 in a 165-170 length.
    Cheers, Nick

  7. Mindbender 90ti Or Kastle FX 85 HP for an everyday all conditions ski at Stowe? Decent skier but definitely not dropping the hip and digging trenches. Love to vary turn shape.

    1. Hi Tucker!

      I loved the all-mountain versatility of the Mindbender 90Ti. For your application on the mountain, it seems like a perfect fit. It's a bit softer than the Enforcer 88 and quite a bit more user-friendly than the Brahma. I don't have much experience with the Sego skis, but if it's 88 underfoot and the construction is somewhat similar, I can't imagine it's THAT different from the other models on your list.

      If you don't really care about groomer performance, the K2 should be at the top of your list. The other skis have better groomer performance, and as a result, are less capable off-trail, but not by much, these are all pretty nice and versatile all-mountain skis. Hope that helps!


  8. For next season I am looking to upgrade my skis. After not skiing for a number of years I jumped into the deep end and found myself all over new england on a regular basis. My Legend x75s frankly aren't cutting it. They were the low cost option after not getting on a mountain for a number of years. I would classify myself as an intermediate skier. I like to cruise on the mountain but of course I like to pick my spots and rip down the mountain. I am 5 ft 10 210lbs I am looking at these K2s , the new Kendos, and Dynastar Legend 84s or 88s. Any suggestions on what would be best?

    On a side note I love your content.

  9. Great review - thanks again.

    This ski has me very interested. With lots of feedback from you, I recently got Rustler 9's. While I am enjoying them immensely, at 220lbs, I'm getting more flap in the tips than I'd prefer when at speed. This looks like a potential replacement for next year - a little shorter than the 188 Blizzards, close in playfulness and manoeuvrability, but stiffer tips and more stable given my size and the 70/30 split of on/off east coast skiing I do. Does that sound like an accurate assessment? Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi David!
      I think you'll have a very similar experience with the Brahma vs. MB 90. The tail of the Brahma is a lot more demanding, as are the two sheets of metal. If you're looking for stability and speed, it's tough to beat the Brahma, but if you're looking for a bit more playfulness, the MB 90 is a pretty slick ski. Hope that helps!

      1. Hi Dave!
        They're all about the same "level" of performance, with the Rustler being a bit softer in the tips and tails than the K2, and the J Ski having more of an all-mountain personality. I think for overall versatility, it's hard to beat the new Mindbender 90 Ti. Hope that helps!

        1. Hi Nick!
          Unless you can specifically find something, the 2020 demos generally aren't readily available in all sizes until next fall. Keep your eyes peeled!

          1. Hi JB!
            The Mindbender is more versatile than the Kastle, and has a bit more of a mellow personality. I loved the K2 here at Stowe, and I could see using it as my every day ski. The Kastle does have that high-performance ceiling that is pretty hard to touch, but it sounds like you're describing a Mindbender when you talk about your skiing. Hope that helps!


          2. Hi Gary!
            The Kendo is pretty demanding for intermediate skiers, but certainly something to keep on your long list, because as you improve and those spots in which you choose to rip become more and more consistent, you'll probably end up loving the ski, but it is quite stiff and heavy. The Legend 88 has metal whereas the 84 does not, so the 88 will ski a lot more like the Kendo. The 84 might be on the narrow side of what you're looking for? That said, I loved the performance of the 84, and for an east coast ski, it's pretty nice. The K2 is a fantastically versatile ski, with a partial metal laminate that won't bog you down like the Kendo or Legend 88, but is on the wide side for an eastern intermediate skier. Not too wide, just on the wide side. If you're simply cruising, I think the Legend 84 is the way to go, but if you're looking for a higher-performance option, the K2 is the next logical step. Hope that helps!

          3. Hi Brent!
            Quite accurate! The Y-Frame of the Mindbender does give the tips and the forebody of the ski a bit more strength than the Rustler series. Overall, I'd say it's about the same amount of metal in either ski, it's just positioned differently throughout the ski. Also check out the Nordica Enforcer 88 which is a slight step up from the Pinnacle 90 in terms of stiffness and groomer performance. Hope that helps!

  10. Can you compare these and the Enforcer 88s?

    I'm looking for a ski in this size category for next season and am currently between the MB, Enforcer 88, and the Blizzard Brahma. The Brahma sounds like the most carving specific of the 3, but I'm curious how the Enforcer and MB compare.


    1. Hi Tanner!

      You're on the right track here. If you were to draw a spectrum of performance for these three skis, the Brahma would be the most carving oriented, the Mindbender 90 Ti the most versatile, and the Enforcer 88 somewhere in between. The Brahma is the most powerful, the Mindbender 90 Ti is the most playful, and again the Enforcer 88 falls in between. Mindbender is a blast in bumps, those other two skis can be somewhat challenging depending on your ability and ski style.


    1. Hi Tracy!
      My wife makes them in our kitchen! She's working on expanding production as the demand for these hoods hit our household pretty hard! We'll try having something concrete hit the internet over the summer so keep your eyes out! They're pretty comfy and warm and our kids love them. Thanks!

  11. Great review as always: these low 90's all-mountain skis hit a sweet spot for a lot of skiers. I'll be interested to see how the mindbenders stack up against the Liberty Evolve 90 and 100 (I have the VMT 82 and love it). Though the Mindbenders sound like they've reclaimed the Everyman-versatility of K2's legendary and beloved Recons.

  12. HI SE;
    I'm currently on Rossi E100 (original) 174 ... I'm 5'10, 145lbs, advanced traditional skier with forward driven style, 40yr old, split time on east and west ... Doing less bombing on groomers and more bumps, side country and trees with my kids. I'm looking for something more narrow, less stiff and lighter ... care less about top end speed, but still value versatility with turning. Was considering Rustler 9, K2 MB 90 or DPS Cassiar F 87. Any thoughts on the comparisons between the 3?
    Thanks, Brian

    1. Hi Liam!

      Definitely. Most popular category of skis as far as we can tell. Good timing on your question, we just finished up our 2020 Ski Test and were doing some additional testing on Liberty this morning. The Mindbender feels a little more playful than the Evolv90. The Evolv is exceptionally smooth and quiet, one of the best we've ever tested in that regard. The Mindbenders blend in more playfulness and versatility, in my opinion. You're right; the Mindbenders in general feel more like a "K2" than what we've been seeing in recent years.


      1. Hi Brian!
        The Rustler 9 is probably the most versatile of the skis on your list while the DPS is the front-side specialist of the group. The K2 is in the middle, with that new build that makes it carve sweet turns while still being able to release the tail and be playful. Have you checked out the 2019 Rossignol Experience 94? It's the new version of what you have, it's lighter and more flexible, kind of like a Sky 7 meets the Experience 100. It's a bit heavier and higher performance than the Rustler, but a pretty fair comparison. Hope that helps!

      2. I'm currently skiing on the Enforcer 88s but feel there a bit heavy for me. I'm 5'8 162 lbs 48 years old intermediate-advanced. I've skied on them a handful of times and each time I'm exhausted not sure if I given them enough of a chance yet. I've been looking at the Kore 93, & mindbender 90ti as I know both of these skis are on the lighter side. I'm looking for a playful ski that can do all Groomers, bumps, soft snow, etc.. ( I'm pretty sure I'm asking too much out of one ski lol) help?

        1. Hi Brian!
          You're right insofar as there's no such thing as that one ski that can do everything--at some point there's a limitation. I loved the all-mountain versatility of the MB 90, and did find it more playful and maneuverable than the Enforcer 88 (which I liked a lot for different reasons). The Kore is a bit stiffer than the K2, but the lack of metal makes it a bit choppy at speed. On your list, I like the sounds of the K2--I had a blast on it. Have fun!

  13. Great review.
    I am 5'8", 148 lbs, I am skiing on a iKonic 84ti / 170 cm. I love the ski, great carver.
    Should I move up to a 177 cm length on the MB 90ti because of the longer tip and tail rocker (shorter effective edge)
    I would prefer to stick to the 170 cm length if I don't give up to much.
    I am looking foreward to your advice.

    1. Hi Hansjorg!

      I would stick with 170 cm. More rocker than your iKonic 84, yes, but it's not high-rise rocker, so you're not losing a lot of effective edge like you would on skis with more pronounced rocker. 170 cm just feels more appropriate, in my opinion.


  14. Sorry, my last comment was meant to be made on the 108ti review. For the sake of simplicity, and because the review isn't out yet, could you instead just compare the 99ti with the QST99 and enforcer 100? I assume the different waist widths of same models perform relatively similarly relative to each other.

    1. Hi Jed!
      The K2 99 Ti sits right in the middle of those three skis in terms of performance. While the QST has no metal and the Enforcer has two full sheets, the K2 has a Titanal Y Beam which is a partial metal laminate intended to stiffen the ski where necessary, but also keep it lighter and more playful. While the Enforcer has the highest performance ceiling, it is also the heaviest, and therefore requires more strength and power to properly drive. The QST prefers shorter turns and slower speeds, but is light and easy to maneuver. The K2 99 is stable underfoot and the metal in the forebody really brings you into the turn nicely, but the tail is not too stiff that you have to be on it 100% of the time. Depending on your level of aggressiveness, any of these skis will be a great ~100 mm option. Hope that helps!

  15. Hi guys,

    Really loving the reviews. I've tried both the Soul 7 HD and Legend X96 earlier in the month in 172 and 171 cm respectively. I liked them both for different reasons. How would you say the 90ti compares in regards to the bumps and firmer conditions, and do you think the 170 length would be somewhat comparable to the two above?

    1. Hi Mike!
      In terms of flex, it's fairly similar, but the shape is quite different. The five-point sidecuts of the Rossi and Dynastar make them turn a lot quicker than the K2, so if you're looking to swivel around in the bumps, the radius of the Rossi and Dynastar feel shorter. That said, the K2 is quite a bit narrower, so it will be quicker from edge to edge, but it prefers a straighter course down the fall line. On firmer snow, the K2 is the stronger performer for sure. In terms of length, I'd say you won't notice much difference between the three sizes. Hope that helps!

  16. I'm an advanced skier 5'8" and 155 lbs currently on 2018 Rossi 88 Exp HD 172cm. The Exp 88 feel absolutely dreamy on a few inches of soft snow and are great carvers when on edge in hardpack. However, when they're not locked in on edge, they can feel a bit short and skittish. Will the MB 90Ti give me the confidence inspiring damping and stability I'm missing with the Exp 88? I want something I can slip, smear and pivot in the steeps, bumps and trees but also rip on the groomers without always having to resort to high edge angles and finishing across the fall line in every turn to the lift. This will be for blacks and double blacks at Mammoth Mtn.

    1. Hi Jason!
      You could certainly do a lot worse than the K2. They have more metal than the E88, and it's appropriately placed throughout the ski to do exactly what you want it to. The tips and forebody are precise and grippy while the tail is a bit more playful. This allows you to vary up your turn shape and style. While they won't carve like a full-metal ski like the Brahma or Kendo, they certainly hold their own and firm conditions. Have fun!

      1. I have the same skis/length as Jason and feel the same way regarding their performance. I’m strongly considering the MB 90Ti but cannot decide between the 170 and 177cm lengths.

        At almost 5’11” and 160lbs, I’m seeking a ski length that will be nimble on-piste, in the trees and bumps, but still allow me to charge hard when I want. If I’m being honest with myself, I’d say I’m an Adv. Intermediate that prefers to ski aggressively.

        Any thoughts on length?

        1. Hi Sonny!
          I think your size puts you in the 177, and your desire to ski more aggressively backs that up. My guess is that you'd find the 170 to be too short. Have fun!

  17. Hi guys.
    I've been looking around for my perfect ski for quite some time and the Pinnacles and now the Mindbenders seem to tick all my boxes 🙂
    I'm living in Europe, most of my riding is the Alps in spring when the snow gets really soft/heavy/wet in the afternoon. I enjoy short and playful turns (not really crushing fast carving), I hit off-piste whenever there's a chance (like 15%) - basically trying to have most fun around on-piste I can.

    Still not sure about 85 vs 90 - what would you guys suggest? (don't want to overdo it with the 90s when I'm mainly on-piste, however also don't want loose any of the versatility...)
    And what length would you recommend? I'm 183 cm tall (6"), 81kg.

    Thanks a ton!!

    1. Hi Vlad!
      I think the 90 is the way to go, the 85 is built differently, so I'd stick to the ski with the Ti versus the Carbon (85). I'd say the 177 is the right length. Have fun!

  18. Hey Skiessentials,
    If you had choice for either the MB 90 ti or the MB99 as an everyday ski in CO which would you choose?

    1. Hi John!
      I'd go with the 99, especially if you're doing more off-piste skiing. I personally prefer a narrower ski for all-mountain, but the snowfall combined with the varying conditions makes me think the 99 would be more appropriate. You'll lose a bit of quickness and carving ability, but the float and the versatility of the 99 far surpasses that of the 90. Hope that helps!

  19. Hey guys,

    Thanks for all the great reviews. I am looking at getting new skis and tossing up between the k2 mindbender 90Ti and the noridca enforcer 88. I'm in aus so we have mainly firm groomers and a little off piste "powder" (what we call powder here). By the afternoons the snow gets fairly chopped up and can usually get a bit slushy. Any suggestions on which is better? The reviews for both are very similar and both sound like the right ski


    1. Hi Alex!
      Similar types of skis for sure. I'd peg the Enforcer 88 as the stronger carver and the more consistent ski from tip to tail. As the K2 has some different build methods and materials in the ski, the E88 is more traditional of a ski. That said, it sounds like the K2 would be better for your application, as the added width and shape will be better for broken snow. Have fun!

      1. Hi, I'm very interested in buying a new model of k2 midbender. currently have an blizzard brahma 88 and a Atris BlackCrows 108, and I was looking for an all around model that could allow me even some e short climbing with skins ( max 500/600 positive altitude difference). What are the different weight specific between 90ti and 90c models?
        Any suggestions.. Tks you

        1. Hi Alex!
          In the 170 cm length, the Carbon ski weighs 1610 grams per ski while the Ti is 1791, so there is a bit of a difference, but I think the downhill performance of the Ti is vastly superior to the C. That said, there will be more overlap with the MB 90 Ti and the Brahma, so if you're looking for a more different ski than you currently have, the C might be the way to go. Something to think about for sure.

  20. Hi guys. these skis are on my radar to replace some 10 year old Elans...I'm 189cm tall and 100kg what length would you recommend for me?


    1. Hi Leigh!
      I'd go with the 184. I'm about the same exact size as you and that was a great length for me. I think the shorter length would be a bit twitchy. Have fun!

    1. Hi Mike!
      The biggest difference is the weight. The metal Y-Beam combined with the triaxial fiberglass weave makes the MB 90Ti quite a bit more substantial than the Kore or the Ripstick. At speed, you'll notice that the K2 is a lot more damp, but not as lively as a narrower ski like the 88, especially with those carbon tubes. They really add a lot of energy to the ski thanks to the round shape--gives the ski more power both fore/aft as well as side/side. Heavier and more aggressive skiers will appreciate the stability of the K2. Hope that helps!

  21. Considering k2 Mindbender 90 Ti or C. Always skied k2, currently on Pinnacle 88 177cm. Like them a lot, but now over 70 (ski free!) and actually want to slow down a bit and make it easier to turn quickly on steeper slopes, especially with some heavier powder or crud (12"+). Pretty good intermediate on groomed, learning to get better and have fun on deeper stuff beside and between runs. Ski eastern Oregon, much like Colorado snow. 75% groomed, 25% off. Blues and double-blues. (Easy blacks in easy snow.) Like to go back and forth in same run, so want one versatile ski, maybe a little lighter than Pinnacle 88. 6', 200lbs.

    Would the new Mindbender 90 be much different than 2018 k2 Pinnacle 88? For the purposes I described, go Ti or C? Stay at 177cm, or maybe drop to 170cm? Thanks.

    1. Hi Bob!
      The Mindbender Ti is a pretty different ski than the Pinnacle. It's heavier, shaped differently, and with a more front-side rocker profile. That said, most Pinnacle skiers will also like the MB series. The differences between the Ti and the C are pretty stark as well, with the 90 Ti as a heavier, more stable, and higher performing ski, while the C is pretty light and quick with not a ton of stability. I'm 6/2 220 and had a hard time keeping the 90 C in control, to be honest. If you're 200 pounds, I think you'll need something with a bit more power. There's a lot in the 88/90 range, so I'd check out something like the Rossignol Experience 88 Ti or the Atomic Vantage 90 Ti for lighter skis that still have some power and precision. Hope that helps!

  22. Have been k2 skier for 15 years. Recon aeries
    Loved them all
    On 177 curent medel 3 years old 100 days
    Wanted to demo mindbender 90
    Hard to find demo localtion
    Park city aspen vail etc
    Any ideas
    Thanks df

    1. Hi David!
      We'll have them for demo in our retail spot in Stowe, VT if that helps! They're great skis with a damp and smooth personality. I loved how stable they were while remaining pretty quick for their weight. Good luck!

  23. Hey, guys!
    Another great review, as always! But man, I´m really scratching my head over here....I´m looking for a new all mountain, one ski quiver, but there are too many good alternatives out there. I´m 5.11', 163lbs, and consider my self a really capable skier, somewhere between advanced and expert. I live in Norway, and I´m guessing that our normal snow conditions are comparable to your east coast conditions. I´m currently looking at a bunch of different alternatives, Nordica Enforcer 88 and 93, K2 Mindbender 90 Ti, Rossignol 88 Ti and the Atomic Vantage 90 Ti. I would be lying if I say I don´t spend most of my time on groomers, but I like to venture out in the deep stuff when the conditions allow it. From what I´ve read, I don´t think I can go wrong with any of the skis I´ve looked at, my only concern is that the Enforcer 93 would be just a tad wide to really give me the carving abilities on groomers that I´m looking for. I don´t like the ski to feel too heavy either, as I like a playful feel that can perform in just about all everyday conditions. Would really like to get some input from you guys, to help me finally make a decision.


  24. Hi, this review was awesome and provided a ton of great information! Question for you, I live on the East Coast and am an intermediate skier looking to buy my first pair of skis. I've done a ton of research and the K2 Mindbenders seem like a great all-mountain option. I'm in between the 90 Ti and the more entry level value Mindbender 85. I don't mind spending the extra money, but was wondering what SkiEssentials would recommend for someone who mostly skis groomers on the east coast, but is dedicated to getting better and wants something that will last and something I won't grow out of. Thanks!

    1. Hi Kristoffer!
      I think you're describing the Rossignol. I'd say it's the most versatile ski on your list, and for skiers who like carving on groomers, it's a pretty sweet choice without too much demand. The Atomic is lighter and easier to maneuver, but the Rossi carves quite well. I'd say the K2 and the Enforcer 88 are on the heavier side, but both feel lively and energetic rather than dull. If you're looking to stay on-trail, I agree that the 93 might get a bit lost in the crowd. Overall, I'd lean to the Experience 88 for its blend of strong front-side all-mountain performance.

      1. Hi Eric!
        It sounds like you're hinting to the 90 Ti, and I'd tend to agree that's the way to go. Nothing wrong with the 85, and it would help you develop some good carving techniques as well as being easier in any off-trail situations, but I think you'll quickly out grow it. The 90 Ti will be a great ski for years. It's a bit heavier, but it's not too demanding, so a nice blend of performance and accessibility. Hope that helps!

  25. Hello. Ive been looking at the MB90 Ti here and the Volkl M5 Mantra. Curious how you would compare the two for all mountain performance in the Rockies. 65% on piste and 35% off. But still would like to rip hard on nice corduroy in the morning before the slopes get busy and run out. Id say im above intermediate but below expert advanced it is. 5'9" 158lbs, so trying to decide between 170 and 177 in length. We do play in the trees occasionally, but not too much. Your thoughts?

    1. Hi Nathan!
      The K2 has more of a woody feel while the Mantra is more metallic. Both are incredibly stable and fun, with the K2 as the quicker and slightly softer of the two. If you're 65% on-piste, I'd go with the K2. Probably the 170 would be the way to go in either ski. Have fun!

      1. Thanks Bob. I currently own a Pinnacle 95, so I have been leaning towards these Mindbenders. Curious though, as to why 170 vs 177, given that my height is 177cm. I had always thought that for all mountain skis you should try to have a ski length that is close to or at your actual height.

        Great review, always prefer the reviews where you all are skiing the equipment!

        Now, we just need a special so I can purchase these before my visit to Squaw Valley in Dec 🙂

  26. HI, I am looking for a fun ski to go with the kids on moguls. I currently have some Nordica GT 84 TI skis, which are great for carving, but I find them challenging and heavy in narrower or bumpier (moguls) trail. wondering how the Mindbender compares for what I am looking to do. Your feedback would be appreciated

    1. Hi Mike!
      They're wider, for sure, making the flotation stand out while not losing out on carving performance. I loved the ski in the bumps, as it was stable and steady no matter what. Lots to like about that ski, and a great transition from your GT. Have fun!

  27. Hey guys i have a question, I ski the midwest mostly but still go out west ounce a yr. Looking at the mindbender but which one, the 85 or 90 underfoot. Thanks


    1. Hi Mike!
      K2 has a lot of good options. There's the 85, which has a plain wood core and is pretty nice and substantial, the 90 C has a lighter wood core bolstered by carbon stringers, and the 90 TI, which has a heavier wood core and a Titanal Y-Beam that provides the ultimate in stability and strength. The 90 C is a good middle-ground ski with a nice shape and a flexible build, so that's worth a second look for sure. I'd say the 90 Ti is on the demanding side with it's extra weight and stiffness. So depending on what you're looking for, K2 has some good choices. Have fun!

  28. Hi Jeff,

    Thank you for this review and all the other great ones in Chairlift Chat. I live in NYC and ski mostly at Killington and at least one weak out West. When I get up to Stowe I'll be sure to stop by and say hi to you and your colleagues!
    I stick to groomed runs mostly and do high blues and single black diamonds. I've been looking to replace my 2016 Salomon Q90 in 169cm (green top sheet) bc they seem to have too much chatter on firm snow and get deflected too easily. I looked up the weight and I'm thinking I need a ski with more heft. And as you described in your Enforcer 100 video, I would like a ski that allows you to slarve! I'm considering the K2 Mindbender Ti in 170cm, Nordica Enforcer 93 and 100 in 169cm and also the 2020 QST 92 in 169. I called Salomon and the 2020 QST 92 is coming in heavier than the 2016 model so I thought I'd look at it as well. I'm 5'8 and around 158lbs.
    Any suggestions would be great. Thank you!

    1. Hi Marc!
      Lots of good options on that list! The K2 and the Enforcer 93 will be the strongest carvers on your list while the QST 92 is a pretty nice floater. I'd say the 100 is on the wide side for your application. I'm a huge fan of the K2 for mostly eastern skiing, and they do have enough versatility to handle western conditions as well, save for big snows. They are on the hefty side, but they won't chatter. Hope that helps!

  29. Hey Guys. After much research. I’m locked in on the MB. I ski mostly in the east but take at least one to two trips out west and to Europe a year where I ski mostly off piste. I’d love a ski that can do it all. I know that’s nearly impossible, but think the MB may be close to fitting the bill. Cannot decide on the 90 or 99. I’m 6-01. 220 and ski a 177. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Todd!
      I'd go with the 99 in the 177. I think it carves just as well as the narrower one, less edge grip on ice, but overall a great turner. You'll appreciate the extra width in softer snow more than the 90's carving ability. Have fun!

  30. Hi. I am looking for a fun, forgiving ski for the front side, but one that has the versatility to handle softer conditions later in the day and occasional ventures off-piste. I am 60 years old, 6'1', and 190 lbs and am re-entering the sport after several years due to injury. I am an advanced skier, but now ski below that as I am more cautious and don't go at warp speed any more.

    I am sold on the Mindbender series, but am unsure of what model. I am leaning towards the 85 (in 177cm) as I have been told it performs well above its level. The 85 also has a tighter turn radius and may be a better fit for the firm west coast groomers I normally ski. The 90C is also in the works and may be a good compromise. I am also looking at the 90Ti, but it may be more ski than what I need.

    Ski Essentials currently has some great ski and binding packages for all the options. Any thoughts are appreciated.

    1. Hi Neal!
      I like the 85 more than the 90C. Even though it's a "lower end" ski, it is heavier and more stable. I found the 90C to be twitchy, and at your size, my guess is you'd have the same experience. The 85 has a wood core and a fiberglass weave, so it's poppy and energetic, but not too stiff. The 90 Ti should remain on your list as a higher end option, as I think it's a better option for your softer conditions. If you enter your boot sole length, we'll mount them for free! Hope that helps!

  31. Hi guys:

    I'm in Snowmass and typically ski blacks and double blacks, with some groomers when I'm with others. I'm 58 years old, 5'9" and 180 lbs and ski fast and aggressive, with more focus on speed than form. I love the bumps and will try to get as many in as possible. I'm coming out of the Volkl Mantra and have demoed the Nordica Enforcer 93, the Salomon QST 92 and the K2 Mindbender 90s the last three days, enjoying all three. The conditions were hard packed without much new snow. I'm leaning towards the K2 as i liked its firmness and stability, although worry that I'm going to be regretting it when the bigger snow arrives. I'd really value your insights on which of those three you'd choose and if you'd stay in that width or bump to the larger sizes noted in your other reviews.


    1. Hi Bruce!
      I think you'll like the 90 on pretty much most days. I'd say it's the best bump ski on your list, and when it snows, well, I guess that's a good thing. They're certainly not powder skis, but can hold their own in up to about 6-8 inches before they start to sink. But overall, I think that's a good choice. The QST will be the best floater and the Enforcer 93 is just a really strong all-around performer, but not quite as fun/easy in the bumps as the K2. Have fun!

  32. Hey guys,

    How would you compare these to the 2020 QST 92? I demoed those this weekend at snowshoe in WV and liked them but I’m wondering if these would be better for me?


  33. I may be looking for some replacements for my old K2 Coomback 102's at the end of this season. These have been my favorite skis ever for skiing through the timber and occasional crud in Idaho. Would the Mindbender be comparable?

    1. Hi Tim!
      Not so much the 90 Ti, but the 99 or the 108 would be closer. Even then, the MB 99 is a pretty stiff and burly ski while the 108 becomes more playful with the width and rocker profile. In other brands, check out the Atomic Bent Chetler 100 and the Armada Tracer 98 or 108 for a similar Coomback feel. Have fun!

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