2024 Black Crows Atris Ski Review

Last season, the Black Crow Atris got a bit of an upgrade as subtle changes to its shape and construction resulted in a noticeably more well rounded skis. With so much gear to review and so little time, this ski regrettably slipped through the cracks last year and we never got around to giving it the full review treatment that it deserves. Now that we know it’s back for the 2024 season unchanged besides a strong graphical upgrade, we figured it’d be the perfect time to dive into this ski and share the updates that make it one of our favorite mid 100mm s free ride skis available. Find out all you need to know about the 2024 Black Crows Atris in this comprehensive ski review, brought to you by Bob!

Talking 2024 Volkl Skis & Technology with Andi Mann

Bonus post alert! For the past couple of month’s Jeff and Volk’s Andy Mann had been trying to align schedules to setup an interview to discuss all of the exciting updates coming to Volk’s 2024 line. Eventually realizing that an in-person meetup simply wasn’t going to happen, they decided to hold the discussion via video chat. While Andi was driving. At night. Long story short here, while the interview itself didn’t go according to plan, we feel compelled to share it anyways as we’re quite grateful for the efforts of one man and one Mann. Anyways. There’s some good stuff in here, so if you’re looking to get the jump on the latest 2024 ski preview from Volkl, click in and give this interview a watch/listen!

Top Five Fridays: February 17, 2023

If you read last week’s Top Five Friday, you probably have a good idea of what’s in store for you this week as we previewed a couple of really exciting contests that were underway at the time of publishing. This week, we’ll circle back and tell you all about the results from the 2023 Red Bull Playstreets and 2023 Kings and Queens of Corbet’s- both of which surpassed our expectations. Of course we’ll also bring you up to speed on the latest from Mikeala Shiffrin who, after yet another amazing week, broke yet another record. Finally, for those who could care less about competition, we’ve got an article regarding a multimillion dollar class action lawsuit facing Alterra, as well as a number of excellent edits. Find out all you need to know from this week in ski news in this edition of Top Five Fridays!

2024 Nordica Steadfast 85 DC Ski Review

Last year, Nordica snuck an intriguing new technology into the Wild Belle 84- its double core technology. After successfully trialing the unique construction concept in this ski last year, Nordica decided to roll it out in a big way for 2024, bringing into a number of their frontside skis, ranging in skill level from intermediate to ultra expert. Amongst this roll out is a brand new ski: the 2024 Nordica Steadfast 85 DC. We recently had the opportunity to hop on this ski alongside our regional Nordica reps, where we all put this thing through the paces here at Stowe. The short story is, this ski rips, and we think a lot of our customers are going to love it. The long story, of course, can be found in this full review of the 2024 Nordica Steadfast 85 DC. Click through and enjoy!

Top Five Fridays: February 10, 2023

This week in ski news, we have a noticeable shift in coverage as compared to recent weeks which have been chock full of competitive coverage. Don’t get us wrong, we’ll still recap the latest results from the FIS World Championships and preview a couple of freeskiing events that are currently underway and which we’ll recap in full next week. The difference though, is that our focus this week is on a trio of lifestyle stories, including excellent participation in an uphill clinic put on by the National Brotherhood of Skiers this week, Eldora Mountain’s weekly coworking sessions, and news of a second lift coming to Silverton. Find out all about the latest round of ski news, and check out our favorite edits of the week, in this edition of Top Five Fridays!

2024 Elan Playmaker 101 Ski Review

Sometimes when we’re tasked with testing a brand new ski, there’s a bit of discussion in regards to who’s best suited for the task. Other times, the decision is obvious. The latter was the case when we learned that Elan was introducing a Ripstick inspired twin-tip series with the 2024 Playmaker 91 and 101: Jeff would write the review. With a background in freestyle skiing and significant experience skiing and developing the latest iteration of the Ripsticks, there are likely few more qualified people in the world to share their initial thoughts and feelings on the new 2024 Elan Playmaker 101. In this review, Jeff does just that, and we have a feeling you’ll like what he has to say. Enjoy!

2024 Elan Ripstick 94 W Black Edition Ski Review

Pretty much from the moment the men’s Elan Ripstick Black Edition skis were released, a core sect of women’s Ripstick lovers immediately began demanding a women’s black edition ski. Amongst those was our very own Emily, who loved the 2023 Elan Ripstick 94 W, but whose aggressive skiing style badly wanted a more serious version of the ski. Luckily for Emily, as well as aggressive female skiers everywhere, Elan eventually heard the call and released the 2023 Elan Ripstick 94 W Black Edition. A carryover ski for 2024, Emily recently put the ski to the test, and while the black on black tiger stripe graphics are incredibly cool, they weren’t what impressed her most about the ski. To find out what did, click through and read her full review of the 2023/2024 Elan Ripstick 94 W Black Edition!

Top Five Fridays: February 3, 2023

This week in ski news, we’ve got something of a follow-up issue as we recap the results from a number of competitions that we previewed with you last week. We’ll kick things off as we always do this time of year, with the latest updates from the world of FIS alpine racing, where Shiffrin continues to tally up the gold medals. From there, we’ll bring you a recap of X Games results, including news of multiple never-been-done tricks. Finally, we round out our competition coverage with a recap of two Freeride World Tour events, followed by an update from Japanese ski culture. Find out all the news you need to know, and catch a number of great edits and event recaps, in this edition of Top Five Fridays!

Strafe Hayden Jacket & Summit Pants Review

Have you found yourself drooling over Bob’s outerwear kit in this year’s reviews? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Lots of people have. This week, Bob put his pen to paper and wrote a bit about his Strafe Hayden Jacket and Summit Pants - an insulated kit that’s received plenty of compliments while simultaneously keeping him warm on the mountain. From fit to fabric, Bob breaks down the kit from head to toe in this review of the Strafe Hayden Jacket and Summit Pants. Enjoy!

2024 Rossignol Forza 70° V-Ti Ski Review

Here on the East Coast, we’ve had what you might call a “firm” start to the year. As such, we’ve been thinking more and more about how traditional frontside skis have become a bit overlooked, despite being the perfect tool for a vast majority of ski days. Case in point: the all new 2024 Rossignol Forza series. Numbered to indicated edge angle potential, the new Rossignol Forza series offers something for everyone, starting with the entry level Forza 20, right up to the Forza 70 Master. This week, we’ll be focusing on a review of the 2024 Rossignol Forza 70, while also touching on the Forza 70 Master, Forza 60, and Forza 50. If you’re someone whose considering buying a dedicated frontside ski next season, you’ll for sure want to have the Rossignol Forza series on your radar. Click through to find out why!

Top Five Fridays: January 27, 2023

This week in ski news, we’re talking about competition. As you’ve likely heard, Mikeala Shiffrin notched another two first place finishes, bringing her total to 84, and making her the most successful FIS female ski racer of all time. We’ll tell you all about that, as well as preview the upcoming X Games and Freeride World Tour stop, both of which are scheduled for this weekend. Finally, we round things out on a down note, as there’s big changes on the horizon for Warren Miller Entertainment. Find out all you need to know from this week in ski news in this edition of Top Five Fridays!

2023 & 2024 Nordica Unleashed 108 Ski Review

Last week, we shared Emily’s review of the 2023 Nordica Unleashed 98 W, an exciting new ski from Nordica for the 2022-2023 season. Today, we’re following that up with a review of the 2023 Nordica Unleashed 108. Much like the Unleashed 98 W, we were super impressed by the 108’s versatility. By bringing Santa Ana influenced construction techniques into a twin tip shape, Nordica has created a powder ski that’s powerful while remaining versatile. To learn more about Bob’s experience on this excellent ski, click through and read our full review of the 2023 and 2024 Nordica Unleashed 108!

Armada Grands 3L Jacket & Emmons 3L Bibs Review

As we get deeper into the season, we're continuing the trend of reviewing the ski kits you see our team of reviewers wear as they put skis to the test. This week, Jeff's checking in with a review of his Armada Grands 3L Jacket and Emmons 3L Bibs. Between the fit, features, and price point, this setup comes highly recommended. Learn more by checking out this all new gear review, fresh off the press!

Top Five Fridays: January 20, 2023

Another week in the books, another round of ski news! This time around we’ve got a special edition of Top Five Fridays as Bob takes over highlight #1 to share some pretty significant announcements from the world of ski boots. After that, we’ll get back on track with coverage of the most recent FIS World Cup Alpine action, as well as a feel good story regarding Ukrainian refugees and a small ski area in Wyoming, and a story we’re very unsure about. Get the details of these highlights, as well as our favorite edits from the week, and more in this installment of Top Five Fridays!

2023 Nordica Unleashed 98 W Ski Review

New from Nordica for the 2022/2023 season is the Unleashed series. Taking cues from both the Santa Ana and the Soul Rider, the Unleashed skis are unique in that they offer a powerful twin tip platform. This week, Emily takes us through the details beneath the topsheet of the 2023 Nordica Unleashed 98 W, showing us how they're made and how they ski. For someone like Emily whose skiing features a mix of powerful turns, bump runs, and switch skiing, the 2023 Nordica Unleashed 98 W proved to be a candidate for a one ski quiver. To read the full extent of her review, click through!