Contour Basic Kids Skins

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Contour Basic Kids Skins

The Contour Basic Kids skins are the ideal product for your young mountaineer who is looking to bag some peaks this upcoming winter. For years, the emergence and proliferation of backcountry and AT ski gear has been aimed more at adults, and companies are now starting to catch on. Contour sells their basic kids skins so that the youth of today and the adventurous professionals of tomorrow can get their start with an easy to use and efficient product. While before, most kids skins were made by cutting down adult skins, in which case a lot of the material was simply wasted and thrown in the trash. Now, with Contour's Basic Kids Skins, you get all you need with none of the waste. This makes an already pretty expensive sport a bit more palatable when it comes to its relation to the sport of skiing as a whole. Skinning is a difficult endeavor, but Contour is making it a lot easier for younger skiers to get involved, and since skiing at the resort is such a great family activity, it makes sense that the backcountry aspect of the sport should be equally, if not more, family friendly. It's active, fun, and amazing to get out there and access either your home mountain or some distant hills that you've had your eyes on. It's a totally wholesome activity that does require a bit of work and equipment, but when you've shredded that peak that's only accessible via skin track, you'll know that the reward was in the process the whole time.


  • Width: 95 mm
  • Fits skis up to 140 cm
  • Rubber Tip Bracket
  • Kid-Friendly Glue
  • No Tail Hook
Contour Basic Kids Skins
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