Canada Goose Women's Ranger Toque

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Canada Goose Women's Ranger Toque

This year's new Canada Goose Women's Ranger Toque is sized down for a woman's head. Nice, because we don't have to go back and demand they do something for us. This is my favorite hat of this year's line. The Ranger toque does not sport the Canada Goose Arctic logo, making it a more flexible hat to style. Roll it up and pop it on top and you've got a little cap. Roll it down and it's a slouchy. Push the slouchy up, fold the top, and it's a beret effect. One roll and it's an ear covering double wool double knit cap that laughs, nay snorts derisively, at winter. Make with wool from certified mulesling free flocks, you can be assured of the humane and sustainable management of the sheep that produced the wool for your hat. Canadian made, this hat is a celebration of history. Hats like this were worn by Voyageurs in the 18th century, there are museum examples recovered from wrecks along the Quebec and Maritime coasts. The number of ways you can wear this hat, up, down, snug, loose, means it works in a variety of weather. Close for bitter days, loose for when the weather gets a little brighter. It's an incredibly clever design and a must for any woman spending a time outside in the winter.


  • Made with mulesing free 100% merino wool with a water-resistant finish
  • Customized as either a slouchy or toque
  • Double layered merino wool for ultimate warmth
Canada Goose Women's Ranger Toque
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