BCA Stealth 270 Avalanche Probe

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BCA Stealth 270 Avalanche Probe

Avalanche probes are an essential item to have in your backpack anytime you go out into the backcountry. Many times they are overlooked as an important item but should never be taken lightly nor should you be without one. They are critical for measuring snow depth, help aid in finding your buried partner under avalanche debris, or are useful tool to use when analyzing snow pits for field research prior to skiing or riding your objective. The BCA Stealth 270 Avalanche Probe is BCA's mainstream 270 probe for the advanced recreational backcountry skier or rider. The Stealth 270 Avalanche Probe features the easiest and fastest assembly on the market, with no loose cables to cause any hang-ups when putting the probe together or taking it apart for storage. The top segment stealthfully nests inside the probe section, reducing the number of segments and size of the probe bundle when dissembled in your pack. It packs away in its included storage bag in a nice, tight little package. Equipped with laser-etched depth markings, it measures snowpack and/or victims' depth to determine the dimensions of the excavation area before shoveling. BCA's Quick-Lock hardware allows for the great packability and deployment. The BCA Stealth 270 Avalanche Probe is built to last and is there when you need it most when seconds during an avalanche rescue can make the difference between life or death.


  • Dual Size Depth Markings
  • Laser- Etched Depth Markings
  • Quick- Lock Hardware
  • Fits Inside All Float and Stash Packs
BCA Stealth 270 Avalanche Probe
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