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Top Five Fridays: May 22, 2020

This week in ski news, we find ourselves checking back in on the status of ski resorts that've reopened, as well as those that haven't. Once we give you the latest news on that front, we'll take a closer look at summer camps which typically start up for the year within the next couple of weeks, but are still unsure whether they'll be allowed to operate this time around. Plus, we'll bring you news from the FIS spring committee conference that's sure to make you feel some type of way, before rounding out the week by sharing news of an exciting backcountry resort being proposed in British Columbia, as well as a whole host of great edits. Check it all out right here in this week's edition of Top 5 Fridays!

2021 K2 Reckoner 102 Ski Review

If it feels like the 2020-2021 season is a bit of an overhaul in terms of new skis, you're more or less right. Keeping with that theme, K2 has done away with the Catamaran and Marksman skis of recent years, and is replacing them with the Reckoner series. Consisting of a Reckoner 102, 112, and 122, these twin tip skis look to contribute to the growing segment of skis which offer park capabilities while maintaining performance on groomers and in the sidecountry. This week, we're taking a closer look at the 2021 K2 Reckoner 102, the narrowest of the series, and one which we expect to see quite a bit of next year out on the slopes. So without further ado, we present to you our full review of the 2021 K2 Reckoner 102!

2021 Blizzard Bonafide 97 Ski Review

For the 2020/2021 season, Blizzard Skis has decided to make the Bonafide, one of their most popular models, even better. "Not possible.," you say? Well, we didn't think so either to be honest. And yet here we are, with an updated version of one of skiing's most sought after skis and the results speak for themselves. Building heavily upon what they've already learned about making an expert level freeride ski, the team at Blizzard has made some subtle tweaks and adjustments in regards to the build of the Bonafide, and despite the subtlety, the changes have made a noticeable difference in the way the 2021 Bonafide skis. To find out all the details, check out this full review of the 2021 Blizzard Bonafide 97!

2021 Dynastar M-Free 108 Ski Review

As you may have heard, either through the grapevine or from our previous review of the 2021 Dynastar M-Pro 99, Dynastar is back for the 2021 season with an entirely new line of skis known as the "M-Line." Divided into three categories, the M-Pro, M-Free, and M-Tour, these brand new skis are an exciting breath of fresh air from one of our longtime favorite brands. This week we're sharing with you our full review of the 2021 Dynastar M-Free 108, a ski that we suspect you'll be seeing quite a bit of in the years to come. Find out why in our comprehensive review of this exciting new ski!

2021 Rossignol BLACKOPS Rallybird Ski Review

Today on Chairlift Chat, we're reviewing the all new 20201 Rossignol BLACKOPS Rallybird Women's Skis. So far this Spring, we've reviewed three skis from the new 2021 Rossignol BLACKOPS lineup (the Holyshred, Sender, and Sender Ti), and we're extremely exciting to be bringing you a full review of what's arguably the flagship model from the female side of the line. While you may be familiar with some of the design techniques found within this ski, Rossignol's attention to detail means they've designed the Rallybird's construction to fit specifically within a female-focused size range. To find out more about this, and what it means for the performance of the ski, check out this full review of the 2021 Rossignol BLACKOPS Rallybird!

2021 Volkl Revolt 104 Ski Review

If you're a fan of Volkl skis, and their Revolt line in particular, than you may have found yourself wondering why the series has offered a 95mm option, and a 121mm option, but no widths in between. Well, as it turns out, Volkl has been spending the last two years perfecting the Revolt 104 with the help of their freestyle and freeride athletes. The results, are incredible. Utilizing feedback from World Tour Athletes like Markus Eder, as well as more park-centric athletes such as Tom Ritsch, Volkl's goal was to make a twin-tip ski that excels on all terrain. After having the chance to test this ski in early March, we have to admit, the 2021 Volkl Revolt 104 was well worth the wait. Click through to get all the details in our full review of this exciting new ski!

2021 Rossignol BLACKOPS Holyshred Ski Review

What do you get when you prioritize all mountain, frontside capabilities, and add a dash of freestyle tendencies? The 2021 Rossignol BLACKOPS Holyshred. Previously known as the BLACKOPS 98, the Holyshred is a ski that will be well received by those who spent their younger years honing their skills in the terrain park, but have since lowered their rotation count and spend a considerable amount of time perfecting the art of the carve. It's also one of just two twin tips available from the freshly expanded Rossignol BLACKOPS lineup. In this review, we'll delve into the details and take a closer look at how Rossignol has built a ski that's sure to strike a sweet spot in the market. Learn more in this full review of the 2021 Rossignol BLACKOPS Holyshred ski review!

2021 Rossignol BLACKOPS Sender Ski Review

About a month ago, we took a closer look at the 2021 Rossignol BLACKOPS Sender Ti, a totally new freeride ski design from Rossignol that combines the best elements from the rest of their ski lineups. It's also, a pretty burly ski, if only due to it's availability in longer lengths. This week, we're excited to take a closer look at the Sender Ti's younger brother, the 2021 Rossignol BLACKOPS Sender. Built with similar specs (though certainly not identical, as you'll see), the BLACKOPS Sender is a far more friendly version of the ski, and one that we expect to see widely used on the slopes next season. To find out what makes this new ski so special, check out our full review of the 2021 Rossignol BLACKOPS Sender!

2021 Elan Ripstick 96 Ski Review

In recent years, Elan's reputation as a top-tier ski manufacturer has received a significant boost by way of their Ripstick lineup. Positioned as all mountain freeride skis, the Elan Ripstick series has evolved over the years to include a range of widths and flex patterns, with options for men, women, and juniors. This year, the lineup receives yet another update as Elan has made adjustments to the core construction to take these skis to yet another level. We'll dive into some of those details here as we take a closer look at the 2021 Elan Ripstick 96. Click through to read our full review!

2021 Armada Declivity 92 Ti Ski Review

If you're starting to think 2021 is a bit of a reload season in terms of brands launching new product lines, then you're right. We've already shared with you plenty of new 2021 ski reviews, and this week we keep that trend going by taking a closer look at the 2021 Armada Declivity 92 Ti, a super fun, directional ski that unlocks a world of edge to edge possibilities. Click through to learn the ins and outs of this exciting ski in our full review of the 2021 Armada Declivity 92 Ti!

Marker Duke PT Touring Binding Review

Ski touring has seen an absolute explosion in interest in recent years, resulting in an equivalent amount of growth of equipment development within the category. Just two years ago Salomon changed the game with the introduction of their Shift binding which gave skiers the ability to use the same binding for downhill days at the resort, as well as uphill skiing on touring days. Now, Marker looks to give skiers a second option with the Duke PT, a binding in which the entire toe piece can be swapped to provide an unparalleled downhill experience from a touring binding. There's plenty to learn about this exciting and unique new binding, so we encourage you to check out our review of the Marker Duke PT Touring Binding as soon as you have the chance!

2021 Salomon Stance 102 Ski Review

New from Salomon for 2021 is the Stance series: a lineup of freeride skis that borrow concepts from Salomon's well liked QST and XDR lines, packaging them in a series of versatile all mountain freeride skis. We previously reviewed the 2021 Salomon Stance 96, and now we're excited to share our thoughts on that skis wider sibling, the Stance 102. With it's QST 106 inspired rocker, C/FX core, and dual titanal frame, the Stance 102 is an impressive ski, and one that should be well received by those looking for a powerful, yet manageable ride. To get a more comprehensive version of our thoughts, as well as some of the technical specs of this ski, click through to check out our review of the 2021 Salomon Stance 102!

Le Bent x Cody Townsend Le Send Sock Review

With mountains everywhere closed this week, and uphill skiing the only way for many skiers to take advantage of the snow, we figured we'd switch gears and review a piece of equipment that's often overlooked: the ski sock. While the world of ski socks is a world of great parity, we recently discovered a diamond in the rough in the Le Bent x Cody Townsend "Le Send" pro model sock. Packed with features that enhance Cody's tour-centric approach to skiing (Search YouTube for "The FIFTY"), the Le Send sock is the perfect choice for those looking to milk this season for every last possible turn. Click through to learn more in this full review!

2021 Dynastar M-Pro 99 Ski Review

If you've been getting the sense that there's a ton of new skis making their debut for the 2020-2021 ski season, then you're absolutely right. Dynastar is following that trend as well with the introduction of their new M-LINE skis. Divided into four categories (M-FREE, M-PRO, M-TOUR, and M-VERTICAL), this exciting update brings a slew of new construction techniques and approaches to four different categories of ski. We'll explore most of these skis in depth in the weeks and months ahead, but for now let's start by taking a closer look at one of our favorites: the 2021 Dynastar M-Pro 99. Built as a fun-forward, all mountain ripper, the M-Pro 99 had us stoked from the moment we pointed it down hill. To learn all about this exciting new ski, check out our full ski review, right here!

2021 Salomon Stance 96 Ski Review

Wondering what Salomon has up their sleeves for the 2020-2021 season? Well, as it turns out, they've got an entire new series of skis coming out called the "Stance." As you may have noticed, there's been a growing trend of all mountain "freeride" skis over the last handful of years, with popular models like the Volk Mantra, Blizzard Bonafide, and Nordica Enforcer taking over the slopes. Now, Salomon is getting in on the fun with their Stance series- a lineup of 5 skis (3 men's, 2 women's) that take some of their signature construction techniques to an all mountain freeride ski. After giving these skis a few days on the hill, we're eager to share with you our thoughts in this review of the all new 2021 Salomon Stance 96. Spoiler alert: we loved them.