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Ten Ski Flicks to Help Pass the Quarantime

While it is for the best, the coronavirus pandemic has forced all of us to have an early end to our ski season. Now, instead of hitting the mountain, we are all self quarantining at home, likely still dreaming of Winter. So, let’s live vicariously through some awesome ski movies! If we can’t carve some turns and go full send on the mountain, at least we can watch some pro skiers do it. We’ve rounded up a handful of movies that you can stream for free while you are at home self quarantining. Enjoy the films, and hopefully they will inspire you to enter our #StayHomeHappy contest this month, where you can win some Rossignol skis!

Dynasty - Warren Miller:

One of the things we love most about skiing is the memories you make and the stories you will be able to tell for years to come. Dynasty was created to celebrate 60 years of filmmaking, and it’s the story of skiers from generation to generation. It will leave you thinking back to the first time you learned to ski, and dreaming of the days where you may teach your child to ski, creating memories for everyone. Dynasty is all about the love and passion we all share for Winter!

Fire on the Mountain - TGR Films & Chris Benchetler:

One of the more unique films on this list, Fire on the Mountain has skiing, snowboarding & surfing all accompanied by a killer lightshow and some Grateful Dead tunes. You’ll find some of the world’s best athletes merging with art and music in a way that has never been done before. It’s truly a “psychedelic dreamscape” and will leave you feeling positive and in a good mood, something we all need these days!

G.N.A.R - Unofficial Networks:

A true ski bum classic. This movie explains the game of G.N.A.R, created by Shane McConkey, and the quest to become the ‘best skier on the mountain’. It takes you back to the good ol’ days, when having fun was what skiing truly was about. It will definitely make you miss hanging out with your friends during the Spring skiing days that we all had to forgo this season!

This is Home - Faction Collective:

While we don’t recommend skiing at home right now, as you could injure yourself and take up valuable medical attention, this film is all about getting creative to earn your turns. Whether it’s in their backyard or local streets, these skiers will find a place to ski. Who said you need a mountain nearby to ski? Definitely not these guys.

Peak Obsession - Teton Gravity Research and Team 13 Productions:

Cody Townsend set out to ski all fifty lines that were documented in the book, "The Fifty Classic Ski Descents of North America". Joined in the film by Jeremy Jones, the two chronicle a glimpse into their adventure by skiing some of the most challenging lines around the world. Skiing is not all fun & games, sometimes it is about survival and just making it down the mountain safely. Peak Obsession will definitely give you some thrills & get your adrenaline going.

Baltic Ski - The Good Company:

Tom Wallisch, Mike Hornbeck, Khai Krepela and The Good Company crew showcase a different side of skiing. While their other movies showcase plenty of backcountry jumps, fresh powder, and big mountains, Baltic Ski proves you don't need any of those things to have fun with your friends on skis. The group of freeskiers travel around Finland and Sweden in search of new urban locations and new sources of inspiration. Who needs face shots when you've got snowbanks to harvest snow from and a plethora of street rails?

Frozen Mind - Ivresse Films:

Many skiers & riders dream of travelling to Chamnoix, France and skiing the lines & terrain that have become famous around the world. In this film you can live vicariously through both a skier and a snowboarder, as it’s filmed mostly POV style. You will feel like you are right there with them, and may even forget you are actually just watching on the couch!

The Seven Stages of Blank - Salomon & Blank Collective:

The Seven Stages of Blank is a film that documents the seven stages skiers feel every season: anticipation, inspiration, creativity, perseverance, experience, exploration and satisfaction. Blank Collective Films calls it an “explanation to their insanity” which is probably the best way to describe what all of us skiers feel throughout Winter. While we may not feel as satisfied with how our seasons ended this year, we can all be grateful to the times we did have and look forward to next season!

Jeff’s Picks:

I wanted to chime in to this article and add a couple ski movies that mean a lot to me personally. We’re going all the way back to the 2004/05 ski season with these two films. Both of these films had a profound impact on me personally, reassuring choices I had already made that I wanted to be involved in the ski industry. When these films were released, I was an eager ski bum living in Mammoth, California, and I’ll never forget the countless hours I spent watching both of them.

Teddy Bear Crisis:

This masterpiece of a ski movie was directed by Henrik Rostrup, Kris Ostness, and Howie Arnstad and it’s regarded by many as one of the best ski movies ever made. The editing, special effects, and of course skiing were far ahead of their time. The entire movie is packed full of impressive skiing that has aged impressively well. The final third of the movie, Simon Dumont’s segment, the crash segment, and Tanner Halls’ closing segment, are simply jaw-dropping, even by today’s standards.

Shanghai Six:

The sixth movie from Level 1 Productions often doesn’t get as much attention or credit as some of their other films, but in my opinion, this movie parked a turning point in style and what we perceived as possible in the world of terrain park skiing. Shout out to Stowe native, Tanner Rainville, for his impressive contribution to this film. His grabbed spins off that uprail could be dropped into a 2020 ski movie and you wouldn’t have a clue they’re 15 years old, except maybe because these days we’re practically all shooting with RED cameras. All Level 1 Production films are available to watch for free as of this winter.

We hope these movies keep you entertained and still dreaming of skiing! Stay home, stay safe and stay happy!

Written by Lexi Hildreth and Jeff Neagle on 04/14/20

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  1. Love your picks Jeff!
    Two of my faves from the same era as Teddybear Crisis are "1242", which I think was a project sponsored by Oakley, and "Ready, Fire, Aim" which was by Poor Boyz Productions, and featured some of the most incredible big airs in the park and on the mountains, and some off the charts urban rails and slides!

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