Giro Outdoor Tech Wired Audio Chips

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Giro Outdoor Tech X Wired Audio Chips

While the Outdoor Tech wired Audio Chips by Giro do have great sound, thanks to the full range 40 mm drivers, we don't care. No, we really don't. You might, we don't. We call these "Vacation Savers" because these puppies allow you to answer your phone without taking it out of your pocket. I know, you've seen people who are too cool to breathe with their phones jammed into the harness system of their helmets chatting away two to the dozen on the lift, looking completely blasé about it. Trust me, it's done with super glue and it hurts like heck to get it off. Pull your phone out of your pocket to answer your son and you'll be watching it go end over end, down, down, down... to watch it land sadly in the middle of the trail... where it is promptly run over. Or, hit the oversized, glove friendly, controls with the built in mic and leave your phone safely in your pocket. Your choice. But for the price this is cheap insurance against phone loss on the mountain. The fact that it has great sound and fits into the ear pads of virtually any helmet on the market is an added bonus. Why use chips instead of ear buds? Unlike buds, Chips sit in your ear pads, not your ears, allowing you to hear both music and sound around you.


  • Universal Helmet Compatibility
  • Wired helmet speaker
  • Glove-friendly controls
  • Full-range 40mm drivers
  • In Line Microphone
  • Proven performance down to -20ºF
Giro Outdoor Tech Wired Audio Chips
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