Month: February 2020

Top Five Fridays: February 28, 2020

This week in the world of ski news, we find ourselves exploring the theme of "where people ski." At Aspen Snowmass, that discussion centers around their current skier-visit statistics which shows an increased use of the Ikon Pass, and a decreased use of local passes. We'll take a look at that story, as well as Denver's Ruby Hill Rail Yard which provides an opportunity for free skiing, as well as the PowderBee, a new search drone being developed for avalanche rescues. Plus, we'll update you with the latest from the FIS World Cup in this week's edition of Top 5 Fridays!

2021 K2 Disruption 82Ti Ski Review

Continuing with our ongoing coverage of K2's exciting new 2021 Disruption series, we're excited to share with you our official review of the 20201 Disruption 82Ti. Not to be judged solely on appearances, we found the Disruption 82Ti to be surprisingly versatile, allowing itself to morph into a variety of different "types" of skis, depending on what the user wants. From GS turns on groomers, to slower turns and swiveling, K2 has somehow managed to create a ski that's incredibly capable in a variety of on-mountain scenarios. To learn more about this unique new ski, simply click through and read our review!

Lenz 6.0 Heated Socks Gear Review

Do you struggle to keep your toes warm while skiing? If so, it might be time to consider investing in some heated socks. While utilizing toe warmers and spending extra time in the lodge is a viable option for some, it's certainly not for everyone. If you're tired of making compromises as a result of stubbornly cold toes, it's probably time to solve the problem once and for all. Enter the Lenz 6.0 Heated Socks. The latest version of the heated sock from Lenz offers comfort, warmth, and convenience through a range of well thought out features. If this description has piqued your interest, check out our full review of the Lenz 6.0 Heated Socks!

Top Five Fridays: February 21, 2020

This week in skiing, the best news we saw was an incredible Sports Illustrated article highlighting Mikaela Shiffrin's prowess as both an athlete, as well as a human being. We'll share some highlights from that piece as well as a full recap of the 2020 Kings and Queens of Corbet's event before rounding out with some intriguing ski-related headlines from across the world. Find out all you need to know from this week in skiing in this week's edition of Top 5 Fridays!

2021 Volkl Blaze 106 Men's and Women's Ski Review

New from Volkl skis for 2021 is the Blaze series. A couple of weeks ago we took a broad look at the new series, highlighting the intentions behind the design of these skis and how Volkl Lead Product Manager Andi Mann sees them fitting in amongst the rest of Volkl's skis. This week, we're zooming in a bit closer on the Blaze 106 skis, which are set to replace the 100Eight model. Click through to read our full review and to learn all you need to know about these new skis!

2021 K2 Disruption MTI Ski Review

A couple of weeks back we introduced you to the all new 2021 K2 Disruption series via an article that took a bird's-eye view of the concepts and intentions behind the line. Now, we're going to zoom in a bit on the 2021 K2 Disruption MTI skis, taking a closer look at the traits and details of what we'd consider to be the unofficial flagship model of the line. Without giving too much away, we'll just say that if big, frontside GS turns are what you live for, then this review of the 2021 K2 Disruption MTI is a must read. Click through to learn more!

Top Five Fridays: February 14, 2020

This week in the world of skiing, we have tons of competition news to recap. Starting as we always do with FIS World Cup Ski Racing coverage, we'll go on to give you a brief recap of last weekend's Winter Dew Tour results before recapping the second stop of the 2020 Freeride World Tour. While we do our best to cover the highlights from all of these events, we're also sure to include plenty of links and video embeds so you can witness the action for yourself. Between the two events, there's plenty of action you won't want to miss! Finally, we'll round out with coverage of the lift line disaster at Vail as well as our favorite edits from this week. Click through to learn all you need to know from this week in skiing!

Top Five Fridays: February 7, 2020

This week, we have the unenviable task of sharing the news of Jeffrey Shiffrin's passing, Mikaela Shiffrin's dad. We'll pay tribute to him, as well as share with you the highlights from last week's FIS World Cup races before taking a look at this weekend's Dew Tour. From there we'll bring you the latest on the Squaw / Alpine Base to Base Gondola project before rounding things out with an amazing story about a 75 year old competitive ski mountaineer. Find out what you need to know from this week in skiing in this edition of Top 5 Fridays!

2021 Line Blade Men's and Women's Ski Review

Next up in our ongoing series of 2021 ski reviews is a totally new ski that we were extremely excited to be able to both review and discuss in detail with the Peter Brigham, the Design Engineer at Line Skis. New for 2021 is the Line Blade: a fat tipped, skinny waisted ski for both men and women that focuses on enabling its user to lay the hardest carves of their life. Learn all about this fascinating new ski in our official review of the 2021 Line Blade!