Month: January 2021

Top Five Fridays: January 29, 2021

This week in ski news, we’ve got one of our most video-heavy recaps ever. If you’re a visual learner, this one’s for you. We’ll kick things off as we always do this time of year, with a recap of the latest FIS races, before previewing this weekend’s upcoming X-Games. From there we’ll share the latest perspectives on the ski industry from the CEO’s of Aspen Skiing Co. and Vail. Finally, we’ll round this week out with a cool story about the world’s first nordic ski-sharing program as well as a number of incredible edits. Find out all you need to know from this week in the world of skiing, in this edition of Top 5 Fridays!

2022 Nordica Enforcer 104 Free Ski Review

Two years ago, we reviewed what was at the time a brand new ski: the 2022 Nordica Enforcer 104 Free. In that review, we wrote about how this ski made the perfect addition to Nordica’s growing line of Enforcers. This week, we’re back with an updated review on the ski, which has only received cosmetic updates over the years. Still, now that we, and Jeff in particular, have had a chance to spend a considerable amount of time on the Enforcer 104 Free, we figured we’d check back in with what we’re calling a “long term” review. Find out what makes this ski so special in this full length review!

Top Five Fridays: January 22, 2021

This week in ski news, we bring you up to date with the latest in ski racing news, including an exciting announcement regarding Lindsey Vonn and the NBC Sports broadcasting team. Plus, we’ll tell you about the latest situation in Europe where ski resorts in bordering countries are experiencing difficulties due to varying governmental policies. Plus, we’ll check in on the latest from the proposed Salt Lake City gondola project, before rounding things out with some updates from the Freeride World Tour, as well as a number of great edits. Find out all the news you need to know from this week in skiing in this edition of Top Five Fridays!

2022 Blizzard Brahma 88 Ski Review

If you haven’t been paying close attention to Blizzard’s lineup over the past few years, you may not have realized that the Blizzard Brahma underwent a complete overhaul for the 2021 season. While we’ve given this most recent iteration of the Brahma the SkiEssentials Ski Test treatment, we’ve never given it a full ski review. As it turns out, Blizzard and skiers alike were so satisfied by the 2021 version of the Brahma that they’ve decided to bring it back exactly as is for 2022. With that in mind, we decided now’s the perfect time to take a deep dive into one of Blizzards most popular, and powerful, skis. Click through to read all about it!

2022 Elan Ripstick 96 Black Edition Ski Review

This week, the 2022 hype train keeps cruising along as we bring you yet another review for a brand new, 2022 ski. Unlike previous reviews of next year’s skis though, the 2022 Elan Ripstick 96 is already available to buy on our website, as of today. But, should you? Well, if this ski fits your profile, then absolutely. After taking a year off, the Elan Ripstick Black Edition skis are back with further improvements to their already stellar build. Without giving away too much, we’ll simply say that the 2022 edition of these skis are amazing. Find out why, and what makes them unique, in this full review of the 2022 Elan Ripstick 96 Black Edition.

Top Five Fridays: January 15, 2021

This week in the world of skiing, the biggest news comes out of the competitive circuit as we have two huge highlights to share: Mikaela Shiffrin has won her first slalom race in over a year, and Jessie Diggins has just become the first American to win the Tour De Ski. We’ll give you more details about both of those items, before checking in on the status of Covid in North America. Find out all you need to know in this week’s installment of Top Five Fridays!

2022 Nordica Enforcer 88 Ski Review

First introduced for the 2020 season, the Nordica Enforcer 88 is back for its third year. While the ski itself has only received cosmetic changes since it’s release, the industry has since evolved in an effort to catch up to this precedent setting skiing. In honor of featuring Nordica in our January Ski Happy contest, where you can win a 2021 Nordica Enforcer 88, we figured it was a great time to revisit this popular ski and see if our opinions have changed at all since the arrival of more competition within it’s category. Spoiler alert: we’re still as in love with this ski as ever. To find out why, check out this review of the 2022 Nordica Enforcer 88.

Top Five Fridays: January 8, 2021

This week, we try to maintain some sense of normalcy even as the world around us continues to grow ever more chaotic. We’ll begin that effort by recapping last weekend’s World Cup Ski racing action, followed by touching base on the latest news from the ski industry in North America as it continues to maintain a normal ski season amidst a pandemic. From there we’ll also bring you some exciting news from Washington’s Mount Spokane before finally rounding the week out with an excellent editorial from the New York Times highlighting Kai Jones, as well as a number of excellent edits from the week. As always, find out what you need to know from this week in skiing in this edition of Top 5 Fridays!

2022 Volkl M6 Mantra Ski Review

Well, now that it’s the first week of 2021, it feels only right that we play along with the ski industry and immediately jump into reviews of 2022 skis! This week, we’re extremely excited to finally be able to share with you a review that we’ve been secretly working on for a few weeks now: a comprehensive review of the all new 2022 Volkl M6 Mantra. Building off what they’ve learned through the first five iterations of the Mantra, Volk has improved upon a classic once again with subtle updates that make the M6 the most fun Mantra yet. You can learn all about it right here, in this review of the 2022 Volk M6 Mantra.

Top Five Fridays: January 1, 2021

Well, congratulations everybody, we’ve all officially made it through what has to be arguably the worst year of any of our lifetimes! While the simple changing of the calendar is unlikely to be a total game changer, we’re at least excited to be able to kick the year off on a high note as the U.S. Men’s and Women’s ski teams are both on something of a hot streak. Will fill you in on those details before discussing a handful of topics from the current state of the European ski industry, before ultimately wrapping things up with some very exciting news from one of our favorite skiers, Candide Thovex. Find out all you need from the last two weeks in skiing in this edition of Top 5 Fridays!