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If you've been to our retail store in Stowe, Pinnacle Ski and Sports, within the past 2 seasons, chances are you've met Lauren. Lauren is a Sales Associate at Pinnacle and her smiling face can normally be found helping guests pick up all their necessary outerwear, accessories, and ensuring they are one their way to the mountain in a timely manner. Next time you're in Stowe, stop by and say "hi" to Lauren!

Mike Skiing 4
Lauren all smiles (as usual) on a sunny day at Jay Peak in Vermont.

What's your position at Pinnacle Ski and Sports and how long have you been with the company?

I'm a Sales Associate at Pinnacle; I sell soft goods and ski accessories. This is my second season!

Tell us about how and when you started snowboarding?

I grew up skiing at a small mountain in Maine, with a T-bar to the top. After skiing the mountain from age 3-12, I tried boarding one day. I vividly remember losing my balance heading up the T-Bar and getting dragged up the last 200 feet or so, there were quite a few people watching, but I didn't let go! After that day, I didn't really strap on skis again until I started working at Pinnacle.

What's your home mountain?

Black Mountain in Rumford, ME

Where is your favorite place to ride?

Stowe, I've really become familiar with the mountain over the past couple seasons. It has so much to offer, I feel lucky to work right down the road! (No west coast ski trips for me… YET)

Mike Skiing
Lauren and friends riding the lift at Stowe Mountain Resort to awesome mid-season conditions.

How many days a year do you ride?

Last year I had about 50 days, but this year I'm on track for more!

What activities do you partake in during the summer?

My summer job has brought me to the Pacific North West for the past four out of five summers. I was in BC for two summers, OR and WA. I do a lot of hiking and swimming and dabble in some top rope climbing, mtn. biking and road biking.

Why is snowboarding important to you and what made you choose the snowsports industry as a career?

Mike Skiing 4
No matter the season, you'll always find Lauren having fun in the outdoors.

It's an awesome Industry to work in. The customers in and out of the shop are always having a good time and its fun helping them out with gear! Especially people who are new to the sport, they really appreciate us! I always look at it like we're helping them get the best experience they can…Plus, I have the opportunity to snowboard four or five days out of the week. You can't really beat it. It's a pretty good lifestyle!

How many boards do you currently have in your quiver? What is your favorite?

Currently Two. But saving for a splitboard! I have a Burton Blender and a Rome Lo-Fi Rocker. The Lo-Fi is FUN, it's super versatile and it has made me feel way more comfortable landing natural features.

Do you have any snowboarding idols? Who are they?

Well, he isn't a snowboarder. But growing up with an older brother who raced and has coached ski racing for the past 15 years, Bode Miller was a frequent household name. I have only one nephew and his name is Bode.

Steve Summer

What's your apres ski routine? Adult beverage of choice?

Probably a couple slices and a PBR at Piecassos.

Are you concerned about environmental and climate change affecting the snowsports industry?

Over the long term, Yeah. I think everyone around the world, including the ski industries, need to be proactive and bring their performance of sustainability to the next level!

Who, in your opinion, has had the biggest impact on the sport of snowboarding?

The riders. The kids who are out there everyday, pushing their limits.

If you had to choose between forgetting your boots at home on the biggest pow day of the year or getting stuck on a chairlift for an hour in subzero temperatures, which would you choose?

Well, The shop is only located 3.5 miles from the mountain. So As long as I have my board, I could borrow some snowboard boots for the day! 😉


Written by Jeff Neagle on 1/25/16

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