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2020 Nordica Enforcer 88 Ski Review

2020 Nordica Enforcer 88 Ski Review: // Ski Reviews

It's a new year, and in the ski industry with the new year comes news and announcements about new gear. Around this time last year, we released a review of the 2019 Nordica Enforcer 110. This year we're continuing that trend and looking at a brand new ski, the Enforcer 88. Before we dive into it, you should also know that January is the Nordica month for our SkiHappy Photo Contest. They've stepped up and are awarding the winning photo an Enforcer 88 or Santa Ana 88 of the winner's choice. That's right, you can win a ski that's not even available to purchase yet! Pretty exciting stuff. In addition to these two skis, we also get a new Enforcer 104, new Dobermann Spitfire line, and some tweaks to the line in general. We'll have more info on new 2020 Nordica skis in the coming weeks. For now, let's focus on the Enforcer 88.

Here at, we've been aware of this new ski since early December when we met with Nordica at Stowe Mountain Resort to go through the new line with their product managers, marketing team, reps, and more. About a week later, we were able to get on snow with a selection of the new skis, including the Enforcer 88 we're talking about here. This is the narrowest Enforcer yet and is definitely an exciting and valuable addition to the lineup. If you're unfamiliar with the Enforcer collection, chances are you haven't been reading many reviews, ski tests, or other ski publications in recent years. The Enforcer skis have become very popular due to their impressive mix of power, stability at speed, maneuverability, playfulness, and forgiveness. Nordica left us with a pair of Enforcer 88s and we've been busy testing them over the past month.

2020 Nordica Enforcer 88 Ski Review: Ski Spec Image

To put it simply, these things rip. Before we get into performance, however, let's take a look at the similarities and differences between this ski and existing Enforcer skis. The Enforcer collection in general has been split into Enforcer and Enforcer Free. We'll have more info on this when we release the Enforcer 104 review, but essentially the Enforcer Free skis follow theme and overall concept we have seen in the 110, while the 88 is designed more like the 93 and 100. It isn't, however, quite that simple.

For 2020, in the new Enforcer 88 and 104, we have some new construction techniques. The first is True Tip Technology. Nordica has removed heavy ABS plastic from the tip of the ski, while extending the wood core further into the tip. This reduces weight, while maintaining the power and stability that we've all come to expect from the Enforcers. This definitely has an effect on performance, which we'll get to in more detail later in the article, but in the simplest of terms you can think of it as increasing maneuverability, playfulness, and the nimbleness of the ski. The other new construction technique is their Carbon-Reinforced Chassis. There are fill length carbon strips running along the fiberglass layer, and this layer is actually 35% lighter than traditional glass layups. Similar to the resulting performance of the new tip, this increases strength and stability while also shedding weight. In summary, all these changes are designed to make the skis both more stable and more playful. It's like Nordica took what we love about the Enforcers and enhanced it even more.

2020 Nordica Enforcer 88 Ski Review: Full Camber Image

We also have a new size breakdown in the new Enforcer 88. We're getting a 165, 172, 179, and 186 cm length. A lot of skiers have found that they fall in between sizes on current Enforcer models, so this new width and new size range really will help round out options within the Enforcer collection. We've been testing the 186 cm length predominantly, with testers ranging in size from 5'10' 150 lbs to 6'6" 220 lbs. For me, the smallest of those testers, I think the 179 cm would be a little more appropriate, but I also didn't have any major issues on the 186 cm length.

Our first day testing these skis was a perfect day with packed powder groomers and plenty of soft snow on un-groomed trails too. Let's start with their performance on groomers. Being the narrowest in the Enforcer collection, you could argue that these are more focused on frontside performance than anything else, and you'd be right. The narrower width and the new construction, both the tip and the inclusion of full-length carbon strips, result in a super responsive ski. Even if you take width out of the equation entirely, the 88 feels quicker and more energetic than the 93 or the 100. They're also quite stout. You can really stand on the Enforcer 88 and give it a ton of power. In fact, it loves skier input. The more you give it, the more energy and power it will respond with. It's really impressive. You still get the vibration damping and the ultra-smooth feel that we've come to expect from the Enforcers, but this 88 feels more precise, snappy, nimble, and lively than any Enforcer we've skied in the past, and that makes sense. A narrower ski is more focused on firm snow, just as a general rule in ski design. While performance is relatively similar across the 88, 93, and 100, this new 88 is distinctly the most focused on firm snow performance. It rips. Turn initiation isn't automatic, but it's still very smooth thanks to the Enforcer tip shape. Smooth rocker combined with smooth early taper give this ski a predictable and smooth feel when entering a turn.

2020 Nordica Enforcer 88 Ski Review: Action Image

Forgiveness has always been something that we marvel at when discussing the Enforcers. Considering the power they achieve, they have high levels of forgiveness. The 88 continues that theme, and the forebody of the ski is just as forgiving as any other Enforcer, but the tail feels a little stiffer in the 88. We give the carbon strips credit for this slightly different feel. It's not so stiff that it's going to beat you up or buck you if you make a mistake, but it's noticeably stiffer than the 93 and 100, which provides some of the extra energy and power coming out of a turn.

In softer snow conditions and un-groomed terrain, the Enforcer 88 isn't providing the same float as its wider brothers, but it has more nimble feel. It's a fantastic bump ski. Bob, one of our testers on the Enforcer 88, was thoroughly impressed and quite pleased by its ability to ski zipper-line bumps. Bob even commented that you can actually drive your tips down when skiing fast bumps on the Enforcer 88, something he feels like a lot of all mountain skis lack these days. It's not quite as easy to release the tail edge as some other all mountain skis in this category, but it's not too challenging or overly demanding either. Considering how powerful it feels on firm snow, it's still pretty darn maneuverable in un-groomed terrain.

Skiers who spend a lot of time in deep powder will likely want to go with a wider ski within the Enforcer collection, but this new Enforcer 88 provides a nice option in the line we haven't had before. If you're wondering, the Enforcer 88 essentially takes the place of the Navigator 90. The Navigators 85 and 80 are still in the line, but the Enforcer 88 is the new ski that sits in between the Navigator 85 and Enforcer 93, and we think that makes sense. The shape is designed for a little more versatility than the shape of the Navigators, which we think will be appreciated by most skiers looking for a ski in this width range.

To summarize, this is easily the best firm snow Enforcer we've seen yet. You've heard us talk about the 93 and 100 plenty here on Chairlift Chat, and you probably know we are impressed by the performance of those skis on groomers. The 88 just takes it to a whole new level. It's outrageously fun to link carving turns on. It has enough power for super aggressive skiers, yet has that Enforcer-forgiveness and just a general approachability we don't typically see in skis that hit this level of performance. We're sure we're going to get a lot of questions comparing this ski to others on the market, and we've been talking about it at length here at too. We genuinely feel that the Enforcer 88 fills a bit of a void between skis like the Blizzard Brahma and skis like the K2 Pinnacle 88. Is this the goldilocks all mountain ski for skiers who like to ski the whole mountain, but still want some groomer power? It feels just right to us.

2020 Nordica Enforcer 88 Ski Review: Buy Now Image

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Written by Jeff Neagle on 01/10/19

125 thoughts on “2020 Nordica Enforcer 88 Ski Review

  1. Hi there!
    Thank you for the very nice work!
    I am a good intermediate to advanced skier and I am looking to buy an all mountain ski (50 on / 50 off). In general I do not ski very fast and I want a ski that will help me to get better at the moguls and the powder but with some carving capabilities at the groomers. Can you compare the new enforcer 88 and the rustler 9 at 172cm and tell me which one might be the best for me?

    1. Hi Jim!
      The Rustler 9 will be a little easier in moguls than this new Enforcer 88. Considering you don't ski very fast, and that you're looking to improve in moguls, Rustler 9 feels like the way to go. More rocker in the tips and tails allows for easier pivoting and smearing, and it's also a little softer in the tips and tails. A touch more forgiving, and I would expect it has plenty of stability and torsional stiffness for you to carve on.
      Hope that helps!

    1. Hi Will!
      We may see a small batch of early release Enforcer 88s this season, but the bulk of them won't be available until the summer/fall. We'll keep everyone updated if we get more info on an early release.

  2. Hey guys,
    Great review. Does this mean that for 2020, there will be an Enforcer 88, 93, 100, 104, 110, and Pro? Or is the 88 and 104 replacing the 93 and 100?
    I've all but made my mind up on grabbing the Enforcer 100 at an end of the year deal, but like you mentioned, I am one of the folks in between sizes, and I'd love for just a little bit more width for west coast trails, so the 104 is sounding mighty appealing especially if it performs just like the 100.
    Thanks for your help.

    1. Hi Steve!
      For 2020, Nordica has Enforcer 88, 93, and 100. Then they have Enforcer Free 104, 110, and 115. The Free series has a lighter wood, true tip technology, and a turned up tail, but otherwise are the same as the other Enforcers. I'd still give the on-trail nod to the 100 over the 104. Happy skiing!

      1. What do you think about the Nordica Enforcer 88's compared to the K2 Mindbender 90's for a 20 year old intermediate skier trying to keep up with his expert girlfriend on her Mindbender 88's?

        1. Hi Steve!
          The Enforcer has a higher speed limit and performance capabilities than the K2, but not by a lot. I've been skiing the 88 for a few weeks now and love it. Very turny, but versatile and fun as well. Stiffer tails than the K2, so be prepared for that if you go that route. More input required for the Nordica. Have fun!

  3. Hey Ski Essentials,
    Thanks for another awesome review. I'm a woman currently on the Santa Ana 93 in a 161, but I find them just a little short for my liking, and the 169s were too long for me to handle. Do you know if the Santa Ana models are changing their sizing, or just the Enforcers? 165 seems perfect!
    Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Virginia!
      Yes! The new Santa Ana 88 has a similar size breakdown as the Enforcer 88. There are shorter options too, and the Santa Ana doesn't go as long as the Enforcer, but you'll be happy to learn there is a 165 cm Santa Ana 88! We'll actually have a Santa Ana 88 review in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes out for that.

  4. Thanks for the great review! Regular subscriber to the YouTube channel here.
    I have a question ; last year I tried the Enforcer 100 and while it felt very controllable and a fun ride, it had a noticeable amount of tip chatter on the groomers which put me off. (Coming from pure carving skis)
    Does the new tip design on this 88 alleviate this problem? Has the front rocker been reduced? Have since been going back and forth considering between the Enforcer 93 or a pair of Brahma's when this review came up - definitely looks like a good alternative.
    I would rate myself no expert but toward an advanced skier, 175cm/78kg, mostly piste carving but would like to have a one quiver ski to do some more bumps/powder stuff on the sides of the slope. Thinking that the Enforcer 88 @ 179cm looks like a great match for my preference and ability IF the chatter is not so prominent.

    1. Hi Rune!
      The tip of the Enforcer 88 is a little quieter than the 100, yes. There's still a good amount of rocker in the tip of the 88, but the new way they construct the tip does seem like it moves around a little less. I've never described the 100 as chattering, more a slow tip flop, but it does throw some people off if you're not used to it. I think you'd like the feel of the 88 compared to the 100 on firm snow.
      Out of those three skis (Brahma, Enforcer 93, Enforcer 88) the Enforcer 88 does seem like it would probably be the best ski for you. The Brahma is tricky in bumps, trees, or really any un-groomed terrain. The Enforcer 88 has a similar level of power and performance on firm snow (not quite as stiff and precise, but close), and handles those un-groomed zones much more easily. I also think that 179 cm length would work really well for your size.
      Hope that helps!

  5. Thanks for the great review! This looks like an enticing option as a compliment to my 110's for firm days. In terms of flex, would you say the 88 is noticeably stiffer than the 93 or 100? And slightly unrelated, do you know yet if the rocker profile on the 110 Free has been modified from the current 110? I heard it has been slightly extended? Or is the only change the new true tip tech and the carbon stringers you mention. Thanks!

    1. Hi Pegleg!
      Even with the addition of carbon strips in the ski, it's hard to tell if the ski is actually stiffer than the 93/100 or if the 88 just felt stiffer because it's narrower. At any rate, it feels a lot more like a Brahma than the Enforcer 93, which I like. As far as the 110, it is remaining the same. Have fun!

  6. LOVE my 93s (upped my game dramatically). I ski predominantly steep groomers. Occasionally head into the trees. Do you think the 88s would be a better ski?

    1. Hi Josh!
      It's kinda hard for me to say that you'll love the 88 more than you love the 93, but if you ski mostly steep groomers, it certainly has better torsional stiffness than the 93. You'll get better edge grip and more rebound, but for an all-mountain ski, you'll be giving up some of the flotation and off-piste performance. Hope that helps!

  7. Thanks for the review guys. I don't think it has been mentioned, but does the Enforcer 88 still contain the 2 sheets of metal like the 93/100 do, but just with the new carbon makeup?
    Will be interesting to compare to my Monster 88s if so.

  8. Will you please compare the weight of the 2020 Enforcer 88 v. the 2017 Brahma? I am very curious to hear your thoughts on a comparison (stiffness, ability levels, and playfulness) of the Enforcer 88 v Brahma, Also, how does is stack up against the new Rossi 88 in terms of weight and stiffness? The Enforcer 88 looks like a nice ski that will check many boxes. Thanks.

  9. I own and have a ton of fun with the Enforcer 93 in 185. Can you compare the new 88 in 186 to the Enforcer 93 in 185, specifically in perceived length on snow and ability to slarve when needed.

    1. Hi Alan!
      Yes, the Enforcer 88 still has those two sheets of metal. The only difference is the new tip construction and carbon integrated into the fiberglass layers.

      1. Hi Peter!
        I didn't have a chance to put the Enforcer 88 on a scale (we only had one with demo bindings on it too), but my estimate would be the weight is fairly similar between the Enforcer 88 and Brahma. The Enforcer might be a little bit lighter because the metal is thinner and the new carbon/fiberglass mockup is designed to shed some weight. The Brahma is stiffer and more demanding. In my opinion, the Brahma is an expert level ski, or at least an accomplished advanced skier. The Enforcer 88 is a little bit more approachable, but you should still be at an advanced level. The Experience 88 Ti is softer flexing than both, and more forgiving. Could be enjoyed by an intermediate, while I wouldn't recommend an Enforcer 88 or Brahma for most intermediates.

        1. Hi Greg!
          The 185 cm Enforcer 93 and 186 cm Enforcer 88 feel about the same in terms of perceived length. The 88, however, does feel more knife-like than the 93. Less willingness to slarve, although it will do it, just not quite as easily as the 93. 88 is quicker edge to edge, feels a touch more energetic when linking turns, but not quite as smeary/slarvy at the 93.
          Hope that helps!

  10. Hey SE, I was hoping you could help me with a couple questions. For a little background I am 6'1", 180lbs, and would consider myself an advanced intermediate focused on improving both technique and ability to charge confidently (most recently placed into the "8/9" class during a Taos Ski Week). I currently ski either Rossi Experience 77s @ 176cm or Armada TSTs @ 192cm and live in Colorado. Ultimately, I am looking for a more serious daily driver (for the days not deep enough to warrant bringing out the TSTs) that I could use all over the mountain (groomers, bumps, trees, steeps, etc.). Originally I was looking at the Blizzard Brahma skis in a 180cm length and demoed those as well as the Volkl Kendos last season. I ruled out the Kendos immediately but really enjoyed the Brahma. In reading a bit more I have become increasingly drawn to the Enforcer as Brahma-esque but a bit more playful and forgiving and am having difficult nailing down exactly what would be best. With the addition of the Enforcer 88 I am even more indecisive in attempting to choose between the Brahma and the Enforcer, the upcoming 88 or the 93, and 179/177 vs 186/185. Your thoughts and advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
    Current Ski Thoughts:
    Rossi E77 (176cm) - Fully confident on these and originally purchased for early season/firm conditions/progression. Know I can get down any run skiing these (even if I have to take my time - Mirkwood @ Monarch last weekend) but can definitely find their top-end when pushing it.
    Armada TST (192cm) - Bought these because of solid reviews and a beautiful top sheet but was way to much ski for my first ski. Am more comfortable on them now that I have progressed quite a bit but there are times where I still feel like they are a bit much. Definitely avoid bumps/trees with these but mainly use them for powder days anyway.

    1. Hi Wayne!
      If you're looking at a Brahma and like the shape but want a bit more versatility, it's hard to think there's a better option than the Enforcer 88. I found them to be snappy, fun, and with a very high-performance ceiling. You can really push these things hard, but also are able to be mellow. Bumping up to the 93, you lose a bit of the edge grip and precision, but gain some flotation and off-piste versatility. Hope that helps!

  11. Hey SE crew,
    Looking for some guidance, I'm 58, 5'-10" and about 190 lbs, In years past I would have considered myself an advanced skier. Have been known to drop of a ledge or two but am probably 20 years and a couple of knee surgeries past those days now. In my youth I skied a pair of K2 TRC Comps at 200cm but have been renting for a number of years now. Am tired of not having any consistency in my skis so am looking at buying a 1 quiver ski that will be 70% piste/30%pow. I still ski fairly aggressive but mostly on blues, mellow blacks and greens with the grankids with the occasional run in back bowls and the soft stuff and no more bumps,,,ever (see knee surgery comment above). Ski almost exclusively in Colorado and Utah and make out there from Texas 15-20 days every year. Am considering the Pinnacle 88 @170cm, Kore 93 @ 171, Nordica Navagator 90 @ 169. These new Enforcer 88's sound intriguing so may add them to my test list. Want something that is fairly flickable (hence the shorter lenghts), stable carving at speed, can handle a bit of powder when the mood hits me, and won't send me to the bar exhausted by lunch. Thinking with the shorter length a slightly stiffer ski might be appropriate. When will the E 88's be available to test/buy. Any suggestions on ski choice and length would be greatly appreciated. Love the chairlift chat BTW. I work 49/50 weeks a year just so I can get to the hill. A 40+ year obsession that is still going strong, my wife thinks I have sanity issues.

  12. Hey SE,
    Love the Chairlift Chat but could use some more tailored advice. I'm 58, 5'-10", 190 lbs, Back in the day would have considered myself an advanced skier but my days of dropping off ledges are a couple of decades, 2 knee surgeries, and 3 degenerative discs in the rearview mirror. In my youth skied K2 TRC Comps at 200cm but have been renting since the late 90's. Am tired of not having any consistency in my skis season to season so am looking to buy again. These days skiing mostly blues, mellow blacks, and powder when I can find it, 70% piste and 30% off piste. Still like speed but just not as steep anymore. Primarily ski in Colorado and Utah and looking for skis that are fairly flickable, stable at speed, and can handle light to moderate powder days.
    Skis considering:
    • Head Kore 93 @ 172cm (actually a 91mm waist at this length)
    • Atomic Vantage 90 @ 169cm
    • Nordica Navigator 90 @ 172cm
    • K2 Pinnacle 88 @ 170 cm
    These new Nordica Enforcer 88's sound intriguing but the Nordica's tend to be heavier than the others on my list and want to limit the stress on knees and back. Are the E 88's lighter, would the weight difference impact between them and the Head or Atomics really be that big a factor? Also should I be looking to jump up to 176-180cm in whatever ski. Was thinking shorter but a bit stiffer might be a good compromise. Any help is greatly appreciated.
    Also, when will the Nordica E 88's be available to test/purchase?
    Thanks, Dale

    1. Hi Dale!
      You sound like a perfectly sane individual to me!
      We are seeing the 2020's trickle in to the warehouse and are putting them online as soon as we can, so keep checking back if you want to pull the trigger. I am a huge Enforcer 88 fan, as I prefer a ski that is nimble and can carve. I did find them to be on the stiff side, but not overbearing like a Brahma or a Kendo. I'm also a huge K2 Pinnacle 88 fan because of their versatility--from powder to bumps and groomers, the Pinnacle 88 is super-fun and stable. I'd peg the Navigator as more of an on-piste carver with a precise tail, but also tons of fun. The Kore is light and maneuverable, but also pretty stiff, and I found them to perform better at slower speeds. But from a "flickable" standpoint, I'd recommend the Pinnacle. Have fun!

      1. Muchas gracias amigo. Will be at Breck for a couple of days next week and plan to test as many of these as I can then take the plunge. No sense wasting $600 + on rentals in Utah in March when I can buy, with bindings, for a couple of hundred more. Would love to test the Enforcer 88's but not sure they will be available for rental this soon. Any recommendation on length? Is my idea of shorter but stiffer sensible or should I be looking at a step up in length?
        Thanks again, and wishing you lot's of bluebird powder days.

        1. Hi again Dale!
          You might find an Enforcer 88 for demo. We already have them in stock and I would imagine other dealers will be getting them in early too, so some might be mounting up some demos. If you have the opportunity, I'd recommend trying the 172 cm and also the 179 cm. My guess, based off the other lengths you're considering, is that you'd prefer the 172 cm, but the Enforcer collection traditionally skis a little bit short. Some skiers find the longer lengths to be pretty approachable.
          Hope that helps!

  13. Cool review!
    Yesterday, I heard that Nordica dropped the Navigator line for 2020, which has been bummed as it was one ski I wanted to try.
    Since Nordica is now offering the Enforcer in an 88, maybe I should look at it versus the Navigator 85. My concern with the Enforcer series, prior to reading this review, is that the ski was more for those who go off-trail or in deeper snow. At this stage of my skiing, I'm still riding greens and moving up to blues.
    More stuff to ponder...

  14. Hello SE,
    Great reviews. Enjoy the descriptions and it's helpful to see the on snow differences of the skis. Looks like the E88's are very confidence inspiring. Excited about the 88 as I am a current owner of the 100. I'm 5'10"/160#, advanced bloke out in Tahoe area. Was looking for a thinner ski for when the conditions are firm and a sick side of me loves moguls. Was wondering which ski would be the best mix of aggressive firm ski and good in moguls: Brahma, Enforcer 88, Navigator 85, Pinnacle 88 or ?.

    1. Hi RCK!
      Hmm, whomever you spoke to was mistaken. Nordica is dropping the Navigator 90, but keeping the Navigator 85 and 80. It makes sense when you think about it, between the Enforcer 93, Navigator 90, and Enforcer 88, there was too much crossover. So, for 2020 it will be Enforcer 93, Enforcer 88, Navigator 85, Navigator 80. Navigators are fantastic skis, I genuinely enjoy skiing them.

      1. Hi Jon!
        I think the Enforcer 88 is one of the coolest skis I've been on in a while. If you have a 100, it's an easy transition to the 88. It's more versatile than the Brahma, better at carving than the Pinnacle 88, and more stout/stable than the Navigator 85. I really like the Pinnacle in the moguls, but the E88 is not far behind--I only skied them in soft, nice moguls and they did that really well. Have fun!

  15. Hi Was Curious about a comparison between the Enforcer 88 and the new Rossi EXP 88? I currently ski the Rossi but have an e-93s as well. Love them both. The Exp 88 extremely playful and fun and can drive it hard. Does the Enforcer 88 have similar characteristics?

    1. Hi Mike Dery!
      I would say the Enforcer 88 shares a lot of the Experience's characteristics for sure. Perhaps it's a bit more of a hard-charger and not quite as maneuverable in tight spaces, but very similar skis. Hope that helps!

  16. Hi SE,
    Just as I thought I was getting closer to making a well informed purchase, Nordica hits me with this and I have to hit the brakes. However, I may be glad I did because at first glance I think this may be the ski for me.
    So far this winter I've demoed the E 93, E 100, Rustler 9 and Brahma. E 93 was my favorite until I rode the Brahma for the first time this past weekend in Keystone. There was no fresh snow in sight and I knew I'd mostly be skiing piste, Brahma was incredible. The day I had on the Brahma makes me begin to think I may be more tuned for a similar ski, as a reminder I'm 6'4 250 lbs and trees/ moguls aren't exactly my strong suit. However, I found much more confidence in the trees and moguls on the 187 Brahma compared it to the day prior when I rode the 193 E100's in Keystone.
    My question and concern are for the days when it snows a lot. Last time I wrote in, I was preparing for a weekend at Killington forecasting 10-16", you steered me towards E93 over Brahma for that weekend and I'm happy you did, E93 was great on those days and frankly wish I had E100's.
    My concern is how the new E88 will fare for me in fresh snow? Understanding I'm a bigger guy and may have a tougher time on the E88's in a lot of snow, I'm wondering if it's worth while for me to have E88 or Brahma as a daily driver and to just demo a more suitable ski should we get a crazy day like I had at Killington? Maybe my question is more oriented to how the E 88 handles in 2-6 " of snow as that seems to be the more common case out East.
    Any insight is appreciated,

    1. Hi Frazier!
      I'd be cool with skiing the Enforcer 88 in 2-6 inches of snow for sure. The first day I skied it, we had about 2 inches and the second day it was bluebird fast groomer day. On the fresh snow day, they felt very versatile and capable of handling some more snow as well. I'm personally not a huge Brahma fan, but I loved the Enforcer 88. When it snows a foot, I'd rather have a wider ski, no doubt, but how often does that happen? I certainly found the Enforcer 88 to be more versatile than the Brahma, if that helps you at all, but it sounds like you had a blast on the Brahma! If you can wait to try the Nordica, I'd do that. Let me know!

  17. I read elsewhere that the Enforcer 88 is heavier and stiffer than the Brahma. Would you say this is accurate?
    I have been looking out for something that has similar performance characteristics to the Brahma but maybe a little more playful and easier on the legs. When I read this review initially it sounded like the E88 may be in that category. Now I'm not as sure and was hoping to get some clarification. Also would you have any other recommendations? Thanks!

    1. Hi Jeff!
      No, I would not say that's accurate. The Brahma uses less rocker and the metal is thicker.
      What you're looking for is basically exactly how I describe the Enforcer 88. Similar performance characteristics, but it is definitely a little easier on the legs and just more forgiving in general. Still absolutely rips, but definitely a little easier. I was also really impressed by the 2020 Fischer RC One 86 GT. Definitely rips, but more forgiving than the Brahma. Something to look out for!
      Hope that helps!

      1. Hi guys
        Love the reviews but they make me want to buy all the skis lol
        So I just picked up a pair of enforcer 100's. I wanted something for a trips out west that I could still get some use of on certain east coast conditions. Took it out on a warm cruddy spring day and had a blast charging through all the crud. It made me realize how much my front side skis are lacking so I'm looking at replacing my k2 amp richtor 80 with something better for groomed hard pack. I love how quick they are underfoot transitioning from edge to edge on groomers but I just can't get up to speed and charge like with the enforcers. Considering the enforcer 88 but worried I'll want something quicker underfoot. How does the Brahma 82 compare to the enforcer 88? I don't think I need more ski than the enforcer offers but I want quicker transitions. Also considering dps Cassiar 82, maybe an atomic vantage in that waist width. Thoughts?
        Thanks for doing what you do

        1. Hi Peter!
          If you're reasonably comfortable going fast and using a stiffer ski, I'd go with the 172. If you prefer mellow and shorter turns, I'd opt for the 165. Hope that helps!

          1. Hi Ari!
            I'm a Pivot guy, personally, but really anything in that 13 DIN range is a nice binding. The Warden, Marker Griffon, and Tyrolia Attack 13 are all more than suitable. Have fun!

          2. Hi Jeff!
            We love what we do too! Glad to help. The Brahma 82 is quickly gaining traction as a super-quick ski that fills that void of a non-system carving ski really nicely. I agree that if you're looking for a dedicated groomer ski, the 88 is on the wide side. You'll definitely get the quickness and edge hold you're looking for out of the narrower Brahma. The DPS is a great ski, but my knock on it is that they prefer shorter turns and slower speeds, so if that's your game, then it's a great ski. But for higher speeds and longer turns, the carbon can't quite match up to the metal. The Vantage is nice and light, but has a hollow feel to it that the Brahma does not have. Some skiers don't seem to mind, but it kind of bothers me. You should also check out something like the Volkl Deacon 76 for a true race-feel in a wider platform and with a bit of tip and tail rocker so as to not be totally overpowered by a ski. Have fun!

  18. Yowza! - Just demoed this ski and what they say above is accurate. It really shines when you give it the gas and responds with strong input. A little more demanding than the Rossi E88 and much more alive than the new K2 mindbender in the similar width.

  19. please explain the difference between the Rustler 9, bushwacker and Enforcer 88 on groomers and mogul/trees.....thanks again for your in depth analysis!

    1. Hi Tim!
      Those are actually all fairly different skis. The Rustler 9 is the widest and most playful. Most pronounced rocker, best in soft snow, more appropriate off-piste than the other two. The Enforcer 88 is the most powerful. It rips on groomers, although can still do some off-piste skiing too, just not as easy or playful as the Rustler 9. The Bushwacker is like taking the Enforcer 88 and removing the metal. It's not as stable at speed or as powerful, but it's lightweight and not fatiguing. It's the most appropriate out of these three for a more intermediate level skier, or just someone who likes lightweight skis and spends most their time on groomers.
      If you have more questions, just let me know, but I hope that helps!

  20. Thinking about the Blizzard Brahma, Enforcer 88, or Nordica Doberman... which ski makes the most sense in a 2-ski quiver with the 4frnt MSP 107 for an east coast skier. Expert level (former racer) who skiis everything except the terrain park.

    1. Hi Taylor!
      If I were you I'd go with either the Brahma or Enforcer 88. A touch more versatility out of those skis compared to the Dobermann just thanks to the extra width. Between the two, the Brahma is ultra-precise and powerful on groomers. The Enforcer 88 isn't far behind, but isn't quite as powerful. The benefit is it's also less demanding and a little more forgiving. Both absolutely rip in the grand scheme of things!
      Hope that helps!

  21. Curious about the sizing recommendations. 5'11 220 and I ski the E 93 in a 185 which I love. The E 88 would be a daily driver on hard snow with 1-4"fresh. Would sizing down to a 179 be advisable? I have the float aspect and crud buster with the E-93. Can't deciide

    1. Hi MIke!
      Yeah, that sounds about right. It's the kind of thing that either way could work, but you'll get more edge grip and precision with the 179 in the E88. It's a bit less of a rocker profile too, so it'll feel a bit longer. Have fun!

  22. Is there room in a western quiver for an Enforcer 88, 93, and 104? My 93 is my daily driver and I like it so much so why not just make an entire quiver out of the Enforcer series?

  23. Trying to decide between the Enforcer 88 and Mantra M5 for East Coast all mountain skiing. Pros & Cons? Ski everywhere but will spend most time on groomers, so especially interested in performance difference there. Thanks

  24. What length were your guys skiing. I love the enforcers. Weigh 190. Have the Enforcer pro and the 100 in 185. Do these ski longer. Can't decide between the 186 and 179. Thanks

  25. I'm looking for a narrower version of the Bonafide, and the obvious first choice would be the Brahma, but thinking about the Liberty V92, Navigator 90 (sorry to hear that is going away), and now the Enforcer 88. Mainly would like a bit tighter turn radius for shorter radius turns on steep groomers, and good performance on steepish mogul terrain (think Highlands, Taos, Abasin, Snowbird). Love Bonafides on most groomers, and pretty much any terrain, but they do require a lot of energy from my 160 lbs when the snow is less than perfect, and they get to feeling a little clunky in steep bumps. My Kendos are ok, but have kind of a big turn radius unless the snow is corn or packed powder, and then I can create pretty much any turn radius. I really like to load up a ski to the point where I get a big pop out of the turn. Thoughts?

    1. Hi DB!
      Heck yeah, I think there is. The 88 and 93 are fairly close in performance, but the 88 feels more responsive, quicker edge to edge, and more of a groomer-ripper than the 93. You'll make a lot of people jealous with a quiver like that. Go for it!

      1. Hi Heikki!
        If you spend most of your time on groomers, I'd probably go Enforcer 88. It's noticeably quicker edge to edge than the M5 Mantra. The Mantra is a fantastic crud-busting all mountain ski for aggressive skiers, but I'd give the Enforcer 88 the edge on groomers. You'll still be able to take it off-piste from time to time too. Kendo 88 (new for 2020) would be a closer comparison to the Enforcer 88. M5 Mantra is getting closer to Enforcer 100 width.
        Hope that helps!

        1. Hi Bob!
          I'm 6/2 215 and I skied the 186 and it was just about perfect. Another skier is 6/6 200 and skied the 186 as well. I'd say the 186 is very similar to the 185 in the other Enforcer models. Have fun!

          1. Hi Bruno!
            I'm having a hard time trying to talk people out of the Enforcer 88 these days. The V92 is a great ski for sure, but lacks the snap and pop of the Enforcer 88. I also really enjoyed the K2 Pinnacle 88 and the 2020 K2 Mindbender 90 Ti as solid, all-mountain performers that have great rebound and energy. At the end of the day, the Enforcer 88 is a fantastic all-mountain front side ski with a lot of energy. Hope that helps!

  26. How would you compare the Monster 88 with either the Enforcer 88 or Kendo 88? I am looking for an all mountain ski with good edge hold on firm groomers that also performs well in crud/off piste conditions. I have wider skis for the rare powder day. I weigh about 175.

  27. I am 62, 5'9'' and 163 lbs. I am a strong fast skier and skies everything from groomers to trees and bumps. What size in the E88 would you recommend ?

    1. Hi Russ!
      To be honest, pretty darn similar. The new Kendo 88 feels lighter than the Enforcer or Monster with the new Titanal Frame. The Enforcer and Monster have more of the classic two-sheets-of-metal, sandwich construction feel. Enforcer uses thinner metal, so a little softer flexing throughout. I think the Enforcer 88 or Kendo 88 are arguably better off-piste than the Monster.

  28. Hey SE,
    First off, you guys rock and thanks for all the choice content.Some background and then a couple questions:
    I'm 6'5", 210lbs, fairly aggressive, and trying to break into more advanced skiing skills on the east coast. I currently ride 2013 Salomon Enduro xt800 82width 182length.
    This year I started to get off the groomers (where I have progressing carving skills) and into the trees with ~8" fresh (where I have much less skill). I was having a hard time with maneuverability on my current skis and so here I am searching for #justright... Practicing at slower speeds in the trees, but hoping to maintain some carving power for the east coast conditions.
    Q1: I'm considering the Enforcer 93 in 193length. Do you think this length is too much for me or sound fair? My thought was longer because I'm big, progressing, and in attempt to retain as much carving as possible, but I wanted to get your take so I don't totally miss the treeability that I'm trying to get more of.
    Q2: My current 82width 182 length Salomon enduros seemed great while I was learning, but now I'm thinking they are a little short for me as I start to go fairly fast on the groomers. Would you agree that those sound a bit short or OK?
    Many thanks and I owe you a beer making you read that novel.

    1. Hi Carson!
      Thanks! Here are my thoughts:
      1. I think the Enforcer 93 in the 193 cm length is a reasonable choice. At your size and ability level, it's not outrageously long. That said, it's not going to be particularly easy to maneuver, especially at slower speeds in the trees. Overall, the shape is better in terrain like that than your Salomons, but it's still a lot of ski. The rocker profile is going to help tremendously compared to your current skis, you just need to keep in mind that the swing weight of a 193 cm Enforcer 93 is fairly robust. So, somewhat of a toss-up. 185 cm could work too if you really wanted to focus on easier maneuverability.
      2. Yeah, in my opinion 182 cm is a little short, especially in that ski. I would imagine it feels a little unstable at speed.
      So, ultimately the question is whether 193 cm is too long or not. I'm not 100% convinced it's too long for you, but I'm also not 100% convinced it would be best for you. I have a co-worker, in fact he's the guy in the teal jacket in the photos on this article, who is 6'6 and about your weight. He's a pretty darn good skier, and he thinks the 193 cm is a bit much. So, that came up in my head as I was thinking about your situation and I wondered if you'd have the same reaction. I'm starting to think the sweet spot for you would be upper-180 cm lengths. So, with that in mind, I was thinking of other skis I would recommend and came across the 188 cm Rustler 9. I believe we're out of stock right now, but we'll be getting more in. Similar performance to the Enforcer, but slightly lighter swing weight and a slightly more manageable length.
      Let me know what you think. It is, of course, up to you. Are you up for the 193 cm? Maybe you are. It might be a bit of a challenge at times, but it's also super fun at high speeds. So, sort of a question of whether or not you're willing to be challenged in the trees from time to time.
      Happy to chat more about it!

  29. Hi SE,
    I am 5'11 and 175 lbs, like a pair of skis that compliment with Rustler 10, which I use for soft days and moguls.
    I can't decide between the E88 or E93, and also can't decide between the lengths 177/179 vs 185/186cm. I would describe myself as a strong intermediate/low end advanced skier, and progressing to get better. Like to have a pair of skis that I can grow with. Especially for carving. Live in seattle area.

    1. HI Brian!
      I tend to like a bigger difference between a two-ski quiver, so I'd go with the 88 to make the distinction a bit more clear. I'd say the 179 is the way to go with that ski--they're pretty stable! Have fun!

  30. Thanks for all the great info! Im looking for a first ski after years of renting. Tried the 2018 enforcer 93 in 170 (I'm 5'8", 160#) and absolutely loved it (mostly west coast groomers, starting to wander into more powder, trees). Thoughts on waiting on the 88s, and 165 vs 172 length?

    1. Hi Allen!
      Sounds to me like the 93 is a better choice for your application. If you were more interested in moving towards on-piste skiing, I'd recommend the 88, but it seems like you're headed the other way, so the 93 suits your needs a bit better. I think the 169 is the way to go in that model. Have fun!

  31. Hi.
    Just after your thoughts on this vs Brahma 88 and lengths please.
    I demoed the 173cm 2020 Brahma 88 and thought was about right for me and currently own and love my 177cm 2018 Enforcer 93s and 100s.
    So in an Enforcer 88 to compare, would I be more the 172cm or 179cm length you think? 6.1 and 140lbs.

    1. Hi Alan!
      I'd use the 172 Enforcer 88 as a similar length to the Brahma. Performance-wise, I but them side by side right at the top of the 88's underfoot group. I'd give the edge to the Enforcer in terms of playfulness, while the Brahma is a bit more of a Formula 1 car. I prefer the Enforcer in moguls and trees while I'd take the Brahma on an icy trail any day. Have fun!

  32. Skier stats: 65 year old lifelong hardcore skier and beer league racer. 5'8" 195lbs in decent shape. Most of my skiing is in Western NY + a trip or 2 per season Style is aggressive technical Looking for a better all around ski to take on ski trips to bigger mountains, especially out west. Current ski for that is the Bonafides in a 180, before that the Experience 98 also 180. Though I liked both of those skis for hard charging and off piste, I find that I generally don't get the western conditions I dream of and often wish I had something a bit shorter and narrower, for more fun in bumps or tighter trees as well ripping corduroy first thing in the morning on non powder days. Of course if I get lucky, I want them to perform well in soft snow as well. As an old school skier, I can ski anything in anything if I have to.
    I love your review on the Enforcer 88, and can see myself skiing it locally after dumps. I can also see it being my western ski. However I also like your review of the Enoforcer 93. So which one do you think and which size? 172 or 179 for this old ski bum?
    Rick G

    1. Hi Rick!
      I think you should be looking at the 93 in a 177. I think it hits all your needs and applications perfectly, especially for a western ski. If you were primarily an eastern skier, I'd go with the 88, but the 93 is a solid carver as well as an all-mountain ski. Also, it comes in that in-between size which I think is right up your alley. Have fun!

      1. Thanks for your reply and advice. I pulled the trigger on the 88's in a 179 length. I agree that the 93 might be a better western ski, but I also hope to ski this back east after dumps. Probably the description that hooked me on the 88 was that you said it is a fantastic bump ski. Even at my advanced age, I still enjoy skiing bumps. Especially the softer ones out west.
        I am looking forward to skiing the 88's in a few short months!!
        Rick G

  33. hello i am having problems deciding detween the mindbender and the enforcer 100
    i am an agressive skier . from glade to trailer i ski it all any thoughts

    1. Hi Christof!
      I assume you're talking about the Mindbender 99Ti versus the Enforcer 100. There's nothing wrong with either ski. The Enforcer is more consistent from tip to tail in terms of the construction, so you're going to get a more predictable performance. That's not to say the 99 is wacky and unpredictable, but rather the build in terms of the Y-Beam is not a full metal sheet (while the Enforcer has two full sheets), so you will get a different flex. The MB 99 is also pretty heavy, due to the fiberglass wrap, but that also makes it pretty damp. If you like that dual-metal laminate feeling, definitely go for the Enforcer, but if you're looking for something a bit different, the 99 is pretty sweet. Both all-mountain capable at high-performance levels.

  34. I own the older Experience 88 (before the redesign in 2019 or whenever). Who would you compare those to the Enf 88?
    As you guys have described before, the wide tail on the Experience does not want to release until the ski is unweighted. The Experience is also, to me, such a carving ski that it always has to be in a turn or going into a turn. It always wants to be on edge.
    My impression from your review is that the Enforcer could charge a little harder and vary turn shape more easily. Interested in your thoughts.

    1. Hi Terry!
      You're pretty spot on with that analysis. Some people loved the wide tail and long effective edge of the Experience, and some people did not. The Enforcer is a great comparison, and I felt like it was way more versatile and well rounded than the Rossignol. The new Experience 88 is a lot more similar to the Enforcer 88, just a bit more forgiving, but the older Experience to the Enforcer 88 is a pretty big difference. Have fun!

  35. Hi! Thank you guys for all of the great info and reviews.
    I'm deciding between the 2019 Nordica Navigator 90 and the 2020 Nordica Enforcer 88.
    I'm an Eastern skiier who usually takes about one trip out West per year. I'm looking for great all-mountain versatility, but realistically I spend more than half of my time skiing on groomers and hard-pack, not necessarily by choice. I really love snappy maneuverability above all else. Also like to ramp up the speed sometimes, but not my top priority. When conditions are ripe for it, I love going off trail into the trees. Looking for one ski that can do it all to use all the time. I'm an advanced skiier who skis a lot all season long, and expect to continue improving into the realm of "expert".
    I'm 5' 11", 165 lbs.
    I love the lower price tag on lightly used Navigator 90's, compared to the brand new Enforcer 88's. The waist widths are very similar, and it seems like the sidecuts are similar too (little bit deeper on the Navigator's I think). I was nearly decided on the Navigators, but my only concern is that I've seen a couple of reviews calling the Navigator a "noodle", saying that it's too light to hold up against chopped up crud and that it's not well suited to expert skiiers. Do you think there's truth to this? In your view, are these two options very similar and essentially interchangeable, or do you recommend paying the extra money to get the Enforcer 88's? Do you think the versatility is similar between the two?

    1. Hi Kyle!
      I guess I'd say the Navigator is more "noodle-y" than the Enforcer, but there's still a metal sheet in there, so it's no slouch, especially in the tail. For your weight, I don't think it'll be too soft. For snappy maneuverability, the Navigator is right there. If you find it at a good deal, I'd take it. Have fun!

  36. Hi,
    I'm currently skiing on Volkl 170 cm Unlimited AC 30. I'm 67 years old 5 feet 10 and 170 lbs. Looking into the Nordica Enforcer 88, Nordica Navigator 85, or possibly Brahma 82 or anything else you would suggest. I ski about about 50 % out west and 50 % in the east. I would say I'm advanced to expert , skiing on most terrain including groomers, some bumps, and powder if I get lucky. The Volkls have been great , but I'm looking for something new , lighter and quick to turn but also good in powder . Any thoughts.

    1. Hi Rich!
      I think the Brahma 82 might fall a bit short in the "also good in powder" category, but is a fantastic on-trail ski. The Brahma 88 might be a better choice, especially if you're looking at an Enforcer 88. The 88's carve REALLY well these days, so I wouldn't be worried about getting something in that width--truly all-mountain skis for sure. Check out the Rossignol Experience 88 Ti for a lighter version of the Brahma/Enforcer as well as the Atomic Vantage 90 Ti. We've got a comprehensive ~90 mm review coming out later this week on our Chairlift Chat Blog if you can hold off! You might see something you like on our wall! Have fun!

  37. Hi,
    I am trying to decide between the Nordica Enforcer 88, the Brahma 88, the Kendo, the Mindbender 90 ti, and the Head Kore 93. I ski a lot in Northern Michigan which gets some icy patches. I love varying up my turn lengths. I'm working on being a better bump and tree skier. I also plan to get out West twice a year or so in the next 5 years.
    I am 53. I learned to ski in my 30s. I currently ski the Blizzard 8.0 CA Magnum from 2014. I want a ski that can handle powder better, and maybe bumps.

    1. Hi Tase!
      I'm thinking you're a Kendo skier. The varying turn shapes and bumps and trees are all right up the Kendo's alley. I thought so, anyway. Also a fantastic carver. I'd say the 93 is a bit wide and the Brahma and Enforcer are a bit stiff and heavy. The K2 is right on par with the Kendo in terms of performance, but it's a tad heavier. I think the Kendo 88 is the way to go. Have fun!

  38. Hi there,
    i am considereing to buy the enforcer 88 but i am a bit in doubt about the length.
    i am 1m89, so what length should i buy considering the tip rocker profile? 1m79 or 1m85??
    Jan from Belgium

    1. Hi Jan!
      It depends on your level of aggressiveness and speed. If you're making bigger and faster turns, I'd go with the 186, but if you're slower and making shorter swing turns, the 179 is likely a better option. The tip rocker profile isn't really pronounced enough to make a difference in terms of length. Have fun!

  39. Hi
    I am a 5' 7" 195 lbs. aggressive skier presently skiing on 2013 Nordica Firearrow EDT 168 length.(love these skis) who skis mostly on groomers in the east.
    What length would suit me for the 2020 Enforcer 88: 172 or 179 length ?
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Charles!
      If you're comfortable on the 168, I'd go with the 172. I think the 179 would be too long and too big of a jump. Have fun!

  40. Hi,
    I can't thank you guys enough for the valuable insight you provide on skis, keep up the good work! On that note...after much research I'm looking to make an investment in a new pair of Enforcers and I'm torn between the 88 and the 93. I'm and advanced skier, 5'7, 160 lbs and I primarily ski Killington. I spend most of my time in the trees when possible and I prefer short quick turns vs. long carving turns when on-piste. So I'm looking for a solid ski that can handle the hard pack typical of the East Coast front side but will maximize my chances of staying alive when ripping through the trees. I tried the Kendo last season and absolutely loved it on the front side and almost pulled the trigger on buying a pair but found them less quick-turning and harder to maneuver in the trees than I'd like. I think the Enforcer 88 in 165 or the 93 in 169 is the ski for me, would really appreciate your thoughts on one vs. the other. Thanks!

    1. Thanks, Ed!
      I'm an 88 fan personally, but I also have a wider ski for powder. If I were to just have one, I'd likely get the 93. The 93 will be a bit slower edge to edge, but you get more of a surfy feel than the 88 or the Kendo, which want to dig in a bit more. Sounds like you're leaning to the 88 to me. Have fun!

  41. Hello! Just found the website, what a wealth of info! I have just started my search for new skis and am drowning a bit in all the info and what to do. I live in NY, 5’7”, 175lbs, 46 yo. I skied a lot in my 20s, but have tapered off a lot in the last few years. Maybe 5-7 days per year. A long time ago I had Rossignol Bandit Xs and loved them. Replaced them in 2006 with K2 Apache Outlaws and always have felt they’re too heavy and hard to manage, so I’ve been renting the last few years. I’d say I have strong technique, mostly ski advanced, mixed in with some expert and high intermediate. Don’t often get into deep powder. Like to ski with a bit of speed and vary my turns. Not too much into off piste or moguls. Tend to like a lighter ski as I’m not as strong as I used to be!
    Anyway, I’ve been researching and think I want something in the 80s width. Enforcer 88, Rossignol TI 88, Elan Wingman, etc. my biggest questions are (1) which is preferable, and (2) is this “top of the line” too much ski for me, and (3) what is the best length? Mainly concerned about weight since the K2s were too heavy.
    Thanks so much for your insights!!

    1. Hi Shawn!
      There's a lot of good options in the ~88 category. Preference is subjective, but for you and what you're looking for out of a ski, I think the Rossi is a top option. The Wingman and the Enforcer are stiffer and more demanding, and while the Experience does have a high-performance ceiling, it is a lot more approachable than the other models. I think you'll like that they're lighter. In terms of length, I think the 172 is on the longer end while the 164 is probably appropriate. Hope that helps!

  42. So many choices, so hard to make a decision!
    I'm 61, 5'9, 175lbs. Advanced skier, 30-35 days/year skiing South Lake Tahoe mostly (Heavenly). A day of skiing is typically ~22K+ vertical feet, with 50% in diamond slopes with bumps. I'm fit and truly enjoy the bumps because they challenge me. I like a workout when I ski and bumps give me that. I'd like a ski that will serve me well in bumps (forgiving, soft?), but will also be nice on groomers/powder/woods for the other 50%. I know I cannot get a ski that will do it all, so I'd give preference to the bumps over the rest since this is where "feeling good" is most important to me. Performance is not what I'm after. (I've skied Rossignol Experience 75 for the past 6 years, ready for an upgrade!).
    The Enforcer 88 has been suggested to me. Unfortunately I could only test the Enforcer 93 (169cm) and the Mentra M5. I definitely preferred the E93 over the M5 (E88 was easier for me in the bumps).  
    So, a few questions:
    - Would the E88 fit my skier profile? (better than the E93 in the bumps while also providing the all mountain versatility?) If so, should I go with 165 or 172 (I'd personally find the 169 perfect, but they only have it in the E93)
    - Which other ski would you recommend? Head Kore 93 has been suggested as well (lighter, easier in bumps?). Any other ski that would better fit my profile?
    Huge thanks for any advice!

    1. Hi Pierre!
      So many GREAT choices!
      I just started skiing the Enforcer 88 as my daily driver here in Stowe,VT and love it. Great in bumps, super quick, and just a lot of fun. Not the best in deep snow, but that's why I have wider skis too. I'd say the 172 is the proper length in that model, as yes, the 165 is on the short side. The Kore is more in line with the E93 in terms of softer-snow capabilities, but the edge grip and quickness must go the E88. Just to split the difference, check out the K2 Mindbender 90 Ti. Have fun!

  43. Hello Guys, I just saw the new Enforcer 88 in Tahoe. I bought the Enforcer 93 177cm last season and really like them. I'm 60 years old, in great shape, have been skiing for 40+ years and used to spend most of my days in the bumps. I love the ungroomed stuff and still get in the bumps for a portion of my day. I was on Rossi Bandits for many years and love them but just wore them out. It has been a little adjustment going to a wider ski. I'm 5'-9" 185 lbs and consider myself an advanced skier. My question is, would the Enforcer 88 be a little more fun it bumps and off piste than the 93's and if so would you recommend going up to a 179 or down to a 172?

    1. HI Joey!
      I just started skiing the Enforcer 88 and love it. You'll get more versatility in softer snow from the 93, but for most conditions, especially firmer, the 88 is a fantastic choice. I'd say the 172 is a better choice, especially for bumps. Have fun!

  44. Hey guys!
    Your site and reviews are so great. You bring so much detail to each review and give us gear heads just what we need. I am really struggling with the decision of what second ski to add to my quiver. I am primarily an East Coast skier that is strong intermediate skier that spends most of his days following my young rippers through the trees. Speed is not super important but I do love to rip on cords. I am looking for ski that will help me get better at short turns in trees and on moderate bump runs. Also, when we get a dump a ski that holds up. I currently ski a Black Diamond All Mountain ski, 95 underfoot, it is great if we get a real dump, but it has high turn radius and generally feels planky/boring at the resort.
    I took the Kendo 88 out for a run this weekend, it was good ski. I felt it wanted to charge and go fast, and the trees are not open yet this season. Everyone I talk to keeps bringing up the Enforcer 88 to check out because it is more playful, more forgiving etc.. Which ski will help me progress (I felt the Kendo with time would) and will be fun to chase my kids (on their short skis) through the woods.
    Thank you!!!

    1. Thanks Geoff!
      I've been skiing the 88 for a few weeks now and love it. I felt that the Kendo, although lighter, had more of a metallic feel while the Enforcer is quieter and more woody. That said, I also feel like the Enforcer has stiffer tails and isn't quite as maneuverable, but that's my own personal experience. But if you're looking at the Kendo and want something to compare it to, the Enforcer 88 is certainly a fantastic option. Have fun!

  45. I've been reading your reviews and love them! I'm 5'10 185lbs and would consider myself an advanced skier. I usually head out West to Banff or Montana 2/3 times a year and also do some local skiing on mainly small groomers. Im coming from a pair of 179" Line Supernatural 100s I bought a few years ago and was thinking about getting something different. I love skiing powder but it's not always available so I tend to ski a lot of bumps, trees, crud and groomers as well. I am looking for a 1 quiver ski, and can get the E88s on a great deal. Would they be a good fit or should I look to something a bit wider underfoot and look at a Mindbender99/Soul 7/QST106?

    1. Hi Brent!
      As long as you're sticking to mainly groomers out west, you should be fine with the 88. They have the shape of a more freeride-style ski, but the width and stiffness of that all-mountain ski. I wouldn't look to the wider options as your one ski--that 106 would be a nice complement to the quiver, though! Have fun!

  46. Hi, first of all I love your reviews! So much detail! I have read a lot of them recently. I am an advanced aggressive skier, 175cm tall, weighing 80kg. I currently ski a fischer progressor 8+ in 170cm. Love the stability and edge to edge quickness of the fischer, but it's just not happy off the piste. From what I have read I think the 88 would have enough carving performance to keep me happy doing fast GS turns, but at the same time give me the extra versatility to venture of the piste and into the trees, bumps, and even a couple of inches of powder. Would you recommend the 88's in 172 or 179? I had also considered the K2 mindbender 90ti. Learning towards the 88's at the moment because of this phrase - "energy and power coming out of a turn".
    I ski mostly Europe early and late in the season, so ski everything from hard pack, soft snow, crud, ice, and when lucky some powder.

    1. Thanks Gareth!
      I've been skiing the 88 for a few weeks now and absolutely love it. I'm a bit bigger than you and ski the 186 and find it stiff in bumps but that's the only limitation other than deep snow, but that's not what these are built for. Overall, the "energy and power coming out of a turn" is about as impressive as I've ever been on, and I've had to learn how to stay balanced because they're so energetic. I think the 172 is the way to go--just a bit under your height should be good for quickness while not downgrading stability. K2 is a great ski as well--a bit less demanding than the Enforcer, but does lack that higher gear. Have fun!

  47. How's it Going? I love your reviews! I'm 43 yo, 6'2, 220, advanced intermediate skier. Mostly groomers. Looking at the Enforcer 88s for an East Coast daily driver. What length would you suggest? Thanks!

    1. Going great, Dave!
      I'm 42, 6/2 220 and I have been on the Enforcer 88 for a few weeks now in the 186 and love it. If you're looking for a bit more maneuverability, the 179 shouldn't be out of the question, but I feel the 186 fits me perfectly. Have a great time!

  48. Great Review. Need some suggestions for picking skis. Skis for 5 years and located in the east coast (Vt, Quebec area). advanced skier (can do most double black without any issues), 155lb and 5'11. Currently have 2018 K2 pinnacle 88 but would like to get new skis that do it all for all snow conditions in the east. Consider Enforce 88/93, Rossi 88, and Kore 93, Brahma 88, mindbender 90. (175-180cm length). Spent 90/10 on/off piste and mainly on terrain. Looking for one ski quiver in the east with stable but fun carving turn. Not a park guy. Any suggestions? Other skis that are not on the listed are welcome as well

    1. Hi Kevin!
      For the percentage that you're on-piste, I'd stick to the 88's to start. Of those, the Experience is the turniest and easiest to use while the Brahma is likely the burliest. The Enforcer lies somewhere in the middle, leaning more to the burly side. I'd say you should look to the Enforcer for a strong ski with a high end. Have fun!

  49. Love reading all these reviews but just get more options on where to go with my next ski purchase!
    I’m 6’7 230lbs and am intermediate skill level after having gotten back into it after a long hiatus a few years ago. Looking for an East coast ski as I spend most of my time here. Have gotten my legs back under me and spend some time in the trees again, which I’d like to do a bit more of, so something that can handle 20/30% off piste is a plus.
    Was looking at navigators but with my size and weight not sure bumping up to the enforcers would be a better choice or would they be a bit too much for my skill level.
    Would I have to spend more effort driving the enforcers or would my size help me there? I’m worried about overpowering the navigators after another year or two. Looking for something to grow in to but still manageable with how I ski today.

    1. Hi Boogie23!
      Yes, I'd say the Enforcer is a better option than the Nav. And yes, you will have to put in some more effort, but you've got the physical size to make it easier--also, the softer skis will simply fold if you really put your strength into it, so I'd definitely stick to the Enforcer. I'm 6/2 220 and I've been on the Enforcer 88 for a month now and love it. I'm on the 186 and find it just about right, so I'd look to that size for you as well. Have fun!

      1. Local shop had one left and gave me the EOY discount early. Hopefully I get them in time for one or two more trips if winter cooperates.
        Thanks for giving me the push to buy something to advance/grow in to versus being annoyed with the Navs next year!

  50. Hi. Great recommendations on here! I'm 49, 6'2", and 215lbs. Solid intermediate skill ... and I want to keep progressing. I like try and carve steeper blues and do shorter, speed-control, smeary turns on easy, smooth blacks (moguls on steeper terrain are still too hard for me). I like to think I can carve, but I smear a bit before getting on edge vice confidently getting on edge with quick precision. Most of my skiing is east coast groomed trails, with a very rare trip into shallow'ish powder. No serious off piste, deep powder, or death-defying terrain park jumps in my immediate future.
    I recently rented the Rossi Experience 84 @ 176cm, and the ~2016 Blizzard Brahma 88 @ 187cm. The Experience 84 felt nimble side-to-side in the morning, but 176cm might have been too short as I felt a lot of abrupt friction on the slushier spots in the afternoon. The Brahma 88 was probably too long (and/or too stiff) at 187cm ... I didn't feel like I had confident control when initiating turns on steeper slopes or the icy spots in the afternoon.
    I'd appreciate your advice on a very good, fun ski suited to my current skills while encouraging growth into an advanced skier. No need to limit recommendations to the skis I mentioned ... they are just what I've tried so far. Thanks!

    1. HI Scott!
      If you liked the overall feel of the 84, I'd definitely take a look at the Experience 88 in the 180. The Enforcer 88 will be more similar to the Brahma, which it sounds like you don't like. Also look to the Elan Ripstick 88 for a light and highly capable ski. Have fun!

  51. Thank you so much for the time and effort that you and your puts into your business. It's been a huge help.
    Please help me find the right ski!
    Profile: 5' 9", 175 lbs, strong intermediate to advanced skier, based in the Pacific Northwest. My time is spent carving on the front side and mixing in tree runs whenever possible. Not much time spent in the bumps.
    Conditions/Terrain: Our powder is heavy. And now, since the weather is getting warmer, we deal with sections of ice and slush.
    Like everyone else on planet Earth, I'd like the "one ski to rule them all" or at least something more versatile. I would sincerely appreciate your ski recommendation, along with size.
    I'm considering the following, thanks to your YouTube/Site content:
    - Atomic Vantage 90TI
    - Nordica Enforcer 88 or Nordica Navigator 85
    - Blizzard Rustler 9 (concerned about the waist width, due to slush and ice)
    - Rossignol Experience 88 TI
    I'm open to any other recommendations, as well.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Pac Northwest!
      I think you're in the right zone for sure, I'd stick to the 88-92 underfoot range. Splitting the difference there, you could narrow your focus to the 90's, including the Vantage, and I'd also add the K2 Mindbender 90 Ti. This one is the heavier option versus the Vantage, and is a stronger carver, although not quite as nimble. I'd imagine with the heavier snow and crud, you'd want a bit more substance underfoot, hence the K2 recommendation. The Enforcer is also quite substantial, just with more of a carving focus than the 90's I'd look to the mid-170's for those skis. Have fun!

  52. Love the review and all the help you've given in the comments!
    I'm 22, 6'1" and 175 pounds. I'm currently advanced, but I'm hoping to spend a season in the mountains next year - so I really want a ski that I can progress with.
    I recently demo'd the Enforcers 88 180cm on an indoor ski slope. Not a great test environment, but enough to give me a taste and I'm confident that I'm going to love them.
    I have bought a 186cm pair on the basis that I love going fast and ski quite aggressively. I enjoy trees occasionally l but it's not my focus - I spend most of my time ripping groomers or heading to open off piste. Do you think I went with the right size or should I have gone for 180cm since I'm fairly light for my height?

    1. Hi Chris!
      I'm 6/2 220 and I'm on the 186 in that ski and love it. I don't think weight has as much to do with it, and I do wish they made a 191 like they do with the other models in the Enforcer line. If you're going fast and are on groomers, I'd size up for sure. I think you're on the right ski. Have fun!

  53. Hey SkiEssentials!
    Hoping to get some advice! I've been eyeing up a new ski to help fill out my quiver & could use a little help with my decision process. (Would have demoed more if COVID had not cut the season short.) I currently own 2019 Salomon QST 99s (173cm) & was hoping to find something a bit narrower (85-90mm) since I'm East Coast based. I have been travelling west for a couple weeks each winter.
    My background:
    I'm 5'6" & 190lbs. (Expecting to lose a chunk of that weight, down to 160ish, by next winter if that has any impact.) I've got two seasons of skiing & about 45 days with a mix of East & West coast skiing under my belt. I consider myself a strong intermediate, leaning toward advanced, skier enjoying blues & some blacks. My preferences is towards groomed runs & bowls. Not really into trees (yet), park, or moguls. When I can go fast & feel good, I'll push the speed. Otherwise, I'll take a relaxing cruise down the slope.
    Aside from the 2019 QST 99s, I've tried Enforcer 88s & 93s & Rossignol 84 Al & 88 Ti. I enjoyed both Enforcers. As for the Rossignols, The 84 Al felt a bit too flexible when I leaned into them, but otherwise an enjoyable ride. The 88 Ti was a bit too snappy for me and I didn't like the how the tail gripped coming out of turns.
    As for what I'm looking at, I'm currently deciding between the following, but if there is another ski that really sticks out as a good option feel free to toss it in. (I am leaning away from the Enforcer 93 as I feel it's too close to my QST 99s in purpose.)
    Nordica Enforcer 88
    Volkl Kendo 88
    Blizzard Brahma 88
    Ideally, I'd like to make the ski my daily driver for East Coast use and be usable in the occasional trees & moguls when I finally get into that. If you have a length recommendation as well, that be appreciated.

    1. Hi Adam!
      Pretty good trifecta of skis you got there, and for how similar they are in terms of intent, they do have different personalities for sure. The Brahma is the plankiest and the one requiring the most speed to activate. The Kendo is the lightest (relative to the three) and the quickest turner. I was very impressed with the Kendo's slow speed compliance as well as its high end. Also great in bumps and trees while retaining its carving prowess. The Enforcer is a freeride ski trapped in an all-mountain ski's body, and for me, this is my personal favorite, as it's a great mix of all the attributes. I've also been an Enforcer 100 fan in the past, and this has the same feel, just in a more torsinally stiff and quick package. For your application, for trees and bumps as well as on-piste skiing, I think the Kendo makes the most sense, but really all great skis. For sizing, the Kendo choices are 170 and 177, kind of leaving you in the middle. Depending on how you feel about your 99 in the 173, I'd choose accordingly. The Enforcer comes in a 172, so that's right up your alley, and the Brahma 173 (pre-2021). Have fun!

  54. Hey was hoping you guys could help, had a question about the Enforcer 88's and the Rossi Experience 88's. I am really torn between the two, ski on the East coast, probably 70% groomers, 30% bumps/trees. From what I've read the Rossi's would be better for the groomers, but it sounds like the Enforcers are no slouch either, and have some playfulness that would benefit in the trees/bumps. Currently have 173cm 2013 Blizzard Bushwackers. Am 5'8, 160, was thinking the 172's?

    1. Hi Alex!
      The Experience is modeled more closely to a front side ski but in a wider shape, while the Enforcer 88 is based more on a freeride shape but in a narrower width, so you do get a bit different of a character between these two skis. The Experience has a shorter turn radius and does prefer to be in a carved turn. It's a bit more forgiving than the Enforcer, so I'd peg it as a bit better in the bumps and tight trees, especially due to the stiffer tail of the Enforcer. If your priority is front side carving, the Experience has a lot to offer, but for more of a freeride/all-mountain versatile stick, it's hard to go wrong with the Enforcer. I think 172 is the way to go. Have fun!

  55. Hi,
    Trying to decide between Enforcer 93 (last year), 94, and 88. I skied 93s last year and loved them and I know I still have access to them and they are a little heavier in the tips than the 94s. I demo'd the 94s this week. I have never been on the 88s. I am an Advanced skier, 6'1" 225lbs that skies VT groomers. I have a pair of Rustler 9s for when conditions get slushy or there's a lot of snow or I want to hit bumps. Please advise on a ski.

    1. HI Davis!
      I think if you plan on keeping the Rustler, I'd look to the 88's as a complement. You'd likely find the 94 to be a replacement for the Rustler, even though it's a slightly different build. This way, with the 88, you have a more clear distinction between your skis. I'm 6/2 220 and I own an Enforcer 88 in the 186 and love it. Have fun!

  56. Wow, what a great thread with a ton of information. I wasn't considering the E88 but I am now. Considering trying to put together a 2 ski quiver. 1 for PA frontside groomers and a second for fresh snow, crud or trips to VT or possibly out west for Western Groomers and some fresh snow. For the PA frontside considering the Elan Wingman CTI 82 or 86, Volkl Deacon 84, or Fischer RC One 82 GT, and for the wider ski most of the above mentioned 88's- E88, Exp 88ti, Kendo 88 or Ripstick 88. Would love your opinion on what would make a nice and versatile combination. Or if there was one ski that would cover it all, that would be helpful as well. Thanks as always.

    1. HI Sean!
      I don't think you'll need much wider or narrower than the 88's for your skiing and application. The more front-side skis like the Wingman would be better served with a wider complement, while the Kendo or Enforcer can really stand on their own on either coast in all but the deepest snow. Kendo and Enforcer are likely your best choices for a one-ski setup, and if you were going for two, I'd go with the Wingman 82, and then something wider like a Ripstick 96 (or 106 if you are looking for a greater gap). Have fun!

  57. Hi! I am looking at the E88 as a daily driver in Europe, but am a little concerned with different use experience in very firm - icy conditions. While some praise its edge grip, the others have issues with turn initiation an the ski slipping out.
    Can you please expand based on your expirience?
    Thanks in advance!

    1. HI Daniel!
      I have not experienced a whole lot of edge slip with my Enforcer 88's. While it's not as grippy as some other 88's like the Blizzard Brahma, or slightly narrower skis like the Elan Wingman 86 or Fischer RC One 86 GT, it's still pretty darn good. Keep the edges sharp and there'll be no problems. Have fun!

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