Top Five Fridays: August 13, 2021

This week in ski news, we have a couple of heavy hitting headlines, chief amongst which is the news that Vail CEO Rob Katz will be leaving his role on November 1st. We’ll tell you more about that in our first highlight, before sharing a sponsorship update for Ryan Cochran-Siegle, news of a new technical apparel line being produced by the Aspen Skiing Co., as well as updates from the Indy Pass and Mayflower Ski Resort. Find out all you need to know from this week in ski news in this edition of Top Five Fridays!

Top Five Fridays: August 6, 2021

This week in ski news, we’ve got a bunch of great articles to share with you from, where they’ve just published an interesting op-ed highlighting the differences in youth ski racing culture between the U.S. and Europe, as well as a number of articles featuring stories of ski racers who made the USST without going broke. Plus, we’ll share an update from Squaw Valley where they’re asking you to help rename a chairlift, and from South Korea, where the former Olympic Downhill and Super G venue is set to be reforested. Find out all you need to know from this week in ski news in this edition of Top 5 Fridays!

Top Five Fridays: July 30, 2021

Well, it’s the end of July, which means we’re right in that sweet spot just before pre-season news really starts ramping up, and after the initial wave of off-season updates. As such, we’ve got a pretty light week on our hands, with must updates falling more into the category of “interesting” than “breaking”. That said, this week’s recap is full of interesting stories, as well as a number of great trailers for upcoming films, so we encourage you to check it out to learn what you need to know from this week in ski news!

Top Five Fridays: July 23, 2021

This week in ski news, we’ve got an even split between competitive highlights, and highlights regarding ski resorts. In the first half of our recap, we’ll bring you up to speed on the USST’s newly announced Mogul D Team which looks to promote talented mogul skiers, before bringing you exciting news from the world of Ski Mountaineering, which has just been approved to make its Olympic debut in 2026. Then, we’ll take a look at some resort news, including updates regarding labor shortages as well as more moves being made by the Indy Pass. Click through to find out all you need to know from this week in ski news!

2022 Black Crows Mirus Cor Ski Review

In 2021, it feels safe to say that there's been a bit of a homogenization when it comes to new ski designs. There's a handful of agreed upon categories, and the skis within each category follow a similar template. Typically the variety within skis comes from subtle differences in construction techniques that result in noticeably different on snow experiences. Keeping that in mind, it's with great excitement that we share a ski that strikes us as being refreshingly different: the 2022 Black Crows Mirus Cor. We'll dive into the details in this full review, but for now, just consider this description: the Black Crows Mirus Cor is a split tail twin tip with a turn radius in the low teens. Now, click through to read our full review of this unique, incredibly fun ski.

Top Five Fridays: July 16, 2021

The biggest headline in ski news was undoubtedly, and unfortunately the passing of Gian Franco Kasper, the 23 year president of the FIS who held the role right up until his hospitalization a month ago. We’ll share those details, as well as other news from the world of FIS, a new diversity and inclusion action plan from the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Team, as well as an update from pending lawsuits against Alterra and Vail. Noting the weight of our first highlights, we round this week out with a lighthearted read about the history of Alaska’s famous Alyeska resort. Find out all you need to know from this week in skiing in this edition of Top 5 Fridays!

Top Five Fridays: July 9, 2021

This week in ski news, we take you all over the world as we share with you updates from North America, South America, and Europe. To kick things off, we’ll share some news from the FIS where recently elected President Johan Eliasch hasn’t wasted any time getting new processes in place. From there we’ll share with you a story regarding the difficulties French ski resorts are having in hiring British workers, plus news from Chile where ski resorts have finally reopened after the pandemic. Finally, we’ll round things out with a story of another incredible ski mountaineering accomplishment as well as a couple great edits! Find out what you need to know from this week in skiing in this edition of Top 5 Fridays!

2022 Stockli Laser AR Ski Review

If you’re looking for an frontside ski capable of dabbling in all-mountain conditions, and one that’s willing to be pushed as much or as little as you want, then the 2022 Stockli Laser AR is certainly worthy of your consideration. Built like a World Cup caliber racing ski, the Laser AR’s unique advantage is that it’s equally at home on intermediate trails as it is being pushed to the limit down steep double black diamond groomers. If you’re looking to add a ski to the quiver that has no limits on speed or capabilities, the 2022 Stockli Laser AR might just be the perfect ski for you. Check out this comprehensive review to find out why!

Top Five Fridays: July 2, 2021

This week in the world of ski news, we were treated to a mixed bag of highlights that’s typical for this time of year. We’ll start this week’s round of news with an article highlighting Vail’s deep cash reserves, and their acknowledgement that they’ll remain aggressive in pursuit of resort acquisitions moving forward. From there we’ll share with you a 6 month rescue report from Teton County Search and Rescue, news of a newly upgraded power system at Snowbird, and a story of an incredible accomplishment made by two disabled skiers. Find out all the details from this week in ski news in this edition of Top Five Fridays!

2022 Armada Declivity 108 Ti Ski Review

Just one year after releasing the freshman iteration of the Declivity series, Armada is already adding to the line with the introduction of the Declivity 108 Ti. Filling the void left between the Declivity 102 Ti and the rare, in-store only Declivity X, the Declivity 108 Ti is a fantastic addition to an already incredible lineup. Large in both the size and fun departments, the Declivity 108 Ti is an oversized all mountain ski that loves powering through crud, yet retains a high level of playfulness and maneuverability. Without giving away too much, let’s just say that the 2022 Armada Declivity 108 Ti is bound to become one of the most popular skis next year for a certain type of skier. Find out all the details about this exciting new ski in our full ski review!

Top Five Fridays: June 25, 2021

This week in ski news, the common theme was all about ski resorts. Well, besides our lead highlight which is big news for the ski mountaineering community. We’ll tell you more about that to start this week, before sharing a story from the New York Times highlighting the evolution of ski resorts, an article from the Colorado Sun that gives us glimpse of the economics of running a ski resort on National Forest land, and an update from Colorado where Governor Polis just signed three bills supporting outdoor recreation in a big way. Check out this week’s Top 5 Friday to learn more!

Top Five Fridays: June 18, 2021

This week in ski news, we returned to a regular mid-summer pace, with generally light hearted highlights covering a range of topics. To start, we’ll check in with the world of ski racing where we caught updates regarding the Jeffrey Shiffrin Resiliency Fund as well as the first week of new FIS President Johan Eliasch’s tenure. Plus, we’ll share news of new charitable donations made by Vail CEO Rob Katz, a frustrating story out of Australia, and an entertaining article regarding the developing Chinese ski scene. Find out allyou need to know from this week in skiing in this edition of Top Five Fridays!

2022 Kastle FX 96 Ti Ski Review

In 2022, Kastle is giving us whiplash, by way of its popular FX 96 skis. As you might recall, until just two years ago, the FX series was a freeride focused ski that featured layers of metal to improve stability. Then, starting in 2020, Kastle did away with metal, rebranding the series as the FX HP series. Now, in 2022, Kastle has taken everything they’ve learned about what an aggressive freeride ski should be and wrapped it up in the all new 2022 FX 96 Ti. Featuring updated construction and shape techniques, as well as the reintroduction of metal, the 2022 FX 96 Ti is going to be an amazing ski for the right type of skier. Click here to learn more in this exciting new review!

Top Five Fridays: June 11, 2021

Despite being midway through June, this week quite literally brought us more ski news than we could handle. At the top of that list is news from the FIS where the former CEO of HEAD has just been elected president. We’ll tell you all about that, share news regarding the World Cup stop at Killington, recap an overall successful ski season, and bring you up to speed on the latest from a bill making its way through congress that could greatly benefit ski areas. Learn about these topics as well as a couple bonus highlights and edits in this week’s edition of Top 5 Fridays!

Top Five Fridays: June 4, 2021

Wondering what possibly could have happened in the world of skiing during the first week in June? Well, as it turns out… actually not that much! We start this week by sharing the news that Alterra has hired a former Ticketmaster executive as its new president, before sharing a few stories that share ongoing stories from the world of skiing. From a recap of how ski resorts were forced to adopt new technologies as a result of Covid, to news regarding the use of drones at ski resorts and Aspen’s own power plant, we cover a wide range of ski-based topics in this week’s recap. To find out all the details you need to know, check out this edition of Top 5 Fridays!