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Talking 2024 Volkl Skis & Technology with Andi Mann

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of catching up and chatting with Andi Mann over a video call. Andi’s a busy guy, and it took a long time for us to navigate the challenges of our schedules. Ultimately, when we did find time, Andi was driving, and driving in the dark, so there was little purpose of him turning on his camera. Also, felt more important for him to focus on the road than to look at a camera given the situation…

Anyways, we weren’t sure if we’d share it given the challenges of the interview process and not being able to see Andi at all, but there’s some really interesting stuff in here. While it might not be the quality you expect from us, I personally learned a lot from Andi, as I always do, and hope you do too.

Written by Jeff Neagle on 02/20/23

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