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2022 Kastle FX 96 Ti Ski Review

In 2022, Kastle is giving us whiplash, by way of its popular FX 96 skis. As you might recall, until just two years ago, the FX series was a freeride focused ski that featured layers of metal to improve stability. Then, starting in 2020, Kastle did away with metal, rebranding the series as the FX HP series. Now, in 2022, Kastle has taken everything they’ve learned about what an aggressive freeride ski should be and wrapped it up in the all new 2022 FX 96 Ti. Featuring updated construction and shape techniques, as well as the reintroduction of metal, the 2022 FX 96 Ti is going to be an amazing ski for the right type of skier. Click here to learn more in this exciting new review!

2022 Fischer RC4 The Curv GT Ski Review

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in all of years, it’s that there’s not always a strong personality behind every pretty face. That said, sometimes there is. Such is the case with the brand new 2022 Fischer RC4 The Curv GT- a brand new ski that’s as beautiful to look at as it is to ride. Borrowing construction ideas from their World Cup caliber skis, Fischer has created a “race ski for the whole day.” In other words, this exciting new ski has a lot of the same high end performance characteristics as their race skis, without requiring the talent or fitness level of a world class athlete to enjoy it. Find out what makes this new ski so exciting in our full review of the 2022 Fischer RC4 The Curv GT!

2022 Liberty Evolv90 Ski Review

Back for 2022 from Liberty Skis is the Evolv90, an all-mountain ski with something of a cult following from those who love it’s on-piste performance. While the ski itself is back with the same overall shape, Liberty’s revamped the construction of the ski to create a more stable, powerful on-trail experience. Featuring Liberty’s new VMT 3.0 core, the Evolv90 proves to be a great ski for those most interested in laying down frontside carves, but who also get tempted into softer or bumpier terrain from time to time. Learn more about the tweaks made to the 2022 Liberty Evolv90 in this comprehensive ski review!

2022 DPS Pagoda 100 RP Ski Review

New from DPS Skis for 2022 is an expansion of their Pagoda line of core construction. Amongst the new Pagoda skis is the Pagoda 100 RP, a direct descendent of the DPS Alchemist Wailer 100 RP. Taking the same exact shape as that ski, the 2022 DPS Pagoda 100 RP utilizes the new Pagoda construction to create a ride that’s smoother and damper than ever before. Find out our complete thoughts on this exciting new ski in this review of the 2022 DPS Pagoda 100 RP Ski!

2022 Stockli Stormrider 102 Ski Review

New from Stockli for 2022 is the Stormrider 102, which takes the crown from last year’s Stormrider 105 as the widest ski in Stockli’s lineup. Now, when you think of Stockli, you likely think, “expensive,” right? Well, yes, but has anyone ever explained exactly why Stockli is worthy of a higher price tag? In short, it’s a result of two things: quality, and attention to detail. We’ll tell you more about about Stockli’s construction process, as well as what makes this particular ski such an exciting addition to Stockli’s lineup. Click through to find out all you need to know about the 2022 Stockli Stormrider 102!

2022 Black Crows Serpo Ski Review

New from Black Crows for 2022 is the Serpo, a ski that that Black Crows reps and SkiEssentials employees alike think will be their best selling ski next season. Built similarly to the Justis, the Serpo is a 93mm wide, easy to initiate, difficult to overpower ski that we think will hit the sweet spot for a wide range of skiers. Because this is a brand new ski, there’s lots to talk about, so without further delay, let’s jump right into our full review of the 2022 Black Crows Serpo!

2022 Liberty Origin 101 Ski Review

Coming in hot from Liberty skis for 2022 is an entirely redesigned Origin series. While the three previous widths (96, 106, and 112) have all carried through, the entire lineup is treated to a new core construction and there’s also a new width option available for next season: the 101. We had the opportunity to get our hands on a pair of the new Origin 101’s, and the timing could’t have been better. With Spring skiing in full effect here in Stowe, the 2022 Liberty Origin 101 has proven to provide the perfect blend of playfulness and power for these slushy conditions. Find out more about this exciting new ski in this official ski review!

2022 Salomon Stance 90 Ski Review

Returning unchanged from 2021, the 2022 Salomon Stance 90 is one of our favorite overlooked skis from last season. Occupying the crowded 88-90mm width, advanced all mountain category, the Stance 90 is a ski that hasn’t received the same level of attention as some of the other skis in the same segment, but absolutely deserves to be talked about. Filling the void between basic and burly, the Stance 90 is an incredibly fun, intuitive, and capable ski that a wide range of skier types and abilities would enjoy. Get the full scoop on this great under-the-radar ski, in this full review!

2022 Salomon QST 98 Ski Review

About a month ago, we introduced you to the 2022 Salomon QST Blank, one of two new skis in the 2022 Salomon QST lineup. This week, we’re sharing with you our review of the 2022 Salomon QST 98, another fully redesigned ski from the QST lineup. Set to replace the popular 99 width in the series, the QST 98 is arguably the most widely appealing ski in the series as its friendly yet capable shape and construction make it an excellent choice for a number of different skier types. Learn more about this new ski from Salomon in our full review!

2022 Head Kore 99 Ski Review

Over the last number of years, the Head Kore collection has carved out a nice little lane for itself as a line of skis that offers both lightweight and stiff characteristics, a combination that’s exceedingly rare in the world of skiing. For 2022, Head’s building on the success of this series with both a reimagining of certain construction techniques, as well as an expansion of waist widths available. This week, we’re taking a closer look at the all new 2022 Head Kore 99. Click through to find out what you need to know about this exciting new ski!

2022 Dynastar M-Free 99 Ski Review

Last year, Dynastar surprised us with the release of not one, not two, but three entirely new lines of skis, each reimagining a segment of their free ride offering. Between the M-Pro, M-Tour, and M-Free, Dynastar created three new lineups of free ride skis, all catering to slightly different niches. While we can’t say for sure if everyone felt this way, but at SkiEssentials we loved the entire lineup, minus one small caveat: the M-Free line only offered a 108 and 118 width. While both of those skis were amazing, they also left us wanting just one more ski in the lineup: something just under 100mm wide. As it turns out, all we had to do was wait a year as Dynastar has officially announced the M-Free 99 will be making its debut for the 2022 season. We were fortunate enough to get our hands on an advance pair, and didn’t hesitate to put them through the wringer. Find out what we made of this exciting new ski in this review of the 2022 Dynastar M-Free 99!

2022 Blizzard Rustler 10 Ski Review

Since its inception in Blizzard’s 2018 lineup, the Rustler series has undergone limited changes. While the rest of their line has seen adjustments to construction and waist widths, the Rustler skis have remained consistent, and for good reason: they offer the perfect complement to Blizzards more “serious” skis, such as the Brahma and Bonafide. While it would be unfair to classify the Rustler series as “soft”, that word is more appropriate for the Peacemaker and Gunsmoke skis they replaced, they are considerably more playful than their stiffer counterparts. This week, we’re revisiting the 2022 Blizzard Rustler 10, arguably the most versatile offering from Blizzards entire lineup. Click through to learn more!

2022 Rossignol Experience 86 Ti Ski Review

Somehow, despite being just 1.5 months into 2021, we find ourselves rifling through reviews of 2022 skis. That trend continues this week as we take a closer look at the 2022 Rossignol Experience 86 Ti. If you’ve been following Rossignol in recent years, you’re well versed in the segment that the Experience skis aim to satisfy: frontside, all mountain. For 2022, Rossignol has reimagined the Experience series to focus more firmly on the frontside aspect of their capabilities. Complete with new shapes, widths, and construction techniques, we’re feeling like the 2022 Experience line is easily Rossignol’s best yet. To introduce you to the line, we’re taking a look at the all new 2022 Experience 86 Ti. Click through to find out all you need to know about this exciting new ski!

2022 Salomon QST Blank Ski Review

Since their inception five seasons ago, the Salomon QST line has become one of the most approachable, wide ranging series of skis available. Blending all-mountain and freeride sensibilities, the QST skis have found homes on everyone from intermediate skiers looking for something to build confidence on, to hard-charging professional athletes. Now, for their 2022 release, Salomon has given the lineup it’s third makeover, featuring new shapes, sizes, and construction details. We were blessed with the opportunity to test drive the new 2022 Salomon QST Blank, the widest ski in the 2022 lineup, in plenty of fresh snow this week right here in Stowe. Find out our thoughts in this full review of the 2022 Salomon QST Blank!