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With a stretch of days in the 80s and 90s, it officially feels like summer here in Vermont. Between that and COVID-19 related shutdowns, there’s pretty much zero chance anyone in this part of the country, or most other parts, are going to have an opportunity to ski again this season. Don’t fret! Last summer, we released a series of Rollerblade reviews announcing that we’re carrying the brand and chatting about a few different models. In those reviews, we often mentioned Rollerblade’s Skate To Ski Program.

The Skate To Ski Program is the premiere ski cross training program out there, period. The muscle groups and techniques in skating cross over almost directly to skiing, not to mention it’s just super fun to roll around. So, this summer, we’ve decided to take you through the Skate To Ski program step by step, in style.

Part 1: Getting Started and Phase 1:

For the first video, we’re going over “Getting Started” and “Phase 1.” These steps involve choosing what skates are right for you, determining the appropriate protective equipment, going over some basics of skating, then progressing into striding for power and parallel turns. This is the place to start both if you’re new to skating and if you’re new to the Rollerblade Skate To Ski program. As always, reach out to us if you have any questions about what equipment you need, availability, or with any other inquiries. Our expert customer service team is here to help.

Part 2: Phase 2:

In our Phase 2 video, we take you through steps intended to develop the skills necessary to move on to more skiing-specific workouts and drills. Jeff and Bob go through balance and agility drills, turns with increasing angulation, line jumps, T-stops, and finally skating uphill and turns down steeper terrain. This is an important Phase for anyone who is relatively new to skating and who wants to continue on to Phase 3 and 4 of the Skate To Ski program. We recommend not moving on to the next Phase until you have mastered all the skills in this video.


Written by Jeff Neagle on 06/04/20

7 thoughts on “Rollerblade Skate To Ski with

  1. Would eventually like to see how you modify your rollerblades to be more comfortable. I have a really flat foot and am only comfortable in ski boots that have been custom fit. Just bought a pair of macroblade 84s.
    ( I figured the soft boot would give me the best chance at comfort ) The fit wasn't terrible. I can skate about 30-40 minutes without too much discomfort.
    They are a little better than the hard boots I remember as a kid. But I'm definitely still feeling some pressure points in the arch area. (Technically Where my arch should be) I could use a few pointers..

    1. Hi Joseph!
      It all starts with the footbed. If you have a custom footbed from your ski boot, see if it fits. There's lots of aftermarket "generic" footbeds like Superfeet that do a great job as well and can be trimmed to fit and replace the stock insert of the skate. That's a good first step, anyway! Have fun!

        1. i bought the superfeet, they helped marginally. However, the pain is not in the arch so much, it's the side of the instep. (mid skate area , where the structural plastic is located on inner side of the Macro 90s) Any tips for this area? I saw that Jeff mentioned modifying his skates in Skate to Ski video 1.

          1. The same theories are applied with ski boot fitting as skate fitting, although the plastics used in a skate are softer and more rubberized than those found in ski boots. As a result, any stretching is likely to return, and grinding should be done by a qualified professional who knows how to grind different plastics--otherwise it just melts.

  2. Greetings from Florida, no downhills here but will the bunny hops over snakes & gators improve my dolphin turn? Awesome video Mr. N. sign me up!

  3. I love the Skate to Ski app! I am able to skate about 5 times a week and I think it really helps my skiing.

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