Black Diamond Quickdraw Pro Probe 240

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Black Diamond Quickdraw Pro Probe 240

Probes are like guitar players; they are a dime a dozen. Just like choosing the right kind of guitar player for a certain type of music, setting, vibe or crowd, the same can be said about choosing the right kind of probe depending on your type of terrain, snowpack and usage. In this case, if you are looking for a shorter length probe which is ideal for light tours, rescue practice and skiing terrain with shallow snowpack, the Black Diamond Quickdraw Pro Probe 240 would be the ideal choice. The Quickdraw Pro 240 features durable, all-aluminum construction, with ferrules to help increase that durability as well as providing quick alignment. This is a 6-section, aluminum probe features a Kevlar pull cord for added weight savings. An oversized, alloy tip adds to the durability factor, and increases probing sensitivity by creating a hole larger than the probe shaft. A rapid deployment stuff sack integrates the probes pullcord for 1-pull readiness. Nonslip grip provides a secure purchase, even with wet gloves on. High-visibility 1cm markings makes seeing your snow depth easy, even in in bad light conditions or a whiteout. The Black Diamond Quickdraw Pro Probe 240 is an excellent probe for the weight conscious backcountry enthusiast who recreates in shallow snowpacks. This would be an excellent choice if you backcountry ski in the Northeast like the Whites, Adirondacks, or Chic Choc Mountain ranges where snow packs are lean and shallow.


  • Weight: 1 lbs
  • Extended Length: 94.5 inches
  • Aluminum Materials
  • One Pull Readiness
  • CordLock Technology
  • Rapid Deployment Stuff Sack
  • Non-Slip grip
  • Oversized Alloy Tip
  • High-Visibility 1 cm Markings
Black Diamond Quickdraw Pro Probe 240
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