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2024 Elan Ripstick 94 W Black Edition Ski Review

Pretty much from the moment the men’s Elan Ripstick Black Edition skis were released, a core sect of women’s Ripstick lovers immediately began demanding a women’s black edition ski. Amongst those was our very own Emily, who loved the 2023 Elan Ripstick 94 W, but whose aggressive skiing style badly wanted a more serious version of the ski. Luckily for Emily, as well as aggressive female skiers everywhere, Elan eventually heard the call and released the 2023 Elan Ripstick 94 W Black Edition. A carryover ski for 2024, Emily recently put the ski to the test, and while the black on black tiger stripe graphics are incredibly cool, they weren’t what impressed her most about the ski. To find out what did, click through and read her full review of the 2023/2024 Elan Ripstick 94 W Black Edition!

Strafe Hayden Jacket & Summit Pants Review

Have you found yourself drooling over Bob’s outerwear kit in this year’s reviews? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Lots of people have. This week, Bob put his pen to paper and wrote a bit about his Strafe Hayden Jacket and Summit Pants - an insulated kit that’s received plenty of compliments while simultaneously keeping him warm on the mountain. From fit to fabric, Bob breaks down the kit from head to toe in this review of the Strafe Hayden Jacket and Summit Pants. Enjoy!

2024 Rossignol Forza 70° V-Ti Ski Review

Here on the East Coast, we’ve had what you might call a “firm” start to the year. As such, we’ve been thinking more and more about how traditional frontside skis have become a bit overlooked, despite being the perfect tool for a vast majority of ski days. Case in point: the all new 2024 Rossignol Forza series. Numbered to indicated edge angle potential, the new Rossignol Forza series offers something for everyone, starting with the entry level Forza 20, right up to the Forza 70 Master. This week, we’ll be focusing on a review of the 2024 Rossignol Forza 70, while also touching on the Forza 70 Master, Forza 60, and Forza 50. If you’re someone whose considering buying a dedicated frontside ski next season, you’ll for sure want to have the Rossignol Forza series on your radar. Click through to find out why!

2023 & 2024 Nordica Unleashed 108 Ski Review

Last week, we shared Emily’s review of the 2023 Nordica Unleashed 98 W, an exciting new ski from Nordica for the 2022-2023 season. Today, we’re following that up with a review of the 2023 Nordica Unleashed 108. Much like the Unleashed 98 W, we were super impressed by the 108’s versatility. By bringing Santa Ana influenced construction techniques into a twin tip shape, Nordica has created a powder ski that’s powerful while remaining versatile. To learn more about Bob’s experience on this excellent ski, click through and read our full review of the 2023 and 2024 Nordica Unleashed 108!

Armada Grands 3L Jacket & Emmons 3L Bibs Review

As we get deeper into the season, we're continuing the trend of reviewing the ski kits you see our team of reviewers wear as they put skis to the test. This week, Jeff's checking in with a review of his Armada Grands 3L Jacket and Emmons 3L Bibs. Between the fit, features, and price point, this setup comes highly recommended. Learn more by checking out this all new gear review, fresh off the press!

2023 Nordica Unleashed 98 W Ski Review

New from Nordica for the 2022/2023 season is the Unleashed series. Taking cues from both the Santa Ana and the Soul Rider, the Unleashed skis are unique in that they offer a powerful twin tip platform. This week, Emily takes us through the details beneath the topsheet of the 2023 Nordica Unleashed 98 W, showing us how they're made and how they ski. For someone like Emily whose skiing features a mix of powerful turns, bump runs, and switch skiing, the 2023 Nordica Unleashed 98 W proved to be a candidate for a one ski quiver. To read the full extent of her review, click through!

2024 Atomic Maverick 88 Ti Ski Review

Since it's inception a few years back, the Atomic Maverick 88 Ti has been a bit of the strong silent type. Often overlooked due to its boisterous competitors, the Maverick 88 Ti is an incredible all mountain ski for a wide swath of skiers. Easy to initiate, strong through the carve, and not overly temperamental about speed, we've been fans of the Atomic Maverick 88 Ti for years now, and we've decided it's finally time to give it its due in this complete ski review. Enjoy!

2023 Volkl Deacon 84: On Snow Ski Review

A few weeks back, we test drove a new format for shorter, on snow ski reviews when we brought you an on hill discussion of the 2023 Stockli Montero AR & AX. You all seemed to love it, so we're following the formula again today, bringing you an on snow ski review of the 2023 Volkl Deacon 84. Remaining unchanged, the Deacon 84 is an incredible strong, consistent ski that fans of this category have come to love. To learn more, click in and check out this on snow video review!

Black Crows Freebird XPore Pant & Jacket Kit Review

Now that we’re a couple months into our 2023-2024 ski review season, you’ve undoubtedly noticed the new kits that Bob, Jeff, and Emily have been rocking this season. Because our prolific ski review team finds themselves out on the hill testing skis in all conditions, we thought it’d be fun to start highlighting some of the kits they’re wearing this year. As such, we’re bringing you a review from Bob this week, as he breaks down the fit, functions, and features of his new Black Crows Freebird XPore Pants and Jacket. If you’re ready to learn more about some great, highly technical outerwear from Black Crows, go ahead and click through!

2024 Blizzard Rustler & Sheeva: New Collection Overview

Well, it’s that time of year again- the time of year when brands start issuing early previews and releases of their most exciting skis for the year ahead! This week, we’re incredibly excited to share with you the news that Blizzard has just announced a full redesigned Rustler and Sheeva line, taking what they learned from an already incredible series of skis and making them more playful, powerful, and fun than ever before. After having the chance to ride these new skis and learn more about them last week, we’re extremely excited to share with you all there is to know about their updated construction details, as well as our initial impressions. If you’re as excited about being in early release season as we are, don’t wait a second longer - click through and check out this exciting new batch of skis from Blizzard!

2023 Black Crows Captis Ski Review

Redesigned for 2023, the Black Crows Captis features subtle yet significant changes to the skis shape that result in an even better all mountain experience than ever before. With a 90mm waist and a true twin tip design, the 2023 Black Crows Captis is one of the most fun all mountain freestyle skis on the market. In this review, we get both Bob and Jeff’s take on the ski as their overlapping approaches to the mountain find something for both of them to love in the 2023 edition of the Black Crows Captis. Now, without further ado, go ahead and learn all about this exciting new ski!

2023 Head Supershape e-Rally Ski Review & Tyrolia Protector 13 Binding Review

In recent years, there’s been a trend in popularity towards more freeride feeling, all mountain skis. Skis that are equally capable in soft snow and carving down groomed slopes. While these skis are incredibly fun and we love them in most conditions, the fact of the matter is that firm, icy conditions are common, particularly here on the east coast. In these conditions, the right tool for the job is a more race inspired ski, such as the Head Supershape e-Rally. For expert level skiers that love the feeling of laying down hard race-like turns on hardpack slopes, Head’s e-Rally is an incredibly fun, powerful ski. This week on Chairlift Chat, we’re diving into what makes this ski so special while also sharing some words on Tyrolia’s new Protector 13 binding which comes with the e-Rally as a system binding. For all you hard charging frontside skiers, this one’s for you. Enjoy!

2023 Salomon QST 92 Ski Review

Have you ever gone ski shopping and immediately felt overwhelmed by the sheer number of options? We get it. While we love talking about skis here and sharing our experiences on each one, we also realize that for a lot of you, you don’t care about all of the details and differences. All you want is for someone to tell you which ski to buy, without all the questions and information. If this sounds like you, then let us make it easy: get the Salomon QST 92. This ski is incredibly easy to ski, yet holds its own in any number of conditions. Heck, with its rockered tail profile, this ski can even explore the park, making it a guaranteed winner for nearly every skier. To learn more about the 2023 Salomon QST 92, click through to read our full review, if you’re so inclined.

2023 Ski Comparisons: Women's Freeride Ski Guide

You asked, we listened! This week we're continuing our 2023 Ski Comparison series with a deeper dive into the Women's Freeride skis. Emily joins us in the studio for this one, and dishes out her expertise across a range of skis, from well rounded all mountain freeride skis like the Rossignol Rallybird 104 Ti, to the powder chasing Blizzard Sheeva 11. Across the entirety of this lineup, these skis offer a variety of personalities, each of which Emily breaks down so that you can buy the best ski for you. Dive in to learn more!

2023 Stockli Montero AR & AX On Snow Discussion

New for 2023 from Stockli are the Montero AR and Montero AX- two all mountain skis with a frontside focus. We reviewed both of these skis last spring on Chairlift Chat, and naturally we’ve received a ton of questions and comments on both reviews. At the time, we teased that we might do an on-hill comparison of the two once snow fell again, and now that it has, we’re staying true to our word. Last week, Jeff and Bob brought their respective Monteros the mountain, resulting in this on-hill comparison style discussion. Click through to check out the video!