Flylow River Cowboy

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Flylow River Cowboy

Unabashedly dorky, according to Outside writer Jakob Schiller who, after a skin cancer scare, now rocks the sunhats with wild and merry abandon the Flylow River Cowboy is a straw hat made for backyard barbecues, days and the beach, and lounging in the hammock. This is designed for the cruiser who has to make their own shade because they stand too tall to be in anyone else's. A large surround brim with DBR, durable boredom repellent finish, designed to set over a pair of sunglasses for maximum squint abatement, with a double dip crown you can channel your inner Cool Hand Luke, be the Rooster, or ride as high and hot as Annie Oakley and Lucille Mulhall. Water dipping cooling feature for use around watering holes, grasp the brim firmly on either side, dip under water, and slap on your head for maximum effective cooling. Avoid consuming water from dubious sources, even if your horse is willing to drink it. Styled with a Ski Bum graphic that announces your membership in that exclusive club of the truly committed this will keep you riding high, tall in the saddle, casting your own shade, beholden to none as you head off into the sunrise for the first hill climb of the day. The hat for those who make their own tracks, style, and fate: Cowboy up people and rock your world.


  • Make you own shade
  • Designed to minimize squint
  • Large surround brim
  • Lifestyle declaration graphic
  • Water dipping cooling features
  • Impervious to convention
  • Cooling double dip crown
  • Casual Ranger styling
  • DBR, Durable Boredom Repellent, finish
Flylow River Cowboy
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