G-Form Pro Rugged Elbow Pads

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G-Form Pro Rugged Elbow Pads

You don't really think about your elbows until you smack them. Then you become very aware of how sharp and exposed your elbows truly are. When you're on the bike, things happen fast, for both better and for worse, but when it comes to worse, you can really hit the ground hard and fast. The time to think about padding is not after a fall, it's before. In this light, the G-Form Pro Rugged elbow pads make a whole lot of sense. G-Form's SmartFlex pads are an incredible technology that keeps you safe while the comfort and performance levels are off the charts. You can hardly feel the padding in them, as it moves with your body, and does not, in any way affect your range of motion or comfort levels. It's a pretty ingenious way of designing a pad, and the fact that the material gets harder upon impact just makes a lot of sense. From another comfort perspective, the Ventilated mesh back does a great job at keeping things cool and dry, allowing you to focus more on your line and your riding rather than a hot or bulky elbow pad. These adapt seamlessly with your body to create an amazing synergy between you and your pads. The G-Form Pro Rugged elbow pads are the ideal companion for aggressive mountain biking and other active users who need a comfortable and protective elbow pad.


  • Body-mapped impact absorbing SmartFlex™ pads
  • Armortex technology adds durability to your pads and resists tearing or catching
  • Ultra-comfortable double-knit compression fabric for extra protection
  • Extra wide top gripper distributes pressure and keeps pads in place
  • Ventilated mesh back keeps you cool and dry
  • Low-profile bottom gripper keeps pads in place
  • Soft inner foam keeps guards secure and comfortable on your knees
  • Machine washable
G-Form Pro Rugged Elbow Pads
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