DryGuy Warm N' Charge Rechargable Hand Warmer

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DryGuy Warm N' Charge

Cold fingers can really ruin your day. We all know the pins-and-needles discomfort, not to mention the real danger of frostbite. You thought those $200 mittens would do the trick, alas your little digits are still freezing. Does this have anything to do with the fact that you've been exposing your hands to text and Instagram every lift ride? Very likely, but I digress... OK, this is cool... err... warm. The DryGuy Warm N, Charge is a Lithium Ion USB rechargeable hand warmer. So, you plug it into your computer to charge overnight and it keeps your hands warm all day. Just slip these little suckers into your gloves or mittens and you've got new age hand warmers. Brilliant. The niftiest part: They can also be used to charge your phone. WHAT!? That's right, plug into the USB port on the Warm N' Charge at lunch and it will give your phone the juice it needs to last through apres.


  • Includes USB cable for android and tablets also compatible with iPhone / iPad chargers.
  • Temperature On/Off Switch
  • Two temperature settings: 110 °F (Low) & 120 °F (High)
  • Battery life lasting 4-5 hours of use
  • Rechargeable more than 500 times
  • At full capacity it will charge your phone full up to 2 times
DryGuy Warm N' Charge Rechargable Hand Warmer
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