Dalbello Full Zip Hoodie

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Dalbello Full Zip Hooded Sweatshirt

It took you until you were this many years old to realize that if every sailor had a wife in every port.. then every wife had a sailor on every boat. And to wonder what happened when the ports were rocking with ships at anchor and all the sailors hit the town at the same time. You have to admire the coordinated effort these women must have made to keep multiple husbands from running into each other. Is that why the bars were packed so closely? So you could have a beer with the mate from the Lady D, excuse yourself to use the privy, and to have a gin with your sailor with the rolling gait from the HMS Defender? Is this how sailors got falling down, incapacitated, drunk? It was a plan.. let him pass out in the pub and he won't notice you went home with the first lieutenant off the American flagship. The Dalbello Full Zip Hooded Sweatshirt, in wicking, breathing, 100% polyester. Just the thing for the man floating around the lake in a canoe contemplating the peculiarities of the past and the importance of falling for the woman who doesn't have a man on every boat, but thinks you walk on the high deck. Mind you, you won't be captain of the ship, but there's worse things than being an able bodied seaman. The hoodie to catch her eye in water friendly, quick dry, fabric. It will give you that debonair air of a corsair.


  • 100% polyester
Dalbello Full Zip Hoodie
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