Top Five Fridays: March 25, 2022

Well, it’s been another week, which means we’re back again with another Top Five Friday! This week the big news for us was the successful completion of our 6th Annual Ski Test, but we’ll have plenty of time to discuss and share that with you in the months ahead. With that said, we’re excited to share with you the final results from this year’s FIS Alpine World Cup, as well as some exciting news from the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Team who announced two big hires this week. From there we’ll share a story about ski town housing shortages that takes a different angle than we’re used to, before rounding out the week with a polarizing op-ed from a Utah resident who would rather pay $25/day to park at Alta than to ride a gondola up Little Cottonwood Canyon. Find out all the details you need to know from this week’s ski news, and catch some excellent edits, in this edition of Top Five Fridays!

2023 Nordica Unleashed 98 Ski Review

For 2023, Nordica has blessed us with a whole slate of new skis, introducing both the Unlimited and Unleashed series. This week, Bob takes us through the new Nordica Unleashed 98, telling us all of the reasons why, as much as he loved the Soul Rider that it replaces, he's fallen head over heels for this new ski. Taking cues from a number of skis within Nordica's lineup, the new Unleashed 98 is a blend of traits that offers the perfect ride for skiers like Bob. Find out all of the details about this new ski in this official review!

Top Five Fridays: March 18, 2022

Well well well, what a week it's been for one Mikaela Shiffrin. After a downright disappointing showing in this year's Winter Olympics, Shiffrin surged back at this week's World Cup Championship races, ultimately securing another incredible success in her already illustrious career. We'll fill you in on those details, bring you up to speed on the latest from the Freeride World Tour, share with you promising news from Vail, and round things out with an interesting article highlighting Big Sky's approach to business. Find out all you need to know from this week in skiing, and catch some excellent edits, in this week's edition of Top Five Fridays!

Top Five Fridays: March 11, 2022

After a disappointing Olympic showing and initial return to the FIS circuit, the U.S. Alpine Ski Team stormed back in a big way this week with a number of notable results. We’ll share all of those details with you this week before shifting our focus to a trio of stories that provide something of a snapshot of where skiing is on March 11, 2022. From the decline of printed ski maps and the importance of small community ski areas in Colorado, to threats being made by Vail’s police department, this week's ski news hits on a number of niche stories that come together to paint a wild picture of where things are at. Find out all the details you need to know from this week in skiing in this edition of Top Five Fridays!

2023 Fischer Ranger 102 Ski Review

Just about a month ago, when Fischer launched their new line of Ranger skis, we jumped right in with an overview of the entire series. Since then, we’ve received a number of questions and comments asking us to go more in depth with each of these skis, especially the Ranger 102. This ski, which replaces the Ranger 102 FR, or “the pink ski” as many might call it, has a decidedly different personality. That said, despite being different, we’ve found ourselves in love with it for a number of reasons. To learn more about what you can expect from the 2023 Fischer Ranger 102, check out this complete ski review.

2023 K2 Mindbender 89Ti Ski Review

When K2 launched the Mindbender series a few years back, they took a huge stride forward towards establishing themselves as a serious player in the all mountain free ride category. With this line of skis, K2 proved to many that they were capable of making a line of ridiculously high performing freeride skis that offered a perfect blend of playful and seriousness. This year, K2 has revamped the serious side of their line, launching a revamp of every Mindbender with metal in it. While we were always fans of Mindbender Ti skis, we’re head over heels for this latest revision. We’ll highlight a few of these skis in the months to come, but to kick off our reviews of the redesigned K2 Mindbenders, we’re starting with one that we think is going to make quite a few people very, very happy: the 2023 K2 Mindbender 89Ti. Click through to read our full review!

Top Five Fridays: March 4, 2022

Great news! This week, we’re back again with yet another round of exciting updates from the world of skiing. We’ll start this week’s highlight cycle by sharing the latest from the world of World Cup, where questions linger following the U.S. Team’s disappointing showing at this year’s Olympic Games. From there, we’ll switch gears and share a trio of highlights that focus on ski resort news, although each one is quite different. We’ll share with you the latest news from the Ikon Pass, before moving on to bring you up to speed on the latest news from Black Mountain, NH and Austin, TX. Yes, Texas. There is ski news coming out of Texas this week, we promise. Click through to find out all you need to know about this week’s ski news in this edition of Top Five Fridays!

2023 Rossignol Sender & Rallybird Skis - Line Overviews

So far for 2023, we’ve seen a lot of brands expand their product line, introducing new skis and lines to satisfy growing segments within the sport. Rossignol however, has gone a different route. Rather than continue to diversify through expansion, they’ve simplified their lines, adding key models and constructions to hit a bring a stronger focus for each ski. One of the highlights of this reorganization is the new Sender / Rallybird line, which each feature three models ranging from mid-90’s to mid-100’s in width, offering a variety of stiffnesses to perfectly satisfy a wide range of free ride oriented skiers. After putting these new lines to the test, we have to say, we’re quite impressed. For the skiers they’re intended for, the 2023 Rossignol Sender and Rallybird skis have proven to be incredible options. Click through to read our full review of these exciting new skis.

Top Five Fridays: February 25, 2022

This week in ski news, we take a break from the competitive side of the sport as we focus on a wide range of topics that touch on a number of aspects of the industry. Well, besides our first highlight which focuses on why the U.S. Alpine Ski Team struggled mightily at this year’s Olympics. From there, we’ll touch on the latest news from the Outdoor Retailer trade show, bring you up to speed on the latest from Sierra-at-Tahoe as they continue to rebuild what the Caldor fire destroyed, and share with you two interesting articles about human powered skiing. Finally, we’ll end with a suite of excellent edits before sending you on your way. Find out all you need to know from this week in skiing in this edition of Top Five Fridays!

2023 Atomic Bent 90 Ski Review

This week on Chairlift Chat, we're continuing our series of reviews covering the all new 2023 Atomic Bent line of skis. Previously, we've covered both the series as a whole, and given an in depth review of the Bent 110. This week, we're back with a review of the Bent 90, and it's something of a combo-review as Bob and Jeff both had distinctly different perspectives on the ski thanks to substantially different mount points. Despite their differences, our two highly esteemed reviewers each found themselves falling in love with the Bent 90. Click through to read all about this exciting new ski!

Top Five Fridays: February 18, 2022

This week in ski news, we’re bringing you a highlight reel chock full of competition highlights and recaps. We’ll start, of course, by covering the latest from the Olympics, where it’s been another incredibly difficult week for Mikaela Shiffrin. We’ll share that news and some of our thoughts, as well as much more positive news from the world of Olympic Freeskiing. From there, we’ll share a couple of Olympic side-stories, results from the third stop of the Freeride World Tour, and a recap of the action from the 4th installment of the Kings and Queens of Corbet’s. Click through to check out all of this coverage and to witness our favorite edits from the week in this edition of Top Five Fridays!

2023 Salomon QST 106 Ski Review

This week, we’re quite excited to bring you a review of the newly updated 2023 Salomon QST 106. Last season, Salomon introduced some subtle yet significant updates to the QST 98 and the QST Blank, leaving us wondering if they would decide to bring those changes into the 106 for 2023. As it turns out, they did, and the results are spectacular. This right here is just the preview copy, so we won’t give away too many details, but we encourage you to give this review a full read to learn all there is to know about these exciting changes to an incredible ski!

Top Five Fridays: February 11, 2022

This week in ski news, we start things off with a heavy dose of Olympic coverage as we recap all of the highs and lows that U.S. athletes have experienced so far this time around. From there, we take a hard left as we discuss an unexpected trio of excellent articles all related to the business of ski resort ownership. From issues with the accessibility of skiing, to overcrowding, climate change, and government subsidization, this week’s Top 5 covers a wide range of topics affecting ski resorts. To learn all you need to know about this week’s ski news, and to see out a handful of exciting new edits, check out this week’s edition of Top 5 Fridays!

2023 Atomic Bent 110 Ski Review

A few weeks back we had the pleasure of previewing the updated 2023 Atomic Bent (Chetler) line of skis. Amongst this expanded lineup are an all new Bent 85, Bent 90, and Bent 110. Obviously, given the pedigree of the line, the 110 has received the most interest both within the walls of SkiEssentials and on message boards across the internet. Thankfully, we recently got hit with a 16” 48-hour period here at Stowe, setting up the perfect testing conditions for this exciting new ski. If this ski caught your attention when it was first released, we highly recommend giving this review a read!

2023 Blizzard Hustle Skis - Line Overview

This week on Chairlift Chat, we're bringing you a preview of the very exciting, all new 2023 Blizzard Hustle Skis. Following a theme that exploded in popularity this year, Blizzard has taken their highly regarded line of Rustler skis and modified their construction to create a more tour-friendly version. As we found out in testing these skis however, just because they're lighter doesn't necessarily mean they should be relegated to touring setups. Click through to learn all about this exciting new line up, right here on Chairlift Chat!