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2023 Atomic Bent Chetler Ski Series Preview

It all started with a powder ski way back in 2007. In 2018, we got the now-very-popular Bent Chetler 100. That powder ski, and every version of it since its inception, had a strong following and a loyal customer base. The 100, however, opened up the Bent Chetler name to a whole slew of new skiers who didn’t necessarily need a ~120 underfoot ski, but wanted that Bent Chetler experience. Today, Atomic announces another major development in the Bent Chetler series. For the 2022/23 ski season, Atomic has just announced the expansion of the line, now including a total of four “Bent” skis to go along with Chris Bentchetler’s signature model, the Bent Chetler 120. While these skis aren’t available just yet, Atomic says you should be able to buy them in just a couple weeks on February 1st. We’ll keep everyone updated as we know more about their availability.

Last week, we got our first look at these new skis. And we weren’t just sitting in a conference room or trade show booth looking at them, we’ve already had all 5 skis on the snow and on the feet of numerous skiers. Check the accompanying YouTube video to see the skis in action. Instead of starting with a review, however, we thought it best to simply do an overview of the entire line, leaving us the opportunity to do our typical deep-dive reviews into some of the new models later this season. Enough said, let’s look at these new skis.


2023 Atomic Bent 85 Skis






150, 160, 165, 170, 175 cm

16 m @ 170 cm

117 / 85 / 109 mm

All Mountain Rocker 20/65/15

1750g / 170 cm

These new skis all share some similarities. They all have twin tip shapes, camber underfoot, and some amount of rocker. Any departure from those characteristics would be a departure from what makes a Bent a Bent Chetler, so we’re happy to see that they retain their freestyle/freeride influence in every width. The narrowest of the new 5-ski collection is the new Bent 85. This ski hits an impressive price point of $399. We get a Light Woodcore with Atomic’s Densolite construction method. The rocker/camber profile features a 20/65/15 split from tip rocker, to underfoot camber, to tail rocker. Turn radii range from 11.6 in the 150 cm length to 17.6 m in the longest 175 cm length. This is an awesome addition to the line for a lot of people. Intermediates, tweeners, teens, and skiers looking for a simplistic, well-rounded ski that won’t break the bank are going to love the value in the Bent 85. At $399, you’re actually getting a lot of ski.

Price: $399.00


2023 Atomic Bent 90 Skis






157, 166, 175, 184 cm

19 m @ 175 cm

119 / 90 / 109 mm

All Mountain Rocker 20/70/10

1600g / 175 cm

We do, however, see a bump in performance moving to the next ski in the line, the new Bent 90. This ski hits a $499 price point, and goodness gracious… so many skiers are going to love this thing. Sure, it’s not the most powerful ski in the world, but it can still hang just ripping groomers, and then you get the maneuverability, playfulness, and versatility the Bent 100 has become famous for. In fact, the 90 and the 100 share a lot of similarities. They have the same breakdown in rocker/camber with a 20/70/10 split, both have HRZN Tech tips and tails, and the construction is basically identical between them. The length breakdown is slightly different, but even the turn radii are very similar across what we consider to be comparable lengths. The more-advanced construction compared to the 85 also results in a lighter ski with the 175 cm length coming in at 1600 grams. That’s really light. Light enough that some might even throw a Shift on it and make it a hybrid resort/touring ski. Another application of the Bent 90 will be park. The Atomic Punx collection is on its way out, with these Bent skis taking its place, and with the wide range of mount points on the 90 and 100, skiers will be able to really customize the ski to accomplish what they want to do.

Price: $499.00


2023 Atomic Bent 100 Skis






164, 172, 180, 188 cm

19.5 m @ 180 cm

129.5 / 100 / 120 mm

Powder Rocker 20/70/10

1700g / 180 cm

Then there’s the 100. We could probably just skip this part as most skiers are well-versed in the Bent (Chetler) 100 by this point, and it returns for the 22/23 ski season with just a new topsheet cosmetic. That wouldn’t be much fun, however, so let’s recap what makes this ski great. We bump up $100 to $599 compared to the 90, but the 100 still boasts a lot of value. It always has, actually, which is certainly one of the reasons Atomic has sold so many of them. Lengths range from 164 to 188 with the 180 cm length coming in at 1700 grams. As we’ve seen, that’s plenty light to justify a Shift or other alpine touring binding. Just like the 90, there’s undeniable park application too. In fact, when the Bent 100 was first introduced, I got a chance to interview Chris Bentchetler and he specifically said the 100 filled the role as his personal park ski. Of course, it’s become so much more than that, and everyone from teenagers that never leave the park to directional all-mountain skiers who never set foot in the park have found something to like (love) about the Bent 100. While change is fun, ultimately, we’re happy to see it back unchanged because it’s simply already really good. We often use the Bent 100 as an example of how good a ski can be with just a simple wood core, and we will continue to do so.

Price: $599.00


2023 Atomic Bent 110 Skis






172, 180, 188 cm

18 m @ 180 cm

133 / 110 / 124 mm

Powder Rocker 25/50/25

1750g / 180 cm

Then we get the Bent 110, and I think it’s extremely fair to say that out of the new line of skis, we’re most excited about the 90 and 110. That 85 is going to be a fantastic ski for a lot of skiers, but geez, these 90s and 110s are sweet. The 110 shares more characteristics with the 120 than the 100, at least that’s how it feels to us. The rocker profile is slightly different with a breakdown of 25/50/25. Something that’s worth noting here is the 110 and 120 both use symmetrical profiles (rocker camber), rather than the more directional profile of the 100, 90, and 85. Mount points are further forward on the 110 and 120 than a lot of powder skis, especially those with specifically directional shapes. The Bent Chetler has always been designed for skiers who want playful, freestyle-inspired performance in deep snow, and this 110 carries that trend forward. We do get basically the same construction as the 100, however, with a weight coming in at 1750 grams in the 180 cm length. Once again, certainly light enough to use as a touring ski, but equally capable just as a resort powder ski. Jeff and Bob have been skiing the 110 quite a bit over the past week, and it’s got such a fun, loose, surfy feel. On the other hand, the camber underfoot still gives you some grip and pop. While this ski is undoubtedly designed more for soft snow, even on powder days, you’ll find yourself on some groomers from time to time, so it’s nice to have that capability. For price point, we get $100 savings from the 120 at a very reasonable $699.

Price: $699.00


2023 Atomic Bent Chetler 120 Skis






176, 184, 192 cm

19 m @ 184 cm

143 / 120 / 134 mm

Powder Rocker 30/40/30

1800g / 184 cm

Then we have the 120. Although it’s changed since 2007, it’s more similar than different compared to that original ski. This is what started it all. We’d also take a guess that this is still the ski that Chris Bentchetler himself will spend the most time on. The 120 gets one construction additive compared to all the other Bent Chetler skis, Atomic’s Carbon Backbone. This increases energy a little bit, helping to give the Bent Chetler 120 the bouncy, playful feel that so many skiers love about it. Rocker increases compared to the 110 with a 30/40/30 breakdown and if you’ve ever skied it, you know first-hand how surfy, smeary, and fun this thing is in firm snow. Interestingly, over the years, we’ve had a lot of skiers comment on our videos and articles mentioning how much they like it on firm snow too. We’ve always found some limitations here on the east where it gets really firm, but it is better than most in the 120-mm category. What’s nice is that now, with the 110, east coast skiers have a width that’s going to be a little more appropriate, with western skiers still having the 120 to maximize float for those super-deep days that, unfortunately, we rarely see here in Vermont. Sure, it gets deep here, but very rarely it’s multiple-feet-deep as we’re seeing in some areas of the country right now.

Price: $799.00

Overall, we’re psyched about these new skis. The Bent Chetler skis have always felt like they’re focused on having fun. That’s what skiing is all about, right? Sure, there are more powerful skis, lighter skis, and softer-flexing twin-tips, but this new Bent series of skis has a nice blend of performance that satisfies a huge range of skiers. We expect a ton of people are going to take advantage of the $499 Bent Chetler 90, and rightfully so. We’ve already seen other manufacturers somewhat annoyed that they’re offering it at that price point, and we can certainly understand that response. Luckily, for you, the consumer, you don’t have to worry about that stuff and simply can benefit from a well-made ski at an affordable price, a conversation we’ve been having about the 100 for years now.

2023 Atomic Bent Chetler Ski Series: Available Soon Image

Written by Bob St.Pierre on 01/11/22

67 thoughts on “2023 Atomic Bent Chetler Ski Series Preview

  1. Oh man every review makes me want more skis! Hahah the 90s would compliment my rip stick 96 black edition! I need to stop watching these reviews while I still have money.

    1. Come on Gary, buy more skis!
      I think the 90 is going to be a great ski for a lot of people--it certainly represents a more playful ski than the Ripstick Black, and will be totally perfect for bumps and tight trees as well as park and some powder. The HRZN tech in the tips and tails really works, they are so smooth in soft snow, and they rip turns! We're hoping to get them in early February!

      1. I may go for the 100s once released. How would these do with the market duke 12pt? I have this idea of turning this into my resort touring ski.

        1. Hi Gary!
          Yup, I think that's a great option. I've been skiing the PT 16 in the resort this year and it's totally confident on anything--I suspect the 12 would be the same, and lighter for the tours!

          1. HI Gary!
            Yes, we're expecting an early February delivery and they should be up and online. We'll post to our social media accounts to let those inquiring minds get first dibs.

  2. These look awesome. Is it weird these may compete directly with their own Maverick lineup? I have been considering adding a pair of Maverick 86 or Armada Declivity 88c to my quiver. Now these have me second guessing!

    1. Hi Sean!
      It's a different feel for sure, especially in the tail, but I hear what you're saying, and we said the same thing last year when we were skiing the Mav 100. The 85 and 90, specifically, are really going to open up the line to a lot of skiers.

  3. Wow, great video as usual. Looking forward to review of BENTley 110. Comparison to Enforcer 110 would be lovely.

    1. Hi Martin!
      We have some snow incoming, and I'll be on the 110. From what I've experienced so far, you just can't stand on the Bent 110 like you can the Enforcer, but my guess is that I won't be able to drift and slash on the Enforcer like I will on the Bent 110. I'm slightly concerned that at my size (6'3 225 and with a lot of weight up top), that the Bent (even in the 188) will feel a bit twitchy for me while I have no such issues with the Enforcer. Hope that helps, and keep an eye out for the longer review!

  4. Man new size's sound great. Howcome the prices you list on here are different then what Atomic's own website says? (bent 110 is listed at 850 instead of 599) Looking for a wider ski for those soft powder days instead of my Kore 93's.

    1. Hi Chin!
      We'll get the prices sorted out when we get them in early February, but we should be listing the 110 for $699--Atomic's site is likely using their MSRP, which is usually not what you'll see in stores or online. It's incredibly fun and agile with the playful tips and tails being properly supported by nice and snappy camber underfoot. Have fun!

  5. I already have the 2020 Bent Chetler 100 but after seeing this graphics upgrade im sorry but i need to buy a new pair. Is it worth selling my 100's to rebuy 100's or do i keep my 100's and buy the new 110???? I still ski piste for when i go skiing with my girlfriend but i have done some park. Learning park atm so im not the best but im improving. Is it worth getting the 110's as i would like to learn freeride too or should i stick to the 100's? Great review as always, keep it up!!!

    1. Hi Jake!
      Get both new models! In reality, I think it's worth getting the 110's for softer snow--I just don't think it's sensible to re-buy a ski based on graphics, but I'm also not going to talk you out of it! Have fun, send pics of your new setup(s)!

      1. Thanks, i appreciate the reply.
        But i ski in Europe and haven't got the ability yet to ski powder. Mainly i ski piste as i am with my girlfriend, she isnt confident and adventurous enough yet. So will the 110 just be too wide and flappy when trying to ski reds and black slopes? So would you say for me to go for the 90's for more piste ski and keep my 100's for freestyle and slight powder for when i improve? As the 2023 100 and the 110 graphics are what's selling it to me. Bad i know... but you gotta have good looking skis 🤣🤣🤙🤙

        1. Jake,
          We talk about matching gear all the time, it's not a small thing. I did not find the 110 to particularly excel on non-soft snow. It would be a dedicated soft snow ski for me--not a huge fan of the hard snow/groomer performance. I'd go 90's for the on-trail stuff and the 100 I find is a very good floater as well as being versatile. Hope that helps!

  6. I'm liking the rocker profile numbers here. I've seen others publish splay measurements, but that doesn't tell me as much. (Sure, it tells me whether I'll hate the skis or not, but it doesn't say so much about how they'll perform.) It's a great metric for a modern ski and is really useful information for making remote purchasing decisions. If Jeff geeks out and goes back to measure all the 2022 skis in the shop :0, please ask him to measure the taper length, too. TIA.

    1. Patrick,
      We've had the people from Sooth Skis come in and measure a bunch of our stuff in the warehouse--it's about as comprehensive as it gets for pure analytical data. Check out their site for crazy numbers and stats.

  7. Looking forward to getting the 90s in 175cm! I've heard so many great things about it already! Quick question: Do you see them selling out or do you think you'll have enough stock for a while?


    1. HI Andrew!
      I know we ordered quite a few of the 90's, and my guess is that they'll be pretty darn popular. Hopefully we got enough!

  8. I am 5’11”, 155 and currently am skiing the bent 100 in 172 (feels slightly short). A great all mtn ski but just not enough float for deep days. I am looking for a powder specific ski for Colorado, Utah, etc. The bent 110, 120 and Armada ARV JJ 116 have my eye. My gut tells me that the 120 may be overkill even for deep days in the resort and occasional touring, but I definitely want a ski that offers good float. Any suggestions? Thanks!

    1. HI Tim!
      I don't think 120 is too much especially if you're using it as a powder-specific ski. I'd go with the 120 in the 184 as they feel short the same way your 100 does. Have fun!

      1. I’m currently using the bent chetler 100 in 172 which I enjoy as an all ant ski. However, I want a more aggressive and wider ski for powder, bumps, chopped up powder, wind blown snow, tree skiing, and occasional touring in Colorado mainly. I am looking into the bent 110 in a 180 as I think the 120 will be a bit too wide. Any more suggestions or is the 110 a good option? Is the 110 too flexible?

        1. HI Jake!
          I did not find the 110 or 120 to be any more "aggressive" than the 100's. Wider, more rockered, and more flexible yes, but not really more powerful. If you're looking for a harder charger, check out the Nordica Enforcer 110 or 115, Black Crows Anima, Rossignol Gamer, or Salomon QST Blank. You might lack in the tour department, but they're all great soft-snow skis with more power than the Bent. Have fun!

  9. How do the 100s compare to something like the Icelantic Nomad 95s? I'm a lighter skiier at 5'11 140 and during a recent demo I found the 2021 Bent Chetler 100s in 173cm to be a little slow turning in the trees and heavier than I'm used to. My normal setup is Blaze 86's but I'm looking for something I can take into the park and the trees on days when we (hopefully) get some snow out east. Love all the reviews y'all do, if only my paychecks could keep up with all these new releases!

    1. Hi Matt!
      While the BC 100 uses camber built in to get the energy from the ski, the Nomad has fiberglass, rubber, and a mixed wood core of poplar and paulownia to go along with a lower camber profile, so they build the energy with the construction. This will feel more like the Blaze, but not quite as floaty or smeary as the Atomic. I'd also check out the new BC90 if you're looking for some more pop to the ski, and that's going to be a nice price point at 499. Have fun!

    1. HI Sebastian!
      Haven't seen the order come through quite yet, we'll try to keep customers informed as to when we get them in. Until then,

  10. Would the 110s be enough float for a soft snow oriented ski out west? Also would they ski bumps and chopped up powder ok as well?

    1. Hi Ben!
      We've found that it takes the same type of floaty performance of the BC 120 and just makes it a lot quicker and nimbler. It doesn't seem like a big drop in flotation because they're similarly rockered and profiled. As a larger skier (6'2 225), I can fold it pretty easily in the bumps and chop, but I feel that lighter skiers would have a much easier/more fun time on these skis in those conditions. Have fun!

    1. Hi CF!
      We'll post on our social media channel when they're up and ready for purchase. If you don't follow SkiEssentials on FB, IG or Twitter, now's the time!

  11. What length would you recommend on Bent 90 as an all-mountain ski.
    I am 183cm tall and weigh 92 kg
    and an advanced skier.

    1. HI Johan!
      I don't think the 184 will be too long, mainly if you know you're okay with head-high skis. It's about as fun as it gets in the bumps and trees, and carves a pretty clean turn as well. Have fun!

  12. I just pre-ordered the 110's. Super stoked! On evo and a few other sites it says the 110 DOES have the carbon backbone like the 120 but in this video you said they didn't and I'm not seeing that on the website. Can you clarify?

    1. HI Ryan!
      Definitely does not have carbon backbone. If it shows up in our product description when we put them for sale, it's incorrect.

    1. Hi Artem!
      If you are heavier, more aggressive, or skiing fast, I'd lean to the 180. If you're on the other end of the spectrum, I'd go 172. Have fun!

  13. Im looking into getting into the BC line, just unsure of the size and which waist which i should get. Im 5’10”, 200, and ski mostly piste but go for trees anytime i can find. I dont go crazy fast but definitely looking to progress in speed.

  14. Hi! Im considering the Bent 90 for an all-mountain ski. I mostly ride on piste but want to have some fun in the park too. Can it hold an edge in more icy conditions? And which size would you recomend? I'm 193cm and 95 kg. Thanks!

    1. HI Christian!
      I'd get the 184. The edge grip is fine underfoot, a bit less as you get into the more flexible tips and tails. Great skis and super-fun, though!

  15. Hi SE,

    Thank you for the baller intro and overview, this ski line up basically had me pulling out my credit card halfway through the video. Especially the Bent 90 - being an east coast skier that favors the trees and jibs - I don’t know if I could find a better ski for me. Let’s just say I’m really looking forward to the individual reviews for each one of these skis.

    Weird question though, instead of raving about all that these skis can do, could you point out where each of these skis may fall short? Maybe compared to other top performing all mountain skis?

    You don’t have to do this for all of them but if you could answer that for the Bent 90 it’d save me a lot of research, time, and patience as I’m looking to pre-order it.

    Thanks in advance!


    1. HI Neil!
      We have reviews of the 110 out currently, and the 90 later today. We talk about limitations of those two models in the videos.

  16. Hi, I’m an intermediate skier: 178cm tall and 74kg.
    I have been looking at the 175cm bent 90 / 172cm bent 100 / 172cm 90 black crows Captis.
    Steering towards the 90 as I ski mainly in France on piste with some side hits and tree lines but considering as I have only skied 170cm long skis im Unsure if the 175cm would be too long to handle.
    I ski fast on piste but always stop for some playful side hits and and any jumps I can find.
    What would you recommend?

    1. HI Greg!
      I think the 90 in the 175 makes the most sense. Captis is nice and quick and agile, but isn't quite as maneuverable as the Bent 90, which is really on another level. Have fun!

  17. Bent 90 caught my interest was originally sold on new kendo 88
    Mostly east coast …groomers with kids but would like versatility when running on my own. Been torn between all mountain vs thinner free. What’s your take ?

    1. Hi Al!
      As long as you're not expecting Kendo-like carving out of the Bent 90, I think it's a fantastic ski. Expectations from an on-piste standpoint should be tempered, though, as there's just no way the two compare in a carved turn. But for most groomers and skiing with kids, the Bent 90 is phenomenal.

        1. HI Al!
          I think that's a great choice, and likely the idea behind a ski like that 89Ti--does it all, and carves incredibly well.

  18. Hi SE,

    I ski in Utah, currently on a Ripstick 106, 188 cm. It feels a little long to me in bumps and trees, so I’m looking for an alternative. I’m 6’ 0”, 195 lbs. Do you think a BC 100 in 180 cm would be a good replacement?

    Also, looks like you’re out of stock with these. When do you expect to get more in?


  19. I’m 155cm tall and 49kg, will the 110, 172cm be too big for me for a dedicated powder ski? My boyfriend, who is 172cm and 75kg skis the 120 at 192cm and is trying to talk me into getting the 120 but I feel like it’s going to be too wide for me?

    1. HI Lin!
      The 172 in the 110 is a better option than the 176 in the 120 for your size. Still may be on the long side, but they do ski short, so it should be fine for a dedicated powder ski. K2 Mindbender 115 C Alliance in the 164 is worth a look as well, perhaps bridging the gap between 110 and 120. Have fun!

  20. Hi , awesome reviews, usually reading reviews diagonally, but here I read top to bottom and bottom to top 🙂
    I'm from europe and freeride oriented, gone freeriding a couple of times in Canada riding K2 pon2oons which are extremely fat. However here in the Alps we rarely get such deep days so I ride BC camox as my go anywhere ski. Going with the family, I try to get my teenage son hooked on freeriding, but he tends to be more interested in playfull stuff like park, jumps, trees...
    I'm looking to buy him a new set of ski's that would allow him follow his interest but not to limit him joining me freeriding when we have fresh powder days..
    He's 16, 1m67 and barely 60kg and still growing. What would you recommend from the Atomic BC line 90, 100 ? and which length and position of the bindings ?

    1. Hi Chris,

      The BC 100 for sure would be a great all-mountain one-ski quiver for him. Can simply do it all- Carve, float, bump, grind, spin and boost in the park and all over the entire mountain. At your sons stats at 5"4 and 132 pounds and because he is still growing, go for the 164 cm length.


  21. Hi guys, love your reviews.
    Currently looking at purchasing a pair of new Bent’s for my teenage boys. Both strong skiers, have skied the junior Bents for years growing up. Looking for a bit of a one-ski quiver for the days they aren’t on race skis and want to play in the trees, park and bumps.
    We are Australian so no real powder days here however ski Canadian West Coast resorts each year too. One is 15 years, 172cm tall and 55kg.
    The other is 17 years, 168cm and 60kg.
    Just wondering what lengths in the 90 or 100 you would recommend?

    1. Hi Meagan,

      Lengths would be as s follows for both the 90 and 100 Atomic BC skis.
      15 year old: 90- 175cm 100- 172cm
      17 year old: 90- 175 cm 100-172 cm

      Same lengths for both boys with some room to grow into the skis as well. The 184/180 cm lengths would be too big a jump for them at this stage.


  22. I'm same 6' height and 195lb weight as Stephen, and ski mostly off piste in Tahoe. Was planning to get the BC 100's in 188 length. SE - are you suggesting that is too long to maneuver bumps and trees easily and I should get the 180's instead? I was thinking that:
    1. since we get more crud and wet, heavy snow than powder, and
    2. since these skis are so light and maneuverable, and
    3. since the rocker tips make them ski shorter,

    that the longer ski would be better.

    They should also carve better when buzzing groomers on days that off-piste is too icy. Does the 188 length seem like a mistake? Cannot demo before purchase.

    1. Hi Kevin,
      Yes, I agree and concur with your thought here. Due the skis rocker profile and turned up tails, go for the 188 length!



  23. I'm torn between the Bent 90 175 vs the Bent 100 172. Almost pulled the trigger on the 2022 Bent Chetler 100s last season but once the 90s got announced I decided to wait and think about it over summer. I'm mostly skiing some east coast groomers but do like to dip into the trees occasionally when the PA weather allows. Maybe even poke around in the park here and there on some smaller features but nothing crazy, I've found myself enjoying more all mountain skiing lately. I'm looking to upgrade from my k2 press 85 169s that I have been rocking since 2015 now that I'm out of college (way due for an upgrade). I'm looking for something a bit wider that may fair a little better on some softer snow on the rare occasion we get some here in PA but still hold up for the typical groomer conditions. Hoping to make it up north and hit some New England resorts this next season as well (hopefully make it out west eventually!) I'm 5' 10" 190lbs, more advance/aggressive style skiier, Got any tips or recommendations?


    1. Hi Cody,

      Based on the fact that you are east coast skier, PA and hopefully New England, it would make the most sense to go with the narrower version Bent 90. You will be spending most of your time on hard pack and ice, and the slimmer waist will give you better carving performance. And due to its rocker profile and 90-millimeter waist, you will still be able to float well in 2-4" of snow and plow through soft snow and spring conditions when you are luckily enough to experience them.


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