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2022 Ski Comparisons: Men's Touring Ski Guide

Finally, for our last comparison article of the season, we’re talking touring skis. Now, to be clear, any flat ski can technically be a touring ski, but in recent years as that segment of the sport has grown, manufacturers have began focusing on more nimble options that remain powerful on the downhill portion of the journey. This week, we’ll compare some of those touring-focused options as well as a number of other skis that would make great uphill options in the conclusion of our 2022 Ski Comparison series!

2022 Ski Comparisons: Women's ~100 MM All Mountain Ski Guide

This week on Chairlift Chat, we bring you yet another comparison article to help you get ready for winter. This time, we’re shifting our attention to women’s skis as we compare and contrast 21 different all mountain skis with waist widths hovering right around the 100mm mark. While these skis make up arguably the most versatile category of women’s skis, they’re also a diverse bunch with a wide range of personalities. If you’re in the market for a ~100 mm wide women’s all mountain ski, check out this full comparison!

2022 Ski Comparisons: Men's Frontside Ski Guide

Well, we’ve finally arrived at one of the most requested ski comparisons of the season: men’s frontside skis. While this category is something of a niche within skiing, focusing on strong, fast skiers only, it’s also one of the most confusing, making it a perfect candidate for our comparison series. With a slew of great frontside skis that mimic, resemble, and sometimes actually are FIS World Cup level race skis, this particular category requires research to make sure you get it right. So, without further ado, let’s get right into our 2022 comparison of frontside skis!

2023 Nordica Enforcer and Santa Ana Unlimited Early Product Launch

Ever find yourself wishing Nordica made a lighter, more tour-centric version of their super popular Enforcer and Santa Ana skis? If so, then boy do we have a treat for you today! As of this moment, we’re excited to share with you a secret that we’ve been sitting on for longer than we would’ve liked: Nordica has just issued an early release of the new Enforcer and Santa Ana Unlimited lineups! Using similar shapes and technology as the original Enforcer and Santa Ana skis, the Unlimited series offers a total of 5 different skis that offer reduced weight and more playful personalities. Find out what you need to know, and learn how you can order a pair immediately, in this full recap of the all new Nordica Enforcer Unlimited and Nordica Santa Ana Unlimited skis!

2023 Elan Ripstick Tour Early Product Launch

BREAKING NEWS: Elan has just launched a brand new trio of skis, the Ripstick Tour series. Building on their popular Ripstick lineup, Elan has just announced an early season release of the Ripstick Tours, three skis ranging in widths, all geared towards giving you the best, lightest touring ski possible. Consisting of three models, the 88, 94, and the 104 (which just so happens to be Glen Plake’s first ever pro model), we’re extremely excited to announce that we’re currently taking pre-orders for these skis which will ship from our warehouse in December. Curious to learn more? Click through and we’ll give you the full run down on each model in the series.

2022 Ski Comparisons: Women's ~90mm All Mountain Ski Guide

If you’ve been eagerly awaiting the day when we release our first 2022 Women’s Ski Comparison, then today’s the day you rejoice. In this week’s continuation of our 2022 Ski Comparison series, we’re taking a look at 22 different all mountain women’s skis in the ~90mm width. Featuring models like the Blizzard Black Pearl 88, Volkl Kenja 88, the K2 Mindbender Alliance 90 C, and more, this category of women’s skis is one of the most popular segments on the market. To learn more about what makes each of these 22 skis unique, click through and check out this comprehensive comparison!

2022 Ski Comparisons: Men's Mid 90mm All Mountain Ski Guide

Another week in October, another ski comparison article hot off the press! This week, we’re comparing another incredibly popular segment: Men’s Mid 90mm All Mountain Skis. In this category, we have a range of versatile skis, plenty capable of holding their own in a variety of conditions. From park centric twin tips to skis with a focus on speed, this category has one, if not two skis for everyone. Click in to see how 22 skis within this category compare!

2022 Ski Comparisons: Men's Powder Ski Guide

This week, we’re back again with yet another ski comparison article, and this time it’s one we expect to generate plenty of interest. Whether or not they’re a necessary piece of your particular quiver, men’s powder skis are one of the most interesting categories to talk about, from both an aesthetic as well as performance standpoint. So, without further ado, click through and learn all about 20 exciting men’s powder skis for 2022!

2022 Ski Comparisons: Men's ~100mm All Mountain Ski Guide

This week, we’re excited to bring you the fourth installment of our 2022 Ski Comparison Guides! This time around, we’re taking a closer look at one of our personal favorites, and generally most popular categories: Men’s ~100mm All Mountain skis. In this category, there are a number of one ski quiver options, but figuring out which one is best for you can be a challenge. Rather than get it wrong, check out this comparison guide and learn all you need to know about this popular category of ski!

2022 Ski Comparisons: Men's Mid 80mm All Mountain Ski Guide

This week on Chairlift Chat, we’re excited to bring you the third installment of our third annual Ski Comparison series. In this series, we take a look at roughly 20 skis that occupy a similar category, and dissect some of their differences to help you decided which ski is best for you. This week, we’re checking in on Men’s All Mountain Skis with waist widths hovering around 85mm. It’s one of the most diverse categories of skis on the market as it’s home to everything from beginner-intermediate skis, to expert level frontside carvers. To make sure you make the right choice this season, check out this article and learn all you need to know!

2022 Ski Comparisons: Men's Mid 100mm Freeride Ski Guide

This week, we’re excited to bring you our second 2022 ski comparison! Over the past couple of years, excitement for this series has continued to grow, with an exceptional amount of interest being shown in Men’s Freeride skis. So, this year we’re bumping them up in the queue, and we’re excited to share with you our comparison of 2022 Men’s Mid-100mm Freeride Skis. If this is your category, click through, read up, and enjoy!

2022 Ski Comparisons: Men's ~90mm All Mountain Ski Guide

Well, it’s the third week in September, so you know what that means: it’s time to get into our annual ski comparison articles! These days, there are a ton of skis that more or less look the same on paper, but vary widely when it comes to on hill performance and personality. In this article, we’ll look at 20 different Men’s All Mountain skis with waist widths hovering around 90mm to help give you an idea of which ski might be best for you this year. Click through to learn more!

2022 Black Crows Mirus Cor Ski Review

In 2021, it feels safe to say that there's been a bit of a homogenization when it comes to new ski designs. There's a handful of agreed upon categories, and the skis within each category follow a similar template. Typically the variety within skis comes from subtle differences in construction techniques that result in noticeably different on snow experiences. Keeping that in mind, it's with great excitement that we share a ski that strikes us as being refreshingly different: the 2022 Black Crows Mirus Cor. We'll dive into the details in this full review, but for now, just consider this description: the Black Crows Mirus Cor is a split tail twin tip with a turn radius in the low teens. Now, click through to read our full review of this unique, incredibly fun ski.

2022 Stockli Laser AR Ski Review

If you’re looking for an frontside ski capable of dabbling in all-mountain conditions, and one that’s willing to be pushed as much or as little as you want, then the 2022 Stockli Laser AR is certainly worthy of your consideration. Built like a World Cup caliber racing ski, the Laser AR’s unique advantage is that it’s equally at home on intermediate trails as it is being pushed to the limit down steep double black diamond groomers. If you’re looking to add a ski to the quiver that has no limits on speed or capabilities, the 2022 Stockli Laser AR might just be the perfect ski for you. Check out this comprehensive review to find out why!

2022 Armada Declivity 108 Ti Ski Review

Just one year after releasing the freshman iteration of the Declivity series, Armada is already adding to the line with the introduction of the Declivity 108 Ti. Filling the void left between the Declivity 102 Ti and the rare, in-store only Declivity X, the Declivity 108 Ti is a fantastic addition to an already incredible lineup. Large in both the size and fun departments, the Declivity 108 Ti is an oversized all mountain ski that loves powering through crud, yet retains a high level of playfulness and maneuverability. Without giving away too much, let’s just say that the 2022 Armada Declivity 108 Ti is bound to become one of the most popular skis next year for a certain type of skier. Find out all the details about this exciting new ski in our full ski review!