Dunn Rite Stand Up 13' Paddle Board

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Dunn Rite Stand Up 13' Paddle Board

The Dunn Rite Stand Up 13' paddle board is a great choice for paddlers who are looking for a bit more volume and length for a smoother ride. Beginner paddlers will appreciate the stability and smoothness of the board, while more experienced suppers will enjoy the overall composure of the board even in rough water or higher winds. This inflatable board puffs up to six inches deep, allowing for fantastic flotation and a great overall feel on the water. A bit narrower than its shorter counterpart, the 30" width on this board tracks a bit straighter through the chop, allowing paddlers a more efficient path through the water and the ability to cover more distance in a shorter amount of time and with less effort. At 13 feet long, suppers who enjoy the smooth feeling of gliding across more open bodies of water will really have a lot to love about this board. As a setup, it doesn't get much more convenient than this as well. With straps in the front for all of your gear, the board also comes with a tail fin that attaches to the back, allowing for that straight-line and efficient personality that most paddlers have come to enjoy. Inflatable, so you can transport it anywhere without a rack, this board comes with a paddle, carrying back pack, and a pump, so no matter where you go, you'll be able to bring your paddle board with you and be ready to go at a moment's notice.


  • Length: 13 Feet
  • Width: 30 Inches
  • Depth: 6 Inches
  • Volume: 220 Liters
  • Capacity: 275 Pounds
  • Front Cargo Straps
  • Includes: Paddle, Back Pack, Pump, Leash, and Fin
Dunn Rite Stand Up 13' Paddle Board
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