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2021 K2 Disruption Series Ski Preview

Back in late June, we had the opportunity to meet K2 at their Seattle-based headquarters to see their development center (the ARC) first-hand to learn about how they develop, test, and produce skis. In fact, we also got to partake in that process, as we also took the short trip to Mount Hood to test some new 2021 (or F20 as K2 would say) skis. K2 has 2 new lines of skis for next season, both of which we’re excited to share with you. For now, we’re going to look at their new line of Fronstide skis: Disruption.

K2 describes themselves as a company that goes against the grain. I’ve personally described them as having a counter-culture attitude, at least historically. Take that attitude and apply it to a frontside carving ski and you’ve got this new line. The name is a nod to the fact that K2 is looking to disrupt the norm in firm-snow-focused, frontside carving skis.

We’re going to do our normal in-depth, long-form reviews for certain models in this collection, but for now, let’s just look at what’s new in these skis, and what’s available right now. For the 2020/21 ski season, there will be a more robust line of skis consisting of different widths and some tweaks to construction. K2 has, however, done an early release of 4 skis that are available right now. Those are the Disruption 82Ti, Disruption MTI, Disruption STI, and Disruption MTI Alliance (women’s).

There’s exciting new technology in these skis. K2 is focusing on 3 major elements: Dark Matter Damping, I-Beam Technology, and Powerwall. I-Beam refers to the metal laminate in the ski. If you’re familiar with the Y-Beam construction in the Mindbenders, this is similar, but instead of a Y-shape, it’s an overall wider sheet of metal that runs through the middle of the ski, then widens to full width underfoot. Overall, it’s 25% more metal than Y beam, and it’s also longer, helping to transfer power along the entire length of the ski.

Powerwall is an extra thick ABS sidewall underfoot. K2 mills out the wood core underfoot to allow for the extra sidewall, which is visible when you’re looking at the side of the ski. This drastically enhances both power transfer when you’re engaged in a turn, and also gives it a very stout, stable feel underfoot. Dark Matter Damping is a polymeric damper that sits between two layers of carbon placed along the edges of the ski in the tip and tail. This is quite impressive engineering. It eliminates high-frequency vibrations in that portion of the ski, which allows your edges to stay in contact with the snow through high speeds, bumps, and aggressive skiing.

Like we mentioned, we’ll have full-length, in-depths reviews of these skis in the weeks and months to come. For now, we’ll just say they have an impressively damp, stable, smooth feel, yet also have a tremendous amount of energy out of turn. Their feel is similar to a Mindbender, but maybe a Mindbender with ADHD. The Disruptions want to move, they love skier input, and they respond really well to highly aggressive skiing.

To summarize the models available now, the MTI is designed as a consumer-GS ski. It will dominate your local ski bum race series. The STI is more of a slalom-radius turn. The 82Ti is a wider platform designed to make aggressive turns, and the MTI Alliance offers that same GS performance, but available in different lengths for women. We only have a limited amount of these skis, with the rest showing up in the fall. Don’t wait if you want a pair now! They’ll likely be gone in a few weeks.

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Written by Jeff Neagle on 01/28/20

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