BCA Tracker 4 Transceiver

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BCA Tracker 4 Transceiver

The BCA Tracker 4 Transceiver is Back Country Accesses' legendary ease of use transceiver that has long been their flagship product. It comes standard with 3 AAA alkaline batteries and can search for the victim for up to 1 hour and 200 hours in transmission mode. A tried and tested max range of 55 meters and search strip width of 50 meters gives you a wide scope of searching capabilities as well. It comes with a harness and a rubberized over molded case, a large LED display, and the same Tracker interface that basically makes it impossible not to find your companion. Signal suppression and Big Picture modes for no-nonsense multiple-victim searching also comes standard. Signal suppression mode allows you to focus on a single signal for one minute, ensuring you're able to locate a primary signal without distraction. Big Picture mode is essentially the opposite to signal suppression. When activated, Big Picture will give you a readout of all the signals currently in range by alternating between each signal. This allows you to send your resources to different victims – ideal if you've got the extra manpower. Motion-sensing auto revert-to-transmit mode. Upgradeable software and electronic performance testing for fleet management. Extremely easy to use, durable and with additional features to help make companion rescue that bit easier – you can't go wrong with the Tracker 4 this season.


  • Weight: 1.6 oz. or 215 grams w batteries
  • Size: 4.7" X 3.0" x1.0"
  • Three Antenna
  • Temperature Resistant LED Display
  • Multiple Burial Indicator
  • Close Proximity Locator
  • Mute Mode
  • Auto Revert Mode
  • Special Mode
  • Big Picture Mode
  • Signal Suppression mode
  • Motion Sensor Auto revert
  • Upgradable Softwear
  • (3) AAA Batteries
BCA Tracker 4 Transceiver
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