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If you've ever visited Stowe and stopped into our physical location, Pinnacle Ski and Sports, there's a good chance you've crossed paths with Steve Sulin. Steve is store manager at Pinnacle Ski and Sports and oversees the day to day operations. Whether you're stopping in for a fresh tune, to pick up rental or lease equipment, or just to chat about the latest and greatest gear, ask for Steve, he'll take care of you.

Tell us about how and when you started skiing.

Mount Snow in 1984 on a day trip with my Dad.

Mike Skiing
Steve (left) and Mike Aidala out on a bluebird day at Silverton, Colorado.

Why is skiing important to you and what made you choose it as a career?

I got here by accident as I needed a part time job to help pay my mortgage. I had just bought a house with my ex and needed extra cash while still working as a chef at night. David and Katrine dealt with me for few years then offered me a full time job. Then, with a lot of trust, offered me a management position. Having a career that revolves around skiing is important to me because it's awesome to see someone as excited as me when they get out and enjoy skiing.

Where is your favorite place to ski?

That's a hard one after last year's trip to ARG in Alaska. It was truly the trip of a lifetime. Watch the video on Blizzard website. Aside from heli-skiing in Alaska, Stowe is the place to be.

How many days a year do you ski?

I usually average around 75.

Mike Skiing 4
Steve (2nd from left) and more of the SkiEssentials and Pinnacle Ski and Sports crew.

How many pairs of skis do you currently have in your quiver?

15 pairs. Of those 15, 12 are over 100mm waist skis.

What is your favorite?

Right now the Blizzard Cochise all black edition in a 185cm.

Do you have any skiing idols? Who are they?

Scott Schmidt who became famous in Greg Stump's "Blizzard of Aaahhs"

What's your apres ski routine?

Front row at the "Yellow Stone Club" (cool guy lot, middle gondola lot at Stowe)

Adult beverage of choice?

16oz red white and blue cans.

What activities do you partake in during the summer?

Beer league golf and fishing on the Waterbury Reservoir.

Steve Summer
Steve (left), SkiEssentials, and Marker Volkl round out a great foursome.

Who or what, in your opinion, has had the biggest impact on the sport of skiing?

What? I'd have to say ski binding brakes. Who? Warren Miller. How many times as a kid did I watch "Steep and Deep"? I wore the VHS tape out.


Written by Jeff Neagle on 1/18/16

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