Fox Toxsyk Flexfit Youth Hat

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Fox Toxsyk Flexfit Youth Hat

If you need a hat, they need a hat.. and not one that doesn't fit, but one sized right for a smaller head. The Fox Toxsyk Flexfit Youth Hat is the same fabric and construction as an adult ballcap, just sized right for the kids. A curved brim for keeping the sun out of their eyes and the glare from the glasses, whether they're out playing in the back yard, or getting serious with the sports, a hat that fits right and stays in place is pretty basic equipment. Plus, it has all the useful features of an adult hat, including that easy to grip brim for waving away campfire smoke, dipping in the lake to create a personal cooling unit when slapped back on the head, and providing an impromptu bowl for gathering wild blueberries when you've stumbled across a patch. Hats, they're not just for heads. They collect shells at the beach and pebbles by the lake, scoop salamanders out of the water, and offer a convenient place to hide a spare bill, tucked in the band, in case one happens to stumble across a chance to buy a snack. Every kid needs a hat that fits right and is designed to be clipped to the outside of a pack, shoved in a bag, or rolled up and stuffed in a rear pocket. You know.. a hat like yours. Only smaller.


  • The perfect hat to take on every adventure
  • An iconic logo and quality materials make our headwear a long-lasting staple
  • 98% Cotton, 2% Spandex Woven Twill
Fox Toxsyk Flexfit Youth Hat
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