Dermatone .75oz Pushup Stick

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Dermatone .75oz Pushup Stick

Dermatone Pushup Stick with SPF 23 quickly puts extra protection right where you need it. This product bonds to your skin immediately, and is sweat resistant, so it's not going to be running into your eyes when you're working out. Designed to protect against sun, chapping, wind, and cold, this is a quick applicator for sensitive areas, like your tender little nose, ears, lips, forehead, you can even give your shoulders a swipe next season, right at the edges of your tank top where the sunscreen tends to rub off. A handy little item to have on hand no matter where you're spending your time outdoors, this is a particularly nice product for people spending time on the in the snow, it's fast to apply, just swipe and go, and doesn't result in sticky or greasy hands which can spoil clothing or make mittens sticky. The cap has a hanging loop for threading onto a cord or clipping to the pack with a carbineer, a great convenience. A pop in the pack for when you need it product with an ease of use for the person who doesn't want to be dipping into a tin. As with all sunscreen products you'll want to reapply the product often if you're sun sensitive. This tube makes application quick, simple, and mess free, with no need for additional smoothing into the skin, just swipe, and go.


  • 1" diameter tube
  • Resealable cap with hanging loop
  • Quick application
  • SPF 23
  • Bonds to skin on contact
  • Recyclable container
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