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Coming in hot on the heels of our 2021 Nordica Enforcer 100 ski review, is our comprehensive review of the all new 2021 Nordica Enforcer 94. While the width would quickly indicate that this ski is meant to replace the popular Enforcer 93 model, it would be a mistake to assume that Nordica simply added a millimeter to the waist and called it good. Instead, they treated the creation of the Enforcer 94 as if it was an entirely new ski, giving it updates like a carbon chassis and their proven True Tip Technology. To learn more about this exciting new addition to the Nordica Enforcer lineup, simply click through and read our full review!

2021 Nordica Enforcer 100 Ski Review

This week, we're exceptionally excited to share a review of the all new, redesigned 2021 Nordica Enforcer 100! Now in the 6th year since its relaunch, the 2021 Enforcer 100 receives an overhaul of its core build as well as sidecut profile, reflecting Nordica's endless efforts to continuously seek improvement. After having the opportunity to spend a few days on snow with this updated ski, we have to admit, Nordica appears to have achieved their goal yet again. Click through to get the full scoop on what's sure to be one of the most sought after skis for the 2020-2021 season!

Seirus HeatTouch Hellfire Mitten Product Highlight

Imagine for a moment that you're on an episode of "Family Feud," and the question, "What's the worst part about skiing?" is asked. What's the safest answer? "The cold." Let's face it, skiing is a cold sport, particularly for those whose extremities tend to cool down especially fast. Fortunately, there's been a trend in recent years of manufacturers offering heated gloves, mittens, and socks. In this product highlight, we'll check out one of our favorite offerings from this category: the Seirus Hot Touch Hellfire Mittens. If you suffer from chronically cold hands while skiing, check out this product highlight and learn one way to solve the issue for good!

2020 Atomic Bent Chetler 100 Ski Review

Now that we're in the first month of 2020, it won't be long until it's time to switch gears to reviews of 2021 skis as annual industry tradeshows are scheduled to take place by the end of January. Before we're ready to turn the page, we want to squeeze in a few more reviews of skis that deserve a closer look. First on that list for us is the 2020 Atomic Bent Chetler, which has proven to be one of the most fun and versatile skis on the market. Find out more about this excellent ski right here, in our comprehensive review!

2020 Nordica Spitfire 80 RB Ski Review

New from Nordica for 2020 is the Spitfire series- a lineup of frontside focused skis that blend the traits of their more recreational GT Series, with their Dobermann Race Skis. This week, we take a look at the 2020 Nordica Spitfire 80 RB, which offers a surprising amount of versatility thanks to its availability as either a system ski, or a flat ski. Click through to learn more and to find out if this ski's right for you!

2020 Nordica Enforcer 100 Ski Review

Ah yes, the 2020 Nordica Enforcer 100. If you've been following ski trends over the last few years, you're likely already intimately familiar with what's been one of the most popular skis on the market. This year, the Enforcer 100 is joined by a slew of other Enforcer models, leading some to wonder how exactly the 100 fits into the full series. In this review, we'll recap what makes this ski so incredible, as well as how it differentiates itself from the 5 other Enforcers being offered by Nordica this year. Click through to learn more!

2020 Blizzard Rustler 9 Ski Review

The 2020 Blizzard Rustler 9 is one of our favorite, truly all purpose freeride skis. With a waist width hovering in the mid 90's (depending on length), it's capable of hammering everything from groomers to powder stash with the ease and intuition fans of Blizzard skis have come to love. Learn more about this ski in this review of the 2020 Blizzard Rustler 9!

2020 Ski Comparisons: Men's Powder Ski Guide

Our 2020 Men’s Powder Ski comparison is a fun one.  On the surface, these skis are all fairly one-dimensional, but within that dimension, there are notable differences in shape, construction, and profile that give them all unique character.  This list of skis starts at 110 mm underfoot with the Nordica Enforcer 110 and goes all the […]


Following up last week’s comparison of ~90mm Women’s skis, we’re excited to bring you our 5th comparison guide of the 2020 season: Comparing ~100mm Women’s All Mountain Skis! In this helpful guide, we’ll take a closer look at 13 different women’s skis that share a similar waist width, but offer a wide range of personalities, from the hard charging 2020 K2 Mindbender 98 Ti Alliance, to the playful 2020 Elan Ripstick 102 W, and everything in between! If you’re interested in picking up a pair of ~100mm Women’s Skis this season, we urge you to utilize this helpful comparison guide to ensure you’re making the right choice!

2020 Ski Comparisons: Women's 90 mm All Mountain Ski Guide

Moving right along in our 2020 Ski Comparison series, we finally have an article that we think a majority of women are going to love: a comparison of ~90mm Women’s All Mountain skis! Much like the men’s segment, the ~90mm Women’s All Mountain ski category is one of the most competitive types of skis for manufacturers to sell, which means each ski gets it’s own personality in an effort to make it stand out from the bunch. This, of course, can make it tricky to decide which ski is the perfect match for you. It’s for precisely that reason that we’re excited to share our 2020 ~90mm Women’s All Mountain Ski Comparison. Click in and enjoy!

2020 Ski Comparisons: Men's 95 - 100mm All Mountain Ski Guide

As you likely know by now, we're in the midst of our annual ski comparison season, where we put together a series of ski guides comparing and contrasting numerous seemingly similar skis. So far we've tackled Men's ~90mm All Mountain Skis, and Men's 100-110mm Freeride skis. This week, we're excited to bring you the third installment, which features a comparison of 18 different 95-100mm Men's All Mountain skis. If you're considering a ski from this category for this upcoming season, be sure to check out this helpful comparison guide!

2020 Rossignol Experience 88 Ti Women's Ski Review

2020 Rossignol Experience 88 Ti Women's Ski Review

One look at the spec sheet is all you need before you instantly realize the 2020 Rossignol Experience 88 Ti Women's ski is one of the most versatile all mountain skis on the market. From a dimensions standpoint, the 88mm waist paired with a 14m turning radius suggests the the ski is capable of both tight turns as well as surfing across soft snow. Inside the ski, Rossignol's Line Control Technology teams up with ingredients like basalt, titanal, and of course Air Tip VAS to create a super versatile ski that a wide range of skiers are sure to love. Find out all about this exciting ski in our review of the 2020 Rossignol Experience 88 Ti Women's Ski!