2021 K2 Entity Helmet

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K2 Junior Entity Helmet

The K2 Junior Entity Helmet is an ideal choice for little shredders who are looking to get after it out there and protect their dome in the process. Brains are very valuable things, and not only to zombies. The living need their brains to perform a multitude of functions, so it's super-important that they're protected by more than just a skull. This is where the hard-shelled K2 Junior Entity helmet comes in handy. With a hard shell that's built to withstand multiple impacts and whacks around the boot bag, the Entity loves to be put to the test. From park and pipe skiing to tree riding and groomer zooming, the Entity is a fan of speed. While most kids have no fear, the helmet becomes an imperative piece of gear, equally on bar with boots and skis in terms of importance. No helmet, no ski, and that's just the way it goes these days with pretty much everyone. Having a sharp-looking and comfortable helmet is a big bonus, and the Entity brings a lot of that right to your front door. One of the cool things about this helmet is the fact that it has side goggle strap holders, as opposed to one in the back. This keeps the goggles from slouching down on the skier's face, allowing for a proper fit no matter how big they're going in the park. Not all kids goggles have silicone strips on them to prevent slippage, so it's nice to see the helmet take up some of that slack.


  • Hard Shell
  • Full Wrap Liner
  • Side-Goggle Straps
  • Passive Channel Venting
  • K2 Dialed Fit System
  • Weight: 480 grams
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