Talking Snowboards with the Legendary JG - Lead Image


Talking Snowboards with the Legendary JG

Snowboards?! That's right. Although not necessarily clear in our name, we do sell snowboards here at This season, we're planning a series of videos both helping customer determine what products are right for them as well as reviewing new boards, boots, and other gear. While we have a handful of avid snowboarders on our staff, we wanted to bring someone in who could provide unmatched expertise. JG is the perfect fit. His longtime tenure at Burton is infamous and it's very likely that no one in the world has tested as many different boards as JG. As a Vermont local, a Stowe ripper, and an all-around great guy, we couldn't be happier to have his help. This video is a quick interview with JG, we chat about snowboards in general, go over some of the brands you can find, and walk you through some upcoming videos.

Posted by Jeff Neagle on 10/05/21

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