Deity Lockjaw Grips

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Deity Lockjaw Grips

The Deity Lockjaw grips are a fantastic choice for mountain bikers who are looking for the perfect blend of comfort and performance. There aren't too many places on your bike that come in contact with your body, so those points have to be really good. Whether it's a nice set of pedals, a comfortable seat, or great grips, the points of contact are some of the most important aspects of your biking. Hands on the handlebars are pretty much the most important part of riding, and if one or both hands slips off, you're going to be in big trouble. I can speak from experience in this regard, it's a very nice thing to have your grip come to the rescue and keep you on your bike and in control at all times. Why just this morning I went out for a ride and noticed how important the grips on my bike are to me. Without having a strong grip that holds tight to the bar, and with the proper diameter and softness, your hands are either going to fall asleep or slip off, and neither of those things are positive outcomes. Due to a tapered inner sleeve that ensures perfect contact with the handlebar, you're getting as direct of a contact with the bike as possible. The single clamp design with forward facing bolts is great for the more simplistic design, and since they're on there really well, you don't have to worry about unwanted twisting or rotation in the grips.


  • 133 mm Length
  • 32 mm Outer Diameter
  • Padded Thumb Area
  • Soft Deity TRC+ Rubber Compound
  • Weight: 104 grams per Pair
  • Aluminum Clamps
  • Intended Use: MTN, Enduro, Dirt Jump, Slopestyle, and DH
Deity Lockjaw Grips
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