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2020 Nordica Enforcer 104 Free Ski Review

2020 Nordica Enforcer 104 Free Ski Review: // Ski Reviews

With another week comes another review here on! We're wrapping up the month of January, and as you may already know, January is the Nordica month for our SkiHappy Contest! They are giving away a pair of their brand new 2020 Enforcer 88 skis, which we took a look at a couple weeks ago. Get your photos in before the end of the month for a chance to win these new skis! This week, we're looking at another new Nordica ski for 2020, the Enforcer 104 Free. If you've been following our blog, YouTube channel, or social media, you probably have already heard about or seen these skis, but we're excited to go more in-depth with this review. The Enforcer collection now has a total of six skis ranging from 88 all the way up to 115 underfoot. The 88, 93, and 100 all share similar shapes, cores, etc. The 104 Free, on the other hand, shares a similar shape with the existing Nordica 110 and Pro (for 2020 called the 110 Free and the 115 Free). These two new skis (the 88 and 104) really help round out the entire collection, which now really feels like it's catering to a huge range of skiers. Without further ado, let's jump right into the 104 Free.

If you read the Enforcer 88 review or watched the video, you'll notice a trend here as there are similar updates to the 104 as we saw in the 88. The difference, however, is that it shares its base construction with the 115 and 110 Free. These skis use a lighter wood core compared to the 88, 93, and 100. We already have talked quite a bit about the performance differences between them in past reviews like the 2019 Enforcer 110. Essentially, the Free series are a little lighter and softer flexing, which helps give them a more playful and forgiving feel in freeride applications. New for 2020, however, is Nordica's True Tip Technology and Carbon-Reinforced Chassis.

2020 Nordica Enforcer 104 Free Ski Review: Ski Spec Image

As a reminder, these construction updates are only found in the 88 and 104 Free. The 93, 100, 110, and 115 (Pro) all stay the same for 2020. Let's do a little refresher on these construction updates incase you missed or don't remember the Enforcer 88 review. True Tip Technology is a new tip construction. Nordica has removed heavy ABS plastic from the tip and extended their lightweight core further into the tip. This is intended to decrease swing weight, which increases playfulness and maneuverability without sacrificing stability or power. The Carbon-Reinforced Chassis is a new fiberglass layup that integrates full length carbon strips. This is also designed to shed some weight, as it's 35% lighter than traditional glass, while also boosting the ski's strength, energy, and stability. Lighter and stronger is a common theme in the ski manufacturing world right now. The key is to retain the right balance. A ski that's too lightweight will lose some of its charge-ability, ability to punch through crud, etc. A ski that's too stiff, well, just isn't very much fun for most people. Balance is important, and Nordica feels like they got it right with this one, but we'll get to that later.

The shape of the Enforcer 104 Free is largely the same as the 110 and 115. It has long, smooth rocker in both the tip and tail, as well as smooth early taper. It's not abrupt early taper like we see from some other brands, it more feels like the tips and tails straighten out a bit at the very end, which helps give the ski a catch-free, forgiving feel. There is camber underfoot, which in our opinion is important for a ski like the Enforcer 104 Free. This ski is intended to be more than just a soft-snow, powder weapon, and camber helps boost performance on firmer snow conditions. It also gives the ski a more responsive, energetic feel when linking turns. We're going to talk more about how the 104 stacks up to a ski like the Enforcer 100 a little later, but already we can point out the differences in construction and shape. While those skis are closer in width than the 104 is to the rest of the Free collection, the construction and shape sets its performance apart fairly significantly. There's also a new length breakdown, similar to what we saw in the Enforcer 88. The 104 is available in 172, 179, 186, and 191 cm lengths.

2020 Nordica Enforcer 104 Free Ski Review: Camber Image

We've been testing the Enforcer 104 Free for over a month now, thanks to the fact Nordica left us with a pair in early December. Luckily, we've had a tremendous start to the season here in Vermont (except it's raining as I type this…), which has given us some awesome testing conditions. We've had the Enforcer 104 Free on top of the Chin here at Stowe (above tree-line, sidecountry terrain), we've had them on firm groomer days, we've skied wind-slabbed snow, crud snow, re-frozen snow, and just about anything else you can think of. A ski like the Enforcer 104 Free should be able to do a little bit of everything, so we're really happy we've already been able to put it to the test in a wide variety of conditions.

Let's start with soft snow performance. Afterall, the Enforcer Free collection is designed more for soft snow than the 88, 93, and 100. The theory behind this collection is fairly simple. The deeper the snow, the wider ski you should have. Now, there's more to it than that, as the 115 (Pro) is stiffer than the 100, and the 104 obviously uses some new construction techniques, but it is basically that simple. So, within the Free collection, the 104 is intended for soft snow conditions, but not super-deep powder days. That said, I skied it on some super-deep powder days and was really happy with its performance. Do wider skis have more float? Of course, but in ~20 inches of fresh snow, I didn't find my tips were diving or that it lacked flotation. I ski the 110 a lot, and we're going to talk about some direct comparisons in a little bit, but overall the powder performance of the 104 is pretty close to the 110. One of its benefits is its quickness. The lighter swing weight is noticeable, more noticeable than I expected. The 104 loves to slash, smear, and play in soft snow.

2020 Nordica Enforcer 104 Free Ski Review: Action Shot Image 12020 Nordica Enforcer 104 Free Ski Review: Action Shot Image 2

On firm snow, the 104 Free is actually pretty quick edge to edge. The carbon strips integrated into the fiberglass really seems to have boosted responsiveness, edge grip, and overall performance on firm snow. It's probably more noticeable on firmer conditions than in soft snow. In soft snow you feel the lighter swing weight more than anything else. On firm snow, when you're not pivoting or tossing the ski around, you feel the increased energy more than the lighter swing weight. That being true, it's still really playful on firm snow. It doesn't feel like you're locked into a turn, but it will hold an edge through a relatively powerful tun if you want it to. It still has tremendous vibration damping from the two sheets of metal, and definitely has that powerful, smooth Enforcer-feel, but for me, it's noticeably more responsive on firm snow than its wider brethren.

So, let's do some direct comparisons here. I've spent a lot of time on the Enforcer 110 over the past couple seasons, so am very familiar with the performance of that ski. I also had the opportunity to put both skis in the back of my 1999 Jeep Cherokee and choose one or the other based on the snow conditions of the day. On really deep days, I was still reaching for my 110. While the 104 does handle powder well, if you're looking for a true powder ski, the 110 is probably the ticket. What I found refreshing about the 104, however, was its versatility compared to the 110. Here at Stowe, things get tracked out pretty quickly on a powder day. After a couple runs, you're basically forced into tight trees if you want to find fresh snow. So, while I was happy to have my 110 on the first run or two, I quickly wanted to be back on the 104 on most days. As soon as I found myself skiing tracked out runs or in tight trees, the 104 really shines. It's nimbler, it's quicker, it's a little easier to maneuver because of the lighter swing weight, and is arguably a better overall ski for a powder day here in Vermont. It also feels like it has slightly better torsional stiffness than the 110 too, and definitely links turns on groomers better. The 110 feels like it needs a pretty high edge angle when you want to carve, the 104 is a little easier.

Now, as we mentioned before, the 104 is actually closer in width to the Enforcer 100, so it's natural to want to compare it to that ski too. In my opinion, this comes down to skier style. The 104 (and the 110 and 115 for that matter) have some obvious freeride/freestyle influence in their design and performance. They're basically twin tips, and anyone that wants to argue that they're not, that's fine, but I disagree. The 88, 93, and most importantly in this comparison, the 100, are all directional skis. No one is going to ski switch on the 100, at least not for a long time. No one is building backcountry jumps and choosing the 100. If that kind of skiing sounds like you, or if you're more into playful freeride skiing than directional charging, the 104 is probably a better ski for you than the 100. If you're a hard charging, ripping all mountain skier who's looking to drive their tips with a lot of power and wants a stiffer tail, you're probably going to want the 100.

So, what do we think of this new ski? To put it simply, we love it! Our staff has basically been fighting over the pair that we have kicking around as we've had some fantastic snow conditions for it. I found that it has a really fun mix of performance characteristics. For me personally, it's a more appropriate daily driver than the 100 because it allows me to be more playful, which I like. I'm willing to give up the additional power and stability of the 100 in favor of the playfulness, maneuverability, and soft snow performance of the 104 Free. Will everyone feel that way? Most certainly not. The 100 is still a fantastic all mountain ski, and will still be a favorite among a lot of skiers. Remember, the Enforcer 100 isn't that challenging in soft snow. It's still a very versatile all mountain ski, but now with the 104 Free you can match the subtleties in performance to the subtleties in your own personal skiing style. And that could be our favorite thing about the new Enforcer collection in general; it feels like you can really personalize your choices.

2020 Nordica Enforcer 104 Free Ski Review: Available Soon Image


Written by Jeff Neagle on 01/24/19

149 thoughts on “2020 Nordica Enforcer 104 Free Ski Review

  1. great review - curious on swing weight and quickness in trees of enforcer free 104 vs ranger 102 FR. I got the rangers and have been stunned with how quick and low swing weight they are - and how much less fatigued I get on a long tree run than many other similar skis I demoed (also how much fun and awesome they are everywhere) but curious how enforcer 104 stacks up. thanks!

  2. Exactly the review I was looking for, thanks Jeff for the writeup.
    Would you say the new Mindbender 99 is more directional like the E100 or more freeride like the E104 Free?

    1. Hi Jeff!
      Pretty similar actually, although I think the Ranger feels a tiny bit lighter in terms of swing weight. Fischer's carbon tip design is very thin, which really does a good job shedding some weight. On the other side, I think you get a little more stability out of the Enforcer.

      1. Hi Steve!
        Yes, the Mindbender is more of a directional ski. The Enforcer 104 can kind of be both, depending on where you choose to mount it. The Mindbenders don't really allow for much versatility in the mount because of their construction and shape.

      2. Hello! I ski the 185 enforcer 110s now and am thinking of getting the E104 Free. Should I get the 186 if I want the same ride or should I go 179s since they have a little less rocker? I'm 6ft 200lbs and an advanced skier. Also, can I put knee bindings on the E104? Thanks!

        1. Hi Steve!
          I'd stick to the 186--the rocker difference isn't enough to make it feel that much longer. Knee Bindings will work just fine on the E104, just make sure the brake is the right width. Have fun!

    1. Hi Jason!
      I'd say the Patron is a fair comparison. The versatility of the 104 is what really stood out to our reviewers. The playfulness of the ski combines really well with the carving performance, and the turned up tail gives the ski a fun-loving personality. Have fun!

  3. Awesome review, really stoked about this ski. I've been on the 100 for a couple seasons now and as much as I enjoy that ski, I've wanted something a bit more playful that maintains a similar energetic feel while linking turns on groomers. One thing I love about the 100s is how sturdy they feel pushing through crud and managing the heavy east coast snow. How comparable is the performance of the 104s? Any impact from the reduced weight in the tips?

  4. I have and enjoy the 93 and 110 in 169 cm, the shortest length. The shortest length in the 104 Free is 172. Please compare the float of the 169 cm Enforcer 110 and the float on the 172 cm Enforcer 104 Free. Also compare the playfulness, maneuverability, short turns and hard snow performance of each the 110 in 169 cm to the 104 Free in 172. I'm 5'7" and from 150 to 155 lbs. I'm sticking with those shorter lengths.

  5. So has anyone slapped touring bindings and skins on these yet? The weight of the ski isn't mentioned, but I'm assuming the "free" is geared to compete as a top 50/50 ski choice. If they're good in soft snow, decent on the climb, my last box to check would be stable railing steep groomers. Did you notice any deflection in chopped up, firm groomers? How do they ski compared to a Rossi Soul 7 HD? Thanks!

    1. Hi Eric!
      I just put a pair of 179's on the scale and the pair weighed 9.45 pounds, so about 2131 grams per ski. I'd peg these as more downhill oriented than touring skis for sure. Hope that helps!

      1. Thanks, JC!
        I think you'll find what you're looking for with the 104. Yes, you'll lose a bit of that energy coming out of the turns, but the tradeoff is better soft snow performance and increased versatility due to the tips (and turned-up tails, for that matter). Have fun!

        1. Hi Ben!
          Even with an extra 3 cm of length, the 110 will float better than the 104. They're very similarly constructed, but that extra length gets lost in the tips and turned-up tails for the most part. At your size, you'll find better edge grip and control with the 104. Again, I don't think that the 3 cm of length is making a huge impact here. The 104 is more playful and maneuverable, and ultimately, more versatile as an all-mountain ski. Hope that helps!

          1. Hi Marie!
            I just put the 179 on the scale for another commenter and came up with 2131 grams per ski. I wouldn't necessarily peg it as a touring ski at that weight, but on the descent, they feel light. At the 104 width, you'll start to get some chatter at high speeds on firm groomers--just the nature of the beast. Compared to the Soul 7, the Enforcer 104 is more stout and stable, especially in the tip. Hope that helps!

  6. What length Enforcer 104 were you testing? Was that the correct length for you? What length Enforcer 110 do you ski?
    Would you say it skis long, short or about right for a given length. What length ski do you generally ski? Thanks!

    1. Hi Andy!
      I was testing the 186 cm Enforcer 104. I own a pair of 185 cm Enforcer 110s, and also have a 192 cm Enforcer 110, but I ski the 185 cm much more. At 5'10 and ~150 lbs you could make an argument that the 179 cm Enforcer 104 is just as, if not more, appropriate than the 186 cm, but with the rocker profile of the Enforcers and my own skiing style, I like the longer lengths. They ski a touch short just due to rocker profile, in my opinion.
      SE (Jeff)

  7. Which would you use on more typical east coast winters, the 104 Free or the 100? This year we have been getting a bunch of snow but more years it has been lacking.
    I am looking to get a ski that i can take out west each year, but something i can use on East Coast conditions every once and a while.
    What would you suggest? I would say i am a big more aggressive skier that is 5'10" 185lb

    1. Hi Peter!
      If you were only going to get one, I'd recommend the 100. If it's your powder-specific ski, I'd get the 104. For typical eastern conditions, the 100 will deliver stronger carving and increased stability at speed. The rocker isn't as pronounced, so the camber underfoot will take a bigger bite out of the hardpack. I'd think the 185 would be your size. Hope that helps!

  8. I live in Utah and my home resorts are Deer Valley (where I work) and Canyons (where I play). My daily driver is an Enforcer 93 in 185 which I absolutely love. My powder ski is a Backland 109. During this most recent storm cycle (about 5 feet in 4 days) I noticed that except for the last day of the cycle (knee deep powder off Condor at Canyons), no particular day was especially deep and I was gravitating more towards my Enforcer 93 because I feel that the 93 punches above its weight in terms of float, especially for snow<10". Because of that it got me thinking about adding a new ski to my quiver in the +/ 104 range, and as luck would have it that coincided with info getting leaked on the Enforcer 104 Free. I feel that for the conditions (healthy, but not massive dumps of good quality snow) and terrain (more trees, less open bowls) I ski, a 102-105 is probably more appropriate than a 108+ "true" powder ski for 95% of days. If I do go over to Snowbird a big mountain (wider) ski is probably more appropriate but as the adage goes, I want a ski for the conditions I actually ski vs. the conditions I want to ski, so for those reasons I am VERY excited about the 104 Free. I like how you say when you click in it "feels like an Enforcer" so given how much I love my 93, this could be the next ski for me. How would you say it'd perform in 10"-20" of Utah powder? I'm a bigger guy at 6'3", 215 so I think the 186 would be my size. Also, how would you compare it to the Sick Day 104, Fischer 102, and the Soul 7? Which ski do you think handles chop best?

    1. Hi DB!
      The nice thing about the 104 is that it has the more pronounced rocker profile, the same one that the Enforcer 110 and 115 (Pro) has, but yes, still built like an Enforcer and has that same feel. It's quick, nimble, and powerful all at the same time. It's a lot more versatile than your 109 (maybe not the same float), and a great deal more powder-oriented than the 93. I'd say the only one that can match it in chop is the Fischer 102, and that's a great comparison for this 104. The Soul is a bit flappy, and I'm not too familiar with the Line. In 10-20 inches of powder, it'll be stretched out pretty good. If that snow is dense and you can stay on top, then you'll be fine, but if it's light and dry, you might find the bottom. I'm the same size as you and I'd ski the 186. Hope that helps!

  9. Does this fall in between the Rustler 10 and Ranger 102 FR in terms of flex? I assume the Enforcer 104 beats the Ruster in hard pack and stability at speed, but does the rustler still win for soft snow and playfulness? Which of these 3 does best in the trees and bumps?

  10. Thanks for the recommendation. Like everyone else i am debating between the 177 and 185. Right now i ski the Head Supershape 170. When i put my dads Enforcer 100 177 with my Heads it look like the Heads have more edge snow contact, making them ski longer (if that makes sense).
    How would you say the 185 skis compares in length to a tradition hard pack ski? What do you say is the benefit of going with the longer ski.

    1. Hi Aaron!
      I'd say they're all pretty equal in terms of flex. The Enforcer is the only one that has two full sheets of metal, but those sheets are relatively thin. All three of those skis are incredibly poised at soft snow conditions it's really hard to judge one over the other. I thought the Ranger was fantastic in the trees while I preferred the Rustler on-trail. That said, the Enforcer 104 is my new favorite ski for any soft snow. Hope that helps!

      1. Hi Peter!
        I think it comes down to your level of aggressiveness. The Enforcer (or any wider, rockered ski for that matter) will ski shorter in a 185 than any on-trail ski. If you're happy with the Head in the 170, I'd recommend the Enforcer in the 177. If you went with the 185 and ski aggressively, you'll appreciate the extra stability. If you are on the mellow side and prefer short turns, the 177 is the way to go. Hope that helps!

    1. Hi Bo!
      The Enforcer 104 has a more playful personality than the Kore 105. The Kore is a bit stiffer and has less of a rocker profile whereas the 104 is more maneuverable yet holds really well on-piste thanks to the two sheets of metal. I'd personally choose the 104 over the 105 but that's because I prefer more of a traditional construction and a damper ski. I found the Kore to be a bit "bouncy" in the crud whereas the 104 stays right on track. Hope that helps!

    1. Hi Rich!
      The Enforcer is more ski than the Soul Rider 97, simply put. Two sheets of metal makes it much more powerful and more stable at speed. The Soul Rider is still more of a park-influenced ski than the Enforcer 104. The Soul Rider 97 remains in the line, they're different enough to justify having both for sure. There may be some Soul Rider 97 skiers who move to the Enforcer 104, but if you're a park guy the Soul Rider is still the better, more appropriate ski.
      Hope that helps!

      1. Hi Robert!
        The Enforcer 104 is more forgiving in the bumps. Easier to maneuver at slower speeds than the Enforcer 100. Way more tail rocker, and the tail is softer flexing too. If you're a high speed, zipper-line style bump skier, you might prefer the power and stability of the 100, but in my opinion most of us mere mortals will have an easier time in the bumps on the 104.

  11. Hi Jeff
    Recently skied the Rustler 9 and really enjoyed the flexibility of the performance in both soft and harder snow conditions. A really fun playful ski that inspires confidence. How would you compare the Enforcer 104 to the Rustler 9 in terms of the above? I have not skied the R10 hence why I am interested in the comparison to the R9
    Many Thanks.

    1. Hi Stacey!
      The Enforcer 104 FR uses longer metal than the Rustler 9. So, that gives it heavier swing weight, but also gives it better stability throughout the whole ski. It's a very smooth ski with excellent vibration damping. It also feels a little surfier than the Rustler 9. Not quite as precise, but super easy to release the tail edge and get the ski to smear, even in softer snow. Some of that has to do with it being wider, too. For instance, the Rustler 10 is a closer comparison in terms of smearing, pivoting turns than the Enforcer 104. So, a little more stable at speed, easier to release the tail edge (by a small margin), but not as precise, and slower edge to edge. Not quite as responsive or energetic on groomers, either.
      Hope that helps!

  12. Thank you for the timely and in-depth reviews! I have been skiing for about three seasons now after switching from snowboarding. I am confident on most all runs out here in Tahoe and like to test my speed limits, but still working to get better in trees and bumps. I am looking into getting my first pair of skis after skiing a random assortment over the past few seasons. From my reading and speaking to fellow skiers I was pretty set on E100s given their stability yet playful and forgiving nature, but now I saw these 104s come along and I am having trouble deciding between the two. I would not describe myself as a "freestyle skier" but I do seek out tree runs, bumps, and deep snow now, while still liking to charge the trails. I was attracted to the 104s because of the lower swing weight and easy release tail for the bumps, etc. It seems like what I would be giving up is some on-trail stability and energy that the E100s have -- is that right and would you recommend one over the other for me? Also, what would be your sizing recommendation? I am tall (6'6") but relatively light (190lbs) so was thinking the 185 E100s based on your recommendations for others in my weight category (I believe you said the 193s would be too much for guys under 200lbs), but would the 185 be too short of a ski for me? Also, what would the sizing recommendation be if I went with the 104s? Thanks in advance -- appreciate how responsive you guys are to many questions.

  13. Hey guys,
    Really interested in this ski. I've been tossing up between these and the salomon qst 106. I would consider myself a high level advanced to expert skiier who loves skiing deep powder, ripping through trees quickly, but also holding a nice carve and edge on the groomers. Looking for sort of a one-ski quiver that will suit a week or so in Australian conditions (a bit of everything, from ice to some fresh stuff and anything in between) as well as trips to Japan and west-coast north america (Rockies and Tetons) looking for that deeper snow.
    I'd love to get your opinion on how you think these would suit my situation!

    1. Hi ML!
      First off, you don't have to be a freestyle skier to enjoy the Enforcer 104. In fact, I would venture a guess that the vast majority of people who will buy them will never ski switch (backwards). If you decided to go with the 104, you would give up a little bit of firm snow responsiveness and edge grip, but I don't expect that would be a problem for you. Only the most aggressive and powerful skiers are going to push the 104 past its limits on firm snow. What you gain, as you already know, is easier tail release, which is going to really help you feel more confident and comfortable in bumps and trees. Considering you live in Tahoe and are looking to improve in un-groomed terrain, the 104 feels like the better option in my opinion. I'm sure you'd love skiing the 100 too, but between the two I do think 104 makes a little more sense.
      For length, in the 104 you could consider going 191 cm. It's a more forgiving ski than the 100 overall. While I wouldn't recommend a 193 cm Enforcer 100, a 191 cm Enforcer 104 is much more manageable. Feels like it would work well, in my opinion.
      Hope that helps!

      1. Hi Alec!
        Both skis would, undoubtedly, work really well for what you're looking for. They're both super fun in powder, both can maneuver through trees, and both can hold their on on groomers too. Going any wider, although fun in powder, would take away from versatility, so I think you're on the right track here.
        Between the two, the Enforcer feels quieter and more stable at high speeds. The QST feels lighter and a little more responsive. Overall they're fairly similar in what they accomplish, but the feel is different. Whether you prefer a heavier, damper ski or a lighter, more responsive ski should help you choose between them.
        Hope that helps!

  14. Hi Jeff!
    I've been enjoying the amazing tahoe powder and have decided it's time for a new playful freeride ski that can still rip... I am 5' 9" 135 lbs and an aggressive skier. I am torn between the new Enforcer 104 free in a 179 and the Rustler 10 in a 180. I skied the Enforcer 110 on the powder days earlier this week and was pleasantly surprised by its edge hold, and wondered how it would stack up to the 104 and compare to the rustler. Any guidance and/or other recommendations is much appreciated!

    1. Hi Jake!
      The 110 and the 104 are quite similar, although the 104 feels quicker edge to edge (somewhat obviously) and also has lighter swing weight. It's not a huge change, but the new construction definitely took some weight out of the ski, but it still feels nice and stable at speed. Better edge grip than the 110, mostly because a narrower ski just has better torsional stiffness than a wider ski. If you're a high speed, aggressive skier, you'll probably prefer the Enforcer 104 over the Rustler 10. The Rustler 10 is great, but it's not as stable at speed and not as powerful. Focuses more on maneuverability than stability.
      Hope that helps!

  15. Hey guys!
    Thinking about grabbing a pair of the 104's as a daily driver for CO, but split between the 179 and 186. I'm about 6 ft, 170lbs, not the *most* aggressive skier but still type III/skiing the entire mountain. Any suggestions are appreciated.

  16. Hey there! I've been looking for a skinnier ski to pair with my Moment Deathwish 184 for when conditions are firm. This ski seems great for that. I'm 5'11 180 pounds and used to skiing a 184 ski. Do you think the 186 will be the right choice in this ski? Also what are you thoughts on mount point? Would you change anything?

  17. Ahh, this review sure makes my decisions more difficult! I recently demoed the Rustler 10 @ 172, Enforcer 100 @ 169 and 177. I really love the stability of the Enforcer at 177, and found I could not cut into ice at all at 169. On the other hand, the Rustlers were a bit more maneuverable but with less stability. I'm 5'7, 190lbs -- if I go to demo the 104s, should I go for the 172 or 179?
    I'll be mostly skiing in Western Canada, and though I don't do a lot of bumps or trails it'd be nice to have that versatility. What would you recommend? Ahh, the dilemmas!

  18. Hello,
    I'm looking for a new one ski quiver, currently on a Prophet 98 x 172. Looking for something slightly wider for better powder/variable performance, but I'm a patroller and still need something that can rip down ice if I need to. Currently thinking that this ski or the Fischer Ranger 102 FR are the leading contenders. I'm 5'8 160 lbs so I usually like to stick to mid 170's in length. Your thoughts between these two for me?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Kyle!
      I can tell you I preferred the 186 cm length. I'm 5'10ish and around 155 lbs, maybe a little taller and a little heavier, I'm never really sure. Anyways, even if you're not super aggressive, I don't expect you'll have any trouble on the 186 cm and that will give you more float and stability, which is a nice thing to have out there in Colorado. The 179 cm is fun back here in Vermont in tight trees, but if I was in CO I'd go 186 cm hands down.

      1. Hi Henry!
        Yeah, I'd go 186 cm. As you can see in my response to Kyle, you're a little bigger than me, and I really enjoyed the 186 cm length.
        Mount point is interesting on the Enforcer 104. If you're a directional skier, go right on the recommended line. It skis really well. If you have a freestyle or freeski background, like to ski switch, etc, there's some room for customization. I wouldn't go any further forward than about 3-4 cm back from true center, which should be about 3-4 cm forward from the recommended line. Again, if you're not going to ski them switch, I wouldn't even worry about it.
        Hope that helps!

        1. Hi David!
          If you can, I would start with the 172 cm, but also try the 179 cm. The performance of the Enforcer 104 is going to essentially fall right in between the two skis you tried. Its construction is more similar to the Enforcer 100, but its shape is a lot like the Rustler 10. 172 cm Enforcer 104 might be the sweet spot for you, but considering you enjoyed skiing the 177 cm Enforcer 100, I'd say the 179 cm is at least worth trying if you have the opportunity.

          1. Hi Darren!
            Both are great skis. In my testing, I've found the Ranger 102 FR feels lighter and a little more maneuverable than the Enforcer. Fischer's carbon tips really take some weight out of the ski, which brings the swing weight down a lot. That said, the Enforcer holds an edge better on firm snow conditions. The Ranger can do it too, just not quite the level of torsional stiffness as the Enforcer 104. For patrolling, I would honestly trust either ski, just ask yourself whether something a little lighter or something a little more stable at speed would be better for the situations you're in. Because they use pretty long rocker profiles, I think you could go 177 or 179 cm respectively.
            Hope that helps!

  19. Hello,
    I'm looking for a new pair of ski in the range 100-110 mm to be used in Italy powder days (therefore not so deep). I'm currently using a 2012 Volkl Gotama: great ski, with a lot of edge grip in hard snow, but not very playful in soft snow. I'm 5'9 and 138 lbs, therefore not a heavy and powerful skier. Last week I tried the K2 pinnacle 105 and the new Mindbender 108. I loved the Pinnacle: they are very easy (maybe too playful) but in the meanwhile they have a good edge grip in hard snow. I hate the new Mindbender: they are too stiff and remember me my old Atomic GS9... So my question is: are the new Enforcer 104 free similar to K2 pinnacle or to the new Mindbender? Could Salomon QST 106 be a valid option for my request?
    Regards from Italy

    1. Hi Stefano!
      I'd put the Enforcer 104 in the Pinnacle category over the Mindbender in terms of playfulness. They're a bit different with the turned up tail and two sheets of metal--they have the rocker profile to float and smear, but also the metal that keeps you grounded and in control. You might have found the Mindbender to be a bit stiff or un-responsive? The other two models do not feel that way to me. In terms of the QST, Salomon uses Basalt instead of metal to gain power, so it's a bit different of a feel than the metal found in the Nordica and Pinnacle. It's not better or worse, just different--not quite as lively, but very stable and damp. Hope that helps!

  20. I cant decide betwwen the 104 free and rustler 10 ? im nervous the free will be to heavy .I want a light surfy pow ski and still be able to rip a groomer.
    any thoughts ?

    1. Hi Adam!
      Don't we all want that! You'll get better groomer performance out of the 104 and similar powder performance out of the Rustler 10, so I'd say the more versatile ski is the Enforcer 104, albeit a bit heavier. Have fun!

  21. Thanks for the awesome write-up! I'm currently skiing the Navigator 85 @ 172, which is fun but I want something with more float in softer snow. I have relatively no interest skiing groomers at this point, I prefer hitting the lift-lines and working through the trees. Most of my skiing will be done at Bear Valley in California for now, with some Tahoe trips worked in and maybe pop over to Colorado occasionally. (Heading to Breck in April!) I'm 5'8" 160lbs, should I stick with 172 or size up to 179 due to the rocker? I'm unlikely to head into the backcountry but like to ski all over the resort. Also, any reason to consider the E100 instead?

    1. Hi Chris!
      If you're looking to add a ski to the quiver, I'd take the 104. That way your skis will be different enough and you won't have to think to much about what pair to use on a particular day. If you're happy with the 172, I'd stick with that length, also your stats point to that size as well. Yes the rocker makes them a bit short, but the width adds to the overall surface area, so it kind of evens out. The 100 is a great ski, but if you're looking for playful in the powder, the 104 is markedly better. Have fun!

      1. Trying to decide among Fisher Ranger 108, Head Core 105 and Nordica Enforcer free 104. This would be my powder ski for skiing primarily at Sugarbush, but would want to be able to take is out west as well. It is replacing my Cham high mtn (soft shovel) 108. I have a pair of Enforcer 93s which I use a great deal at SB and like a lot. Appreciate your thoughts and guidance.

        1. Hi Chris!
          I think that if you're happy with your E93, it makes sense to stay in the Nordica family. The extra width combined with the longer and deeper rocker make it a blast in the soft snow, but I was still really impressed with the carving ability of the 104 as well. The turned-up tail make it more playful and fun, with minimal hookiness, while the Ranger is more of a flat tail, directional ski. The Kore is on the light side, and for fresh and untracked powder, it's a great ski, but I'm hesitant to recommend it for crud, chop and non-deep snow. At least, that's in comparison to the other skis on your list. On its own, it's a great ski, but the Ranger and Enforcer I believe, are in a different league. Have fun!

          1. SE-thank you for your response on my Enforcer 104 free v Ranger 108 and Core 105. Are there any changes for 19/20 to the Enforcer 93 and the 104 Free? The Free is new this year, correct? Thanks again! Chris

          2. Chris,
            The 93 stays the same while the 104 is a completely new model. The Free moniker refers to any of the Enforcer models that are above 100 mm. The 110 and the 115/Pro remain the same as last year, just different name. Have fun!

  22. Hey guys,
    I've been really interested in this ski since you guys first did the review on it. Now that is available to buy, my interest has gone up! I currently ski a pair of Rossignol E88 in the 180cm length. Before I saw the Enforcer 104FR I was really looking into the Enforcer 100. I like the idea of the lower swing weight and increased tail rocker for smearing and a playful feel. I have had a chance to ski the Enforcer 93 in the 185cm length and loved them, but am slightly worried that the 186cm would be a bit much of a jump from my Rossignol E88's considering the increased length and width. I am 6'4" and 205-210 pounds depending on the day, do you think I could comfortable size up to the 186cm?

    1. Hi Dawson!
      I would definitely go with the 186 cm length. At your size, you shouldn't have any trouble on that length at all, especially considering you've been skiing a 180 cm Experience 88. Different skis, obviously, but there's way more rocker in the Enforcer 104 than the Experience 88, which makes it a little more manageable in longer lengths. I would worry that 179 cm wouldn't have the necessary effective edge for your size. 186 cm is the way to go, in my opinion.
      Hope that helps!

  23. Hi!!! I am debating to get a second pair of skis and not sure if I should get the Engorcer 100 or 104 free . I currently have a new pair of rossignal experience ti and I demoed some 100's this year and loved them.
    I live on east coast but take 2 trips out west every year. Should I just go with the 104 free and skip the 100.

    1. Hi John!
      Depends what you're looking for. The Enforcer 104 has more tail rocker and is softer flexing throughout, although most notably in the tail. So, when you were testing the 100, did you enjoy the stiffer tail? Or were you wishing for something different? Really the difference in performance is a difference of completing a powerful turn (100) or the ability to wash the tail around (104). That's simplifying it, as realistically there are more similarities than differences, but that's the overall theme. I do think a 104, at least on paper, is a better compliment to your 88 as it's a little better in soft snow, but if you prefer the performance of the 100, there's no reason why the 100 wouldn't work too.

  24. Hi guys, I currently have an Enforcer 93 and a Pinnacle 105 and ski 100% out west, mostly Mammoth, but also do a few trips to CO, MT and UT and am averaging 20-30 days a year. I toasted my 105 Pinnacles on some rocks recently, so now I am looking for a replacement ski. I was originally thinking of replacing my Pinnacles (which I love) with another Pinnacle 105, but I am also in love with my Enforcer 93's so that got me thinking about the enforcer 110. Now Nordica comes out with this Enforcer 104 and now I'm totally confused. Like I said, I love my Pinnacles but I also feel they have a speed limit and can have a lot of bounce and chatter in the tips. Since I ski very fast, I sometimes have to pull it back for fear of crashing. How would you compare the Pinnacle 105 to the Enforcer 104??? Thanks, any feedback between the Pinnacle 105 and Enforcer 104 is much appreciated.

    1. Hey Kevin!
      The Enforcer 104 FR feels a little more stable at speed than the Pinnacle 105. They're fairly similar in terms of maneuverability, although I do think the Pinnacle has slightly lighter swing weight. The Enforcers definitely don't have the same perceived speed limit as the Pinnacle, and don't chatter nearly as much when you are going fast. So, if you're willing to go with a slightly heavier ski, I do think you'll appreciate the increased stability. It's still a really fun, playful ski too. It's not too demanding or not too challenging. Lighter swing weight than the 110 too due to the updates in construction. My instinct is the 104 is the way to go!
      Hope that helps!

  25. Thanks for the helpful review, 'ppreciate your thoroughness. The enforcer 104 sounds like the perfect ski. I'm looking to get a pair. I have a pair of enforcer 100's @ 185cm and they're absolutely phenomenal. Love the power they provide charging downhill but wish they had a bit more playfulness in soft snow. Sounds like the 104 would suit my style better. I like skiing big mountain steeps, airing off anything, and shredding tight trees. I'm 6' 3" 195. Do you think 186 or 191 length would suit me better? Thanks again.

  26. I'm looking for a softer snow option to pair with an Enforcer 88. Was considering the Enforcer 104 and the Liberty Origin 106. I'm 6'0" / 150 lbs and an intermediate/advanced skier. Don't necessarily want a dedicated powder ski but something that does well in powder but with the ability to ski all conditions well. Would like something that is versatile and does well in trees and moguls. I occasionally will hit fairly high speeds but generally want something that is more playful for skiing all over the mountain.

    1. Hi Austin!
      Sounds like you'd love the 104! As there's substantially more tail rocker in the 104 compared to the 100, and considering the lighter swing weight, I do think you could ski the 191 cm. I'm quite a bit smaller than you and definitely preferred the 186 cm over any other length, so 191 cm should be just right for you, in my opinion. Such a fun ski, you're gonna love it!

  27. Hi there. I'm a west coast, all mountain, advanced skier, at 6'4"185 lbs. Looking at a one quiver ski for 2019-2020 season. On hill is where I mostly am,skiing groomers with the family, then trees, moguls, and powder with my friends. I go into the backcountry, but this is occasional and mostly near the ski hill (single day slack stuff not multi-day tours).Given all this, I would really like a solid comparison of the Enforcer FR 104 to the Fischer FR 102 as they seem similar. Size recommendations? Also, out of these two skis, where would the Salomon QST 106 and the Armada Tracer fall? Looks like the QST is getting a revamp for 2020 so I look forward to that review as well. If you have insight into the QST for 2020 that would be super duper. Thanks!

    1. Hi Josh!
      The main difference is that the Enforcer has metal whereas the Origin does not. Therefore, you'll get better stability at speed and more damping from the E104 versus the wood and carbon core of the Origin. If you're looking for that stability and overall performance, I'd go with the E104. Hope that helps!

      1. Hi Ted!
        They're both great skis with a lot more similarities than differences. Both have dual metal laminates, wood core, and carbon tips. The Enforcer has more of a turned up tail, and with the slightly additional width, is a bit more playful. Both have high-performance ceilings and are extremely versatile soft-snow skis. The QST has cork inserts for this year, and that makes them a bit lighter and more damp while the Tracer is a bit ho-hum compared to the liveliness of the Enforcer and Ranger. The Ranger comes in a 184 while the 186 Enforcer would both be my size recommendations. Hope that helps!

  28. Just got these ski from you guys. I'm 205 lbs and 6'1" and I got the 186 cm. My everyday all mountain ski was the blizzard bonafide in a 181 cm. I skiied all day on the enforcer on steep chutes with soft to variable snow with some hard packed wind blown sections near the tops of the runs.
    Total game changer. I'm totally crazy about these skis. Way more forgiving then the bonafides due to a softer more splayed tail. These things absolutely charged the entire mountain and gave me so much confidence to go fast and attack tight trees than the blizzards. Highly recommended

  29. Great review!
    I am currently on 1st Gen Mantra's and upgrading my quiver as they've finally lost their snap. I'm 5'9"/165lb, expert skier in 90% Colorado, 10% Utah. I demo'd half the skis available this year and ultimately loved the dampness of the Mantra and the Kastle 95FX HP (which I bought in a 173). I'm looking for a compliment to the 95FX for the > 4 inch powder days. Not a true powder ski as I also want it to handle the cruddy/rut stuff that happens after 3-4 runs and nimble enough to flirt with the stashes in tight trees. It sounds like the Enforcer 104 could be that pairing! What do you think? The others I'm considering are the Elan Ripstick (96 or 106), Black Crowes Atris, or wait to try Kastle's new line next year. I would love your advice here. Thanks again!

  30. After some further research and watching some of your terrific reviews, I am trying to decide between the Enforcer 104 FR, Fischer Ranger 102 FR and the Head Kore 99 as an all mountain ski for West. I'm 6'0" / 150 lbs / intermediate/advanced skier. How would you rank the skis in the following categories:
    1. Soft snow float
    2. Soft snow maneuverability
    3. Moguls, trees, tight terrain
    4. Blasting through chopped up snow
    5. Carving turns
    6. Demands skier input at all times
    7. Demands speed
    Thanks in advance.

  31. Hey! Thanks for the great review. I've been looking for my first own ski but I'm stuck between a couple. I am a pretty light-weight skier (66 kg/145 lbs) and 173 cm long, I would say that I am at the intermediate level. Last time I skied I hired a Fisher Ranger 85 in both 166 cm and 173 cm, I would have tested a wider ski but this was the widest they had. I really liked the 166 cm but when I changed to 173 cm it felt a lot more hard maneuvered and not as fun, since I often like to make shorter turns. Therefore I don't really know which length I should choose on the new skies. The skies that I have on my list are: Blizzard Rustler 10, Nordica Enforcer 104 Free and Line Sick Day 104. I have skied a lot in the past mostly in the pist but since I want a wider ski now I want to begin to explore the offpist. I'm more into shorter turns and having a easier ski to maneuver. I want it to be playful both on and offpist. Which ski do you think would fit me best and what length? Since I'm no expert yet I want a ski that I can improve with and get better, all over the mountain.

  32. Hi again! In my last post I said that I only was at intermediate level, but I would say I am more closer to advanced then intermediate since I can make my way down most of the slopes. Also I feel comfortable in high speed but prefer more control and maneuverability in lower speeds. Thought this for good for you to know when recommending a ski.

    1. Hi Chase!
      We've all loved the time we've spent on the 104 this winter so far, and it's got the shape and construction to make it a super-popular ski for next season. If you're complementing your current skis with a snow day ski, I like to recommend about a 10mm underfoot difference, so the 104 is right about there. If you were to go the Ripstick route, I'd recommend the 106, and just to throw it out there, we have just gotten in some 2019 Kastle BMX 105 (non-HP) on closeout that are a pretty sweet deal. Hope that helps!

      1. Hi Joshua Sun!
        The Enforcer would rank first in all categories except for carving turns, which I would give the edge to the Kore 99. The Ranger is a solid second in most of those areas, and that's a pretty sweet place to be. For an all-mountain western ski, it's hard to go wrong with the Enforcer 104. Have fun!

        1. Hi Andreas!
          I think the Rustler 10 would be a better choice for you over the Enforcer. The 104 has two sheets of metal whereas the Rustler has one partial sheet. This gives you more maneuverability and playfulness, whereas the Enforcer 104 can be a bit stiff for advancing skiers. I'd go with the Rustler in the 164, and you'll get a ton of versatility and performance. Hope that helps!

  33. Just to clarify - when you say the Enforcer ranks first with respect to the categories of "demands skier input" and "demands speed" - does that mean that the Enforcer is the most demanding and the Kore is the least demanding?

    1. Hi Joshua!
      The Enforcer is more demanding than the Kore, mainly due to the metal in its construction. The Kore is a bit stiffer, but also considerably lighter, so there's a tradeoff there. Have fun!

  34. Thank you for a great review. I have a 6 year old enforcer 98 @177 length (traditional non-rockered version) and looking to get a new one, deciding between 100 and 104. I still cannot decide! And part of the process is what length to choose from. I have skied since I was 5 years old, 30+ days per year and all over the world. Currently Mammoth mountain. My guess is that I should go one size bigger (185?).
    - 5 8", 165lbs
    - advanced expert skier
    - 55 years old
    - don't do jumps and hucks anymore
    - love powder (who doesn't), BC and trees
    - love steep chutes, bumps (yes bumps), and carving cruisers
    So my current non-rockered 177 skis are almost perfect for my profile, just not as playful in bumps tho.
    Which ski would you recommend (100 or 104) at what length and why?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Brad!
      Two great choices, for sure! If I were to get only one for Mammoth, I'd get the 104, but it's close. If you're spending more time on-trail, the 100 is a better choice, but the 104 is a pretty special ski and will handle pretty much anything you can throw at it. The turned up tail is more fun in soft snow and moguls, and I think that's the biggest difference for your application. As far as sizing, the 104 comes in a 179 and 186, and I'd go with the 179. Have fun!

  35. Hello,
    I am looking for a new pair of ski. Debating between Kastle 105HP or Enforcer 104 Free. I am 6'4 -240 lbs aggressive skier. My goal is to use it on powder days in VT and twice a year in Jackson Hole. I'd love to get your opinion on what would be a better option. Thanks

  36. Hey 5'9" 175lb advanced skier here. From the east coast but looking for a ski to take out west. In CO I tried the 2018 QST 106 in a 174 (felt a bit short) and the Nordica Enforcer 100 in a 177 (felt just right). I liked the playfulness with the extra width and the shape of the 106, but definitely felt a little more confident on the enforcer at speed. I feel like this ski might split the difference pretty well. If you think that's right could you recommend a size?

    1. Hi Dino!
      Both are fantastic choices. I was surprised by how stout the Enforcer 104 was due to the two sheets of metal. The BMX is more of a directional ski and will be the stronger of the two in high-speed crud and chop performance. The turned up tail of the 104 gives it a more playful feel, but it's still pretty strong. The 104 is a better pure-powder performer due to the longer rocker profile and taper shape, but not by a ton. It's a tough choice, but I'd go with the BMX given your size and level of aggressiveness. Hope that helps!

      1. Hi Ben!
        If you liked the stability and performance of the 177, I won't talk you out of it! Have fun!

  37. Hi,
    I have been skiing the Faction Dictator 3, and am looking for something that is still really enjoyable that doesn't require really charging all the time. I am considering the Rustler 10 (180), the Enforcer Free 104 (179). I am 5 10 about 175, and like to ski bumps, trees, and anything else that's not groomed. What are your thoughts on comparing these two skis? Are the Enforcer Frees worth the extra $$?

    1. Hi Taylor!
      The Enforcer 104 is stiffer than I (and others) thought it would be. It's just about as stiff as the other Enforcers, but does have that twin tip that helps you release your turns easier. The Rustler is more flexible and playful than the 104, and doesn't require the same attention to detail that the Nordica does. That said, it's not as high-performance, so you do have a decision to make. If you're looking for that performance, it is worth the cash. Have fun!

  38. Hi,
    What lenght for a Nordica Enforcer 104 Free would you suggest for an advanced 1.80m / 72 kg skier headed to Hokkaido, 179 or 186? Not a big loss in stability compared to the Enforcer 100?
    Thanks a lot!

    1. Hi Marco!
      They're a lot more stable than I thought they were going to be. That said, the rocker profile is a bit deeper and longer than the 100, so not quite the trail beast that the 100 is, but still pretty darn burly. I'd go with the 179. Have fun!

  39. SE,
    Many thanks for your helpful review. Been a big fan of the Enforcer lineup and the 104 Free seems like a perfect ski for my style. At this point, I'm hung up on binding choice to pair them with. Do you think putting a fame touring binding on them would significantly take away from the ski's performance? Something like a Salomon Guardian. I spend most days on resort but like to get a few skins in every year. Thanks!

    1. Hi Henry!
      I think a lot of people are in your boat right now with the E104! The biggest issue I see with a frame binding is that they add a lot of height. For a 104 underfoot, it gets pretty twitchy with a higher stand height. If you must put a touring binding on it, I'd go with the Shift, but at the end of the day, if you're only skinning a few times a year, I'd just put an alpine binding on it and try to get a separate uphill setup. I know it's not always financially possible, but that's my best advice! Have fun!

  40. I have Enforcer 93 185's and can't decide between the 104 Free and the Mindbender 108 as my wider, soft day ski. Bumps and trees all day as soon as the open steeps are tracked. Both sound good. 6' 3" 200 lb expert.

    1. Hi Todd!
      You will get better soft-snow performance out of the 108, but if you're an Enforcer 93 skier, you'll love the 104. If you can live with a little narrower of a ski, the E104 is pretty awesome. Same snappy performance as the 93 with more of a freeride personality. The K2 has more of a directional feel, and isn't quite as playful. Both are good! If you're happy with the 185, I'd get the 104 in the 186. Have fun!

  41. Hey,
    My Blizzard Rustler 10s got swiped at Copper last March and I need new skis. The Free 104 sounds wicked with the modifications to the tail rocker. I am 167cm (170lbs) and skied the Rustler 10s at 164 (short but fun). Is the firmness of the Enforcer and its directional heritage going to mess me up if I step into their smallest model at 172cm. Btw, great review.

    1. Hi DGRNMO!
      Sorry to hear about your skis--very disheartening. Silver lining, the Enforcer 104 is pretty sweet. You will notice an uptick in the stiffness for sure, but like you said, the tail rocker (along with the tip rocker) make it playful and easy to release turns. I was very surprised and impressed with the harder snow ability of the E104. I don't think that 8 cm is going to make a huge difference, but I think you'll notice it at first for sure. If you felt like your Rustler was short, then this should be the proper size? Have fun!

  42. For an advanced (but not expert) 5'8" skier, 160lbs, would you recommend the 172 or 179? I am skiing mostly off-piste (open bowls, tracked up powder), and spending some time in the moguls as well as groomers. Thank you!

    1. Hi Shawn!
      I think the 172 is the way to go. At 179, I think the overall feel might be a bit stiff/demanding. I was surprised at how stable they were at speed--not a floppy ski. Have fun!

  43. I will be 67 this October. I have been skiing the Nordica Enforcer 100 (177cm) for the past 3 seasons. Really like the ski. Feel at times I have to really work at making quicker turns.
    Last year was my most ski days ( 35 ) and this year hope to increase that. I live in Cleveland Ohio. 5 of the 30 days were in New York. The remainder - 20 days Utah and 5 days Heavenly. This year will be doing the majority of skiing in Utah again.
    I am an advanced skier. Like groomers mostly, but also like to challenge myself with some smaller bumps and wider spaced trees.
    I am 5'8" and a solid build 195 lbs. Thinking of getting the 104 Free Enforcer model this year? Also, leaning toward dropping down to 172 CM which I am thinking will be quicker and lighter when needed?
    Or should I stay with the 100 model and drop down a size?
    Would appreciate your comments. Thanks.

    1. Hi Robert!
      The E104 is a fantastic Utah ski for sure. Not quite the power as the 100, mostly due to the longer rocker profile, but they're built pretty similarly, with two sheets of metal, so still pretty stout. I think you'll love the 104 in a 172--easier to make quicker turns, but still stable at speed. Have fun!

  44. Hi! Excellent review. Hope you can help me figure out if this is the right ski for me. Current ski's: K2 Coomback with tech binding for touring. Bought these as a one quiver set up but soon went back to my Old K2 Seth Vicious and alpine boots when freeriding around the resorts. Now the time has come to replace the old Seth's. Alternatives: Head Kore 105; skied it last season for a couple of days and think it's a very good, stable ski but not very 'playful'. K2 Marksman; I didn't have the chance to ski it but I'm drawn to their playfullness. Maybe the Enforcer 104 is right in the middle? Background: 49 years old, height 188, on ski's since I was 5, 80% off piste, no park skiing. Appreciate your advice!

  45. SE,
    I am trying to decide between the 100 and the 104. I am in Michigan and will ski groomers almost 100% of the time. I am an intermediate skier. I like the idea of the playfulness of the 104, but concerned it may not perform well enough on the groomers in the area. This is why I am considering the 100 instead. I am 5'9" and 190lbs. Which ski would you suggest, 100 or 104, and in what size? Thanks!

    1. Hi Hans!
      The Enforcer 104 is a pretty special ski. From groomers to powder and everything in between, it's highly capable (and a bit stiffer than I expected) and versatile of pretty much anything. It's playful, but you almost forget that there's two sheets of metal in it. The Marksman is definitely at the top of the playful list, but if you're looking for something a bit more stable, I'd go with the E 104. Hope that helps!

      1. Hi Bryan!
        Sounds like you're a 100 skier to me. Much more on-trail oriented than the 104, even though the 104 is good for that as well. But the less-rockered profile and the narrower waist give it an edge over the 104 Free. I'd go with the 100 in the 177. Have fun!

  46. Thanks for your response! I'm used to skiing ski's of around 180 (Seth & Coomback). Would you recommend sizing up to 186 or keep it at 179?

  47. Hans,
    I'd stick to what you're used to. The stability of the skis also makes the shorter ski feel a bit longer, so I don't think you're missing out on the longer size.

  48. hi, I'm 6.1 feet tall and weighing 163 pounds. I have skis ikonic 85ti 177 and elan spectrum 105 alu, I want more playful and maneuverable skis, I can ride everywhere quickly, tell me e104 will please me? and how long should I take?

    1. Hi Elenent!
      I bet you'll love the Enforcer 104--very playful but still grippy on the harder snow. I'd say the 179 is the way to go in that model. Have fun!

  49. Hey there! I’m just about to pull the trigger on the Enforcer free 104’s ..looking for guidance on length. I’m skiing mostly the Canadian Rockies..I’m 5’8” 165 lbs and advanced-expert skier. I love the reviews as I’m looking for a playful all rounder ski. What length would you recommend? Thanks for your help and your in-depth reviews!

    1. Hi Chris!
      For playfulness, I'd go with the 172. If you're ripping huge turns down wide-open spaces, the 179 would be a good choice, but it sounds like you're leaning to the shorter size. Very stable skis, so I wouldn't worry about them feeling too short. Have fun!

  50. Between this ski and the Ranger FR 102, what would feel like more ski for a 5'10 180 lb skier? Particularly in trees, tighter terrain. From what it seems like the Ranger is stiffer and more demanding but lighter, while the E104 is heavier and damper but a bit less stiff and more forgiving?

  51. Looking for advice deciding between 104 enforcer and the volkl mantra 102. I have skied both enforcer 100 and the last couple mantras and really liked both but would like slightly wider ski for better soft snow performance. Like to ski really fast on groomers but if snow is good don’t spend much time on them, stick to open bowls/trees, ski primarily Whistler, Colorado/Utah, leaning towards the 104s (seem more versatile) but just want to make sure they will feel solid at higher speeds, especially with the extra taper, thanks

    1. Hi Frank!
      Great comparison! I think you're leaning the right way, especially considering your soft snow preference. The 102 is unflappable at pretty much anything in any speed, but it lacks the playfulness of the 104. That said, the 104 still has two sheets of metal in it, so while it has more rocker and taper, it's still a burly ski and capable of stability at high speeds. Hope that helps!

  52. Hello, I am buying 104 free and would like input on length. Live in Aspen,Co., Expert skier, 144 lbs., 5' 7" , currently ski rustler 10, 179cm. Also fine but wonder if longer should be better. I ski all terrain but seek out steep powder and trees. What length should I get? Would 186cm be to long??

    1. Hi Kevin!
      My bet is that the 179 is the way to go. You're still getting a ski with two sheets of metal, so the stability is all there. In trees, the shorter length is definitely more fun I think. Hope that helps!

  53. Hi Ski Essentials!
    I am 6'3, weigh around 105kg/ 230lbs. I ski in France and Austria, anyway from 50:50 to 80:20 (off piste: on piste).
    The last few seasons i have been skiing the Rossi Sky 7 HD in 188cm. occasionally these can be a little long in tight tight trees, but nothing i can't handle. However, in every other situation i favour this length over it's smaller 180cm option (which is just too small for me, on piste i actually feel more safe on the 188cm because i ski quite fast and it has a larger effective edge).
    I'm torn between the Rustler 10 and Enforcer 104 FR.
    I think the Rustler 10 might be too light, but they come in 188cm so for length it would be an easy choice.
    I think the 104 FR might be a little better for the variable conditions, but i'm torn between 186 and 191cm. I think the 191cm might be more suitable?!
    can you help me choose?

    1. Hi Alex!
      I think you'd be pretty stoked on the 191 Enforcer 104. Yes, a bit long in tight trees, but overall I think your size warrants the length. You'll appreciate the dual metal laminate in variable conditions for sure. Have fun!

  54. Hi there,
    I'm tossing up between the rustler 10s, nordica 104s and tracer 108s to mount my new shift bindings on. I'm an expert skier and already own the rustlers (188cm) as well as nordica doberman spitfires (and love them both) but feel like maybe l should mix it up. I love the steep stuff but am also increasingly getting into bigger drops and more of a freeride style. The nordicas sound good but I'm not sold on the twin tip (I realllly don't like park), and I'm not sure how the tracer's will hold up on bigger drops or when straight lining chutes with more speed. What's your thoughts? I'm open to other suggestions if you have any.

    1. Hi Henry!
      Don't worry so much about the twin tip. It's more for playfulness than park. The Tracer is the lightest one on your list with the Rustler sitting square in the middle. Depending on how burly you're looking for, I'd say the Enforcer is first, Rustler second, and Tracer third. Hope that helps!

  55. Ok, I read the review and all the comments. Still have some questions. I’m 50, 6-0 200 lbs expert skier, 35-50 days a year Squaw/Alpine mostly. Current quiver is a 2nd gen Bonafide 187 (hated the 180, way too short and twitchy), and a Enforcer Pro for storm days. Pro is a ridiculously fun, easy ski for its size, but clunky after it gets skied out. Bone is a great ski for those long dry spells, but kind of boring. I don’t have mindless confidence in tight, steep stuff with it, I can ski it fine, but have to really pay attention.I’d like something maybe a bit quicker and more playful, but I still like to ski really fast when it opens up. I have always trended toward stiffer skis.
    So question is, Mantra 102 or Enforcer 104 for the gap that will be 50% or more of my days?
    Will the 186 nordica be long enough, given the additional rocker?
    I loved the original Mantra 184, hated the 177, and I also skied a pair of original Cochise 185 to death. That ski was unstoppable once up to speed. I was also a lot younger.
    I never did ski switch, and don’t do big jumps anymore, but I love steep chutes and dont shy from a drop. Steep, tight, technical still calls to me.
    Any other skis besides these 2 I should consider?

    1. Hi Robert!
      That's a pretty good list for two skis. On the upper end, the Stockli Storm Rider 105 is a pretty sweet ride. Also worth a look is the K2 Mindbender 99--more Bonafide-ish, but with more playfulness. Have fun!

  56. Hey Skiessentials, you guys rock! You really do have the best reviews on the web, and thanks for all the great info and content over the years.
    The more I read about these 104's, the more i think they may be the right ski for me, but I had a sizing question, and perhaps not dissimilar to commenter Robert's inquiry just above mine: I'm 40 years old but in good shape, 6'2, 175lbs, aggressive expert, ski Whistler 30 days/year, don't ski switch, like goin fast, steep+deep, chutes, bowls and trees equally. looking for the perfect in-betweener/travel ski for a 3-ski quiver, other 2 being head Monster 88's (184cm) and Elan Ripstick 116 (193cm). These would effectively replace my 2017 Black Crows Corvus 188's as my current in-betweener, which I must admit I've found just too stiff and burly for what I need, though i do love their stability and crud-busting ability, but realizing i'd trade that in for a bit more all-day manageability, surfiness, and forgiveness, and It seems like the Enforcer 104 may be just the ticket.
    SO, my sizing question: would the 186cm be the right size for me, or would the 191 make any kind of sense? I'm light for my height and I do see you recommending 186's to people bigger than me, yet I'm curious about that longer length for stability when charging through crud and going down open steeps, and also me being used to more traditional, directional, set-back mount points (the 191 would offer a bit more tip length for this, i figure). So is the 191 at all justifiable, or should I stop worrying and just get the darn186's? Thoughts? Thanks in advance!

    1. Thanks, Dan!
      Ha! I have the same type of issue, at 6/2 220, I certainly have the weight to go 191, but I'm just not always sure I want to. With your boots and gear, I'd suspect you're getting closer to 190 pounds all dressed up, so there's that to consider as well. I recently skied the 2021 Enforcer 100 in the 186 and just kept wishing for the 191. I'd hate to buy the skis and then think you left some performance on the table. At the end of the day, it's 5cm, 2.5 in the front and 2.5 in the back. I'd go 191 and have fun!

      1. Hey, thanks for your thoughts on this! @ 220 you've got some mass on me, but I hear what you're saying, and as you point out it's only 5cm's at the end of the day, and I guess that more centered mount point (compared to my Heads, at elast) will probably cancel out some of that length. Thanks again!

  57. Great review, Ski Essentials. I have been skiing the 2011 Volkl Gotamas in the 178 length and have really enjoyed them. I am looking at getting the 104s, but I am struggling with deciding on a length. I am ~5'10, 160lbs, and an advanced skier that spends ~70% of the time off piste (bowls, trees, and under the lift). But I also want a ski that can carve a groomer and be stable at speed. I had the opportunity to demo the 110s in the 177 length and liked them a lot, but I think the 104s will be a better all mountain width for me. Should I go with the 104s in the 172 or 179 length? I am leaning toward 179 since it is similar to my Gotamas and the 110s that I liked at the 177 length, but I would appreciate any insight you might have.

    1. Hi Taylor!
      I think if you're comfy on the 177 and 178 lengths, then the 179 will not present any new problems. They'll be a bit more of a handful in the bumps and tight trees, but overall I think it's the right size for you. Have fun!

  58. How would you compare J Skis metal to E104? I read most of the reviews on both that could find online and they seem like almost the same type of skis. I am 210 lbs 5'10" very aggressive skier on groomers who skis mostly in north east. I am looking something that could take on powder days and skiing in trees as well as spring condition snow. I do travel to Utah Snowbird and Alta. What you think would be better choice? Right now I ski on Head Kore 93 171cm while I love them they are not best in deeper snow and tail tends to limit me while skiing in deeper fresh snow making hard to turn without putting quite some energy to it. I also own Head I.Race pro for those hard days on groomers when i just want to rip to the max.

    1. Hi Matt!
      Yup, pretty similar in terms of target audience and performance. The Enforcer has two full sheets of metal while the J has more strategically placed laminates. This makes the Enforcer more of a blunt instrument versus the more playful J ski. If you're looking to crush powder, crud, chop, and groomed, look to the Enforcer, but for a bit more float and a lighter feel, I think the J is a great choice. Have fun!

  59. Hello Ski Essentials,
    I need your advice.
    I consider myself an expert skier currently skiing 2019 Brahma 88 in 180 cm. I am super happy with the Brahma's performance on piste at, what I consider, high speeds and I can ski them all day long. My preference is carving GS-type turns and I find the Brahma's suits me very well i terms of stiffness, the shape/profile, and the flex pattern brings energy and pop to my style of skiing. The Brahma's are excellent allrounders around the resort for a ski this width, but there is a limit where I feel more float, playfulness, maneuverability, etc would increase the fun off piste, in the trees, etc.
    I live in Sweden and ski mostly in Scandinavia where we do get the occasional big dump, but in general snow conditions are often less favorable (old, wind blown, crud, etc) and I am looking for something that can handle this at speed while retaining some fun and finesse.
    I am looking at 104 Free, MB 108ti and Ranger 107ti, but lean towards the 104 Free just because I think they could be the better pairing with the Brahma's adding a more fun/playful character to the quiver.
    What are your thoughts on that?
    I'm 5,9"/165, if I go with 104 Free, would you recommend 179 or 186?
    Thanks for all the fantastic content you turn out!

    1. Hi Per!
      I think the 179 is the way to go unless you really know you like long skis. They're pretty stiff and burly for a freeride ski, so the 179 will offer a good amount of support. Have fun!

  60. Hello, Hoping you can help, this review was great!
    I'm pretty torn between the enforcer 100's and the 104 free's. I'm an advanced/expert skier (6'1" - 185lbs). I'm currently skiing some 2009 line sir francis bacons. I find the lines are pretty soft/flexy and with almost no rocker, slow edge to edge. My current gripes with my Lines is that they are slow to turn when in the trees or bumps and at slower speeds are harder to handle.
    I no longer ski as I did 10 years ago and don't need a direct replacement, but looking at something that can handle primarily east coast skiing with some trips out west. I would say my style is hard-charging and fast, but I do like to have fun on side hits and in trees-bumps. My wife has been skiing more, so I spend a lot of time with her at slower speeds where I tend to do short tight turns to keep myself entertained. Ultimately, I want something that's going to be good on firmer snow/groomers and easy to turn when in the woods and a ski that I can enjoy weather I'm going fast or slow.
    I'm leaning towards the 104 frees as I'm thinking that they will be a bit more fun and for the type of skiing I want to do, but the 100's make a lot of sense for the type of skiing I've actually been doing. Thanks!

    1. Hi Tom!
      They're both built pretty much the same way, with the biggest differences coming in the shape and rocker profile. The 100 has a more responsive tail that likes to hold on through the turn while the 104 is easier to release. The extra width in the 104 does make it more effective in the powder and is more playful due to the longer rocker. We like to recommend buying skis for the conditions that you do ski (the 100) versus the conditions you want to ski (104). I think your instincts are correct on this one in terms of the 100. Both great skis, have fun!

  61. I'm currently skiing in K2 Apache Xplorers at 184cm. I'm 6'4" 175lbs advanced skier who likes to charge groomers with big GS turns, but wants a ski that is a little more forgiving in deeper snow and trees. This will be my first ski with rocker. I did ski Brahma 88s last year at Squaw and liked them okay. They were a little more twitchy and hooky at speed than my K2s, but had a similar edge hold.
    I am torn between Enforcer 104 and Rustler 10. Since I already have the Xplorers I am tempted by the Rustlers because they are more different than what I already have, but will I miss the charging stability that the Enforcers provide?
    Advice much appreciated.

    1. Hi Jay!
      Yes, I'd say you'll miss the charging stability of the Enforcer. Not quite the floater of the Rustler, but overall, it's a stronger ski with more upside. Unless you know that you want more maneuverability and lighter weight, I'd look to the Nordica. Have fun!

  62. Awesome reviews as always. You make me want to ski all the skis. For reference I’m 182cm, 200-210lbs, and an advanced skier. I picked up an enforcer 88 in 179cm as my daily driver. I love It but I’m kinda wishing I got them in 186cm. I also have a black crows atris in 189.7cm as my soft snow ski but I miss the stability of the enforcers after everything’s been tracked out and cruddy. I’m thinking of the enforcer 104, just unsure on sizing, 186 or 191? I’m comfortable on the 189.7 atris, do the 104’s ski about the same length? Also thinking about the Fischer ranger 102 but the lack of metal is kinda swaying me away. Thanks for the help

  63. I'm also a Vermont skier and primarily ski in the trees at MRG and Sugarbush. My old Nordica Steadfasts have finally failed me and I'm looking at the Enforcer 104 as a replacement. I'm 6'1" and 250lbs and I'm considering going from the 178 length on the Steadfast to a 185 on the Enforcer 104s. Many of my friends that I ski with are telling me to "stay short" due to the tight trees we often ski, so I'm curious to get your input on what I lose or gain with an additional 6cm of length

    1. Hi Andy!
      There's a couple of theories in play here. For one, the taper shape and rocker profile of the 104 is on the more dramatic side, so they do feel a bit short. On the other hand, it's a wood core ski with two sheets of metal, so they're pretty heavy and stable, especially for a freeride ski. These things counter-act each other, so it more comes down to what you prefer in a ski. How did you feel about the 178? Based on just your stats, I'd go with the 186, but if you're primarily in the trees, it is nice to have a quicker ski. I don't think the 179 is too short, nor do I believe the 186 is too long, but we try to recommend that skiers buy skis for the terrain that they actually ski versus the terrain and snow conditions that they want to ski. Surely you're skiing the trails at some point during the day, at which point that longer length is going to be much better given your size. For reference, I am 6/2 220 and skiing at Stowe, I'd prefer the 191, even in those tight trees. I skied the 186, and found it to be wonderful. Personally, I do not like the feeling of leaving performance on the table. Hope that helps!

      1. SE - would you say stability of the E100 in 179 is similar to the E104 in 186? I also am looking for a ski that I won’t over power that is good in 8 inches of powder but strong and precise and damp with a relatively low swing weight. 6’2” and 200 lbs. I’m thinking E100 and mount -1 or -2.

  64. What ski is better for me E100 or E104?
    My height is 6′ 3 and i have 235 pounds. I spend 60% on slope and 40% time off slope. I'm aggressive skier who like to do few tricks. Level of skiing is 9 of 10.
    I ski Line SFB for few years 191 cm, 2014 model and now is time to change it.
    If is there any other ski that you can recommend it would be helpful. My choice for this year is Nordica or maybe K2 Mind bender 108ti or Ranger 108ti
    I want the ski which is stiffer than this i have and have a good carve and edge hold and average float on powder.
    Thanks and Greetings from Serbia!

    1. Hi Grimani!
      I think if you're looking for a similar shape but in a stiffer flex, look to the 104. They're pretty similar for the most part, but the tail of the 100 certainly prefers to hold tighter to the end of the turn. I'd go 104 over the other skis on your list too--better trail performance for sure. Have fun!

  65. Hey there! Like always love your reviews. But just had a quick question. Wondering what Jeff’s personal preference is for a mount point on this ski. Thanks!

    1. Hi James!
      On that ski, Jeff just told me that he uses the highest camber point for his midsole. It ends up being about 3.5cm back from true center and 3.5 cm ahead of traditional line. He's on the 186 for reference. Some very dark magic going on there! Have fun!

  66. Awesome review!
    Looking at getting the 104 but am torn on sizing (don’t want the ski to feel too short or too long and in some reviews for this ski it’s mentioned it skis short).
    I’m 6’2” 185lb advanced skier looking to use the 104 as my “daily driver” at a resort for everything from powder to groomers. I’m coming off of an older Rossignol S3 in 186 which I like but wished had better stability and edge grip. Would the 186 or 191 suit me better? Thanks!

    1. HI Andrew!
      I think the 186 is the way to go. I found it to be quite stable, I'm 6/2 220, and I thought the 186 was plenty ski. You'll get that edge grip and stability! Have fun!

  67. Hey!Great review!
    How would you compare the enforcer 104 to the mindbender 108 and katana 108 in terms of stability, floatation and forgivness. I'm 6' 190lbs high intermdediate who likes to charge , it will be my powder ski and i am not intersted in trees or bumps.

    1. Hi Nick!
      You'll be hard-pressed to find a more stable ski than the Katana. It's not as lively as the Enforcer or playful as the Mindbender, but that thing rips. Certainly prefers to be used at higher speeds and in straighter lines than the other two, and if you're not in the trees or bumps, but rather in wider spaces, the burly Katana is going to take you where you want to go. Have fun!

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