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2022 Salomon Stance 90 Ski Review

New for 2021, and continuing unchanged into the 2022 ski year, the Salomon Stance 90 is the narrowest and most on-trail oriented of the Stance line. We’ve done the 96 and the 102 before, and now have a chance to circle back to the carviest and quickest of the three. There are some newer and narrower Stance skis coming out for 2022, but those have lighter builds and are more intermediate/advanced oriented skis, so we’ll keep considering the 90 the narrowest of the upper-level Stance line. We’re glad it’s getting another shake for the upcoming year, as the Stance 90 is one of the most overlooked and under-appreciated skis I’ve been on in quite some time. Part of the reason for the neglect is that it’s in a pretty competitive category of the 88-90 mm underfoot all-mountain advanced/expert skis, and another part is that it’s just not an eye-popping graphic. While we normally like to look beyond the topsheet, the Stance 90 just does not stand out either on the hill or on a ski wall, so we’d like to use this opportunity to get skiers to look beyond the cosmetic and actually get on this ski and appreciate it for the wonderful smoothness, stability, and versatility that it contains.

From a construction perspective, it’s not dissimilar from the 96 or 102. It’s built with a full poplar wood core and two sheets of titanal. The second, and upper, layer of titanal has two rectangular cutouts in the forebody and in the tail. These open spaces are then filled with Salomon’s C/FX (carbon and flax weave) material in order to give the ski some more spring and pop without jeopardizing the overall stability or edge grip of a ski with two sheets of metal. It’s always interesting to see these companies come up with innovative solutions to produce a certain quality or characteristic within a ski, and Salomon’s Twin Frame technology stand out as a very successful method. Beyond that, it’s a pretty standard build, with full sidewalls and a glossy topsheet. Coming in at 1845 grams per ski in the 182, it’s a middle of the pack weight that aligns well with the shape and profile, as well as the intended audience.


2022 Salomon Stance 90 Skis






168, 176, 182, 188 cm

18 m at 176 cm

126 / 90 / 108 mm

Poplar, Metal Twin Frame, C/FX

Stability, Versatility, Smoothness

Speaking of shape and profile, the Stance 90 hits a lot of those mid-range notes as well. At 90 mm underfoot in all lengths but the 88mm in the 168 (the women’s version is called the 88, and is available in those shorter lengths, featuring a blend of poplar and karuba wood for a lighter and slightly more flexible character). The Stance 90 contains a moderate taper shape, with a bit of a spoony tip—nothing like the 96 or 102, but it is there, and it certainly helps with flotation and initiation. Just a tad of taper to speak of in the tail, creating a smooth exit to the turn—precise but not grabby. In comparison to other skis in this range, it shares a similar shape overall to a Nordica Enforcer 88 or a Head Kore 87 or 93. The profile is quite a bit different from that Enforcer, though, as the Stance has more camber underfoot and less rocker in the tips and tails. Salomon claims 16% tip rocker and 12% tail rocker, and I think this profile works quite well in a ski of this shape and build. These metrics, along with the 128 mm tip and 110 mm tail, combine to create a 19-meter turn radius in the 182 cm length. This makes it a long enough turner for fast GS turns, but also short enough to handle bumps and trees and tighter, more technical terrain.

2022 Salomon Stance 90 Ski Review: Camber Profile Image

Because it’s a carryover model, we’ve had ample opportunities to ski this ski, starting with its introduction last winter. Like the other Stance models, the 90 earned instant praise among our staff, most of who loved the ski’s smoothness on the groomers, and the overall versatility of the ski as well. As a bigger skier (6’2” 220 pounds), I gravitate to the longer lengths of skis, and I’m a big fan of the fact that this ski has two options in the 180’s range, a 182 and a 188. I didn’t get on the 188 until this past week, but was more than impressed with the quickness, edge hold, and stability of the 182. On firm snow, the 90 mm waist holds pretty tight to the surface, with the dual-metal laminate really starting to shine. What’s impressive on the groomers is the fact that the “wider” waist carves really well, but does not feel twitchy or grabby. It’s an easy entry to the turn—the ski definitely guides you into the turn without yanking you, and the smooth sidecut makes clean, round turns even on hard pack. Here in Stowe, we get a lot of that, and I would not hesitate to use this as the narrow ski in my quiver at all. The Stance has a strong kick at the end, with great energy and snap leading you to the next turn in a predictable and intuitive manner.

2022 Salomon Stance 90 Ski Review: Full Width Action Image 1 2022 Salomon Stance 90 Ski Review: Full Width Action Image 2

As you’d expect, the Stance 90 should also have a good amount of versatility built in as well, and you will not be disappointed. We got some spring days on these skis, and they tracked smooth and straight through the crud and mank, with power, stability, and strength. While not quite the powerhouse as a Blizzard Brahma, the Stance occupies that next level “down,” with a smidge more compliance, flex, and accessibility. I actually found that the Stance 90 felt a lot more like the 96 in these scenarios, with a wider feel and personality than the 90 mm waist would indicate. Spring bumps are pretty darn fun on any skis, but these Stance 90’s felt right at home in tighter lines and larger bumps, flexing appropriately and remaining supple and sturdy. My big takeaway for bumps and trees and softer snow is that they do feel wider than the 90 would indicate—on occasion I even had to check the tails to make sure I was still on the narrow version and not the 96. This is a good thing for an all-mountain ski—to be many different things all at the same time, whether it’s a floatier ski in soft stuff or a grippier ski on firm snow, this ski, and this category have to be flexible and adaptable to a multitude of conditions and terrain. The Stance 90 does it as good as any ski out there.

I wish they got the attention that they deserve. I had a great time on the 182 over the past season and a half, and really fell hard for the 188 when I got on it recently. We have similar feelings with a handful of skis year after year, that for some reason, these great skis get overlooked. Whether it’s a lack of press, a mediocre graphic, or the saturation of a category, there always seems to be some skis that get left out of the mainstream discussion. The smoothness, stability, and high-end performance levels of the Salomon Stance 90 should certainly keep it in the discussion of a top-tier 88-90 mm all-mountain ski. There are quite literally no weaknesses to this ski—those who have skied it know that to be true, and we feel like a lot more skiers should have that opportunity. It certainly has the ability to keep up with the more robust skis in this category, and in many ways is a more suitable option for a large number of skiers who might not need or want the burliness of a Brahma or the stiffness of a Kendothis Stance offers a very similar high gear with more compliance and fun built in.

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Written by Bob St.Pierre on 04/08/21

9 thoughts on “2022 Salomon Stance 90 Ski Review

  1. How do you think about the Stance 90 versus the Armada Declivity 92 TI in terms of their performance and versatility. Both sound like great skis, but if you have to chose one, how would you compare and contrast them?

    Thanks for all the great reviews!

    1. HI Jan!
      The Stance has a bit of a higher gear simply because it has more metal in it. The Declivity has a bit more precise and energetic of a feel, and while the Stance is quick for what it is, it's not quite as agile as the Armada. As a bigger skier who values stability in my front side/all-mountain skis, I'd lean to the Stance, but I feel that lighter skiers or people who are looking for a snappier ski, the Armada presents itself as a great choice. Have fun!

  2. It sounds incidentally like you have similar feelings for the Stance 90 as for the K2 Mindbender 90ti. Fair comment?

    1. Totally, Brett!
      They both occupy a very similar space on the ski wall. Dual, but partial metal, heavy but not too heavy, and a strong, versatile carver. I found the K2 to be more nimble and agile of a ski, while the Stance is more powerful. But not by a whole lot.

  3. How does this ski compare to the XDR 84ti? I'm an intermediate and just finished by 7th year of skiing at age 50. Looking to continue to grow and be more comfortable with speed. I'm 5'8, 175 and have the 172 cm 84ti.

    1. HI Victor!
      It's the next level up from the XDR in terms of power and performance. It's not as quick or agile in skidded turns, but it does make very quick carved turns--more so I think than the XDR. For greater stability at speed without going overboard, I think the Stance 90 is a fantastic choice. Have fun!

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