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Talking Snowboards with the Legendary JG

Snowboards?! That's right. Although not necessarily clear in our name, we do sell snowboards here at This season, we're planning a series of videos both helping customer determine what products are right for them as well as reviewing new boards, boots, and other gear. While we have a handful of avid snowboarders on our staff, we wanted to bring someone in who could provide unmatched expertise. JG is the perfect fit. His longtime tenure at Burton is infamous and it's very likely that no one in the world has tested as many different boards as JG. As a Vermont local, a Stowe ripper, and an all-around great guy, we couldn't be happier to have his help. This video is a quick interview with JG, we chat about snowboards in general, go over some of the brands you can find, and walk you through some upcoming videos. Speaker Series : Warner Nickerson

Back for the second installment of our new Speaker Series, we recently sat down (remotely of course) with Warner Nickerson, former professional ski racer and current product influencer. His story's both fascinating and a great look into thee product development side of the industry- something that doesn't always get the attention it deserves. If you've got the time, we highly recommend checking out this interview! Speaker Series : Mike Hattrup

This week, we’re extremely excited to bring you our long awaited initial installment of our brand new Speak Series. To kick things off, we’re sharing an interview we recently did with legendary skier turned product manager Mike Hattrup. From recapping his career as a competitive mogul skier and Warren Miller athlete, to his current work with Fischer skis, this interview is packed with insights & is sure to entertain. But don’t just take our word for it, click through and give it a listen!

Goggles for Docs Program Highlight

If you follow SkiEssentials on social media (if you don't, you should!), then you're likely already aware of our efforts to rally support behind an inctedible new organization called Goggles for Docs. In short, their mission is this: to provide eye protection to nurses and doctors on the frontlines of the Coronavirus pandemic, specifically by collecting and distributing ski goggles. Last night, Jeff chatted with Mike Halperin, one of the organizers behind the effort to learn more about how the effort got started, where it stands, and most importantly, how people like you can help. Regardless of who you are, we highly encourage you to give this interview a read (or watch via YouTube), and do what you can to help the fight against Coronavirus.

Feeder Hill Highlights: Wachusett Mountain

Feeder Hill Highlights: Wachusett Mountain, MA

This week, our Feed Hill Highlights series continues with our spotlight of Wachusett Mountain in Princeton, MA. Situated roughly an hour away from three sizable metropolises, this feeder hill is one of the closest ski areas to nearly 8 million urban dwelling skiers. Mix that fact with great terrain, a strong race scene, and a family friendly atmosphere and you'll quickly realize that Wachusett isn't just another East Coast feeder hill, it's prototypical of the term itself. Needless to say, we're extremely excited to present, "Feeder Hill Highlight: Wachusett." Enjoy!

Feeder Hill Highlights: Little Ski Hill

Feeder Hill Highlights: Little Ski Hill, ID

For the second installment of our Feeder Hill Highlights series, we metaphorically travel to McCall, Idaho, the home of Little Ski Hill. Measuring just 405' vertical, what this ski area lacks in height it more than maks up for in heart and service to the community. Between a vibrant after school program, multiple contest series, and a multimedia club for aspiring photographers and cinematographers, Little Ski Hill is way more than just a place to go up and down a hill. Don't take our word for it though, read all about it right here!

Behind the Lens Again: A Follow Up Interview with Jason Ebelheiser

Behind the Lens Again: A Followup Interview with Jason Ebelheiser

As a cinematographer for Match Stick Productions, Jason Ebelheiser is living the life that a multitude of young skiers dream of. From camping on Alaskan glaciers for weeks, to hanging out with and filming some of the best skiers on the planet, it's safe to say that Jason's taken one of the roads less traveled. Find out what it's like to live life as the man behind the camera for one of skiing's most important film crews in "Behind the Lens Again: A Followup Interview with Jason Ebelheiser"

Lauren LePage Staff Profile

Staff Profile: Lauren LePage

If you've been to our retail store in Stowe, Pinnacle Ski and Sports, within the past 2 seasons, chances are you've met Lauren. Lauren is a Sales Associate at Pinnacle and her smiling face can normally be found helping guests pick up all their necessary outerwear, accessories, and ensuring they are one their way to the mountain in a timely manner. Next time you're in Stowe, stop by and say "hi" to Lauren!

Steve Sulin Staff Profile

Staff Profile: Steve Sulin

If you've ever visited Stowe and stopped into our physical location, Pinnacle Ski and Sports, there's a good chance you've crossed paths with Steve Sulin. Steve is store manager at Pinnacle Ski and Sports and oversees the day to day operations. Whether you're stopping in for a fresh tune, to pick up rental or lease equipment, or just to chat about the latest and greatest gear, ask for Steve, he'll take care of you.

Mike Aidala Staff Profile

Staff Profile: Mike Aidala

If you've ever called, there's a good chance you've spoken to Mike Aidala. Mike is Customer Service Manager and an integral part of the staff here at Starting his employment with us back in 2009, Mike has played a big role in marketing, event planning, gear reviews, and much more. We sat down with Mike to learn more about his skiing background, how he ended up in the industry, and more. Click through to read the interview!

Jason Ebelheiser Interview Place Holder

Behind the Lens: An Interview with Matchstick Productions Filmer Jason Ebelheiser

Have you ever wondered what it'd be like to work behind the scenes for one of your favorite ski movie producers? We did too, so we got in touch with Jason Ebelheiser to find out what it's like to film for Matchstick Productions- a perennial leader in the ski movie industry. In this interview, we find out about the perks, drawbacks, and challenges that go into making the most anticipated ski movies every year. Click through to read the full interview, in a brand new format!

Joe Cutts Interview

Ski Tests, Indie Ski Brands, and Skiing's Evolution: An Interview with Ski Mag's Joe Cutts

Recently, I had the chance to sit down with Ski Magazine's Deputy Editor Joe Cutts to ask him about all things skiing. Our interview ran a little longer than expected, and we covered a lot of topics- from organizing and publishing a yearly ski test, to terrain parks and rocker technology. Be sure to click through to hear some unique insights from one of the industry's leaders!

The Jed Duke Interview

The Jed Duke Interview

Jed Duke has been Blizzard's Director of Marketing and Product Development since the company changed hands over 5 years ago. We recently paid a visit to the Blizzard's North American Headquarters in New Hampshire. While we were there, we talked to Jed about all things skiing! Click in to hear what he had to say!